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December 10, 2003 @11:15 PM
Letter to the Editor

Re: Tarrant/Denton County Line Dispute Involving local school districts

I have been a resident of Southlake since February 1991. Although we live in Southlake, we also live right along the county line boundary. Our children have always attended school in Trophy Club, and all the while NISD never seemed to care about our children being bussed out of "their community."

Five years ago, a group of parents in our area including myself, requested to be released from NISD so our children could attend school with the other children on our street. At that time, the school board basically told us that all we really wanted was to increase our property values!! My high school daughter was traveling to Justin to go to school. They stated most children within the NISD were bussed to school, and that traveling along highway 114 was not nearly as dangerous as driving around town, since there are more accidents on normal streets than on the highway. They determined the rest of their district would suffer terrible financial hardships if our 10 houses were no longer in their district. I found it hard to believe then, and still don’t believe it. Northwest ISD is one of the largest districts in the state, with large areas not yet developed. They even exchanged land with the Keller ISD last summer, obtaining more vacant land to be developed in the coming years.

In my opinion, NISD has intentionally caused fear and panic in the minds of Trophy Club residents by telling them that the district will have to cut programs, new schools won’t be built, and that the district just won’t be able to function if they lose any of the students. They are basically telling parents that CISD wants to "grab our children" in an effort to balance the budget. They have aligned themselves with H.A.R.M., in an attempt to scare all of Trophy Club residents with increased taxes and insurance premiums if part of their town goes into Tarrant County. The fear instigated by H.A.R.M. and NISD has caused many residents to rally in opposition. Many of the residents that have signed their petitions are not even in the disputed area. They are confusing the two issues in my opinion. The county line dispute is one issue, and the district boundaries are another.

I do not think it is fair for H.A.R.M. to say they have over 700 signatures of residents stating they do not want CISD to "grab" their students when most of the signatures are not from the effected area. They are Trophy Club residents, but they do not live in the disputed area as only 202 children live in the actual disputed area.

For over 50 years for both Carroll ISD and Northwest ISD have used the Tarrant/Denton county line as the boundary description on file with the Texas Education Board. If the county line is moved, as it probably will be, it is only right that the residents effected will have decisions to make. One option will be to request an out-of-district transfer to NISD, as I have now done in the reverse.

I understand the Carroll ISD is going through a difficult time with district issues, not related to the district boundaries. I am more than happy to participate in board meetings down the street, but having to drive over 15 miles to do so doesn’t benefit my children or my family. We live in Southlake because of the country atmosphere and I want my children to feel a part of their community, not somebody else’s.

Sally Miller

December 05. 2003 @ 4:55 pm

The CO issue described actually was a
Bell County item for a Justice Complex under consideration in Belton , Texas , the county seat.  For information on this project, please contact County Judge Jon Burrows  

Sam Listi
City Manager Belton, Texas

December 05, 2003 @ 4:39PM

It would be inappropriate for City of
Colleyville staff to respond to questions of policy decisions made by other City Councils.  Such questions are best left to the staff and elected officials of that city.  Mr. Dwayne Digby ( serves as the Mayor for Belton while the City Manager is Mr. Sam Listi (  I would encourage you to contact either of these city officials for a response to your email inquiry.  The telephone number for Mr. Listi is 254-933-5819.  I am forwarding a copy of this email to the Belton City Manager for any response.  

Thank you, 
Bill Lindley
City Manager Colleyville, Texas

December 4, 2003 12:01 am

I read the article on the certificates of obligation and I live in Belton Texas and we voted a 61.1 million dollar proposed jail and courts package in Sept. and now in Dec they want a 49 million dollar plan. Everyone seems  reluctant to say whatever comes out of this goes back to the taxpayers they are undecided whether it will come through a bond election or a certificate of obligation. What I read in the article this means the even though we voted NO that they can do this anyway and get away with it. We have a petition to roll back property taxes pending. What would you do in this case? My home is appraised at 40,000.00 and I am paying 690.00 property taxes and It is hard to raise 2 boys and do all this and I feel like we are being taxed to death. I also feel that there is no reason to vote if they are going to do it anyway and we end up paying. Any help would be appreciated. 
Thank you for your time,
Debbie Berg

Editor: It is our understanding the city has the right to issue certificates of obligation with approval of the voters.  We are forwarding a copy to the Finance Director of Colleyville for any comments she may like to make and/or invite viewers to respond and LNO will forward.

December 01, 2003 @ 5:48 PM
Dear Editor:

Thank you for the excellent and well thought out column by Nelson Thibodeaux regarding the analysis of the Fort Worth Star Telegram's editorial positions as they relate to our Mayor.  Mr. Hocutt could learn a thing or two about what it means to be a mayor in a city manager-council form of government: 

"Mayoral leadership in the council/manager form of government can be organized into two categories: (1) coordinative functions, and (2) facilitation of policy. . .   The mayor needs to be a team builder who works to coalesce the council and build consensus.  In this regard, the mayor promotes cohesion without trying to guide the council in a particular direction. . . The mayor as a team leader seeks to promote full expression, help the council work through differences expeditiously, and encourage it to face issues and resolve them.  A form of incomplete leadership is sometimes displayed by a mayor who seeks to be a "reformer" while having limited support of the council.  Such a mayor is more concerned with enunciating ideas about what the city should do than working with the council and maintaining coordination.  As a result, he is likely to be ineffective as a policy leader because he is isolated from the rest of the council." 

Excerpts above from Understanding the Mayor's Office in Council-Manager Cities, by James H. Svara, International City/County Management Association, 2003 (emphasis added).

Who does that sound like?  Why does a mayor in a council/manager form of government that is fundamentally based in the concept of majority rule permitted to dictate to a majority of the city council who their board appointments will be?  There is a problem with the system, or the legal interpretation of that system, that allows a mayor to veto the individual appointments of council members.  Such veto authority is just plain wrong!  The council/manager system of government as voted into the City Charter by the residents of Colleyville was not designed to permit the mayor such broad sweeping powers.  If this is the system we must exist under as a city, why not just go ahead and let Mayor Hocutt make all of the board appointments himself?  That would certainly avoid any more debilitating vetos!

Somehow I think the City has erred in its own interpretation of the City Charter.  Regardless of the final outcome of this debacle by our mayor, we simply must demand more leadership from his office.

Steve Magee
Former City Manager
Coconut Creek, Florida      
November 26, 2003 @ 12:03 pm
Dear Editor:
cc: of Letter to Editor to the Star-Telegram

I have just read another of your editorials siding with Donna Arp's
handpicked successor for mayor of Colleyville, Don Veto Hocutt. Not
surprisingly you have once again lined up behind the most divisive group
ever to mismanage a city in supporting his inane vetoes of competent
citizens to serve on city commissions simply because they do not goosestep
to the Arp/Hocutt/Tigue party line. Heaven forbid if Colleyville had
independent thinkers instead of the mayor's puppets involved in city

Hocutt is one vote and the council MAJORITY are three. He is much
like the Democratic obstructionists in the Texas Legislature who wasted
two special sessions by leaving for New Mexico to avoid redistricting or
the Democratic senators in Washington who filibuster President Bush's
judicial appointments because the nominees are not wide-eyed liberals. 

I encourage Mr. Hendler, Mr. Ayers and Ms. Dolan to stick to your
convictions, be inclusive of all citizens and points of view in your
actions and reject the noisy divisiveness and elitism of Don Veto.
Remember just because a jackass is the loudest one braying in a
thunderstorm does not mean you have to follow his lead.

Frank Carroll
November 26, 2003 @11:47 am
I enjoyed the article "Why Do Young Boys Play Football" by John Cheneler. 
The article was well-written and very enlightening.
Mike Mayfield
Fort Worth
November 25, 2003 @11:26 am
Letter to the Editor:

Mayor Hocutt has continually justified his ongoing vetoes of three
appointees to the Planning and Zoning Board by saying that he has
"philosophical differences." In spite of being asked what these differences
are at every meeting, he has never answered. Nor has he even said what his
philosophy is. Maybe Donna hasn't let him in on that much yet.

While the Mayor continues to be reticent, his supporters have made the
philosophy very clear. They spilled the beans at the Council meeting of Nov.
18th. Not so much in the debate about the vetoes themselves, but rather the
philosophy was spelled out in floor and Council comments about the report of
the Economic Development Task Force (EDTF). We heard from our former Mayor, Donna, a few of her lackeys, and her protégé, our current Mayor Pro Tem.

These ladies told us what the philosophy of the Mayor's is. They did this in
their attacks on the EDTF report, even though they had not had the
opportunity to see it, or review its contents at that time. That little fact
didn't stop them from attacking; often about things that are not, by any
stretch of the imagination, even mentioned in the report. They attacked
high-rise apartments (not even a subject of the study); our Mayor pro tem
attacked pawn shops and grease stations (pawn shops aren't mentioned in the
report and I guess her cars don't need grease); Donna attacked people that
wanted to run a four-lane road down the middle of Colleyville (memory is the
first thing to go Donna - there is a four lane road down the middle of
Colleyville - it's called Highway 26, Donna, where you had the 'yellow
monster' placed). In short, they lashed out at everything in sight, except
what was actually in the report.

In a most telling comment, our Mayor Pro Tem opined that her vision was one
of many little boutiques locating here in Colleyville. She then modified it
to "up-scale boutiques," noting that she knew this was offensive to some
people, but obviously not caring.

One lady shared with us her extensive knowledge of why people wanted to move
to Colleyville. She used one of Donna's tested methods of attacking an issue
- it's called demagoguery. She put up a ridiculous straw man about the
emotional issues of retaining the character of the city, and then amazed us
that no one claimed they moved to Colleyville to shop in a big box or to
drive on a four-lane. I wonder if any of them told her they moved here to
sit in the mile long traffic jam on Glade every morning, or so that they
could drive to Grapevine to buy a nail?

From these things, we can get a good view of our Mayor's philosophy.
. He wants people that will act out of emotion rather than from an
analysis of our situation.
. He wants people that will attack blindly just to get their way.
. He wants people that don't care who they offend to make their
. He wants people who will use any method to play on our emotions to
get his way.
. He wants people that are against responsible development. (Market
Street really gives them a problem, because it is the biggest big box,
obviously built because we had a Council that had the courage to four-lane
Hall Johnson.)
. He wants people who are absolutely horrified at any reasonable look
at our roads.
. He wants people who think the trees meeting in the middle of our
roads are "quaint," even after waiting for a half an hour to get through an
. He wants to continue our reputation among commercial developers as
being extremely hard to deal with.
. He wants to continue the kind of people we have on the P&Z now,
whereby we can just barely get a quorum to have a meeting.
. Although the Mayor continues to talk about starting with a 'clean
slate'' with 'new people,' given the opportunity to nominate anyone they
want (at the last several Council meetings), his supporters continue to
nominate people now on the P & Z or who were recently soundly defeated in
elections. They don't want new people: they want people they think they can

This spells out the philosophy that the Mayor has in mind. It is a
philosophy of government by cliques; it is a philosophy of elitism and
unabashed snobbishness; it is a philosophy of demagoguery and bigotry; and
most of all it is a philosophy of absolute control. The difference between
this philosophy and that of the conscientious, reserved, and responsible
appointees of the Council is obvious. The question is, which is right for

Clifford R. Holliday
November 22, 2003 @ 8:10 am
                           Ref:  Joe Tigue

He should be barred from attending any future meetings. Total disgraceful and again another embarrassing event for Colleyville.  Perhaps when a certain female is off the council Colleyville will be back to a reputable community.  This person that represents our city is not a professional, never prepared, and is not looking out for what is best for Colleyville.  If she was she would not have her husband attending meetings where the real character comes out within this person.  I do not want this connected with me. 

I know I will have stones thrown at me and I love this city and most of the people representing the public.
When are we ever going to be out of the news?

Name Withheld on Request
Email of file.

November 19, 2003 @ 10:27 PM

I was honored to have participated in this Task Force as an adjunct member.  From start to finish, I thought all were focused and objective.  The Council briefing yesterday was typical of the quality, quantity, and camaraderie shown throughout the process.  

I would leave the Council with the following:  

  • The Task Force’s output should be considered a template to go forward with rather than an end solution.  The Task Force did not get mired in whether we want more or less apartments or big boxes.  Rather, we outlined the framework to support any economic vision the city strives for.
  • I think continuity is what is lacking given the administrative changes.  The ED Director will be crucial to not only execution but to creating a plan and metrics that span Councils.  Continuity planning should be a job task for the EDD.
  • I would drop any analogy to any city, whether Highland Park , Southlake, or another city, since it clouds the objective discussion with emotional responses quite evident last night.
  • I was surprised by the 88% residential/12% commercial reference by the mayor in the Master Plan (?).  This should squelch any concerns of big boxes overtaking the city.  I think there are more Market Streets out there that we can be proud of if we actively seek out those niche big boxes that fit our image.
  • Having participated on the Marketing Committee periodically, I repeat my comments to Bob Hill regarding the MARCOM Plan:  Bob , one word:  EXCELLENT!  Having been around corporate Sales and Marketing most of my career, I have seldom seen a better written MARCOM plan.”  You have a stellar product from this Committee.
  • I commend Mark Howe for providing the leadership the Task Force needed.  He ran a tight ship and kept the oarman’s drum beating at a regular pace.

John Terhoeve

November 18, 2003 @ 8:21 pm
Dear Sir,
                     Ref:  Former Colleyville Police Chief Dies

I want to thank you for the peice you did on my father Joe Tozzi. It was with great sorry that we said goodbye to him. I know that we are fournate to have so many reminders of his life's work. I have always been proud of him. I know he would have been very honored. Thanks to Smokey, and all who spent so much time and effort putting this all together. I would add one more story about my dad's work.
I was no more than four or five yrs. old. We were feeding the ducks in the pond in Massapequa Park, NY. A little girl got her head stuck between the cast iron bars on the fence. Everyone was in a panic. But we knew just what to do. We ran to my Daddy and he came and saved the little girl. That day my Daddy became my hero!
God Bless You. 
Denise Tozzi Goodale, 
Manteo, NC
November 14, 2003 @3:35 PM

I enjoy checking LNO to get Colleyville and local business news. Since moving to Colleyville in '85, I always like to hear what's going on.  But during the past year, you seem to be devoting more space to slamming Mayor Hocutt and other members of the Council, than giving us positive business news.  Prior to the election, you and a few other regulars did everything you could to try to derail the Hocutt Express, and Mark Skinner.  They both won, and ever since, we have been swamped with guest columnists from Buffalo, and your slanted negative headlines whining about Joe trying to do what he says is the best for our city.  It reminds me of Barbara Streisand and her Hollywood friends being upset over Arnold's win.

If it weren't for the other DFW newspapers and media which you seem to constantly complain about, we would not know about the following:
(1)The visit to the Village of Colleyville by the San Antonio Mayor and their City Council members, how impressed they were with it, and the fine reputation the Village is achieving.
(2)The new Antique and Design Center that will be occupying some of the space vacated by Kmart.
(3)Updates on the progress of the new Library, which we have needed for a long time.  You have done more complaining about the Library than showing the benefits to the community.
(4)The new townhouse construction going on at the Village. There is definitely interest for townhouse/loft style housing there.
(5)The Lifestyle Fitness and the merchants like Orvis coming to the Town Center.  I happened to see the Lifestyle Fitness under construction in Plano, and was amazed at how large it was. I would like to hear more about Orvis and their trout fishing pond.  These new businesses, along with Market Street, will definitely help our tax revenue.
(6)The new Avanti Restaurant on Glade Rd. that has taken over the A&E Italian Deli former space. It is very good to have Tony Rika back there, who was the original owner of Amore'sin Tara Village.
(7)The new Santa Fe style Mexican restaurant, Chimayo, coming to the Village. It sounds great.

I am sure there are other important things going on in Colleyville that take a backseat to rants by the Ragin' Cajun, Superfly, and other guest columnists.  I realize you own LNO, and you are hoping to stir up controversy with your headlines in order to gain more hits to your website.  But I would rather hear more positive columns about our great city by your fine, experienced staff.

Mel Manuel
November 12, 2003 @6:23 pm

I submitted the following questions to each one of the School Board
members early last week.  No one responded.  My questions regarding the
proposed K-6 realignment were as follows:

1.   Was the capacity study based on elementary class sizes of 18, 19,
20, 21 or 22?  My rough calculation shows that no school is over
capacity at 20 kids per class, and I believe that the vast majority of
parents prefer this alternative to the havoc of realignment.

2.   Was the capacity study based on intermediate class sizes of 18, 19,
20, 21, 22, 23 or 24?  Again, my rough calculation is that no
intermediate is over capacity at 22 kids per class, and I believe that
the vast majority of parents prefer this alternative to the havoc of

3.   I have been told that Trustees are telling people that the City
won't allow portables at any campus.  Is this true?   Has anyone
approached any City staff or council person with this request?  if yes,
who;  if no, why not?  I will request that this be placed on the City's
November 17 agenda.  I have been told that portables are too expensive
to rent from an M&O standpoint.  Have we considered purchasing them
either new, or even better used? if so what result; if no, why not? 
Would purchasing them cost less than the $1.6 Million that
reconfiguration will cost?

4.   If we truly will have too many intermediate students for 2 schools
but not enough for 3, and if we are truly over capacity at the
intermediate level (see Q 2), instead of closing Durham Intermediate,
have we considered using that school for a 5-6 campus and extending the
intermediate use of the building into 2, 4, 6, or 8 of the Durham
Elementary classrooms so that we are then not over capacity at any
intermediate school?  If this has been considered, why was it rejected; 
If it was not considered, why not?  (As a side note, I think that the
vast majority of parents don't want expensive schools used as office
space, and, if a school must be closed, would prefer use of the newest
schools for our students rather than the oldest.

5.   If we are having capacity problems, then why are we dedicating much
needed classroom space to pre-K education?  Aren't those classrooms
better used for our schoolchildren than for what is in essence preschool
childcare?  How much does the pre-K cost us, including the cost of the
infrastructure, teachers, assistants, benefits etc.?

6.   Becky Miltenberger stated at the November 3 Board Meeting that the
whole current rezoning/reconfiguration problem is a domino problem from
an over capacity issue at Old Union.  That is, if we move 70 kids from
Old Union to Rockenbaugh, then we will have to move X number of kids
from Rockenbaugh to another school and then that school will be over
capacity, and on and on and on.  My question is, :Are we really doing
all this over 70 kids at Old Union?"  If so, you must be kidding!  Get
portables for Old Union.  I know that 2 portables don't cost $1.6 Million.

7.   The last demographer was hired when you were considering 2 high
schools.  That demographer forecasted a 14,000 student buildout
population to support a 2 high school alignment.  Now a new demographer
is forecasting  8,000 student buildout population and significant growth
to support realignment now to prepare for 2013 anticipated populations. 
The demographers 10 - 15 years ago were estimating a City population of
60,000 at buildout.  Now we are anticipating 28,000 at buildout.  Growth
is, at least for now, GONE.  You have admitted that enrollment dropped
by 200-300 more students than anticipated in this school year alone. 
How in the world can you project to 2013.  Deal with a five year
horizon.  If you deal with a five year horizon, even your own reports
don't support realignment.

8.   Above all, if we can implement a reconfiguration in a 1 year period
(which you state that we can), then why are you in such a rush to get it
done now?  If we can cure an over capacity issue by increasing class
size by 1 or 2 student per class, or by using portables at a couple of
schools (and yes, my youngest was in one of the Carroll Elementary
portables, and he did great; it became their home away from home), and
the rest can wait for 5 - 7 more years, then why the rush.  Won't we
have more information, a better feel for buildout, a better feel for
student populations, etc. at that time?  You are rushing this decision
and attempting to limit or exclude the public's right of control, input
and comment.

Gregory P. Standerfer
Southlake, Texas
November 11, 2003 @11:35
Editor Open Letter
I love my City of Southlake because of those that make it a family, and I am grateful for the years of excellent education that my children have received. The survey that I am doing on my own time and my own money is far from over. It has been a success; so far I have been able to meet new and wonderful people that truly care about our city. I have collected over 300 papers and emails so far (out of 1000 still not received but whom have voiced their opinions)… all ,but 4 and the board (none of which filled out a survey), so far have stated that K-6 was a mistake and that it felt wrong to be implemented by next year and not to restructure Block Scheduling. This doesn’t include all of teachers/staff that I have spoken to... who do not feel safe enough to “fill out” their opinion, but have expressed the same sentiment. I did this in three days time…but now with my son with bronchial pneumonia and my daughter with bronchitis, I have not been able to do my door to door and grocery store surveys at this time. I will continue this even after the board votes for the rezoning and goes ahead with this K-6 plan. I cringe to know that over 1.6 million dollars of bond money that I voted for is going not to build and improve the schools and the district we have, but destroy it instead. The cost of moving books, desk, supplies, and  providing the needs of our children that are being combined...  K-4 and5/6 graders , the loss of band, some encore classes, lockers, the loss of State Honored curriculum and structure doesn’t even compare to the larger cost of moving our children (providing safety for our K-4), loss of morale and loss of great teachers, replacing teachers, losing residents and students and in turn affecting property values (because CISD has nothing “special” to offer in structure to our children. We are now going to be like any other K-6 school system, with no specialization to the individual child and their needs.) I also pray that nothing happens to any of our children psychologically because of this large change and the interactions that will now occur by combining the 5yr olds & 10+yr olds especially in the lifestyles courses and Special Ed departments, this will be the most difficult.

         Our teachers and our structure were our strong points that made CISD recognized for our STATE HONORED SCHOOLS…(along with staff, parents, and our wonderful children) I am grateful for the thousand of hours of volunteer work that the board and the committees have put into this district; however, it saddens me that democracy failed and that a few have established dominance.  To those on the committees that were not heard and your advice not considered or twisted to fit the proposed K-6, I thank you the most because your names have been associated with a project that you did not agree with and your long hours of work ignored. Thank you for trying to make this school district whole, your efforts were not in vain…but in apathy and ignorance, we as a community failed you and for that I am truly sorry. We will not give up now ...we will make our community aware. For those that have become aware… do care and we hope that in future we will be able to build this community up and back together.


Thank you, 

Marjette Simmons

If you see me say hi, and make sure I have your name and survey down on how you feel. By next summer I want to know how at least 11K people feel…for that will be the majority according to Steve Lankin. VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION VOTE TO KEEP BLOCK SCHEDULING! (THAT IS IF YOU “FEEL LIKE IT”) EITHER WAY VOTE! The board might not vote or do as the majority wants but the majority will be heard.

November 10, 2003 @ 1:57 PM

Mayor Hocutt has shown his true colors and his real agenda with his latest series of vetoes. He has, this time, vetoed appointments made by the Council on 4-1 and 3-2 majorities. In his mystical calculations, the Mayor, again, claims that his position represents a majority of Colleyville. This claim is in spite of the fact that each of these Council majorities is composed of persons who were elected by a majority of Colleyville voters. 

There are other ways to inspect who is representing the majority. If we look at the biggest vote total, Councilman Hendler represents the most voters since he received far more votes than anyone else did on the Council, and the biggest majority over his opponent who was supported by Hocutt/Arp. Hendler, who has consistently voted to override these negative vetoes, and to move Colleyville out of this morass, received more votes than our Mayor, even in the Mayor’s muddled runoff election. If we look at the last regular election, we see that our Mayor only received 1370 votes (less than any current Councilperson) and that about 54% of the electorate wanted someone else (either Newton or Taylor) to be mayor. I suspect, after the nightmare that Hocutt is putting Colleyville through, the number that wishes almost anyone else were mayor is much higher! Councilman Ayers, who also has supported moving Colleyville out of this mess, received the second highest majority on the Council (second only to Hendler). 

So Mayor Hocutt, where is the great majority you claim to represent?  How can you so casually and callously disenfranchise the majorities of four out of five Councilpersons? Mayor Hocutt’s position is, as he has said, very clear. He wants to punish his ‘enemies’; he is trying to delay these critical appointments to the P&Z until he can get someone nominated he thinks he can dominate. 

This is nothing but a naked, blatant, political power grab. It is an attempt to take away what the majority of Colleyville voters clearly want. The fact that his negative vetoes are damaging Colleyville in the process is of no concern to Hocutt and his political-hack supporters.

Clif Holliday

November 7, 2003 @11:23 PM
                 REF:  Vetoes

Looks like I escaped just in time.

Tom Niederauer
Weatherford, Texas
October 29,2003 @10:12 PM
Where is our email about the veto?
We emailed it 2 days ago...supporting the mayor??? so where is it???
John and Mary Leeper
Editor's Note:   LNO post EVERY email to the editor, typically emails are posted within hours but we always achieve to post no longer than 24 hours, assuming the email confirmation proves valid.  Here is your most recent email, however the inbound log on the server does not show any other.  We will be happy to post, resend.
October 29, 2003  @8:40 PM
  Ref: 2004 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Recognized at GCISD Board Meeting
Shame on you. A newspaper should represent the English language at its best, especially when the article is about students who have achieved academic excellence. For the record, when I read the headline in your October 29 issue, I thought GCISD only had one student that achieved National Merit Semifinalist status. Based on the number of pictures shown, GCISD obviously had multiple National Merit Semifinalists. Too bad that LNO used the singular for "semifinalist" throughout its article. I love your coverage of local news ... but I am sure that I am not the only reader who caught this error!
Renee Underwood

Editor's Note:  Thank you for your input, we will always try to do better. We would like to point out the headline was followed with the photo as shown.  You will note the Mr. Rodriguez is seen presenting the award to "ONE Semifinalist."
Headline 2004 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Recognized at GCISD Board Meeting
Front page photo
The photo was followed by: Dr. Kevin Singer announced the district saw the second highest number of students in history achieve the high honor as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. The article then presented group photos.
October 29, 2003 @4:37
Twenty two years ago when I was moving to NE Tarrant County,I was advised by friends not to move to Colleyville.........
The water was bad....quality,quantity,taste and some days just none.We fixed all .....The roads were horrible,and the bar ditches took the prize in the county.We fixed all of that just fine,even if we did keep our "country " bar ditches.The C'ville road crews do a good job for us with which they have to work.

.....The City Council Leadership was dysfunctional and the Mayor was the garbageman. Here it is 22 years later ,after all 2 out of 3 ain't bad.....But to our shame ,our current political circus ringmaster does entertain a great part of the Metroplex.

Hank Smyth

October 29, 2003 @1:30 PM
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto
Mayor Hocutt:

It really saddens me to see this mess you have created. I thought that,
perhaps, we had a Council that was beginning to speak with independent
voices for the betterment of Colleyville. We used (pre-Donna) to have
Councils like that. For the last few years we have had only lackeys (you
remember - you were one of them, along with our current Mayor Pro-Tem) who
did whatever Donna wanted without regard to Colleyville.

It looked for a while that the new faces on the Council - Ayers, Skinner,
and Dolan - were, together with holdover Hendler, going to form a strong,
independent body voting their best individual views for Colleyville. This
was going to be such a refreshing change, with the opportunity to really
move us forward in economic development, city image, streets, financially,
and the many other ways that we so badly need.

Now I don't know. Your vetoes are so negative to all of our potential; it is
hard to say how much damage you have done. The Council is still there, but
this strife is threatening to cause a barrier between them that wasn't there

Your claims of trying to be an agent of change and wanting to move us out of
the past ring hollow. Your comments about the will of the majority are
nonsense. There is no way that you can claim this is the will of the
majority. In fact, you are disenfranchising the majorities that elected our
Council. You are ignoring the substantial majority that voted for someone
other than you for mayor in the General election. You are ignoring the big
majority that Councilman Hendler had in the previous election. When we seek
to deceive, it is amazing how selective our memories can become!

It is apparent to all that what you are doing is trying to keep your
(perceived) 'enemies' off these boards. I only hope that the Council will
end all this by this time overriding your veto, and letting us move on to
the many important things that need our best people to accomplish.

Clif Holliday   
October 29, 2003 @ 10:59 AM
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto
Dear Mayor Hocutt,
Just a note to support one of your recent vetos, namely the veto of Donna O'Brien.  Unfortunately, she should have never been nominated to the position.  In my opinion Ms. O'Brien has no qualifications, no ethics, a drinking problem,  and has caused a split of residents in a very fine Colleyville subdivision while president of that homeowner's association.  She has nothing to offer the city of Colleyville  but more problems.  I also question her motives for wanting to be involved in city politics.  With her abusive record and unwillingness to listen to good advice, she should Never be allowed to have a voice in city matters, or any other public policies.  I hope you will continue your veto of this nomination!  Perhaps you will gain the support of the Colleyville people after all.
Gary McCutchon
October 28, 2003 @ 9:31 PM

Dear Editor,

Would you happen to know anything about the Tarrant County Health Facilities Development Corporation and the bonds they issued in 1991? If not, who might know something or where could I go to get some information?

This development corp. is in bankruptcy and has defaulted on these bonds. While not an official Tarrant County backed bond it does reflect poorly on the county.

Thank you.
David Peck

Editor's Note: We are not familiar, however have contacted Commissioner Whitley's office for his input. We will report back upon confirmation.

October 28, 2003 @ 9:50 am
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto
It has been my pleasure (mostly) over the years of having known and worked with many of Colleyville’s Councilpersons and Mayors. Many of them (the best) had the desire to unite the community and to make our policies and procedures as non-divisive as possible. To paraphrase a comment by a highly respected Texan politician, “Mr. Hocutt, I have known officials with unity in their hearts, and you aren’t one of them!” 
Mayor Hocutt:

  • We do not achieve unity by campaigning for one thing and then doing the opposite.
  • We do not achieve unity by practicing selective memory of election results.
  • We do not achieve unity by using ‘code words’ to hide our real agendas.
  • We do not achieve unity by pretending to be ‘philosophers,’ while really acting as an obvious pawn to very narrow interests of our community.
  • We do not achieve unity by using scare tactics against anyone that has an idea that might be slightly different form yours.
  • We do not achieve unity by denying anyone who has ever lost an election an opportunity to serve.
  • We do not achieve unity by banning your imagined ‘enemies’ from public service.
  • We do not achieve unity by disenfranchising the majorities that elected our City Council.
  • We do not achieve unity by subjecting Colleyville to continuing public ridicule!

We do achieve unity by listening to all factions; working with all factions, and actively seeking the input and involvement of all factions! Mayor Hocutt, listen to your Council (some of them elected by many more votes that you); listen to your citizens; and listen to your boards and task forces. Please come to your senses and let this crisis pass, before it becomes much worse for Colleyville by wider involvement. 

Ed Baker
Colleyville Mayor (1996-97)

October 28, 2003 @ 8:43 AM
Ref:  Fox Rip Off of LNO and The Monkey and the Crocodile

I sent a response to LNO to ask for the Fox 4 person that we can contact to "tell what we think of their ethics" got retuned, so I hope this gets to you. Let us know and we will BOMBARD!
Linda Ratliff
Editor's Note: You can email Jeff Crilley, Click Here, I am sure he will pass along to management since he was not pleased with their decision. On the other hand WB 33 News carried the same story the next evening and rightfully acknowledged LNO's role in the scoop, we certainly appreciate a thank you to them, Click Here
October 28, 2003 @ 12:41 AM

P&Z Appointee Responds to Veto (LuAnn Edwards was appointed on a 4 to 1 vote to serve on the P&Z twice but vetoed by Mayor Hocutt both times).

The first veto was acceptable. The Mayor obviously did not like the appointments and certainly has the right to veto. His stated reason is however very questionable.  His statement that the appointments do not represent the majority of Colleyville's citizens is outrageous and an insult to the four duly elected City Council members who made the appointments.  And that leads us to question -- what is his real motivation? Outward appearances are that Mayor Hocutt, taking a lesson from our previous Mayor, doesn't want any citizen who does not openly support him on any board or commission. 

The second veto is unacceptable.  It perpetuates Colleyville's ongoing reputation of a City without a sense of community.  How can we possibly move forward in a positive direction when our leader says one thing, means another and refuses to work with citizens who have already succesfully guided our community through residential & commercial development, parkland development, financial improvements, balanced budgets and a multitude of other things during the past decade. This has not been an easy process.  I do not like being accused of having a "destructive agenda" (although I can overlook it because the source was a NIMBY).  I do not like being dumped in the category of "perpetuating the past" and basically being told that since I am part of that past, I don't have the right to voice my opinion in the present or the future. Whether or not I ultimately get this appointment, I will remain active in Colleyville politics because I refuse to give up the goal of making Colleyville the most successful community in the Metroplex despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

Luann Edwards
October 27, 2003 @ 9:52 PM
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto
Way to go Joe.  Keep up the good work

Walter Aue
October 27, 2003 @9:19 PM

Reference Veto of Donna O'Brien

I commend the mayor for doing what he is doing. We do not need a women like D.O"Brien who has a drunk and assault record within the last 3 months and totally disrupted and split a subdivision in half by ignoring her own lawyers opinion as well as the law. There should be some kind of background check of these people who run the city of Colleyville. If they can't run a subdivision or there own family, how can we expect them to run the city legally and morally.

Paul Jackson

October 27, 2003 @ 9:14 PM
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto
So you say your veto is "overwhelmingly supported".  I guess you can consider that true, if you consider Only yourself and the Tigues. Just business as usual!

Gary McCutchon

Subj: LNO Viewer Response to Veto 
Date: 10/27/03 8:41:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: DaveFPeck


I think this veto situation has gone too far. You keep saying that you represent the will of the majority of Colleyville citizens. I don't think that you do. First of all, about 12,000 of the approximately 20,000 Colleyville citizens are registered to vote. Of those 12,000 only about 10-15% of them actually cast ballots. So you and the entire council does not represent anywhere near a majority opinion of the Colleyville citizens.

But, there is more. The current members of the city council were elected by the majority of votes cast (not a majority of the citizens). Therefore, the council vote represented the majority will of the people. You have twice vetoed the council wishes, which are in fact the wishes of the people.

The people that have been nominated and approved by the council represent a good cross section of interests and beliefs in Colleyville, all of whom have the best interests of Colleyville in mind.  This is what we all want. We do not want a bunch of "yes" people on the council and committees. Diversity of opinion is what makes government work.

Get on with the business of making Colleyville an even better place to live, work, shop and raise a family.

David Peck
October 27, 2003 @7:43 PM
Copy of email to Mayor Hocutt About Veto

It is obvious you are not trying to move the City ahead in a positive
manner, but instead return to the dark days of your predecessor.  I joined
the Colleyville Council at a time when it was the joke of the metroplex.
However while I was there, we all worked together, and completed numerous
projects such as the joint fire station with Bedford, the rebuilding of City
park, the Community center and we started construction on the new fire
station in the northern part of Colleyville.  We also created the TIF
district, negotiated for the new post office, and laid the groundwork for
the new police station thru the crime tax.  We did all of this keeping in
mind what the financial implications would be on future generations.  We
never mortgaged our citizens future.  I did this under the watch of two
different Mayors.  Richard Newton came into the picture the last year I was
on Council, and while we were not political allies at that time, I did have
respect for him.  He earned my trust and a greater deal of respect as time
went on.   Do you think you have the respect of your fellow council members?
As for the your Veto, I have spoken with several former members of the
council and everyone I spoke with feel you have totally abused your veto
power, not once but now twice.  You are doing a very good job of returning
Colleyville to the laughing stock of the newspapers.  That is how it was
back in the early 90's when a gentleman named Montes was on the council.
Do all the citizens of Colleyville a favor and devote your time to moving
Colleyville forward and quit trying to please Arp and her cronies.  If you
continue to play this game, I believe the council will put an end to it
soon.  You seem to have a very intelligent, open-minded, independent council
to work with, I hope you don't ruin it.  Once you lose the councils
respect, it is hard to ever regain their confidence in you.  Look at recent
history if you have doubts about that.

Steven Helling
Lone Star Tower
Fort Worth
October 27, 2003 @ 2:45 PM

P&Z Appointee Responds to Veto (Lee Skaalrud was appointed on a 4 to 1 vote to serve on the CEDC twice but vetoed by Mayor Hocutt both times).

To date I have enjoyed and appreciate the support of Jon Ayers, Elaine Dolan, Rich Hendler and Mark Skinner for my appointment to the CEDC.  I look forward to moving forward and contributing all I can to City of Colleyville and the CEDC 

Lee Skaalrud 
October 27, 2003 @ 11:20 PM

Webmaster at LNO:
 Ref: Lucchesi Fate, Deceit and Betrayal Come Together to Destroy a Dream

I am amazed at how easily a person can be put in a position of having to defend herself when she is absolutely innocent.  The law and judicial system is flawed and should be made accountable to this young woman.  She is an honest friend and is being convicted for a crime that she was not involved in.  How can they listen to the words of a truly dishonest, scum bag and think that he'd tell the truth.  He's already admitted to his crime, and now he wants leniency?  What's he got to lose?  Why not drag others into it?  It might bring the focus to another person instead of himself.

Please let Karen remain free on bond while awaiting the appeal process.  She doesn't have a history of criminal activity, and she is fully cooperating in the process.  She is not a threat to anybody and her health is my concern at this point.  She's already lost everything, including her reputation.

Linda Sheldon
October 26, 2003 @ 5:03 PM
Hello , I was looking for this years 2004 Art in the Square web site. I am a local ( Mansfield , Texas ) metal artist and would like to get an application for the Art Show.
Thank you, Raymond Knight
Editor's Note:  Forms for the Art in the Square can be found at this link:
October 26, 2003 @ 4:16 PM
This is some corrections to your column on the October 21 Colleyville Council City Council meeting.

From Zoning to Possible Cults....Other Colleyville Council Action from October 21

Your statement:
"In December of 2002, some residents living on McMakin and Baker Courts, adjacent in the Ross Downs subdivision, complained about business activities or practices on the Hodges leased property, and citations were issued.  Prior to that event, several members of that existing Council had never even driven down the old Ross Downs Road.  The homeowners who complained declared that Hodges was not at the site when they purchased their houses (untrue statements) with their tiny little backyards abutting the Hodges fence.  They complained about Hodges' wooden privacy fence being in minor disrepair, but did not erect their own on their own property either, nor contribute to the upkeep of the Hodges' fence. "

All of the interested homeowners of Ross Downs have repeatedly acknowledged that Hodges Automotive operated on the property at the time we purchased our homes.  That is exactly the point, that was the only business operating on the property, the remainder of the property was grazed by horses. 

The wood fence that separates our houses from the property where Hodges Automotive operates was built by the developer of Ross Downs and is owned by the homeowners in Ross Downs.  Complaints of disrepair to the fence revolve around repeated damage caused by people on the Hodges property.  Cars, trailers and tractors have been driven into the fence.  Junk was piled against the fence up to 6 feet high causing the fence posts to lean into our yards.

The comment about the homeowners in Ross Downs not building our own fence is not appreciated and is unfounded.  In fact it is Mr. Hodges who refuses to make repairs for the damage that has been caused to the fence.

I wrote several emails and sent a number of photos to this publication in January describing the Ross Downs homeowners plight with all of the businesses that were operating on the property and the junk and debris that was accumulating.

Why is it that your reporter suddenly seems so biased in favor of Mr. Hodges to the detriment of the Ross Downs homeowners and ultimately the property values and tax revenue of Colleyville?  This article was certainly not neutral in its stance.  This issue is of great concern to many in Colleyville and professional reporting of the facts would be appreciated.

Jim Graham
Publisher's Note:  LNO has consistently reported on this issue including the January 21, 2003 article with links from this article to previous coverage, including your full letter to the mayor and council.  The October 24th council report is listed as "My perspective by Linda Baker." It should go without saying that every article in every media is the reporter's perspective of the facts, LNO brings attention to this fact primarily because LNO typically does not edit articles or columns to continually reflect just the Publisher's view.

October 25, 10:04 PM
Dear LNO,

                   Ref:  Murky Future Column

I read your opinion that Mrs. O’Brien’s drunken assault on me should not alone eliminate her for the position on the CEDC board. I agree, but I would like to provide you with more information in this issue that may show you that this is not a simple drunken assault. This is how Mrs. O’Brien engages in business discussion.


You characterize animosity between Mrs. O’Brien and myself as “ongoing”. We have never had any animosity towards the O’Brien family. We have been their guests at Cats games. We have watched their pets when they are out of town. We have entertained all of their children at one time or another in our home. We have attended their children’s sporting events. We have loaned them the occasional household item. We have entertained them on our boat and in our home. We have even co-hosted holiday events. We simply had a difference of opinion regarding a neighborhood issue.


We brought our difference of opinion forward at a neighborhood association meeting. We followed it up with a personal note explaining our position and expressing our desire to continue our relationship, in spite of our difference of opinion on this business issue. That note was met with a phone call from an enraged Mrs. O’Brien in which she told us to never speak to her or her family again. We respected that demand even though we live right next door. Five and a half months later at 9:46 on a Tuesday night, Mrs. O’Brien shows up at my door drunk wanting to discuss neighborly issues. The rest is in the police report.


Mrs. O’Brien made the responding Officer return to her home at a later date so she could spend close to an hour of his time apologizing to him. I guess the fact that she had lied to one of Colleyville’s officials was bothering her, but since I have never heard from her she still feels as though her assault on me in front of her teenage daughter was appropriate.


Provided with this additional information, you may change your opinion on this one incident, however you glanced over the initial impetus for her drunken assault. Mrs. O’Brien led our homeowner’s association (HOA) into a lawsuit in which I have very little doubt the HOA will lose several thousand dollars, and more importantly, will cost many unnecessary emotions between neighbors. I disagreed with her and this is how she responded.


Even further more, what qualifications or experience does Mrs. O’Brien possess? Sure she has the name recognition, but what is her business experience. From what I know, she has been food and beverage manager at Riverside (i.e. beer cart girl), she has a series 7 license but I don’t know about clients, and she has ruined our homeowner’s association as President.


I am just shocked that Mrs. O’Brien is the best that Colleyville could find for this position.
Kendall Baxter
The following are a series of emails received pertaining to the Colleyville Council Report from October 21st, concerning the Hodges Automotive zoning written by Linda Baker Click Here, in the order received or sent.
Saturday, October 25, 2003 8:16 AM
From: Dave Dudziak  To: Linda Baker
When I spoke at last Tuesday's Council meeting regarding the Hodges
Automotive situation, I was not representing the Ross Downs HOA.  I can
understand the confusion since I am the President of the HOA.  So, in the
future, unless I expressly state that I am representing the HOA, please do
not reference that I am speaking for or that I am a member of the HOA's

If you have any questions please email or give me a call.

Thank you,
Dave Dudziak
Ross Downs HOA
Saturday, October 25, 2003 9:43 AM
From: Jim Devonshire  To: Dave Dudziak , Linda Baker 
cc:Pam O'Briant, Michael Muhm,  Linda Silverman, Andy Pitts 

Subject: Re: Correction Request
I do not have the message that generated this response, but, there was a
motion at the board meeting in August that specifically prohibits you (Dave)
and anyone else from speaking on that particular issue, irrespective of
whether you state you are from the RDHOA or not!

By copy of this note, I would like to have Linda Silverman forward me the
message that started the need for this response, because I suspect that the
motion made & accepted has been violated.
Jim Devonshire
Saturday, October 25, 2003 10:56 AM

Mr. Devonshire,

Mr. Dudziak was not speaking as a Board Member of Ross Downs when he graciously tried to bring some peace to the issue.  He was identified in my coverage as such so to provide a point of reference, while not living on the direct adjoining fence line or within the 200' barrier.

As the person for whom Baker Court was named, I am appalled that you are choosing to ignore the very real pain this brings not only to Hodges Automotive, but to the residents of your HOA. 

Civic Engagement is what brings us all to the table, and instead of censuring your HOA members, under the First Amendment rights granted to us all, you ought to embrace Mr. Dudziak's very under appreciated attempts to have harmony reign.

Linda Baker  
Saturday, October 25, 2003 12:13 PM

From: Jim Devonshire To: Linda Baker
You missed the point. During our board meeting in August, this specific issue was addressed and a motion carried that nobody on the board was to get embroiled in this issue. We certainly sympathize with the circumstances and are not ignoring the pain, but you do not have the intimacy of the discussion during the board meeting, so perhaps you are appalled, but just to let you know, all members of the board decided it was in the best interests of all 320 homes in Ross Downs to stay out of this issue.
Dave Dudziak is currently the president of the HOA and like it or not, people know that and it can (and obviously appears to have {been}) be interpreted that he is/was speaking on behalf of the HOA. It is/was for this very reason that we as a board elected to stay out of this issue.
This subject is in the minutes of the August board meeting and you are more than welcome to review this document.
Jim Devonshire 
Saturday, October 25, 2003 12:57 PM

From: Linda Baker To: Jim Devonshire
Mr. Devonshire,

Reviewing the August document of your Board meeting would be very revealing.

Perhaps it would enable me to understand how, in good conscience, a purportedly representative Board could determine that some issues that concern geographical sections of the subdivision can be dismissed as not important.  What then is the purpose and nature of your HOA?  The fact is, Mr. Dudziak did not, at any time, state he was representing the Board or HOA, but I would suspect any document forbidding free speech is clearly illegal.

I think Mr. Dudziak has earned his chops and right to speak on this or any other related issues involving Ross Downs-he has labored years in service to the development, including the building of Kimzey Park.  Regardless of my own position, you do him, others on the Board, your entire 320 residents, and the rest of this City, a grave disservice by any attempt to silence or censure. 

Linda Baker
October 25, 2003 @12:01 AM

Regarding the ongoing appearance in the weekly Colleyville Police Blotter:

Doesn't La Hacienda Ranch bear some responsibility for the safety of it's parking lot and patrons?  Will it take an injury to someone that happens to interrupt a crime in process before something is done?  I frequent this establishment but I've also wondered if my car would be next while I ate.  The management has known that this has been an on going problem, but they still think that they can get away with doing nothing?  Sounds a little like negligence to me and something that their insurance company might have to cover if pressed. 
We've seen the monthly tax receipt amounts, so that must mean that business at La Hacienda Ranch good and you might be able to budget in a security guard for your parking lot.  If you get cameras, you have to hire someone to watch the screen to know when something is happening.  I think a human is more of a deterrent than a camera. 
For now, at least post a notice on the entrance saying: "Leave valuables in your car at your own risk--known regular robberies.  We will not take any security measures for your protection--your potential loss is not that important to us."  This at least lets the 'out-of-towners'  that don't know the crime history to bring their valuable items to the table with them.
And don't put this off on the Colleyville Police to sit in your lot all night during the weekdays (I've been told the weekends are safer because the valet attendant is there, I don't have personal knowledge to know if this is true or not).  The police department only has a small number of cars on the street as it is, they cannot be in one place for three to four hours a night.  Sounds like trying to get out of hiring security to me.
But the victim of some of these burglaries also bear some responsibility too.  Who in their right mind leaves over $20,000 of jewelry in their car?!  Take it home first.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has thought this while reading the weekly police blotters.  And this has happened many times with these amounts of stolen items.  Who can blame the burglars--they hit pay dirt at least once every week or two according to the blotters.  Easy pickin'.  I thought most people in this town were smarter than that. The solution is simple--to the restaurant--post a notice on the door and hire a security guard.  And to the patrons--stop leaving the valuables in the car--this is as bad as all of the burglaries several months ago in Southlake of open garages and then they wondered why it was happening to them!  Good business practices and a little common sense go a long way.  

 Thank you for the forum for readers to respond and give their opinions to various issues.

  Anonymous Colleyville Resident  
(LNO confirmed resident and will respect desire not to be identified for this email to the editor)
October 23, 2003  @ 2:29 PM
Letter -to-the -Editor
                           REF:  What Was He Thinking?
I don't know who your new columnist from Buffalo is, but I think he is
great! How about us doing a time out and putting him in as a substitute for
our existing mayor (king?)Can we expect to see more of Mr. Moore's work?

Clif Holliday
October 23, 2003 10:21 AM
         Ref: Quick Actions by PeeWee Coaches (Posted Oct. 23rd @ 9:21am)

I have gotten two emails already about the story!!
John Cheneler
October 22, 2003 @ 2:40 PM
I just read where Donna O'Brien was appointed to the CEDC. This is the same woman that assaulted me over a simple business issue. Do you know what her punishment was for the assault? Is it her appointment into Colleyville politics?

Kendall Baxter
Editor's Note:  It appears it is the same person.  LNO has requested, under open records, for the disposition of the case.
October 20, 2003 @12:45 PM

              Ref: cc letter sent to other newspaper
Dear Sirs:

You recently ran an ad about how the Star-Telegram was looking out for us.
You should be more careful about the requirements of the truth in
advertising laws in accepting such advertisements. To consider your paper as
a protector is ludicrous. You tend to either ignore us (as you did when you
failed to carry anything about the effort of former Colleyville officials to
support the Crime Tax - even though your competitors did give it extensive
coverage), you provide highly biased and one-sided coverage of local
political issues (as you do with anything involving Colleyville's former or
present Mayors), or you make ludicrous endorsements (as you did in the case
of our current mayor/dictator, Mr. Hocutt).

Please don't look out for us! With help like you, we don't need enemies!

Clif Holliday
October 19, 2003 @ 10:25 am

It appears that the dollar values are reversed in the below story.

In comparison to the adjacent cities of Keller and Southlake, Colleyville
was the only city to drop in sales tax revenues over the past four years.
While Hocutt proclaims that "commercial activity is the best it has ever
been." As of Friday, October 17, 2003, the Texas State Comptroller's office
reports that Colleyville continues to be the only city of the three that has
collected less sales taxes to date this year, compared to last year.

      2002 Same Period 2003  Decrease
      $1,831,026.30 $1,888,440.52 -3.04%

Sam McCollough

Editor's Note:  You are correct.  The correction has been made "seamlessly" so first time readers of the article will never  know we  transposed the numbers in error. Unless they read this!  Good catch, thanks.
October 16, 2003 @ 9:48 PM
Are my wife and I imagining this or what?  It seems lately over the past
several months when something "controversial" happens at the Colleyville
City Council then there is a "technical problem" with the replay of the
council meeting on cable and the video doesn't get play on the community
access channel.

Tom Anderson
Editor's Note:  You are certainly not the first to notice the inconsistencies at best and the highly questionable gaps at worse of the city council proceedings on cable television. Changing of tapes in the middle of a "controversial" statement and/or simply not having any of the meeting has happened too often.  If not deliberate, then corrections should be made. LNO has asked for an explanation of the last council meeting's mysteriously disappearing tapes and what, if any, equipment will be added at city hall.
October 10, 2003 @ 6:29 pm
Thanks for all of the positive news about the school district.  I really
appreciate it. 
Kevin Singer
October 5, 2003 @8:26 PM

Dear Sir:

October 5, 2003 @ 8:26 PM Why didn’t your paper include any information on the alleged scandal at La Plaza Wellness Center It was a feature article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram Today, Sunday October 5, 2003

Dan McMahon
Editor's Note:  LNO covered the indictment of Karen Lucchesi.  The federal trial begins today Monday Oct. 6th.  The author S-T's Mike Lee is one local reporter that I respect for his research and sense of fair play.  However, being under federal indictment is not a picnic. Getting indicted and knowing you are innocent is a nightmare.  I have had personal experience with the Northern District US Attorney's office, almost one year to the date to be exact.  The lack of competence and investigation by that office was frightening,  yet they still hand out indictments like traffic tickets.  Therefore, rather that pile on at this point, I think the press and public should let Ms. Lucchesi have her day in court..
October 03, 2003 @ 10:14 am  Ref: GCISD Column


Thank you for providing this information in it's entirety.  Such efforts show your respect for the public's ability to assess such situations for themselves without an attempt to skew the results with incomplete information.  I am in total agreement that it seems all members of the GCISD Board understand and take seriously the responsibilities of their elected office.  That they carry out these responsibilities in ways that can sometimes be conflicting is normal and expected, especially in a district that is fighting to maintain very high standards for academic performance on an ever-shrinking budget.  To have outside influences tearing away at the foundation in an added effort to discredit the efforts or sincerity of any of these hardworking people, including our administration, is ridiculous and insulting.  While I may not always agree with the style or methodology of all of our representatives, I fully support their responsibility to complete this job in the way that seems best to them.  That is why they were elected.  If the problem is deemed destructive to obtaining overall goals, I have confidence our local voters will make that known at election time.
Debra Caffey 
October 3, 2003 @ 6:43 am
                        Ref:  GCISD Column
Thank you for publishing the GCISD article today. I fully support those GCISD Board members who voted in favor of this censure resolution. Our community needed this forum to understand the Board's intent. Your decision to publish the entire text of the resolution along with the complete written statements of the board members is especially helpful.

Lori Napier
CHHS Parent  
October 2, 2003 @ 6:33 PM
How can I find news or pictures of the cheerleading demonstration (Champion Cheer) that occurred at the Colleyville High School on Oct. 1st?  I sat beside a photographer that told me about this site but can't find current news. 
Michelle Crawford
Editor:  Posted at Updated   06/09/13 04:09:34 PM Click Here!
October 2, 2003 @ 6:28 am

I am an artist and would like information to apply for a place in the 2004 Art in the Square. I understand the application deadline is November 1st 2003 is this correct.
Thanks John Westmoreland.
Editor's Note:
The deadline for registering as an artist is November 14th.Contact Lisa Manning at or at (817) 329-9222.
September 30, 2003 @ 9:55 PM
Will Tobacco Farmers Plow Smokers Under?

There is nothing new about special interest groups profiting off of the war
on tobacco.  It has brought power and money to many.  The millions or
billions of dollars scored by tobacco settlement lawyers come to mind as
the crown jewel.  Since 1998 tobacco prices have risen on average 79%, with
65% of that total brought on by government action through excise tax
increases and lawsuits.

With the help of some in Congress, a new multi billion dollar payday may
come true, at the expense of, you guessed it, the American tobacco
consumer. The amount, 13 billion dollars.

Proposed in the US Senate (S-1490) is a buyout of all the tobacco quotas
that affect tobacco farmers in this nation.  These quotas increase the
market value of tobacco sold on the open market to whoever owns the
quotas.  A government program pays the difference between true market value
and the inflated quota price.

As has been customary with many agricultural commodities in the past that
had government sponsored quotas, the government proposed and implemented
buyouts of those quotas at an acceptable market value (over 6 years) of
anywhere from about $17. to $2025. per acre, depending on the
commodity.  The proposed amount for tobacco is over $24,800. per
acre!  That is over 1400 times the amount on soybeans and over 160 times
more than for wheat and barley!

There are also other facts concerning this you should know.  85% of all the
tobacco quota owners in this nation do not farm tobacco. The $258,000.
payment to quota owners in Alaska and $2.9 million projected for quota
holders in Michigan.  Tobacco quota owners lease their government "rights"
to tobacco farmers and the profits are split.

Also you should know that these same tobacco quota owners have already been
compensated close to 3 billion dollars by provisions in the tobacco
settlement according to the Congressional Research Service.  The buyout, if
passed, would pay them billions more and then create a new government
program of price supports and limited production.

So tobacco consumers get to pay 13 billion dollars to fat cats who have
already enjoyed 3 billion from the tobacco settlement only to have the
government setup a new program doing the same thing?  What is the purpose
of money changing hands if nothing of substance changes?

This action is nothing more than politicians from tobacco states pulling a
fast one on consumers to enrich a select few.  Will they become to the
Republicans what the trial lawyers are to the Democrats, a cash cow?

To make matters even worse this bill will authorize the FDA to regulate
tobacco.  This matter has been argued already and the Supreme Court says
FDA has no authority in this matter.  Tobacco companies have for
generations manufactured products that are popular with consumers.  The
FDA's involvement in this process could create a "politically correct"
product that few consumers would want. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke" is
what the Supreme Court decision on the FDA and tobacco was all about.

The only daylight this proposal should see is the light at the top of a
trash can.

Dave Pickrell
President and founder
Smokers Fighting Discrimination, Inc.
A not for profit organization
SFD is 100% grassroots funded
Pickrell has been an activist for the fair treatment of smokers since 1992.
September 29, 2003
Publisher and Local News

Thank you so very much for the great article on our upcoming Medieval
Faire.  I'm sure lots of people are going to see it, and, hopefully,

Please thank the reporter for us.  Please also ask him to give us a call
to double check the facts if he makes changes from the distributed info
in later releases.  There were a couple of errors in the story which
might affect what people will expect to find when they come.

Is there any way we can have some giveaways placed on our handout table
every issue?  They'd go like hotcakes!

Linda Wells
September 25, 2003 @ 10:57 PM
Please send me coverage on the Colleyville Cougars. to usinbadly@xxxxxx
Thanks Rjohnson
 Publisher Note:  the direct link to the front page of the Cougar Pee Wee Football coverage is below, simply click on this link and bookmark the page.  You can check back here to see additions and if your email address is signed on at then you will receive automatic headline updates. 
When changes are made this page is updated to the fresh links.
September 20, 2003
We enjoyed our evening at the Burn game. Thank you very much.

With a smile,
Paulette Wagner
Publisher's note:  Viewers can watch for more free tickets to the Burn and other events in the weeks to come!
September 18, 2003 12:40 am
Maybe you guys would like to cover Colleyville Soccer too....  There are some pretty good players coming up through the ranks, both boys and girls.

Just a suggestion.


Victor J. Dupuy, II
Colleyville, TX
Publisher Note:  LNO continues to seek expanded coverage with our own staff and that of volunteers.  Pee Wee Football made a commitment to enter scores and keep their special section updated.  LNO developed a simple form for coaches and team moms that, when information is entered, automatically updates on LNO.  LNO is always open to new ideas and appreciates your input.  We will attempt to do better in our coverage and invite the soccer participants to consider innovative ways that LNO can provide coverage to their particular sport. 
September 3, 2003  10:01 PM
Ref:  Hwy 26 Wreck
Dear Publisher:

I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply insulted by the way you covered the wreck that occured on Highway 26 Wednesday, September 3, 2003.  It is one thing to tell the story but it is another to post such apalling pictures.  Your photographer had no right to be at the scene of that wreck.  How would you like it if the Frito Lay Driver had been your husband/brother or the other driver was your son/nephew?

It is also very disturbing that agencies such as this one and others, are protected by the first ammendment and take advantage of it.  If I was one of those individuals I would not hesitate to slap a lawsuit on this company.  If this incident were ever to go to court, you would have tainted the jury and prohibited a fair trial.

Deeply Insulted,

Johnathon Sotello

Publisher's Note: While we are not exactly sure what you found so appalling, we are certain that the First Amendment has traditionally been considered a good thing by freedom loving Americans.  In addition, we are not sure how we tainted any "jury".  There was a head on collision, the Frito Lay driver was taken to the hospital and the other driver was "badly shaken."  If the incident goes to court, these facts will not change. LNO did not post photos until after 5:45 PM, which is  8 hours AFTER the accident, giving the hospital adequate time to notify the driver's family.  We appreciate any concern about irresponsible journalism,  however, we fail to see how this coverage is anywhere close to such an accusation. We do appreciate your input.
September 3, 2003  10:01 PM
Ref:  Hwy 26 Wreck
Dear Publisher:

I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply insulted by the way you covered the wreck that occured on Highway 26 Wednesday, September 3, 2003.  It is one thing to tell the story but it is another to post such apalling pictures.  Your photographer had no right to be at the scene of that wreck.  How would you like it if the Frito Lay Driver had been your husband/brother or the other driver was your son/nephew?

It is also very disturbing that agencies such as this one and others, are protected by the first ammendment and take advantage of it.  If I was one of those individuals I would not hesitate to slap a lawsuit on this company.  If this incident were ever to go to court, you would have tainted the jury and prohibited a fair trial.

Deeply Insulted,

Johnathon Sotello

Publisher's Note: While we are not exactly sure what you found so appalling, we are certain that the First Amendment has traditionally been considered a good thing by freedom loving Americans.  In addition, we are not sure how we tainted any "jury".  There was a head on collision, the Frito Lay driver was taken to the hospital and the other driver was "badly shaken."  If the incident goes to court, these facts will not change. LNO did not post photos until after 5:45 PM, which is  8 hours AFTER the accident, giving the hospital adequate time to notify the driver's family.  We appreciate any concern about irresponsible journalism,  however, we fail to see how this coverage is anywhere close to such an accusation. We do appreciate your input.
September 3, 2003  6:55 PM

Where is the interview for Market Street?
Linda Michaels
Editor's note:  See below for articles on Market Street:

Market Street 
   Opening Article < Visual Tour of Market Street

Streaming Video &  Photos 
September 3, 2003 2:33 pm

I hope you will help us SPREAD THE NEWS about our upcoming SOUTHLAKE WALK on September 13th- benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.   We desperately need WALKERS and this event will be loads fun for the entire family.
Thanks for your kind assistance! P.S. a FACT SHEET re: the National MS Society's North Texas Chapter is also attached.  

Melanie Wilson
Editor's Note:  See Article Click Here
September 2, 2003 10:14 am

My name is Brent Flory, I'm an oil painter living in Utah and would like
a prospectus or information for application to "Art In the Square" 
Brent Flory
Wallsburg, UT 84082
Editor's Note:  The sponsoring organization is the Southlake Women's Club, Contact information on the Organization's Page for Southlake
September 3, 2003  10:01 PM
Ref:  Hwy 26 Wreck
Dear Publisher:

I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply insulted by the way you covered the wreck that occured on Highway 26 Wednesday, September 3, 2003.  It is one thing to tell the story but it is another to post such apalling pictures.  Your photographer had no right to be at the scene of that wreck.  How would you like it if the Frito Lay Driver had been your husband/brother or the other driver was your son/nephew?

It is also very disturbing that agencies such as this one and others, are protected by the first ammendment and take advantage of it.  If I was one of those individuals I would not hesitate to slap a lawsuit on this company.  If this incident were ever to go to court, you would have tainted the jury and prohibited a fair trial.

Deeply Insulted,

Johnathon Sotello

Publisher's Note: While we are not exactly sure what you found so appalling, we are certain that the First Amendment has traditionally been considered a good thing by freedom loving Americans.  In addition, we are not sure how we tainted any "jury".  There was a head on collision, the Frito Lay driver was taken to the hospital and the other driver was "badly shaken."  If the incident goes to court, these facts will not change. LNO did not post photos until after 5:45 PM, which is  8 hours AFTER the accident, giving the hospital adequate time to notify the driver's family.  We appreciate any concern about irresponsible journalism,  however, we fail to see how this coverage is anywhere close to such an accusation. We do appreciate your input.
September 3, 2003  6:55 PM

Where is the interview for Market Street?
Linda Michaels
Editor's note:  See below for articles on Market Street:

Market Street 
   Opening Article < Visual Tour of Market Street

Streaming Video &  Photos 
September 3, 2003 2:33 pm

I hope you will help us SPREAD THE NEWS about our upcoming SOUTHLAKE WALK on September 13th- benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.   We desperately need WALKERS and this event will be loads fun for the entire family.
Thanks for your kind assistance! P.S. a FACT SHEET re: the National MS Society's North Texas Chapter is also attached.  

Melanie Wilson
Editor's Note:  See Article Click Here
September 2, 2003 10:14 am

My name is Brent Flory, I'm an oil painter living in Utah and would like
a prospectus or information for application to "Art In the Square" 
Brent Flory
Wallsburg, UT 84082
Editor's Note:  The sponsoring organization is the Southlake Women's Club, Contact information on the Organization's Page for Southlake
August 31, 2003 @ 9:25 am
The article is GREAT!  Thanks so much for your time and interest in our shop.  I tried to use the link provided in the article to go to our website, and it doesn't appear to be working.  Our website address is:
If the website link correction could be made, it would be very helpful as we have significant traffic to our site for information. 
Thanks again for everything!
Laura H. Hayes
Vetro Glassblowing Studio
Publisher's Note:  It has been corrected, thanks!
August 28, 2003 8:24 am
Letter to the Editor LNO: Ref Market Street Meets Media

Dear Sirs:

Thank you for the great article about the new Market Street store! Your
revue was like a walk through the store, and the pictures gave it something
that no print media good impart. Until I read this article on your site, I
really didn't have an appreciation of how different the Market was going to
be. It will be a real credit to our community.

I look forward to seeing more on LNO about the happenings at Market Street.

Also, I hope that we can remember and appreciate all of the public officials
over the years that have made Market Street possible by setting up the TIF
District, preparing the roads (over the self-serving protests of a few) and
all the other infrastructure development activities. Also, let us not forget
the great contribution made by Herman Smith, and carried out by his wife
Patsy, in originating this vision of a true center of Colleyville.

Keep up the good work LNO!

Clif Holliday
August 25, 2003 10:11 am
Good morning!  For Coverage Links Click Here

First, let me thank you for the excellent coverage (before & after) of our Run in the Dark.  I especially loved the pictures & captions that came on Sunday.  You've been a great benefactor of ours, and I thank you!

Now, would you be so kind as to put the following on the localnewsonly site? 

The Community Storehouse has openings on our Board of Directors for the 2004 term. If you have an interest in serving on the Board please contact Barbara at 817-431-3340.

Sharon Manna
Keller, Texas
Community Storehouse

August 22, 2003  5:16 PM 

Editor of Local News

Thank you for your coverage of the Colleyville Softball Association's request to City Council to use the playing fields for practice.  As a coach for over 5 years and a Board volunteer, the issue of adequate practice facilities for the girls has been very frustrating for several years.  It seems that the issues are as follows: The Association and coaches are concerned about safe conditions for the girls to practice, the Parks and Recreation folks want to make sure the playing fields are maintained at a high level and the City Council wants to be responsive to the citizens but is concerned about the costs and possible field deterioration.  Surprisingly, there is a very simple answer and ironically it saves the taxpayers money. [Note: the solution described below only deals with girls softball--it does not address boys baseball.] 

    The City should immediately terminate all spending [and plans] related to creating new girls practice fields and use a fraction of that money to make the playing fields permanently available to the girls for practice.  We have just completed a 12 month period covering the fall 2002 and spring 2003 seasons in which the girls were allowed to use the playing fields for practice.  The result is that the girls had a safe and fun place to practice and the fields continue to be in excellent condition.  Furthermore, the additional expenses associated with using the fields for practice pales in comparison to the expenses required for creating and maintaining new practice fields.  For example, the City and the Association recently spent $35,000 to improve the Colleyville Elementary and Middle School fields.  After all that money, those fields remain inadequate for a safe practice.  That same amount of money could easily have paid for many seasons of practice on the playing fields. 

    Prior to last fall, the Association was only allowed to use the softball fields for games.  Because the girls schedule relatively few game days, this results in a tremendous under-utilization of a public facility.  For example, last fall the girls only played games on seven Saturdays and this spring the girls played games on 25 days.  This means that a "games only" position would have resulted in field usage by the Association of only 32 days or 8% of a calendar year.  I think that is a pretty good indication that the existing fields are not only available but are the obvious solution to the girls needs for practice fields. 

    It should also be pointed out that the concerns about field deterioration and extra expenses caused from practice are misplaced.  Over 200 girls participated in softball last spring and 85% of them were age 10 years or less.  Most of them weigh less than 50 pounds.  They practice almost exclusively on a dirt infield.  It is hard for most of the girls to leave footprints in the dirt let alone wear it out.  The Parks and Recreation folks who do a great job in maintaining the fields are not required to do anything special for the girls' practices other than lock and unlock the gates.  Thus, the incremental expenses from practice are fairly limited, i.e., lighting, trash removal, etc. and I am sure can be covered by just a fraction of what would be spent on brand new practice facilities. 

    I know this solution is counter-intuitve to most organizations that clammer for more and more practice fields and more and more taxpayer money.  It is a solution that probably doesn't work for other sports organizations.  However, due to the special circumstances and unique needs of the girls, I believe the solution to softball practice fields is staring us right in the face and it is smack in the middle of City Park. 


Keith Staudt
Colleyville, TX

August 20, 2003 10:59 AM

Webmaster of Local News

Thanks so much for the prominent link to our website.  We appreciate the publicity and your interest in Rescue.  I still find people who are not aware of Rescue organizations, so the effort on your part to "spread the word" is wonderful.
Thanks again for the posting.
Sherrie M. Roberts
TEXAS Old English Sheepdog RESCUE
August 15, 2003 5:26 PM


I don't know if you have been monitoring the Appraisal Review Board
hearings in  Tarrant County, but it seems in this tight economy that the
ARB's are NOT giving any relief to taxpayers, despite the fact home
sales are way down as are home prices.

My wife and my hearing was Thursday before the Tarrant County ARB and
neither one of us have ever been treated so rudely by anyone who was
supposed to be impartial.  We got the impression that the two men and
one woman sitting on our ARB panel were bothered by us just being
there.  And the appraiser from TAD was the most arrogant woman I have
ever seen as was the TAD appraiser we had tried to work with in May
after we received our annual valuation increase notice.

The TAD woman had 1 page of information she presented and we had 30+
pages of information all summarized on the first page.  We knew we were
in trouble when the woman on our panel couldn't understand what the
sheets of paper were from the MLS and North Texas Real Estate
Information System I included with my packet with the appropriate items
I was arguing highlighted in orange.

It was strange that all of the evidence I presented showed houses in my
neighborhood were selling at less than what TAD appraised them and two
of the three houses that TAD used for their "comps" had decreased
$20,000 each.  I tried to explain that to the board, but they were in no
mood to hear it and the female TAD appraiser just kept interrupting me
and saying how her information was current and mine was one to two years

But as I tried to tell them, it showed a pattern, as did TAD's own
evidence that houses were decreasing in value and they had been lowering
appraisals accordingly, except mine which they raised 15 percent. Even
two newspaper stories I included said NE Tarrant County homes were
decreasing in value in this economy.

When it came time to vote, they all looked at each other for a couple
minutes like they couldn't figure out what to do, then the woman moved
to uphold whatever TAD said.  The TAD rep. never presented any evidence
but a single sheet of paper that showed the 3 comps TAD was comparing
our home to.

Also several neighbors of mine who had hearings yesterday also got
nowhere with their appeals.

It was also interesting that before the hearings started that TAD and
ARB officials met with all of the hearing panel members in what you
could tall was a rah rah session from all the laughter and shouting
coming from the meeting room, of course this was off limits to those of
us awaiting a hearing.

If anyone expects to successfully appeal their increased appraisals in
Tarrant County, they won't get it from the Tarrant Appraisal Review
Board, who are appropriately appointed by the Tarrant Appraisal
District's chief appraiser and board of directors.  TAD and the TARB
aren't designed to be fair to the public, they are designed to strictly
produce revenue and as much as possible for every taxing authority they

Tom Anderson
Colleyville, TX
August 9, 2003 5:24 PM
Great addition to this e-zine, love it and keep it up.

Susan Geist
August 9, 9:45 AM

Dear Sir:

After scanning your coverage of The Games of Texas NE Tarrant County, a couple of questions come to mind. 

First of all, where is the coverage from Sunday, July 27?  The games didn't end on July 26.

Also, with over 2700 Swimming Athletes participating, where is their coverage? I don't understand why the swimmers who had to qualify with a 1, 2 or 3 finish at the Regional Championships, did not receive any coverage of their competition.

Also, why is Soccer spotlighted with a "Streaming Video" when they didn't have to qualify at all?  The teams paid an entry fee to participate in a tournament. Does this coverage seem fair to you? 

If I am wrong, please let me know.  If I am right, maybe this can be corrected in next years coverage since the games will be held in NE Tarrant County again?

Thanks for your time.

Susan Williams
Editor's Note: You make some excellent points and we regret our coverage was not better.  We anxiously look forward to next year and better planning on our part. This was our first year to cover the event. Even with three reporters/photographers assigned, we simply could not cover all the events.  More emphasis was put on the pageantry and participation, than the competitive elements of the event.  Hopefully next year we can do both and do it better. We invite your guidance and suggestions, prior to next year's event.  Your reminder  of the competitive nuances involved with the games could contribute to LNO and the NET Monthly newspaper coverage being more adequate.  Thank You.
August 08, 2003 7:22 PM
The Wild West Trail Walk does not have a date or time on the Pet Corner notice.  Do you know when this is?
Anne Gifford
Editor's Note: September 27 at Bear Creek Park 400 Bear Creek Park Road in Keller starting at 9:00 AM.
July 27, 2003 10:08 PM
Ref: Games of Texas
Great coverage of the TAAF games.  Do you have a contact name if we wanted to enter a team in the games next year?  Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Lisa Bernardo

Publisher Note:
TAAF State Office  P.O. Box 1789
Georgetown, Texas 78627-1789
(512) 863-9400 Fax (512) 869-2393
July 22, 2003 1:00 PM

What to do on a hot Colleyville Texas day ?  My son and I recently took the opportunity to visit the Old Webb house by the rail road tracks off of Bransford.

I knew  Mr. Webb and spoke with him several times before he died.  He loved to set in the shade on his  front porch on a hot summer day and watch the traffic drive by.  From time to time he would jot his thoughts down on the wall behind him maybe as historical facts.

The house looked great and with the additional of the bright red caboose in the back yard Mr. Webb would be proud. We noticed a large brass marker on the east side of the Webb front lawn.  We thought it might contain the history of house for future generations. My were we disappointed.  In large brass letters were Mayor Donna Arp , Mayor Pro tem Tigue and all the other elitist names.

Nothing  listed about the Webb house or local history.  Only the "new" people of Colleyville history were listed..
I wonder what Mr. Webb would think of that ?.  Do you think it might be worth a note on his wall ?

Morris Usry

July 22, 2003  12:23 PM
Tenor Jay Hunter Morris Opens At The Palace in Grapevine

Just to let you know... My husband and I took our 8 year old son
Geoffrey to the opening night of "Little Shop of Horrors" and we were
blown away by the performance! Geoffrey loves music, theater and knows
every word on the "Little Shop" soundtrack so he was so excited to see
it live. He had a smile on his face and was mouthing the words
throughout the entire show. He plans to see it again this week with his
grandparents.  I have to admit my husband and I weren't expecting much
from a small theater company, but after the opening number we
immediately realized our preconceived judgments were completely wrong.
It was fabulous! Please pass our praise of the show to the entire cast.
I have been telling everyone that may be interested to see your show.

Gina McPhail

July 19, 2003  9:23 am
Ref: There is a hidden piece of history in Colleyville
I would love to be able to visit the museum with several friends.  Would you pass on my name and phone number to Mr. Fitzgerald?
Kathy Hoshi

Editor's Note: Your information has been forwarded.

July 19, 2003  7:45 am
I am Curtis Ratliff and chairman of the Nash Farm committee which is part of the Grapevine Heritage Foundation. We are in the process of restoring the Nash Farm at Ball St. and College St. that was built in mid 1800's. I would very much like to see your collection. We too have a large collection of farm equipment and tools that we will eventually display.

Curtis Ratliff
Editor's Note:  Your request has been forwarded for a direct reply, hope you enjoy this fantastic collection.
July 19, 2003 7:50 am
Ref: There is a hidden piece of history in Colleyville
Thanks for the article on my dad!  I'm sure it means a lot to him.
Susie Fitzgerald
July 9, 2003  1:57 PM

“Colleyville Man Bludgeons Dog to Death” 
I am horrified to learn that not only a Colleyville neighbor but a veterinarian was capable of such violence. Our community needs to know who this man is and where he “tends to the needs of animals”.  I pray that his license to practice veterinarian medicine is revoked.
My heart goes out to the man who witnessed the violent and deadly attack on his four legged family member.  I will be following this story and pray that justice will be served. Thank you for the opportunity to share my outrage over this event. 

Kelly Minor  

Concerned Colleyville Resident
Publisher's Note:
The individual charged is Veterinarian Mircea Volosen of Colleyville. LNO has had no one disagree with your shock and outrage and intends to follow this story.
July 8, 2003  9:29  PM

“Colleyville Man Bludgeons Dog to Death” 

This is crazy what this man did to this animal. He should do time for

DeAynni Hatley
July 8, 2003  7:14  PM

“Colleyville Man Bludgeons Dog to Death” 
I hope that you can promptly identify the "Vet" who wheeled the log-splitting mallet.  This Veterinarian's customers will hopefully never return their pets to his kind of "care".  This care-giver to animals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...............and then some!

Michael T. Muhm

The individual charged is Veterinarian Mircea Volosen of Colleyville. 
July 8, 2003  6:03  PM

“Colleyville Man Bludgeons Dog to Death” 
Sure hope LNO can identify the dog slayer and release his name to the
Dennis Johnson

The individual charged is Veterinarian Mircea Volosen of Colleyville. 
July 2, 2003  2:03 AM

I stated in a letter to the editor in '91, I have had serious reservations with the current course of Colleyville development versus our surrounding city neighbors.  Many residents shared my view but frankly I believe they are not informed or apathetic (this since so few actually turned out to vote in the past election).  This is unfortunate.  I maintain that the best thing we could have done is implement the master plan as it was written (I saw it personally in early 1994 prior to citizen approval) before funds and development efforts were redirected to The Villages from Colleyville Towne Center.  It would have beaten Southlake to market had it been adopted as it was then voted for by the citizens of Colleyville.  That's now history. 

I hope our new mayor, Joe Hocutt, can find the wherewithal to manage our declining revenues and improve the quality of life in our city.  This will be a tall order due to current economic conditions and the fact that Colleyville is now competing with neighbors who have demonstrated an ability to attract and work successfully with commercial developers.  This success dictates that roads will be widened, larger store chains attracted, and so on.  While this was not what the current mayor ran on, I suggest he and the rest of the council look at what happened in Southlake when Wal-Mart decided to go to Grapevine.  Instead of panicking, they publicly stated they did not want them to go.  So Best Buy came in their place along with other stores.  Instead of being hostile to development, they have embraced it.  This is not to say they have let developers do anything they wanted, and I'm not suggesting that course for Colleyville either.  But it is not an accident that cities like NRH, Keller, Southlake and Grapevine have very nice quality commercial developments and Colleyville does not.  We need a professional in charge of commercial development, we need a coordinated strategy to attract businesses and we need citizens to really act instead of playing like Colleyville is a personal Peyton Place.

Other cities around us have some advantages in terms of ingress and egress, we could change some of that if we wanted to but we are not close to SH 114 for instance like Southlake.  But we could improve our roads to attract development we currently don't have.  We can continue to develop upscale neighborhoods as other cities continue to do as well.  However, we will not have land to develop forever and when the building fees run out, we will need a robust commercial tax base to run city services and provide a good quality of life for city residents.  We are risking our future without a coherent, orchestrated financial management and business development strategy which is tied to a formal master plan.  Before some residents become disillusioned and vote with their feet (which they will when they compare quality of life with surrounding cities, city services, and tax expenses), our mayor and the council should seriously consider modifications to our current course (or a significant accounting of where we are to avoid problems now or from becoming worse) regarding the Villages, Colleyville Towne Square and road improvements (SH26, John McCain, Glade, Jackson, McDonwell School, LD Lockett, Cheek Sparger, etc.) as well as development along Precinct Line for instance. 

If we don't have a better coordinated strategy, our taxes will rise as our quality of life deteriorates.  I for one, am tired of having to go to NRH, Hurst, Southlake, Keller, or Grapevine to buy things and go to restaurants that ought to be in Colleyville.  I didn't support Joe Hocutt in the election but I sincerely hope he's successful.  But this is a wakeup call, we need quality development NOW and plans cogent plans to attract it developed and executed post haste.  Our neighbors are not sitting still, if we don't catch up, we will be left in the dust.

Victor Dupuy

June 25, 2003  5:23 PM
Thank you for the information about the skateboarding magazine.  I'm sure there are many parents (and grandparents in my case) who would have assumed this publication was acceptable without giving it any further consideration.  If the website included in the article is representative of the magazine, it's a shame it's available anywhere, much less our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. 

Linda Newton
June 25, 2003 2:11 PM
Just a note of thanks for the article on Big Brother Magazine.  Hopefully this will generate some change at least in our community.  Thank you for bringing this to our local attention.
 Judi Sherrill
June 18, 2003 7:50 AM
Would like see more news regarding residents, schools and parks in Grapevine - rather than just upcoming events and political appointments.

  Jackie Corona Resident of Grapevine
June 10, 2003 3:52 PM
Mr. Thibodeaux, 
  I would like to thank you and Debbie Roach for posting the Colleyville Pee Wee Football Camp flyer on LNO. This camp serves as our only fundraiser and is a kick-off for our new season. This posting will surely assist us in getting the word out.  Thanks again,
Bob Leininger
President CPWFA
June 9, 2003 5:40 PM
Dear Mr. Thibodeaux:
Thank you for taking the time to respond in detail to the questions I posed.  You did indeed receive the entire email I sent, and I truly appreciate the effort you went to in responding.  Your response was very enlightening, and helped me to better understand why there has been so much frustration and perceived negativity expressed over these past few years.
My biggest regret is that I did not post these type of questions months ago, so the citizens of Colleyville could focus on the real issues we face.  I also regret the tone of my earlier notes, which cast a negative light on you, Mr. & Mrs. Newton, and Mrs. Baker.  My deepest apology to all, now that I have a better perspective on what's been going on in Colleyville.  I recognize there may be an opposing view, but I commend you for your thoughtful and thought provoking perspective.
Running a city is complicated business, that requires the blend of intellectual, inclusive vision and honest, open, effective persuasion.  It's also quite the challenge to educate citizens in today's "sound bite" world we live in.
I will strongly encourage all city council members to reflect on the perspective you presented in LNO, and to "bury the hatchet" with regards to any ill will any may feel over the past.
What's important to us all now is how we move forward in a positive and constructive manner to ensure Colleyville is a successful and prosperous city for many years to come. 
Tim Anderson
Colleyville, TX
Posted June 7, 2003 in response to an email received June 5, 2003.

Note:  In response to the Publisher's Note in the June 3, 2003 letter below, email author Tim Anderson responded with some important insightful questions and observations.  The questions are shown below with a link to another page with the Publisher's response.  Due to a transmission error, part of Mr. Anderson's comments were lost and he has been requested to email for reposting.  The response from LNO is specific to the questions asked that appear below:

1) what is your name?
2) what is the name of the current editor?
3) how many times in the past year was a "view," or opinion, or posting, or quote (or whatever you want to call it) posted that is attributed to Mrs. Newton
I do not mean to pick on Mrs. Newton.  However, your point that she is no longer the editor establishes I used the wrong word (editorial) in my previous posting.  Do you mean to imply she posted nothing?

Mr. Anderson continued with the comment,
" I'd also enjoy learning some additional historical facts:" and included these additional questions:
1) if Colleyville were to have been successful in creating a project that would have attracted the "upscale" and very successful tenants now residing at Southlake Town Center, when would this decision reasonably have had to been made and who was on the city council at that time?  This implies the decision would have been made prior to any communicated plan by Southlake to build their Town Center.

2) I recall a debate years ago re: Walmart.  I don't recall the year.  Was this before or after Walmart built a very attractive "big box" store in Southlake, only to make their recent decision to abandon that location and move elsewhere (Grapevine)?  What was your position on the Walmart debate at that time?  Given Southlake appears to have found a new tenant (Circuit City, I believe) for the vacated site, why can't Colleyville find a new tenant for the vacated equivalent big boxes (KMart, Payless - I know, Jerry Jones bought it)?  

3) In your opinion, why did Payless Cashways, KMart, and others (mostly fast food places, and a gas station, I think) leave Colleyville?  What facts can you present? 

4) what specifically do you propose, in rank order, as being the Top 5 issues the City of Colleyville should focus on?  What specifically is your clearly defined stand and proposed specific solution for these issues?

5) Unless answered above, what is your specific view on commercial building codes (aesthetics) for Colleyville?

Publisher's Note:  LNO appreciates the questions and opportunity to answer.  Since some speculation and opinions have been requested, the response is in form of a column.  Click Here for the Publisher's response.

June 4, 2003 11:47 PM

To the citizens of Colleyville,

Maybe it's because I moved into Colleyville a few years ago from a neighboring city that has civil service alert/weather sirens that I have been concerned with the lack of coverage in Colleyville.  I was sure that a city like Colleyville would have this if my previous city did.  Is anyone else concerned? 
If you're really quiet, the kids aren't playing or talking, and you have your windows open (as I'm sure most of us do when these storms are coming through), you might get lucky and hear one from a neighboring city over the wind or the hail.  In some parts of Colleyville, don't count on it. If you've never lived within the hearing range (you can hear them with your t.v. on while you're watching the weather stations and the hail is pounding your roof), I can tell you that it is a split-second jolt, but then you and your family move into your plan-of-action.  And you can breathe a sigh of relief when the siren stops.  Peace of mind with these types of warnings is invaluable.  Not all of these storms come through the area during the waking hours.  And not to mention the possible number of lives or injuries that could be saved. 
Also, in this time since 9/11 and living close to DFW, I would think that this warning siren could be used when needed to alert the public.  Hopefully it would stay silent for this reason, but to be prepared is now a part of our lives.
If you are concerned with this issue, I urge you to contact the city offices.  I did so about a year ago and was told the issue was most likely price.  If I remember correctly, the total sum to cover Colleyville effectively would be in the $150,000 to $200,000 range (approx. $30,000 per siren station).  With all things Colleyville considered, I think that it's a small price to pay for the opportunity to be prepared.  Remember, the price tag for the fountain at the library/city hall is about the same amount (our previous mayor solicited the funds for this project). You may say that this is unneeded spending to purchase this warning system when the city's sales tax revenue is declining.  What is the life worth of a family member or friend? I am just asking for those citizens that are concerned to contact someone within the city, so that this issue may be discussed and considered in the near future. 
Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I hope you consider this an important issue.
Thank you LNO for allowing readers to voice concerns though this letters to the editor email section.
L Bernardo
June 3, 2003  11:06 PM

Style vs. Substance
While I have no aspiration to engage in "posting battles," I do have a few comments regarding the intent of certain points in my earlier letter and posted responses.  I am simply a citizen expressing his views, and shared frustrations regarding the negativity and discord that persists in our city.  I have no political or personal affiliations with any individuals referenced.  
I apologize to Mrs. Newton if my previous remarks were disrespectful in any way.  That was not my intent.  We have never met.  I am sure she is an outstanding individual who is passionate about the success and prosperity of Colleyville. 
I simply disagree with the style and "tone" of her editorials, as I believe they perpetuate a negative tone in our city.  Thus, my "tone down" reference was in regards to my view that the "tone" of Mrs. Newton's published editorials damaged her husband's election campaign.  
I know for a fact that her published views are interpreted by many as persistent personal character attacks on certain elected officials.  Seldom have I been able to derive the substance of the policy she was opposed to, or the alternative specific solution she was proposing.  Her published words are interpreted by many as "negative mudslinging."   
As her husband ran for mayor on a campaign of instilling a positive leadership style, it is my view that his wife's frequently published editorials contradicted this element of his platform.   Mrs. Newton is certainly entitled to publish her opinions.  It's simply my view that this harmed her husband's campaign.   I have heard this same sentiment and interpretation expressed by many others who care very deeply about our city, our prosperity, and our image.
Although well read, I in no way will pretend I know all the facts and issues regarding different views on how our city should be run.  I am tired of the public negativity that has persisted for quite some time.  I believe this was a major issue in influencing the 20% of those in the city who did vote.  Perhaps it also influenced why nearly 80% did not vote.  Just my view.
I appreciate reading Mr. Short's reply.  He effectively made some good points regarding his opinion on policy without negative attack on anyone's character or an implied devious intent.  I commend his communication style.  However, I do not agree that certain people are in a "group" because they have a shared view.  Perhaps I naively believe that our elected officials are strong and intelligent individuals.
I obviously "struck a nerve" with Mrs. Baker, who's tone and style is exactly what I was referring to as to what has long frustrated many Colleyville citizens.  I acknowledge I was certainly "the pot calling the kettle black" in my original posting, which was perhaps not the most effective style to use in making my point.  Just for the record (and a little needed levity), Joe is not my "boy" or my "little hero" and I am awake, but often sleep deprived!
It appears there is a significant amount of "baggage" in our city.  It is difficult for many to curtail emotion when they care so passionately about our city.  Obviously, there are many different views.  We all welcome open debate on policy that encourage all to speak (and to be heard) without risk of personal attack or ridicule.
Ultimately, decisions have to made and not everyone will be pleased.  Those who can make their points based on perceived sound logic and fairness eventually prevail.   May we all support our elected officials in a positive way and restrain from our past destructive behaviors.  

Tim Anderson
Colleyville, TX

Publisher's Note: We encourage "posting battles" if the effort creates open dialogue and the opportunity to exchange ideas.  In order to better clarify some of the areas touched on by Mr. Anderson in his first email to the Editor on June 1, 2003 (posted below), the following are facts that are offered and as a matter of public record.

1.)  Linda Newton has not been the Editor of LNO since June 2002.

2.)  The Tax Increment District (TIF) effort was initiated by Councilman Nelson Thibodeaux in 1998 and he served as its first Chairman.  During the preceding election, then Mayor Richard Newton, supported Thibodeaux's opponent Vince Wells. Regardless, Mayor Newton  and Thibodeaux worked together by negotiating with the tax districts and winning approval from five separate governmental authorities.  As a result, the City of Colleyville obtained $35 million in future tax funds that provided the financial capability to underwrite the construction of the new Library and City Hall.  The TIF funds financed the Hall Johnson improvements, provided $7.5 million in incentives to the Village of Colleyville, $2.5 million to the new Town Center and is funding the Hwy 26 John McCain improvement.  The TIF has been described as the most beneficial economical development in the history of the city by both the previous and newly elected Mayors of Colleyville.

3.) In 1998 the Crime Control and Prevention District election was initiated by Councilman Thibodeaux and supported by then Mayor Newton.  The issue was later approved overwhelmingly by the voters of Colleyville.  As a result the Colleyville Justice Center was funded by 1/2 cent sales tax and will open this month.

June 3, 2003  8:54 AM
To the Editor,

Contrary to Mr. Anderson's claim, it wasn't Mr. Newton or Mr. Thibodeaux who chased away the major retailers from Colleyville.  It was the anti-road, anti-development attitude of the group now led by Mayor Hocutt.  Mr. Hocutt's single claim to economic development success, the United Market, would not have happened without the widening of Hall-Johnson Road and the commitment of the site's developer.  It is not reasonable to expect retailers to locate in Colleyville if their customers do not have convenient access to their sites.  Southlake Town Center is successful because of its location, access to major roadways and the commitment of the developers to the project.  The newly elected group of Colleyville leaders should learn from that success.

Jody Short
June 3, 2003  12:01 AM
Open letter to  poor, misguided Tim Anderson:

Let's commence with your comment:

"Too bad he (Newton) couldn't tone down his own wife"...

We must sincerely hope that you haven't been "toning down" your own wife for the last 15 years you've lived in Colleyville, Tim.  And incidentally...for a guy so concerned about mudslinging and negativity, looks like you managed to quantify the ergo.

The "citizens voice" has spoken!! They want a positive tone in our city council, and they want a strategy that supports who we really are!!

Your boy Joe did indeed win the election.  And like your little hero, you rationalize that garnering more votes must mean the citizens who voted for Richard Newton have now evaporated into nonexistence.  Perhaps you mean to imply those 1349 Colleyville neighbors are deluded zombies, unable to think for themselves, when LNO's svengali-esque Thibodeaux somehow hypnotizes them into realizing something really wrong was going on in Arp's regime.

"I have no knowledge what it was about Mayor Arp that would get the hair up on so many people's back, but I've always agreed with her vision and strategy for our city."

Tim, wake up.  Arp had been living pretty large on your credit card; ordering up the finest monuments and buildings with bronze name plaques money can buy or be shaken down from contractors trying to do an honest business in this city.  Moving municipal buildings around to suit favored developers with waiting sweetheart contracts at the end of her term.  Shopping executive board secrets to others.  Arp was the perfect hostess, alright, but guess what, Tim?

The dinner check is about to arrive at the table, and Arp has climbed out the bathroom window on you and me both.

"Southlake "trumped" us with the development of it's highly successful Town Center - ALL OF WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN COLLEYVILLE, not Southlake."
I couldn't agree with you more about Southlake, while taking exception to your notion of the trumping being again attributable to that wily devil, Thibodeaux or somehow, Richard Newton.  You might want to revisit the golden days of what happened to our own Town Center when Hall Johnson Road became the OK Corral. 

Colleyville became the laughingstock of the entire state after The Texas Monthly had everyone doubled over with the tale of Tigue's brilliant idea to cover Hall Johnson pavement with dirt.  Those negative magazine guys-the nerve of 'em!  (Somebody ought to go "tone down" their wives or something.)  My guess is that Southlake thought it particularly funny.

But hey, Joe Hocutt won, and God help him when he figures out he will be inheriting considerable wind along with the tab.  He will need us all, and if he continues to be fool enough to ignore those of us who didn't turn in our Colleyville citizenship cards after his election, he will never get it, much less lead this city effectively.   

Linda Baker
June 1, 2003 2:59 PM 


Ref: Laura Putnam, 23 Years Old, Graduate of Grapevine High School is presumed dead after boating hit-and-run in Lubbock
Just a note to let you know that Lake LBJ is near Marble Falls, TX, not Lubbock.

David Brockman

Editor Note:  Thank you for the correction. The headline should have read that Ms. Putnam had recently been living in Lubbock.
June 1, 2003 12:44 PM 
Congratulations to Joe Hocutt!  Must be a tough emotional blow for the LNO ego (who specializes in one-sided local sensationalism - like a grocery store tabloid), and the Newton / Thibodeaux camp, who "claimed" to be for the citizens and would focus on restoring peace and unity in the city council.
As a citizen of Colleyville for 15 years, I believe I am among many who were sick and tired of mudslinging and negative campaigning.  Although Mr. Newton would publicly state he was above this, his camp was clearly the aggressors and actively engaged in negative campaigning and whining.  Too bad he couldn't tone down his own wife and the other mudslingers in Colleyville.  He's obviously a very bright individual, who probably lost more so because HE was in the middle of all the negativity in the city, as opposed to Mr. Hocutt.  The citizens have spoken - they are sick of this!!
I've only met Richard, Joe, and Donna in very casual settings.  All seem to be warm and engaging people.  I have no knowledge what it was about Mayor Arp that would get the hair up on so many people's back, but I've always agreed with her vision and strategy for our city.  It's sad our former city leaders couldn't find a mature way to "agree to disagree."  Publicly, it's always been the Newton/Thibodeaux camp throwing stones and calling names! 
The "citizens voice" has spoken!!  The demographics of Colleyville have dramatically changed as the population has nearly doubled over the last 15 years.  The reason so many businesses have closed and 26 has been an eyesore is because the demographics don't buy what was being sold from these establishments.
What's really sad is that while Colleyville fought internally over the past many years, and one camp was in complete denial over our city's changing demographics, Southlake "trumped" us with the development of it's highly successful Town Center - ALL OF WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN COLLEYVILLE, not Southlake.
Therefore, I firmly believe it is the fault of the Newton/Thibodeaux regime and their policies that have caused the decline in our tax base (now less than 25% of what Southlake brings in - a town roughly our same size), while the demographics have gone upscale (not elite!), and the people of Colleyville are shopping elsewhere to buy what they want.
I can only hope that we can attract the businesses in our upscale projects, and we are not oversaturated because we are late in now following Southlake.  The other strategy (junk food, oil change places, etc.) has already failed, and left town because they are not selling what we want to buy!!!
The citizens have spoken!!  They want a positive tone in our city council, and they want a strategy that supports who we really are!!
Now, can our sensational on-line local tabloid get over this severe loss and support the city council, or will they continue their "sour grapes" propaganda and be immature losers??? I'm not even sure why I bother to subscribe, except for the rare instances of news as opposed to slanted opinion.  My guess is most subscribers fit the profile you present, thus you are lulled to believe the voices you hear.  The others (the majority) have already tuned you out (or read for their amusement). The citizens voices have spoken.  Are you listening?  

Tim Anderson
May 31, 2003  5/31/03 11:16 PM

Ref: The Top High Schools
Carroll was ranked 399.  Your web site does not have them listed.
Thank-you for your attention.

Editor Note:  We apologize for the oversight and it is duly noted.
May 29, 2003 12:51 PM

Yesterday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran several Letters to the Editor, with support about even between Richard Newton and Joe Hocutt.  I would like to take this opportunity to correct or expound upon several items from those letters.  Quotes from the newspaper are in quotes.  I urge you to read this and carefully consider your vote for Mayor.  This vote is very important to the future of our city.  I entrust my support to Richard Newton.

"The April 16 Star-Telegram endorsement of Joe said: "After serving for two years on the City Council, Joe Hocutt offers Colleyville the best opportunity for a fresh start, one that will put political bickering behind and will accentuate the city's positives.""

Facts:  Joe Hocutt has been a part of the council majority for the last two years that was orchestrated by Mayor Donna Arp.  During the four years of Donna Arp's tenure as Mayor the council has been more divisive than ever.  Joe Hocutt has contributed to that divisiveness.  Joe publicly berated, from the city council dais, Richard Newton at the opening of Richard's first meeting as a returning councilman after Richard's election in November 2001.  Joe's outburst came before Richard had said or done anything as a councilman.

I've attended city council meetings regularly for the last 6 months.  I've seen Joe Hocutt and the rest of the council majority make regular significant attacks against Richard and the council minority.  No matter how angry Richard might be (my speculation) he has never publicly reacted to their antagonism.

Richard Newton has previously served several terms as Councilman and Mayor.  During his previous tenure on the City Council he has worked with several Mayor's, 22 City Councilman and 3 City Managers all without the divisiveness of Donna Arp's tenure.  During Richard's previous terms the city has experienced and undertaken significant projects/topics with great variety of opinions.  Richard listened to the citizens and carefully considered their opinions in his decisions.

When Richard Newton's last term as Mayor was completed in May 1999, Colleyville was at its peak.  Businesses were flourishing, tax rates were low and our city wasn't constantly in the headlines about how our city leaders conduct themselves.  Businesses wanted to be located in Colleyville.  The decisions our city leaders made were consistent and forthright.  Our city leaders conducted their business in a transparent manner that allowed the citizens of Colleyville to understand the decisions and thought process behind them.  There was none of the cloak and dagger, back-room dealings that have been common in the Donna Arp era.

"He (Joe Hocutt) wants to establish a "hot line" so people can call him whenever they see a new business or restaurant that would be a good fit for Colleyville."

Facts:  Richard Newton had a hot line when he was mayor.  In addition, Richard Newton is very accessible and responsive by phone or email if citizens have concerns.  Contacting the Mayor or City Council shouldn't be only for identifying new businesses for Colleyville but to express your opinions and concerns about how our city is run.

"Hocutt's opponent has a much different report card. Colleyville Boulevard is littered with closed, boarded-up ventures whose genesis came under Richard Newton's watch.  Newton's history clearly exhibits his view of Colleyville's commercial possibilities: fast-food restaurants, gas stations and oil-change businesses."

"The people of Colleyville deserve better. We need a mayor with a vision who will learn from, not relive and repeat, past bad decisions.  Joe Hocutt is that candidate."

Facts:  Fast food restaurants, gas stations and oil change businesses are a necessary part of our life.  Our quality of life would be substantially eroded if all these types of businesses were chased out of Colleyville or prevented from opening.  These types of businesses were operating successfully while Richard Newton was Mayor.  They have started to close and become eyesores in the last two years during Donna Arp's tenure as Mayor.  Some of these businesses closed because of the economy, some because of poor decisions of our City Council and constant attacks of people in our city with elitist attitudes.

Sales tax revenues are key to our city's budget to avoid higher property taxes on the citizens.  During Richard Newton's tenure as Mayor sales tax revenues steadily increased, peaking in 1999.  Under Donna Arp's leadership, sales tax revenues have declined each year since 1999.

Under Richard Newton's leadership as Mayor, Colleyville approved 2 Walgreen's, Applebees, Glade Point, Wellness Center, La Hacienda Ranch, Railhead Barbeque and Mac's Bar and Grill.  All of these are quality businesses that contribute substantial sales tax and property taxes to our city.  La Hacienda Ranch was the top grossing restaurant in the area when it first opened and is still very successful.

Under Donna Arp's leadership, Colleyville's commercial development focus has been almost exclusively on The Colleyville Village.  Arp and the council majority defeated a proposed Walmart grocery store and other associated development near the Colleyville Blvd. and Cheek Sparger intersection.  Recently at a council meeting Mayor Arp made a big production of stating that because the Walmart grocery was defeated we now have the United Market grocery.  It was never a one or the other proposition, we could have had both businesses in Colleyville but our council majority will not approve such establishments as Walmart.

Joe Hocutt is already reliving and repeating Donna Arp's past mistakes by attacking successful small businesses in Colleyville.  Joe recently made statements about Foreman's not being the kind of business that Colleyville wanted and that he personally would help Greg Foreman relocate his business outside of Colleyville.  Word got back to Greg Foreman who placed in the front window of his business a Hocutt campaign sign with a red circle around it and slash through it.  Joe Hocutt went into Greg Foreman's store and confronted Greg, which resulted in a loud discussion.  Just days later Joe Hocutt had a quote in the Star-Telegram praising Foreman's as the type of business we want in Colleyville.  Which is it Joe?  Personally, I think Foreman's should stay.

"Joe Hocutt saved the city more than $1 million in the trash contract with IESI."

Facts:  Joe Hocutt was part of the City Council that approved a new trash contract resulting in savings to the citizens of Colleyville.  Joe did not open or negotiate the contract single-handedly.  Richard Newton was also a member of the City Council at the time and his contributions in negotiating the new trash contract were substantial.  Business trash rates increased with the new contract.  The savings did not go to the city.

In the early 90's, Richard Newton as Mayor took the initiative to open the trash contract up to competitive bidding, which resulted in substantial savings to the citizens.  Richard vetoed a City Council initiative to raise trash rates several years later.

Subsequently, Joe went along with Mayor Donna Arp to solicit a donation from IESI for a fountain near the new City Hall and Library.  Soliciting donations from vendors/contractors of the city compromises the ethics of our city leaders.

"With Joe Hocutt, Colleyville residents will have a new library, new long-term commercial developments, Town Center and the Village, which in turn will attract other high-quality businesses."

"He balanced the budget while building the new City Hall and library and shaved $1.3 million in the process."

"Joe Hocutt is not for raising taxes."

Facts:  The City Hall and Library have cost considerably more than original expectations.  The TIF district funded the construction of these buildings.  The TIF was created when Richard Newton was Mayor.  Colleyville would not have been able to build these buildings without Richard Newton's leadership as mayor to create the TIF district.

The city has dipped into its reserves (savings) the last two years.  Essential city services (road maintenance is a prime example) have also been severely cut to meet the budget.  The city's infrastructure cannot continue without maintenance and our reserves are nearly gone.

The City Hall and Library construction funds came from the TIF district not the city's operating funds.  Construction of these buildings had no impact on the city's budget but their operational expenses must come from the city's budget.  No provisions have been made for the substantial new costs related to operating the City Hall, Library and Justice Center.  These projected operational expenses far exceed projected tax revenue increases in the coming years.  Joe will raise your taxes in the coming years in addition to tax increases related to your property's increase in value.

Get out and vote!!  I am supporting Richard Newton for Mayor of Colleyville.

Jim Graham
May 29, 2003 10:48 AM

The Memorial Day Photo's that you shared with all the LNO readers are
wonderful.  I was really thrilled to see the diversity that still shows
there are a lot of people that are not only patriotic but they continue to
have the small town values that make Memorial Day such a memorable event. 

Colleyville has changed a lot and this reminder of how things can and should
be in Colleyville was a breath of fresh air to a lot of us.  LNO has truly
captured the spirit of Memorial Day and I for one thank you for the great
job you did and are doing. 
 Thanks again,  
May 28, 2003 9:12 PM

Because we believe there is an important choice to be made in the mayoral
race for the future of Colleyville, we are writing to express our support
for Richard Newton.

No matter which part of Colleyville's significant progress over the past 15
years one appreciates, you will find Richard's leadership and plain hard
work as a significant contributor to that progress.  The baseball and soccer
fields, the community center, better fire protection, better water and sewer
systems, and safer sidewalks for our children to go to and from school, are
all a result of Richard's civic contribution.  We mention only a few items,
the list goes on and on and it is all part of public record.  Returning
Richard to a leadership position as Mayor will allow us to make sustainable
progress in economic development and city services.

If we elect Richard, concerned citizens will again be able to involve
themselves in pro-active financial, commercial, and master planning without
having to pass some sort of special interest litmus test. This will assure
our tax burdens are minimized, our tax dollars are used wisely, and the
quality of our lives and the values of our properties are enhanced. In these
times of economic uncertainty, this should be of great concern for all of

When we in good faith review the public record and credit both candidates
for their respective resumes and accomplishments, we see the undeniable fact
that Richard Newton's experience and accomplishments make him many times
over the more capable candidate for Mayor of Colleyville. As we heard a wise
friend say the other night, "This is not the time for on the job training
for mayor!"  We have an incredibly talented and experienced leader who is
committed to serve us once again.  All we have to do is choose, and choose

For good things to happen, good people must act!  We urge Colleyville
citizens to get out to City Hall and vote for Richard Newton before the
polls close Saturday, May 31 at 7:00 PM.
Tony and Linda Licata
Colleyville, Texas
May 8,2003  4:40 AM

Editor:  Ref: Preview of New Colleyville Justice Center

Now that's what I call a nice Justice Center, Colleyville style! 

Dick Shanklin 
May 25, 2003  11:23 AM
Publisher LNO,

I want to congratulate you and to thank you for conceiving and carrying out
such a fitting tribute to our relatives who have served in the Armed Forces
of this country. It is a wonderful use of your media! It also illustrates
how your particular on-line approach is so flexible in allowing
participation by your readers. No print publication could ever match this.

I have sent three of my relatives in for inclusion. Thank you so much for
the opportunity. You will be getting some Kentucky accesses to your paper.

Clif Holliday
May 23, 2003  3:03 PM

Mr L.NO Editor:
     Thank you for the publicity you are giving the Blue-
     bonnet Memorial Day events. LNO's efforts are worthy
     of our community and all of NE Tarrant communities.
     that respect the efforts of our  patriot citizens.
      Thank You Again.
       Ed Havran,Sr.
 Leadership NE, Chair
May 23, 2003

During today's Steering Committee wrap-up meeting for our Main Street Days festival held over the weekend, your website was mentioned by Sallie Andrews as "certainly the very best site for local news" and noted for its generous coverage of our festival.  I (of course!) came right home and opened your site and am truly taken aback!  What a great source!!!  I would personally like to thank you for your support, and for the site itself.  I've spent quite some time looking throughout the site. Therefore, my thanks for all you and Jaime continue to do to support our community and I wish you both every possible success in all of your endeavors. 

Deborah Scott
with Dr. Andy Kilgus Office
May 23, 2003  7:54 AM

Dear Editor,
Having lived in Colleyville 18 years, I am glad to  see the positive and enthusiastic approach to the Mayor's office that Councilman Hocutt wants to
bring. I was also glad to see Mayor Arp appointed to a position by Governor Perry.
I first met Joe Hocutt on the Colleyville baseball fields five years ago. He was my son's third base coach, and contributed to a lot of victories in helping our team score more runs. The boys loved his positive approach to the game. But Joe is a winner both off the field, and on. He has brought his winning attitude to the  City Council since his election. He helped bring Market Street Grocery store here which will be a great benefit to our town when it opens later this year.
Joe always has his eyes open for potential businesses to Colleyville. He mentioned in both debates that he wants to establish a "Hot Line" in his office, for our residents to call when they see or hear of a business that would be an attribute for our city. It was great to see Joe get a substantially larger number of votes for Mayor in the 5/3 election. That shows the hard work and tremendous spirit he brings is paying off. His supporters truly appreciate his efforts since taking office. I encourage all citizens to vote on 5/31, and I hope you will support JOE !!!! 
Respectfully submitted, 
Mel Manuel

May 21, 2003 10:43 AM
To the Editor:

I have now been involved in Colleyville politics for decades. Over time, we have had many ‘vigorous’ campaigns here because the people of Colleyville feel, as I do, that their local government is important. Many of us have had occasion to be for a candidate in one election and against him later. However, after those elections – even the vigorous ones we all came together to try to achieve the greatest good for Colleyville.

 This attitude changed when Donna Arp, and her clique of elitists, took power.They brought the mean-spiritness, the feeling of ‘enemies’ to Colleyville politics. Now she has a clear protégé of hers, Joe Hocutt, running for mayor. It is inconceivable  to me how the Star-Telegram’s editorial board could endorse Hocutt on the premise that he is going to end our ‘divided past.’ The only hope we have to end this meanness is to rid us of the last vestiges of Arp. We will do this by electing Richard Newton!

Ed Baker
Mayor 1995-97

May 20, 2003 6:46 PM
Ref: Grapevine Main Street Days - click here
I only find 36 pictures..and none of any of the wonderful volunteers that worked so very hard last week-end.  Is there a second page to finish the "more than 50 photos"? Please advise. Thank you, |

Linda Ratliff

Editor's Note:  You got us, there were only 36 photos.  There is now a 2nd page that completes the number to 50.  Our photographers concentrated on the crowd for photos because the volunteers made the event such a success for those attending!
May 19, 2003  8:46 PM


On May 31 the City of Colleyville will have a new mayor.  There are two choices for Mayor, Richard Newton and Joe Hocutt.  Each individual brings a definable set of leadership skills and voters will have a clear choice.

During the past two years I have observed both candidates during council meeting and on a personal basis.  There are dramatic differences between the two gentlemen.  During council meetings Mr. Newton was diligent and attempted to gather all salient points prior to considering his position.  Mr. Hocutt on the other hand was observed participating in demeaning, caustic, and unfounded attacks on other members of council. 

Voters should review the sophomoric conduct of Mr. Hocutt regarding the vote to support Mr. Chandler’ request for rezoning, he opposed it as a member of planning and zoning (never answered my e mail asking why), transferring city property to developers at a under valued figure, denied any involvement in the yellow serptine that appeared on route 26, then there was the agony involved with redefining an ethics code and passing a tax reduction for seniors.

On the personal level voters need to understand Mr. Hocutt made statements to me that he is unable honor.  Also, voters should know Mr. Hocutt was a coach on a peewee football team that required intervention from the director to resolve personality and ego issues.  I think it was called dissention within the coaching ranks. Joe was a part of that mess.  

My paramount issue is leadership.  Voters need to cast their ballots for an individual who has strong communications skills, empathy for opposing opinions, professional presence, a strong understanding of city government and the ability to lead the new and incumbent members of city council.  This person must possess a vision and wisdom that understands Colleyville’s current issues and those of the future.  

Richard Newton is the person to lead Colleyville and the city council.  He has consistently displayed the traits of honesty, commitment and creditability.  Joe’s leadership consists of conducting unfounded political attacks and ill-tempered remarks.  His mentor is the outgoing mayor.  She is a master of half-truths and one on the most inept and divisive politicians I have ever seen.  Do you want two more years of that style of governance?

First I urge all eligible voters to vote for our new mayor.  Second I ask each voter to cast his or her ballot for Richard Newton.  Of the two choices he is clearly the individual who will conduct the city’s business in a professional and open manner.

Maurice F. Connor
Colleyville, Texas 

May 19 4:16 PM

Ref:  Article of Saddlebrook Homeowners Association.(Click Here to read)

After going through 2 years of pain and stress (and expense) fighting off the little Hitlers on the SHOA board, it is refreshing to hear from so many of our neighbors expressing their amazement at the depths our homeowners association sank to in trying to illegally make us remove our storage shed. Many thanks to all of them and especially forums like LNO. The only way citizens can keep homeowners  associations from abusing their power is to stay involved with current issues and on past issues like our situation, let them know how we feel about their unexcusable conduct towards their own neighbors. Make sure they never have the chance to do something like this to someone else. Thanks again to LNO for caring enough to get the truth out to the silent majority. 

Ed & JoAnn Cox 
May 18, 2003  11:36 AM
As a sixteen year resident of Colleyville I have witnessed many changes in
our community, as well, there appear to be several constants that just will
not go away.

On the bright side, we have seen a tremendous growth of city provided
services and facilities. Our community center, justice center, library and
city hall are examples of the greater good that a community can provide. The
expansion of our parks, street improvements and commercial tax base are
examples of the continual need of community involvement. I believe that the
majority of our community has embraced all or part of these improvements and
we will endorse additional enhancements as time goes by.

On the dark side is the continual political madness that consumes our
community.  Our current Mayor has created a divisive agenda that rewards
those with like thoughts and destroys any individual who begs to differ. As a
former chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I have witnessed first
hand the swiftness of her revenge and I urge Colleyville voters to replace
our mayor with a person that will recognize the greater good of our

I believe that Richard Newton is the person for this job. He has the
experience and leadership skills that our community sorely needs today. His
fairness in dealing with all citizens can be seen in his many years of
community service. He is not a political list keeper like his opponent. He is
a man of his word.

Tom Hart
Colleyville, TX 76034 

May 15, 2003 10:24 AM
To the Editor:

Election Time in Colleyville


As usual, the coming of election time in Colleyville brings a certain amount of craziness. While some of it is always at least a little excessive, this flurry of activity is primarily just indicative of how strongly we here in Colleyville feel about our city government. As a former Mayor, and often participant in various campaigns, I have been, of course, a part of this activity many times, and have probably been as crazy as anyone.


I write now however, because I think events in recent years have just gone too far, and it is time to get rid of those responsible. This deteriorating state of affairs began when we allowed Donna Arp to become Mayor. She brought crassness to that office, that completely overwhelms the honor and responsibility that should be attached to it. For the first time (in my memory,) she introduced the practice of sitting officials openly campaigning for candidates during city elections. This practice may or may not have much real impact on elections, but one thing it has brought is a great deal of animosity to resulting Councils. It is hard to have civil discussion when your Mayor, and/or fellow Councilperson was recently, heatedly using their position of trust in the city to campaign against you. This ‘cheerleader campaigning,' that is so characteristic of Ms. Arp and ‘her’ people, cheapens the office of Mayor. The Mayor’s office should be one of consensus building, not the source of divisiveness. 


This innovation of Ms. Arp’s has led to much of the nastiness we now see in Colleyville politics. An example of what happens now on our Council is the acrimonious personal attack made by Mr. Rice on Mr. Newton as an opening to the first Council meeting after the last election. The City Attorney had to instruct the Mayor that Councilman Rice was in violation of the rules of decorum and made him stop! This same thing happened the year before at the hands of Mr. Hocutt.


Things are now getting much worst! I unhappily witnessed, first-hand, the spectacle made by the husband of our Mayor Pro-Tem (another of Ms. Arp’s people and of course a Hocutt supporter.) He, for no reason whatsoever, verbally assaulted members of the audience and participants in the Candidates’ Debate put on by the High School Debate teams. Unfortunately, his intemperate language and actions were right in front of the youngsters who had arranged the debate. I personally take a very dim, opaque, and nebulous view of this type of childish reaction by adults.


Mr. Mike Taylor one of Mr. Newton’s original opponents in this election has now endorsed Mr. Newton and is urging all of his supporters to help elect Richard


We must do better than we have! We are faced with an opportunity to recover our sense of pride in Colleyville. Our other option is to continue this farce that has served as a city government for the last few years. 


I urge the citizens of Colleyville to join me in electing Mr. Newton as our Mayor! He is pledged to end this lack of integrity and civility, and to return our city government to the high level it should occupy. You will never find him campaigning for anyone else while he is in office!


Ed Baker
Mayor 1995-1997

May 14, 2003 12"46 PM
"Process Circumvented?" Boy, did those words jump out at me.
In this case, "running" is part of the process. The only one available!
Redistricting has been done every 10 years. And, yes, the party in power controlled it. No question. Would expect the same in 2010.
But, now we have had pressure from Washington to "circumvent" the process and try again to come up with a plan that passes muster (since the last one the 'Pubs did got knocked down and we are now operating under a court designed one)! And, all that has been done (pretty much) behind closed doors and it was getting ready to be slam-dunked down our throats without so much as a proper debate. Give me a break! Those guys and gals that split Austin, by golly, represent me. Now, both you and I get vote on our reps in 04 on how they feel about the redistricting plan and then we will know the "feeling of the people." I am glad I now have a chance to have my say. I will be voting! There is more than one way to "fight." If it's life, liberty, protect my family then damn right I will, but all this doesn't fall under any of those categories! This, as is all politics, one big game, a serious game, but still a game!
Appreciate you opinion!
Leighton Railsback
May 14, 2003 11:43 AM
We are supporting Richard Newton for Mayor of Colleyville.  His experience, leadership and character make him the best candidate to lead our city.  Please vote.  Your vote could make the difference.

Allan Werst
Colleyville, TX 76034

May 14, 2003  11:59 PM
My name is Tarrah Phillips. I am 26 years of age and a 16 year resident of Colleyville. Because I have been here so long and seen so many changes, I am very interested in the “welfare” of the city of Colleyville. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your website and the “insider” information you always have. Colleyville is important to me, and being and informed Colleyville citizen is important to me as well.  

Thanks again for your site and lets hope for the best on May 31.  

Tarrah Phillips
Event and Public Relations Coordinator
Southlake Chamber of Commerce

May 14, 2003  7:18 AM
Hey Leighton,

 I hope all is well with you and yours.  I have to disagree with you on this one Leighton.

 My dearly departed Dad was a 30 yr police veteran and decorated war hero in WWII with 2 Silver Stars and he taught me to respect authority and to play by the rules.  Never pick a fight, but never run from one either.  Stand up for your beliefs and work hard to communicate with and understand others and obey the law. My Dad was a life long Dem but he never stopped me from choosing my Rep ways.  If I was an elected State Dem in TX doing what they are doing, he would be ashamed of me.  He did not spend almost 4 years in Africa, Italy and Germany fighting to protect a system of freedom to see the process circumvented by someone who lost an election.

You talk of balance.  Well our system has checks and balances outlined in the rules.  The greatest of all checks and balances are called elections.  The Dems lost.  The Reps won.  They get to set the agenda.  Dems controlled redistricting for over 40 years.  Now when they find themselves in a minority position, they chose not to obey the rules and do it their own way. 

Is this the lesson we teach our younger generation?  If you do not like the outcome, revolt?  If the approved process yields an outcome you did not support, they throw it out?  What else can we expect from leaders who earned their licks in the late 60s and early 70s?  More of the same, I can assure you.  I am all for standing up and opposing outright corruption or wrong doing, but it is not corrupt or wrong to win an election and then to enact the platforms you proposed. 

John Murphy
(Note: Mr. Murphy is the former Mayor of Bedford)

May 13, 2003 9:14 PM
My old Dad always taught me not to fight. Run if you have to, but if opponent is faster, find the biggest stick and defend yourself. Hey, when you're backed against the wall, fight with all you got. Looks like running was the biggest stick that the Democrats in the House had and they used it. Bully for them!

What we, the citizens Texas, are looking for is balance because that means the least amount of change. Change, coming from Austin and/or Washington, usually gets in out pocket so we sure don't need or want BIG CHANGE. And I'm talking here about both Republicans and Democrats! Balance has worked pretty doggone good for the last 20 years.

Another wise old codger said, "Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts." We are already seeing that in Austin, I'm sad to say. Placing the power of Washington in either parties hands scares the dickens out of me.

If those "Killer Bees of '03" need a place to hide out till next week, have 'em call me and I'll rent a bus we will "hit the dusty trail" till the deadline passes. Oh yeah, if they need it, I still have my big stick they can borrow.

Leighton Railsback
May 9, 2003  12:15 PM
Isn't there a new Grapevine Opry location being built?
I have searched the www and cannot find anything on the location.
Do you have any information on it?  Where it is and when it will open?  A
website that tells more about it?

Thank you.

Have a Blessed day
Kathryn McMahon
Editor's Note 
Opening in April 2004 - Gaylord Opryland TexasTM Opening in April 2004, Gaylord Opryland Texas™ Resort & Convention Center is a meeting planner’s dream. Featuring 1,511 rooms, 400,000 square feet of meeting and convention space and four acres of lush indoor gardens, the resort enjoys perfect year-round weather under a magnificent glass atrium.

Web Site Link

May 8, 2003 8:51 PM
Is there a website with the Monthly Foreclosure Report ?

J. Rob
Editor Note: We are unaware of any other website with this information.  LNO reporters actually retrieve the information from the courthouse and compile for publication each month.  LNO will post this information each month for the cities of Colleyville, Grapevine, Keller and Southlake.
May 4, 2003 4:43 PM

I'd like to congratulate the citizens of Colleyville on their election
of Mark Skinner to the city council.

I was very surprised to see the way a few tried to portray him during
the election. I'd attribute this to politics-as-usual or just to not
knowing him. Mark is very much his own man. I doubt *anyone* seriously
thinks they have his vote "in their pocket", but if someone is under
that impression, they are in for one huge surprise.

Having known Mark for over 30 years, I assure you he'll be an excellent
addition. He's honest to a fault, and never leaves a doubt about his
position on anything. A born leader and a man of integrity.

In a town where politics has become polarized and everyone gets quickly
classified as being in one camp or another, I'd  encourage those "on the
other side" to get to know him. You'll learn that his vote will be based
solely on the merits of the case at hand.

Living in the metroplex for over 45 years, I've watched Colleyville
politics with the same fascination I'd watch a train-wreck. For the good
of your community, it's time the council members quit villifying each
other, learn to share your toys, and for heavens sake start playing
nicely together. Dealing with each other as individuals rather than
"opposing team-members" is a good start. I know Mark will, I hope you
all can.

Rob Jones
Keller Texas
Former Southlake Zoning Commissioner
  May 3 2003 12:01 AM


Recently the Colleyville Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) groups met for the purpose of determining what services will be supported for the upcoming Memorial Day observance. This is a yearly commitment ranging from color guards, placing flags at headstones etc.

Both the DAV and PVA are organizations consisting of men and women who have suffered wounds and disabilities while in service of our country. We belong to these organizations to form support groups. When a veteran passes on - the local DAV and PVA groups are called upon to form honor guards for the final ceremonies. DAV and PVA chapters raise funds for wheelchairs, medical facilities etc for veterans needing assistance. Membership is exclusive - the requisite for admittance is military service with disabilities. The only "compensation" is the affection of knowing you are still serving one another in a time of need.

As we discussed the upcoming holiday on May 26 our conversations sidetracked to the impending Colleyville Mayor and Council races. While military service is by no means compulsory for the qualifications to hold public office in our community, none of the candidate’s list even a hint of military service. We have candidates who inventory educational accomplishments, which have changed during the campaign. There are candidates who proclaim laundry lists of civic contribution; but nothing declaring any military sacrifice.

Still we wondered-are there any of the candidates which have the same character we saw during our experiences while in service of this country?

Today there is a heightened awareness of moral character being displayed by members of the military during the war in Iraq. We have all become captivated by the honorable actions of those who protect us. Are those traits possible for the future Mayor and Council members of Colleyville?

As I reviewed the campaign literature and listened to the candidates campaigning one trait comes through from Newton, Dudziak, Dolan and Davis. Each mentions their desire to serve, not parade a litany promises and innuendoes.

Newton, Dudziak, Dolan and Davis each demonstrate the character and leadership we are witnessing from the leaders of our military in Iraq.

I belong and participate in the DAV because of the desire the serve other veterans who need my help. Newton, Dudziak, Dolan and Davis each display the character and integrity of my fellow members of the DAV and PVA.

This is the observation of one man who has served with some of the finest military leaders this country has produced.

John Cheneler

Life Member DAV since 1972

April 30, 2003 9:25 AM

To the Editor: 

This Saturday citizens of Colleyville have to decide which people can move us forward and make the best decisions for all.  I attended both debates and decided we are very lucky to have such outstanding candidates in the light of the
abuse they have to go through. I am an independent, and want to choose who will
make the most of the opportunity to serve the people. Here are my recommendations.
For Mayor, Joe Hocutt is the best of the 3 candidates. Joe is a terriffic guy, and has worked diligently to take Colleyville to the next level while serving on the Council.
He was instrumental in helping bring Market Street to Colleyville, which will open later this year in the Town Center. I have been in the original Market Street in Lubbock, and it is one fine grocery store, and will be a great place to visit and mingle with friends. He is also helping bring Lifetime Fitness here. If Joe is fortunate to win the election, he will have a "Hot-Line" where citizens can call in whenever they see a business that would be a good addition to our community. I found one last week while in Houston, Buffalo Grill, a self-service breakfast/lunch/dinner place.  I think the "Hot-Line" is a more feasible solution than hiring an expensive Economic Director. During both debates, I found some the comments of mayoral candidate Taylor very inspirational. But Joe Hocutt is getting my vote. Just ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you the same.

Running for Place 1, both candidates Mark Skinner & Dave Dudziak have a great
grasp of the issues, and either one would be an attribute to the Council.

For Place 2, I am voting for Elaine Dolan. I have known her for 18 years, and she is
one hard working and terriffic person. Even though she is not supporting Joe for Mayor, I know she will work well with all parties for the better of Colleyville.

For Place 4, I strongly believe Jon Ayers is the best choice.  As he said in the debate, he built his office building here, and "put his money where his mouth is".
He is very energetic and will give us his all.
Hopefully Saturday will be the start of a new era for Colleyville, and the winners will
represent us well.

Respecfully submitted,

Mel Manuel
April 29, 2003 4:12 PM

Dear Editor
The true colors of my opponent have come to light.  His comments accusing me
of running a negative campaign are a tactic that is used when the truth is
revealed and there is no better response except to blame and smear the
individual asking a question or raising an important issue.

Let's get the facts straight:
1) My opponent's campaign literature stated he was "employed" by Henry S.
Miller; not a subcontractor as he later explained.

2) My opponent accused the voters of being in "uninformed circles" (His
Citizen Email 4/28).  It was a Citizens Email (4/25 Luann Edwards) from a
resident that raised a concern.  Her concern is well documented and not at
all "uninformed".  I'm assuming that it is still proper to ask questions and
challenge issues that concern our town.

3) I made no personal attacks in my email.  In fact I complimented him on
his personal integrity.  I only questioned the perception problem that it
may cause the City of Colleyville.  Yet my opponent referred to my concerns
as "assinine" (his spelling in his Citizens Email dated 4/28).  How can he
make comments like that and set an example that will bring civility to the

4) I never questioned my opponent's credentials, fiduciary or his ethics in
any of my public appearances or printed literature.  So, isn't my opponent
the candidate going on the attack and mixing fact with fiction?

5) I asked the Citizens of Colleyville to decide if my opponent's potential
conflict of interest was an issue & to vote their conscience.  If they
choose my opponent on May 3rd they are the ones who will live with their
decision. I trust and respect their choice.

6) If my opponent knew the potential for conflict of interest was an issue,
why not be open and address it?  Note my opponent's Citizens Email dated
4/25.  He wrote,  " I am not surprised by the innuendo, and have been fully
expecting to write this response"(regarding a potential for conflict of
interest).  In that same email he was even advised by his colleagues this
perception of conflict of interest would become an issue.

Mark, as we sat on the stage at the Colleyville Center and you leaned over
and said to me you wish we were not running against each other, I guess I
misjudged your comment that it was a statement of respect and that we could
govern together if given the opportunity at some time in the future.
Instead you now attack me as being negative.  It is sad that you have had to
reach to the level of personal accusations.  I expected more of you.

Dave Dudziak
Candidate City Council Place 1

April 29, 2003 4:11 PM


This is in response to Mr. Skinner's email today at 2:43 PM.

I did not imply nor do I have knowledge that you have ever traded on inside information.  I have found you to be truthful in your responses and posts to this website.

My issue is that I do not believe you can be independent in a dual role as a Commercial Real Estate professional in Colleyville and be a City Council member.  I would say that this is true for any Commercial Real Estate professional considering the size of Colleyville and desired commercial growth in the near

You stated in an earlier email that you want to be a fiduciary for the city of Colleyville.  You cannot have a fiduciary responsibility to multiple and possibly opposing constituencies at the same time.  Your client's and the city's interests will be opposite in many cases.

In the dual roles, you would be privy to confidential information which could be used in your profession.  Regardless of how you conduct yourself there could be questions about your independence.  This is the very essence of independence in FACT, PERCEPTION and DEED that is an ethical cornerstone.  We have already seen confidential information disclosed by our current mayor to a developer in regards to a potential lawsuit (Raman Chandler, Caldwell's Creek).

I do not know how to explain this any clearer.  This concept is certainly technical and precise.  Attorneys, Accountants, Realtors and other professionals are bound by these ethical standards.

Jim Graham
April 29, 2003 2:43 PM


Dear Editor,

I had to read the response Mr. Graham generated to my last email several
times. I'm sure he didn't mean to do it, but I think he inferred in his
example that, if I were on the city council, I would direct a client to
purchase property based on "inside information". I'm going to give him the
benefit of the doubt here and assume he's really not saying that. I've never
traded on inside information that was entrusted to me. Could I? Anyone
could. Would I? You can't build a business like I have with that kind of

I will take exception to his line of logic regarding the interests of real
estate professionals. If you follow what he said, Mr. Graham is actually
stating that NO ONE is capable of a fiduciary responsibility. You could
"trade" on entrusted information no matter what profession you're in. What
would keep ANY PUBLIC OFFICIAL from informing a close friend of an
"opportunity"? If he thinks real estate professionals have the corner on
insider trading he's misinformed and hasn't read the papers lately. So the
argument that real estate professionals are immediately disqualified from
public service based on his logic is inherently unsupportable.

I have no history of any such behavior and my qualifications are directly
related to the position I'm seeking. If we deal in factual information it's

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. Let's just keep talking to one
another, though. I'm always listening.

Mark Skinner
Candidate for Place 1
Colleyville City Council
Henry S. Miller Commercial
April 29, 2003 10:34 AM


In response to Mark Skinner's most recent email.

From Duhaime's Law Dictionary

Fiduciary - Normally, the term is synonymous to a trustee, which is the classic form of a fiduciary relationship. A fiduciary has rights and powers which would normally belong to another person. The fiduciary holds those rights which he or she must exercise to the benefit of the beneficiary. A fiduciary must not allow any conflict of interest to infect their duties towards the beneficiary and must exercise a high standard of care in protecting or promoting the interests of the beneficiary. Fiduciary responsibilities exist for persons other than trustees such as between solicitor and client and principal and agent.

Trustee - The person who holds property rights for the benefit of another through the legal mechanism of the trust. A trustee usually has full management and administration rights over the property but these rights must always be exercised to the full advantage of the beneficiary. All profits from the property go to the beneficiary although the trustee is entitled to reimbursement for administrative costs. There is no legal impediment for a trustee to also be a beneficiary of the same property.

My response:

Generally a person with a fiduciary responsibility has a higher level of responsibility to ensure their personal ethics and independence are beyond reproach.  Mr. Skinner cannot meet this requirement as a City Council Member and a Real Estate Professional who conducts business in the city of Colleyville.

There will always be questions regarding Mr. Skinner's independence on virtually any development before the council.  For example, the council approves realignment of an intersection along Colleyville Blvd. and just prior to this approval one of Mr. Skinner's clients purchases the property adjacent to the intersection.  Did he guide his client to purchase the property based upon his knowledge of the planned realignment?  It's not clear and could not be proved that he did not, therefore it is a conflict of interest even if he recused himself from voting on the realignment.

Mr. Skinner cannot have a fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of Colleyville as a City Council Member and be a Real Estate professional in the city.

Jim Graham
April 29, 2003 10:25 AM

If you guys are checking the accuracy of Web sites, check out Joe Hocutt's. 
He claims the McPherson Park Master Plan was changed from a Dairy Museum to a Park All Citizens can use.  The original plan included a place for a museum.  The vast majority of the site was passive open space for "All Citizens".  As I understand it, the new plan facilitates the use of the park for sports practice facilities. He claims the Master Plan has been updated.  Actually the update is underway. He claims SH 26 Design Phase completed.  Check the web site  They are working on 60% plans as I write. 

Jody Short

April 28, 2003 5:50 PM
Dear Editor,
I'd like to take few minutes to respond to my oponent's last gasp attempts to discredit my independence and integrity. First, let me REPEAT that I am SELF-EMPLOYED. My responsibilites lie with my clients. I assume that's hard for some to understand. I am associated with Henry S. Miller Commercial real estate. I am not an employee of Henry S. Miller Commercial. My "title" is Sr. Vice President. Titles in the real estate business denote tenure in the business. Just like a manufacturer's representative, I have an agency relationship and have the ability to represent the interests of anyone I so choose. We have over 100 independent brokers working for themselves, that are associated with the company.
I have spent my entire career honoring fiduciary responsibilities. After hundreds, if not a THOUSAND REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS, never once has my credibility, responsiblity or fiduciary trust EVER been even questioned.
I'm disappointed that my oponent would take this tact, but it appears that there are still questions in uninformed circles about my independence. I am totally dedicated to the City of Colleyville. I have the EXPERTISE to help this city expand its economic base. To say that a commercial real estate broker WITH ANY COMPANY cannot be independent is assinine. If he truly believes that, then we need to ammend the City Charter to prohibit any real estate broker from running for public office!
My oponent would like for the general public to fear my expertise rather than embrace and endorse it. Why? Because fear and negativity are the backbone of his campaign. Don't take my word for it. Look at the printed material he and his supporters have put out. There's nothing about HIS qualifications. They continually try to discredit mine. Why? Because when you compare them, my qualifications are far superior and more applicable to the current needs of Colleyville. Take a look at it in detail. Compare and you'll agree.
I AM PREPARED TO MAKE THE CITY OF COLLEYVILLE MY FIDUCIARY. If you're uncertain what that means, look it up in the dictionary. I can do that because I work for myself. I am prepared to evaluate every proposal, recommendation, vote or presentation with the interests of Colleyville first and foremost. I give the city and the citizens of Colleyville my word of honor on that. I can't offer more than that. I guess I'm one of those who still believes a person's word is their bond. I guarantee you I won't shy away from that!! 
Mark Skinner
Candidate for Place 1 Colleyville City Council
April 28, 2003 9:55 AM


A key component of ethics is independence.  One should be independent in fact, perception and deed.

Mark Skinner cannot be independent as a council member in relation to almost any development proposals that will come before the council.  Mr. Skinner cannot pass the perception of independence test.

Even if it appears that Mr. Skinner is independent there will always be questions if he, his firm or another firm that he might have an independent contractor relationship with are involved or were a competitor in the proposed development.  If Mr. Skinner recuses himself from every perceived conflict of interest he will not be able to participate and represent his constituents.

Elect candidates who can have a voice on the council and who are independent from developers.

Elect Newton, Dudziak, Dolan and Davis for Honesty, Integrity and Leadership.

Jim Graham
April 27, 2003 9:22 PM

Just a note. We still love reading LNO. We of course miss our friends in Colleyville, but I have to be honest, we don't miss viewing the chorus line from Send In The Clowns also known as city politics. Who would have thought that Colleyville could have made Georgia politics look civil by comparison. I do believe however, that people are going to a new low level when they verbally, assault someone in front of their family.
Where I come from that type of behavior usually led to someone's backside kissing the pavement. I applaud your son for his restraint. If someone had ever confronted my Father and Mother in front of me that way he would have gotten the (as we say in the south)whupping he was asking for. Having met your son I question the intelligence of Mr. Munson. Of course that hat he was wearing in the picture on the website might have told me all I needed to know.
We will be watching with interest whether the people of Colleyville will continue to allow substandard leadership to rule the day in Colleyville. Colleyville has so much potential what a shame it isn't be realized.

  Steve & Sue Guthrie   

p.s. I signed both our names, but Sue was not involved in writing this, she would never have let me write whupping. 
April 27, 2003 5:37 PM
Dear Editor

The campaign for City Council Place 1 has been a good exchange of the issues between Mark & myself, during the debates and in our campaign literature.  I have been aware of Marks employment relationship with Henry S. Miller only through his comments at the debates and his campaign door hanger that states, “ I am currently employed as a Senior Vice-President with Henry S. Miller Commercial.” Early in the campaign I made the decision not to use his perceived potential conflict of interest with commercial business developers against him during the debates.   I deemed it as a way for me to set the example of showing civility during the campaign. The issue, however, was bound to be raised at some point.  It is perhaps better that the voters weigh all relevant information about a candidate now, prior to voting, than in the future when important decisions must be made by the City Council. 

It should be said that my opponent has never given me reason to question his personal integrity during our conversations, or during the debates.  This, however, is an issue of perception and I question how it will translate into projecting the image of our town and its future economic development

During our debates all of the candidates discussed the importance of Colleyville regaining a positive image and sterling reputation as it works to promote the commercial and retail development of Colleyville.  Our residents must be sure that nothing affects the portrayal of a positive Colleyville business climate.  The City Council will be asked to make many important decisions that will enable our city to grow and prosper.  A vote for Dave Dudziak will eliminate the potential for this type of perceived conflict of interest.

As for myself, I work for History Maker Homes.  We have never built, and have no plans to build, homes in Colleyville.  Our segment of the housing market is first time homebuyers in the $100,000 to $130,000 range. 

It will be up to the voters of Colleyville to decide if this potential conflict of interest will be a factor in their voting decision and Colleyville’s future.  I urge everyone in our town to vote their conscience.

Dave Dudziak

Candidate for City Council Place 1
April 27, 2003 12:44 PM


Since the truck (Joe Tigue's) is obviously trying to attract attention, is there any chance that it might attract Police attention, for them to check it out for proper licensing, inspection, insurance, etc.?
Usually if licensed at all, old vehicles are for use in parades and to and from, ONLY.

My only reason for not driving my old green pickup, loaded with signs of Joe Greed's opponents, is the fact that it isn't properly street legal.

Allan Werst
April 27, 2003 8:38 am


When you resigned from LNO because of a U. S. Justice Department
 indictment against you, I asked  "" to publish
information about LNO. The information requested--editor(s),and 
publisher, is normally provided by newspapers and newsletter. Newspapers
and newsletter frequently provide a listing of the professional staff.

Since your acquittal and return to LNO, part of the information
requested is now available. You are listed as the publisher.

It is about time for the remainder of that request to be answered.

Jo Ann Gasper

[You may not be aware that I sent several emails to "" My email was not published. I did receive a
response that LNO was under going a change in format and the information
would be forthcoming. The Publisher information is now available.]

Publisher/Editor Note: All emails received are posted to our knowledge.  Unlike letters sent to the editor of your favorite newspaper, LNO strives to post virtually all input.  However, LNO reserves the right NOT to post any item that we consider offensive to the family values of our site or whereby LNO is not comfortable about the validity of the authorship. LNO is a pioneering effort to report local news on the Internet.  What other newspapers may do "frequently" is not necessarily of interest, concern or somehow establishes that LNO is under any obligation for similar disclosures.

In addition, despite recent "federal bureaucratic type smelling overreach" requirements voted into a burdensome paperwork by Colleyville's current city council, prying into every aspect of private and financial life (if one desires to serve the public by being a candidate for city council);  that mandate does not yet reach private businesses in Colleyville.  Therefore, in regards to your statement "It is about time for the remainder of that request to be answered," LNO is not obligated to answer anything. For example, is your interest equally as intensive about the Colleyville Courier?  When the Colleyville Courier publishes their financial investors, shareholders, and an explanation of their offices located with the partner of the Village Developer, then ask us again!

However, in the spirit of addressing our 75,000 views per month, LNO will share the following information;   Currently I act as both the Publisher and Editor of LNO.  Contributing research, writers, technical, marketing, reporters, graphic artists, photographers and regularly contributing columnists include:  Marc Troop, Maria H. Jones, Debbie Roach, Raven Thibodeaux, Steve Montaganti, Jan Klodner,  Linda Baker, Sandy Compton, Kimberly Connor, Jessica Kehmel,  and Kelly Kosikowski. 

Nelson Thibodeaux

April 26, 2003 12:34 PM

Dear Editor:
Finally being a senior convinced me that I had left middle school immaturity behind.  Boy was I wrong. I found the truth out when I went to vote this past Saturday (only my second time, and because of the actions of the people there, I'm not sure if I really enjoy what is supposed to be my right).

    I first encountered our soon to be ex-mayor, who upon seeing my father open the door, retreated back into the building (as she was about to open the door herself to leave).  It is well known that my father and the mayor are not what you call the best of friends.  Well get over it, learn how to act your age and not like you need to be back in the 6th grade.
    Then as my family waited for each other I was forced to watch another immature action that should have been left behind years ago.  Mr. Rich Munson stood there and stared at my father for a very long time (obviously angry that a citizen e-mailed Local News Only about signs that Mr. Munson illegally put up, and that Local News Only posted).  As my family and I stood outside and was having a friendly conversation with another man, Mr.  Rich Munson came up and started hassling my father.

    He obviously wanted to start something.  Anyone who has any sort of manners or self honor would not go up to a man and try to start a fight in front of his family.  I personally have freshmen friends who are more mature than that (no offense to the freshmen).  It is rude and completely incorrigible to start that kind of incident if front of somebody's kids and if that is what the candidates, that he stands for, tolerate, then I do not know where this city is going to go in the future.

    I am obviously going to stand up for my family, but the fact of the matter is that, you, Mr. Munson did something that is illegal.  If another citizen notices that and writes an e-mail to Local News Only, then it is the editors job to post it.  If you want to retaliate, act your age and send and e-mail to Local News Only and that will be posted as well.  DO NOT act like you should be put back in Kindergarten, ACT YOUR AGE!  I am a lot younger than you and I can see when the right time and place to say something when you are angry at someone.  You obviously missed that lesson because even an ex-mayor (no matter how much she dislikes a person) learns to just avoid, even if she does act immaturely when she does it.

    I am truly disgusted at a person who tries to start a fight in front of someone's kids.  I should have been left out of it and so should have my brother.  I draw that line at bringing a dispute in front of somebody's children, especially when it comes to bringing me into it.  I am truly sad that this city has so many people who do not know how to act like a civil and mature person in public and I apologize to the rest of the people who have to put up with this immaturity.  

    I guess I have a lot to learn about the immaturity of the world, in particular the people of this city of Colleyville.  I do not enjoy putting up with immature kids and I certainly do not enjoy putting up with immature adults.  Grow up!  Some people of this city do not put up with people who try to start a fight in front of their kids.  I certainly do not.    

Raven Thibodeaux
Grapevine High School 2003 Senior Class
April 25, 2003 8:36 PM

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the comments of Luann Edwards regarding the potential for severe conflicts of interest regarding Mark Skinner who is running for Place 1 on the city council.  Ms Edwards makes a compelling case that conflicts will be created because Mr. Skinner is a practicing real estate broker for Henry S. Miller Company (the apparent listing broker of sites at the Village of Colleyville).

At the Lions Club debate this past week Mr. Skinner touted his qualifications as a "vice president of Henry S. Miller realtors" with regard to economic development issues.  Here in response to Ms. Edwards, Skinner claims that he is an "independent contractor" with no connection to the management of Henry S. Miller.

Which is it Mr. Skinner?  Or will the answer depend on the situation.  Its not too hard to imagine the possible scenario: ". . . well its true that my company lists the Village of Colleyville, but since I am an independent contractor, I can vote on matters that affect the Town Center objectively," or how about this: ". . . well Mr. Potential Business, obviously because I am on the city council I am not biased, but if you will notice the name on my card is the same on the signs in the Village of Colleyville," or this:  " . . . of course I must be objective, so I will consider your rezoning proposal with the same objectivity whether it is on the Village property that our company lists or on my competitor's site." 

Do you really expect us to totally believe your response that "I am above reproach" ?  Maybe the capitalized letters help you believe your own statements, but I for one am simply not that gullible.  Its not that I don't think you mean well for the City of Colleyville, but rather the situations you will potentially be confronted with will clearly be ethical conflicts.  Whether those technically disqualify you from voting is really not the point.  The appearance of conflict will be front and center on any issues affecting Henry S. Miller listings, including, and perhaps most importantly, the Village of Colleyville.  We need to get away from the favoritism that has discredited Colleyville so severely during the Arp years. 

While I really don't know you, your statements lead me to believe that you genuinely mean well for the City of Colleyville, however my vote will not go to you because your election would do nothing but perpetuate the favoritism on council that exists today.  Now more than ever we need independents without such conflicts!

Ms. Edwards has it right: Newton for Mayor, Dudziak, Dolan and Davis for Colleyville Council.

Steven Magee
April 25, 2003 5:24 PM

I noticed the "timely" inference from Ms. Edwards concerning my involvement with the Village at Colleyville project. Please let me clarify a few points for your readers:
1. I am an independent contractor associated with HENRY S. MILLER COMMERCIAL - NOT HENRY S. MILLER MANAGEMENT
2. As an Independent Contractor, I am self-employed. I am not an employee of any Miller-related company. 
3. About a year ago I was asked to handle the leasing of the office space for The Village project. After 2 months I terminated my responsibilities, as the assignment did not fit the business plan for Henry S. Miller Commercial in Tarrant County. This termination took place around the summer of 2002.
4. I have never received ANY compensation WHATSOEVER from the owners of The Village, or any related investor, nor do I have any responsibilities associated with this project.
5. Miller Management Company and Charlotte Young are responsible for all the leasing and management for the entities represented by Richard Myers and his investors. I have no relationship with Miller Management Company.
I am not surprised by this innuendo, and have been fully expecting to write this response. Every real estate colleague associated with Colleyville warned me this would be used against me..."it's just a matter of time".
I welcome this inspection of my past involvement. I STAND TODAY ABOVE REPROACH ON THIS ISSUE.
I am extremely disappointed, however, that Ms. Edwards didn't take five minutes to call me on the phone and speak to me personally about this. 
I would be happy to let anyone who cares to see them, examine the financial records of my association with Henry S. Miller Commercial.
Thank you Ms. Edwards for allowing me the opportunity to enlighten the City of Colleyville regarding this matter.
Mark Skinner
City Council Candidate, Place 1
April 25, 2003 1:54 PM

Click on photo to enlarge

Corner of Main Street in the Village at Colleyville
The blue sign is a Henry S. Miller sign, while
candidate signs Hocutt, Skinner and Rice are shown to the left.
LNO has sent an email to Mark Skinner asking for a clarification of  his managerial role for Henry S. Miller covering the Colleyville market.



OK – let’s analyze the voting scenarios. 

Ordinance regarding the Village – If Mr. Skinner directly receives a large enough portion of his income from leasing in The Village; he is required by law to remove himself from the vote, leaving only four council members (even number) voting on a major commercial decision, with the Mayor deciding a tie. 

Let’s assume for the moment that Mr. Skinner receives little or no direct income from the Village.  Then technically he may vote BUT with such a flagrant relationship to The Village it is always going to give the appearance of unethical behavior. 

And this is supposed to decrease the amount of animosity on our City Council? 

Ordinance regarding Town Center – If Mr. Skinner votes in the affirmative, then there is no problem (although his boss may not be too happy with him for promoting business with the direct competitor). 

However, if he votes nay, then there is a problem because it gives the appearance of being biased against Town Center. 

Assuming the broker is a successful broker, there are bound to be other deals in Colleyville that Mr. Skinner will not be able to vote on.  How is a person with frequent conflicts of interest expected to have a positive impact on increasing commercial development in Colleyville?  It’s a LOSE/LOSE situation and I will not vote for a candidate faced with this many pitfalls.  

Support Richard Newton & the 3 Ds – Dudziak, Dolan & Davis for Decency, Dedication and Deliverance.

Luann Edwards

The most recent building under construction has the following reference to Henry S. Miller.

April 25, 2003 1:36 PM
  Dear Editor,

 Thank you for covering the Candidate Forum on Tuesday evening and for reporting on my comments in your fine newspaper.  I am a great fan of publishing information and getting the facts out to the public and letting them decide.  I would like to clarify one point you made, however, in reference to my comment on the parks.  First of all, this is a very large issue and one involving many needs—individuals who want passive park space to stroll in and have picnics, soccer teams, baseball and softball teams, football teams, etc. contrasted with too few resources.  The spirit of my remark was to make a point that my focus is to ensure no one group receives favoritism over another and to ensure the taxpayers are protected.   I am committed to my platform to restore positive leadership.  I have no desire to continue the demonizing of one group against another which we have experienced over the last few years.  I am in favor of the efficient and equitable usage of the parks and fields we have based on a spirit of cooperation among all users and to revitalize our economic development so we can have funds to acquire more park space.  I also want to foster a spirit of cooperation among our neighboring cities and our school distr

 Thank you for your interest.

Elaine H. Dolan
1313 Crest Drive

Publisher's Note:  Elaine Dolan is a candidate for Colleyville City Council Place 2.  Ms. Dolan is referring to LNO's coverage on the Lions Candidate Forum,
Click Here.  LNO wrote
"Concerning parks, Dolan said that one of the problems is that the "elite" teams take up parks that taxpayers pay for but their children are knocked off the fields, in reference to Rice's involvement with the American Eagle Select Soccer Club." This information was based on the knowledge that, according to Linda Baker's Column Click Here Dolan's opponent was identified from his company's web site as on the Board of Directors of the American Eagles Soccer Club.  However, it must be noted that Dolan did not mention this club by name.  LNO can not warrant that Dolan was making reference to this club and apologizes if this was not, in fact, the "elite" team being referenced.  

April 25, 2003 10:19 AM


(Ref to Linda Baker's "The Way I See It" Column

“This is the same kid sport organization with the paid professional coaches, who as a part of the job, arrive very early to stake out and commandeer our athletic practice fields with cones for their non-resident use.  First Come, First Served, that is the policy the Council Majority approved this last year.” 

The statement above in Linda Baker’s editorial commentary is incorrect.  There are two sections to the Colleyville soccer practice fields.  It is true that the older area in the west end is “first come, first served.”  However, the new east end was developed under contract to the City and opened last October.  This new area is scheduled by the Colleyville Soccer Association and space is allocated by days.  This allocation decision was based on an analysis of total team needs for ALL CHILDREN playing soccer in Colleyville.  (There are residents and non-residents in both soccer organizations, as well as 200+ other Colleyville children playing on teams based in other cities, by choice.)  The specific practice space allocation is posted on our website at

Practice space is still a precious commodity, but the opening of the new area has helped significantly.  Many of our teams, by choice, use space in embedded neighborhood parks and at Spargar Park.  These areas are exclusively used by our recreational teams. 

Larry Huey
VP – Fields
Colleyville Soccer Association 

P.S.  Just so you know, I am also an American Eagle’s “DAD” who has volunteered with the Colleyville Soccer Association for six years.  And, a Grapevine resident by the “width of a backyard fence.”

April 18, 2003 11:49 PM

Dear Editor,

Mr. Short is absolutely correct about one thing. The shortcomings of the
current political majority will be handed to the incoming council. But that's
always the case when there is a major turnover in representation. I choose to
remain POSITIVE, or maybe OPTIMISTIC is a better term to be used here, that with the changeover that's about to occur, the climate for respectful and
effective debate is just around the corner.

I can assure you that if I were to serve on this council I would expect
nothing less than full respect for each individual's view. One of the reasons
I'm running for political office is so that I can use my skills to restore
THE DIGNITY OF DISSENTING DEBATE. I feel this is important. I don't really
see anyone else out there with this as part of their agenda. In my opinion
its one of the keys to the future success of Colleyville. If we can debate,
dissent and...dare I say it ... COMPROMISE if need be, we will create an
entirely different atmosphere.

The attitude of the entire council will be set by the attitude of the new
players. I can't help but think that this mayoral change will open the door
to a "new look" whether one thinks we need it or not. It's going to happen.
The council will take on the image of its leadership and that leadership is
changing. That's why I think we need to look ahead with optimism. If we
expect positive change, positive change will come. If we expect the same old
routine, then that's what we're going to get.

Mr. Short, I will not settle for, nor do I wish to be a part of, what we've
seen the past several years. I have no personal inclination whatsoever to be
a part of that type of political process. This new council must RESPECT EACH
OTHER! They must offer each other the opportunity to disagree without
personal condemnation. an extension of disagreement, the dissenting
factions need to be prepared to present VIABLE and VERIFIABLE alternatives.
We don't need naysayers without alternatives. If you're going to disagree, be
prepared to present an alternative. If the members of our council could work
WITH EACH OTHER instead of AGAINST EACH OTHER I think our community would be more inclined view the entire process of managing city business as a TEAM effort. What a novel idea!

I remain POSITIVE about what can be done. I am OPTIMISTIC that it will occur.
I would enjoy being part of the solution.

Mark Skinner

Publisher's Note:  If this keeps up, LNO may need to provide Mr. Skinner and Mr. Short their own Point/Counter Point Column. LNO has always encouraged an exchange of ideas.  When those in control seek to eliminate others, that may disagree, through intimidation or elimination from the process, the result is always predictable, inefficient and a failure. It appears all of the contributors agree to one thing, a change in the mayoral position should give Colleyville a new image.

April 18, 2003 1:14 PM

To the Editor,
Reply to Mr. Skinner:  I am very sorry to hear about your loss.  I cannot imagine suffering such a loss at such a critical time in life for your family.  With three small children of my own, I feel deeply for those like you who are facing the challenge of raising our future leaders alone.
As you assess who is a POSITIVE influence, how can you ignore the words and actions of the current council majority?  One does not have to watch many council meetings to feel the distain the current majority feels for anybody who would dare question their actions or oppose them on an issue.  I hope you never find yourself on the wrong side of that POSITIVE influence.  This is also a group who when they took control of the council painted political bull's eyes on the back of every sitting committee and board member who had been serving the city in a manner that was above reproach and replaced them at the earliest opportunity. 
The BUSINESS decisions this group has made have put who ever is elected into the unenviable position of trying to figure out how to pay for three new city facilities as the city's sales tax revenues continue to fall.  To remain POSITIVE about these issues is to ignore the realities of BUSINESS.
Jody Short
April 17, 2003 11:20  PM
Dear Editor,

I was amazed to read (and see) on LNO of the misdeeds of Joe ('my wife is
Mayor Pro Tem') Tigue. Let me tell you the rest of the story! Right before
he attacked Candidates Taylor and Davis, I was the victim of one of his
smear and run assaults. After the debate I was standing talking to some
friends, when Tigue runs down the aisle, stops by where I was standing and
points at me and says something like "You're writing those hate letters
again." After my surprised response he uttered some obscenity and sort of
ducked behind Joe Hocutt. I thought no more of him or his comments until I
saw your piece on his subsequent attacks.

As it happened I wasn't finished (being attacked) for the night. As I walked
up the aisle to leave, Mayor Donna Arp answered my "hello," greeting with "I
see you're writing hate letters again." Maybe Tigue and Arp have the same
line writers, or maybe they just sit around and pick out targets. I don't
know, but I think it is disgraceful to see two people - supposedly adults,
and community leaders - acting this way anyplace, but especially in front of
the fine young people who had worked so hard to put on a very professional
debate for the city.

It's antics like this that drive me to work for the ouster of Donna and her
Lackeys. Incidentally, I looked back at the most recent things I had
written, and the only two things I have really said about her group was that
I thought they were morons (I didn't use that term, but it applies) for
boycotting the CAN forum. It is so hard to get an audience in a small town
when you are running for anything, to turn down and opportunity to address
over 100 voters, in such a forum is just moronic. The only other thing that
I have said lately is that Donna's Council member supporters are her
"Lackeys." Maybe they don't like being called Lackeys, but if they don't,
why do they continue to be Lackeys? If they didn't want to be identified as
Donna's Lackeys, why have Hocutt and Rice chosen to vote every time for
whatever Donna wants?

Really it gets down to what it always has been with Donna and her group. If
you disagree with them in any way they are going to personally attack you.
We saw it in the debate when Hocutt tried (although his powder wasn't really
dry) to attack Taylor and Newton, not on issues but with personal affronts.

I will be glad to finally be rid of this bunch after this election! Maybe
then we can get Colleyville back on track.

Clif Holliday
April 17 2003 11:02  PM
Kudos to Rep. Truitt- more of our legislators need to listen to her and their constituents.
Susie Bartlemay
April 17, 2003 9:18 PM
I have read many of your articles on Colleyville City Council. Something definitely needs to happen this year if at all possible. Since I like your reporting, I was hoping you would provide a list of candidates you feel would be most likely to remove Colleyville from the laughing stock.

Rick Johnson

Editor's Note:  Unlike our "un-biased" friends at the Star-Telegram, LNO does not endorse candidates. Suffice it to say that we have been particularly critical of the current council majority especially its dismal performance in the economical development area for Colleyville and the deliberate attempt to exclude citizens that don't agree with Donna Arp from Boards and Committees.  Therefore, LNO disagrees with the endorsement of the Star Telegram and would encourage citizens to carefully consider candidates that are independent from the influence of the past.  Rice and Hocutt have been hard line allies of the soon to be former mayor and never dissented on votes from her or each other. Council members that have not been part of the "laughing stock" council are more likely to make the changes needed, versus attempting to defend flawed decisions of the past.
April 18, 2003 3:35 PM
I have read many of your articles on Colleyville City Counsel. Something definitely needs to happen this year if at all possible. Since I like your reporting, I was hoping you would provide a list of candidates you feel would be most likely to remove Colleyville from the laughing stock.

April 17, 2003 3:35 PM

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Short's inquiry let me provide some background. Where
have I been for the past 3 years? Fulfilling commitments. Those made 17
years ago when I married Pam. For the past 5 years I was Pam's primary
caregiver as she battled ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease). She died a year ago
this April. Seventeen years ago I promised that I would love and cherish her
"until death do you part". I believe in keeping commitments, no matter what
the cost. For five tough years I worked, raised our two boys, and cared for
my wife. Her passing was heartbreaking but now life goes on. I've spent the
past 12 months "recharging the batteries" so to speak. I didn't have the
time to dedicate to public service until now.

When Mr. Short ask why I'm aligned with the current set of politicians I
have to say because I feel they've been a positive influence on the City of
Colleyville. I like to be associated with the positive influences of life.
It makes it a lot more fun. I will say that I don't agree with EVERY
decision they have made. When viewed in hindsight they've made mistakes
which I'm sure they wish they could take back. No one is right 100% of the
time. However, I do believe that the decisions they made regarding BUSINESS
issues were made with the best interests of the citizens in mind. Mr. Short
may not see it that way but I feel they wanted the best for Colleyville. I
want to be aligned with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. It is imperative in these slow
economic times to focus on the positive and not purvey the negative. Its OK
to call "a spade a spade" when need be, but to purvey the negative for
personal gain is, in my opinion, WRONG. All may be fair in love, war and
POLITICS, but... it is not always the RIGHT thing.

In my humble opinion, The PERSONAL attacks that have flowed IN BOTH
DIRECTIONS over the past years have divided our city more so than the debate
of the actual issues.They've appeared to be petty at times and both sides
are equally to blame. Nobody, including me, likes to be personally insulted,
attacked or lied about. The normal tendency is to strike back. It takes a
great deal of self control and a special personal demeanor to be able to
walk away from a fight. Some conflicts aren't worth the effort. They simply
drain precious resources from the real task. Too many times our leaders lost
sight of the real fight because of the fog from conflict over the personal
issues. It's inevitable that there will be personality clashes from time to
time. Hey, we're all human. I'd rather spend my time clashing over the
issues than perpetuating personal battles. Its not productive to the

It seems that it would also be beneficial if we were to elect leaders who
are dedicated to the "above reproach" standard. If you're above reproach
then there's no political bull's-eye painted on your back. That's the best
way to serve the public. Its that standard that helps to define quality
leadership. We will all make mistakes. Let's ensure they are HONEST
mistakes. Let's debate those mistakes and overcome them. Let's expect, no,
demand the BEST from our community leaders. Even if we fall short of the
demands we are reaching for a higher standard.

Mark Skinner
April 17, 2003 9:33 am
To the Editor,
In reply to Mr. Skinner:  You make some excellent points.  Where have you been for the past three years and why have you aligned yourself with the current council majority?  This is a group that turned away a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market that met all of our development codes and was actually willing to double our landscaping requirements.  This is a group that meets every mention of roadway improvements with cries that a new Super Highway is coming through every neighborhood in town.  This group has been led by a person who personally attacks and allows other council members to attack the motives and integrity of fellow council members.  You are correct, there should be open, orderly and fair debates.  Unfortunately, the group you have aligned yourself has a record of failing to allow that to happen.
Jody Short
April 16, 2003 12:23 PM
Dear Editor,

I have taken the opportunity to read through your publication many times
over the past several weeks. While I can't say that I agree with all of your
perspectives you do raise important questions that should be addressed in
the upcoming years here in Colleyville. Our future depends on leaders who
are willing to listen. In addition, the citizens of our community need to
feel free to openly debate all the issues without the fear of personal
attacks on their character or integrity. This is the issue that concerns me
the most moving forward to the days ahead.

No single group,  PAC, slate, or candidate has the exclusive rights to good
ideas for this city. Open, orderly and fair debates are the cornerstone to
taking Colleyville into the future. When people cannot voice an idea or
opinion without fear of open and vicious retribution we've neutered the
political process. It is my opinion that this community should elect leaders
that are willing to listen to all of the concerns, without the bias of
personalities, then formulate policy based on the best information
available. Prudent business practice calls for scrutiny of every decision
made and the impact of those decisions on our community . The best leaders
are always prepared to modify their action plans according to situational
changes and move forward to the ultimate goal. The goals don't change but
the means to the ends sometimes do.

We need public servants who desire to move Colleyville forward. Let's deal
with the issues we have at hand. We cannot change the facts, the economy,
nor past decisions. We can change our attitudes towards those issues. We can
make the best of the hand we've been dealt. It has been said that "vision is
inextricably linked to uncertainty". Each candidate has his or her own
vision. The implementation of those visions define those candidates. The
future is uncertain, however one certainty remains with us always. The way
we as individuals react to the events around us is within our control.  For
me that's a call to a much greater responsibility. A responsibility that, if
dealt with appropriately, will result in better leadership for our

It is time to move FORWARD. I know firsthand that it is hard to remove the
emotions and personalities from the issues. However, great people can
accomplish this feat. I think every citizen of Colleyville is fully capable
of doing just that. Get out and vote for the candidate that best mirrors
your vision. If your candidate is fortunate enough to be elected then
celebrate. If they're not successful then get involved with the new
leadership in a positive way to build a forum for your opinions and ideas.
Effective leaders are always listening.

Mark Skinner
Publisher Note:  Mark Skinner is a Candidate for Colleyville City Council Place 1

April 15, 2003 8:29 AM


My name is Dona Watson and I currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Collin County MHMR dba LifePath Systems. 

I am very excited that Senator Truitt is supportive of those in this state who for the most part cannot speak for themselves and probably would be unable to cast a vote so offer no political gain for her as an individual. 

As one of the five community centers covering seven counties in the NorthSTAR area, we have experienced firsthand the negatives of this experiment, which far outweigh the positives.  The five centers involved have lost a combined $20+ million from reserves.  Two of the centers have been taken over by TDMHMR due to financial insolvency.  Our center faced closing its doors to MH clients in order not to erode reserves from MR, unlike at least one other NorthSTAR center that chose another path.  We (the board) are convinced that the continuation and expansion of NorthSTAR is the greatest threat to the community center system that we, or our predecessors, have seen.  A “Mental Health Authority” does not exist in this model.  One might argue DANSA, however, the reality is that DANSA has no authority and in fact is an additional, unnecessary taxpayer expense.  NorthSTAR has cost the state much more money than originally planned, and has put many private providers out of business.  In addition, many good quality services have been reduced or eliminated.  Most importantly of all, client satisfaction has significantly decreased according to TDMHMR’s Annual Client Satisfaction Survey. 

I appreciate Senator Truitt’s concern about NorthSTAR and agree “that any forcible expansion of NorthSTAR would disrupt current mental health services for all the wrong reasons and leave the people they serve in peril.”  So, we (the board) ask ourselves, if others believe all other counties in the state shouldn’t be a part of NorthSTAR, why does anyone believe that Collin or any other county should?  This, of course, is a question we have been asking legislators, TDMHMR, and anyone in the decision process.  I have yet to hear an answer that I believe makes good business sense or good reasons toward the people served.  

I support Senator Truitt in eliminating the continuation of NorthSTAR and hope that she will lead the crusade to do away with it altogether.  After all in her words, ““Many local health authorities do a great job of providing services. This proposal would have removed local control and discouraged local involvement and ownership in important MHMR programs.”  

We believe that Collin County was and is doing an outstanding job of providing services to its citizens.  We believe that local control is the most fiscally responsible way to manage Mental Health services.  Therefore, we believe that it is fiscally prudent and in the best interest of the citizens in the NorthSTAR region to eliminate the NorthSTAR pilot. 

I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns, 

Dona Watson, Chairman
LifePath Systems(Collin County MHMR)

April 15, 2003 8:21  AM


Drive up and down Texas 26 and ask yourself if Colleyville is today a better place than it was before Arp's reign?  Perhaps only if you are in the plywood business!  Boarded up buildings, little economic development, four years of unusual and ethically questionable support for the marginal Village of Colleyville!  Now similarly look at our neighbors, Southlake Town Center, Keller Town Center, Main Street Grapevine; all successful urban centers while Colleyville languishes.

Is it really going to be any better if we vote Donna's lackeys into office?  Does anyone really believe that Joe Hocutt will lead us to prosperity?  The guy had nonexistent municipal experience before his first run for office and since being on board has voted as he has been told by Donna on every issue.  Brad Rice?  Voted into office (or was he) by one or two questionable votes.  Brad also voted Donna's wishes on every issue and consistently displays the arrogant attitude ala Ms. Arp.

When it comes to elected officials, the old city manager saying is "what you get is what you vote for."  Ask yourself if these "do as I am told" candidates deserve to be our city leaders.  Compare their qualifications and records with their opponents.  Take note of the favoritism they have shown certain developers in Colleyville.  I am not at all surprised to see their signs, and the signs of "strong voice" Skinner, in Raman Chandler's yard and in front of his properties or in front of Richard Myer's shopping centers.  These are the candidates that avoid debates and direct questions in favor of "chicken little" hoaxes related to "big boxes" and "wide roads."

Why fear "wide roads" when our city does not have enough the capital to maintain the crumbling roads we now have, let alone have any money to build more!  "Big box" stores are also not a worry as the majors have already set up shop all around our boundaries - you must admit that we all shop there and send our sales taxes to Southlake, Grapevine, Euless, North Richland Hills, etc.  The Arp candidates use of fear mongering is a throwback to past elections.  Nothing more than an attempt to mislead us into believing they have our best interest at heart.  Why else would they whine about non-issues?

What about new faces Mark Skinner and John Ayers?  Skinner is a realtor who failed to get the endorsement of the Tarrant County Realtors - what does that tell you?  He is also a member of the real estate firm that is the listing broker for the Village of Colleyville - a "strong voice" maybe, but you have to ask yourself for who?  John Ayers is a fellow Colleyville Lion.  I think Mr. Ayers is genuine in his desire to be elected to and serve on the council, but has sold out to the Arp controlled bunch thinking that is how to get there.

My vote goes to Richard Newton for mayor and David Dudziak, Elaine Dolan, and Jerome Davis for the council positions.  Mr. Newton has consistently demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary for the office.  Mr. Dudziak is a well qualified candidate who has been serving as the President of the Ross Downs HOA.  Ms. Dolan is a long term resident who has built a well respected local business.  Her financial skills will serve her well on council.  Mr. Davis is a longtime resident who will represent the senior sector of Colleyville.  Most of all these candidates bring a sense of individual integrity to the office they all seek.

Vote Newton and the three Ds (Dudziak, Dolan and Davis) in the Colleyville election.

Steven Magee

April 15, 2003 8:19 AM


My name is Dona Watson and I currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Collin County MHMR dba LifePath Systems. 

I am very excited that Senator Truitt is supportive of those in this state who for the most part cannot speak for themselves and probably would be unable to cast a vote so offer no political gain for her as an individual. 

As one of the five community centers covering seven counties in the NorthSTAR area, we have experienced firsthand the negatives of this experiment, which far outweigh the positives.  The five centers involved have lost a combined $20+ million from reserves.  Two of the centers have been taken over by TDMHMR due to financial insolvency.  Our center faced closing its doors to MH clients in order not to erode reserves from MR, unlike at least one other NorthSTAR center that chose another path.  We (the board) are convinced that the continuation and expansion of NorthSTAR is the greatest threat to the community center system that we, or our predecessors, have seen.  A “Mental Health Authority” does not exist in this model.  One might argue DANSA, however, the reality is that DANSA has no authority and in fact is an additional, unnecessary taxpayer expense.  NorthSTAR has cost the state much more money than originally planned, and has put many private providers out of business.  In addition, many good quality services have been reduced or eliminated.  Most importantly of all, client satisfaction has significantly decreased according to TDMHMR’s Annual Client Satisfaction Survey. 

I appreciate Senator Truitt’s concern about NorthSTAR and agree “that any forcible expansion of NorthSTAR would disrupt current mental health services for all the wrong reasons and leave the people they serve in peril.”  So, we (the board) ask ourselves, if others believe all other counties in the state shouldn’t be a part of NorthSTAR, why does anyone believe that Collin or any other county should?  This, of course, is a question we have been asking legislators, TDMHMR, and anyone in the decision process.  I have yet to hear an answer that I believe makes good business sense or good reasons toward the people served.  

I support Senator Truitt in eliminating the continuation of NorthSTAR and hope that she will lead the crusade to do away with it altogether.  After all in her words, ““Many local health authorities do a great job of providing services. This proposal would have removed local control and discouraged local involvement and ownership in important MHMR programs.”  

We believe that Collin County was and is doing an outstanding job of providing services to its citizens.  We believe that local control is the most fiscally responsible way to manage Mental Health services.  Therefore, we believe that it is fiscally prudent and in the best interest of the citizens in the NorthSTAR region to eliminate the NorthSTAR pilot. 

I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns, 

Dona Watson, Chairman
LifePath Systems(Collin County MHMR)

April 14, 2003 4:05  PM

In response to LNO's article about the Colleyville Heritage Debate, the following was received:

Perhaps Kimberly deleted this part of my e-mail,  see below.
Janice Cole
 The information in this email is confidential and may be legally  privileged.  Access to this email by anyone other than the  intended addressee is unauthorized.  If you are not the intended  recipient of this message, any review, disclosure, copying,  distribution, retention, or any action taken or omitted to be taken  in reliance on it is prohibited and may be unlawful.  If you are not  the intended recipient, please reply to or forward a copy of this  message to the sender and delete the message, any attachments,
 and any copies thereof from your system.

Publisher's Response:  Perhaps ,  next time she sends an email to LNO, we will ask her.  However, we were not aware that a public announcement of a non-partisan event required secrecy?

April 14, 2003 12: 50 PM

This weekend I noticed an antique yellow Ford truck around town with signs
supporting Joe Hocutt's candidacy for mayor.  Appended underneath the
official campaign sign was another sign with the slogan "Elect winners, not

True winners don't have to promote themselves that way.

Jim Graham

Publisher's Note:  Ginny Tigue's husband Joe has made the antique truck an annual moving billboard during campaigns for the last several years.

April 11, 2003 11:28 PM


In the words of Paul Harvey, "and now you know the rest of the story".  Colleyville is certainly fortunate to have several dedicated individuals which to consider for such community awards.  It is, however, interesting in the way that the selection criteria is utilized to choose the winners of such awards.  The more information that is revealed about such activities, the more Colleyville appears to be a very small town indeed, whereby only the same, small handful of individuals are recognized for contributions of any magnitude.   Keep up the good work LNO.  You are Colleyville's modern day version of Woodward and Bernstein!
Michael T. Muhm

April 11, 2003 10:31 PM

Letter to the Editor:
I recently moved to Colleyville and have never seen anything as ugly as
this city's politics.  I have learned a valuable lesson in the short time
I have lived here.   Having money does not necessarily mean having class
or ethics.  I would like to see the average Joe run for office.  He may
not have the status or education of the other candidates, but I'm
guessing he'd have more class and ethics.  I did speak with Mayor Arp on
a subject concerning the City shortly after I moved here.  She returned
my call while car pooling her son and his friends.  I was never certain
if she was speaking with me or the passengers in her car.  It was by far
the rudest conversation I have ever had.  Good riddance to bag rubbish!!!

Thomas Goane

April 10, 2003 3:37 PM

Letter to the Editor:
Last night almost 100 citizens of Colleyville came to a meeting to hear what
the candidates for the various offices at stake in the coming election had
to say about the issues. It was a great meeting! All candidates were asked
the same questions and all of the questions were right on the subjects of
interest to most people in this city - finances, ethics, responsiveness to
citizens, and parks and recreation.
The candidates did a great job of addressing these issues, and the audience
seemed to have a great interest in what was said. There was just one thing
missing - the candidates aligned with outgoing Mayor Donna Arp choose not to
participate! I guess they are so sure of being elected that they don't feel
like they need to answer to the public. The two that are currently on Arp's
Council majority (Hocutt and Rice) certainly have acted that way in the
past, and apparently plan to continue Donna's dubious legacy of hiding their
dealings from the public.Congratulations to those who particulate in this event, and to those that didn't, we won't have to put up with you much longer anyway.

Clif Holliday

April 10, 2003 8:27 am

This morning I was looking forward to reading about the forum that was held Wednesday night.  I was apalled to see in the StarTelegram the comments by
Mr. Thibodeaux that there were some of the candidates that "didn't have enough courage to show up". Mr. Thibodeaux, I want you to know that I have known Joe Hocutt for many years and I would put his courage and integrity up against anybody. If you are going to make such statements that is your business, but it is simply not true. Since Joe has been on the Council, he has worked his tail off trying to improve the quality of life here in Colleyville. He is also trying to bring more business to Colleyville. He flew to Lubbock to help convince United Supermarkets to open a Market Street store here. He has been very involved in the library, and wants to improve the places kids can use. In his private time, Joe has coached my son in baseball for several years, and is loved and respected by all the players and parents.

I am also supporting Elaine Dolan for Place 2. I have know her since 1985 when I moved to Colleyville. Like Joe, she has grown her business from ground zero, and will make an excellent addition to our City Council. She is relentless in her work ethic and is always there to help people in need.

 Mr.Thibodeaux, I was hoping to read today in the StarTelegram some of the questions asked Elaine and the other candidates, and all I got was you questioning people's courage. We'll see what happens on the 2 remaining debates, and on Election Day.

Respectfully submitted,
Mel Manuel

Publisher's Note:  I don't write the stories for the Star-Telegram, if I did the article would have been more descriptive about my "involvement" or  "non-involvement" and probably a lot funnier.  Therefore, can't be held responsible because the questions were not published, you will find the questions posted in the LNO article.  Click Here

April 8, 2003 8:12 AM

Good morning!

Saw the news on Dickie BBQ, closed down.  That was some good BBQ.

And the loss of tax revenue from Walmart....What a shame.  Your community
is going down the drain, lol.

Have a great day!

Jeffery Dean Moore
Angola, New York

April 8, 2003 7:08 AM


I can't believe the Colleyville council or anyone else bought into the fact
that a Walmart would only generate $70,000 in retail sales.  Even our small
little Dollar General that was just built in Haslet is supposed to generate
about $40,000 per year in sales taxes. 

I enjoy your newsletter - it's quite informative.  Keep up the good work.

Lynnda McCoy

March 31, 2003 6:38  PM

Dear Editor

Better send your "son," Dave Lieber, off to Columnist Refresher college.

He, as a member of the exalted fourth estate, ought to be a First Amendment advocate, and election signs are ipso facto examples of the right to freedom of speech.

Also, Lieber's weak S-T column about sign competition was pretty amateurish.  He must have been too "worn out" to write about Park Glen, or how his kid isn't getting enough homework that day.  Kind of "worn out" like he gets lately when he takes a pass on getting tough on the real issues in Colleyville.     

It's time Dave Lieber quit doing a drive-by synopsis of Colleyville, got out of his car and talked to someone besides himself.

Roy King

March 25, 2003 11:05  PM


Thank you for the in depth and informative article on the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce and its embolic relationship with the political landscape of our city. I find it curious however, that you make no mention of the chamber's election to spurn the Colleyville Center as a meeting place for its monthly gatherings. Why is it that our tax supported Chamber has elected not to support our deficit laden, city run, Colleyville Center? I thought the whole purpose of a Chamber of Commerce was to support economic development and be a cheerleader in the city from which it is named. Sounds more like a self serving, self ingratiating, chamber of horrors to me.
Jim Fletcher

Editor's Note:  The article did not mention the Chamber does not utilize the Colleyville Center for its monthly luncheons despite the fact the Chamber complained of the lack of parking in 1999.  As a result the city spent more than $50,000 to construct the adjacent parking lot to the south of the main parking lot.  However, within 2 months, after the completion, the Chamber relocated their monthly luncheon again. The Chamber declared it was unhappy about the amount of charges for the city facility. The annual Colleyville Chamber City Slicker fund raiser is held at the convention center in Grapevine.

March 24, 2003 6:41 PM

Ref:  Luxury Residential Community Project - 

As "senior citizens" living in Colleyville now and about to get out of the "large home and heavy maintenance" housing market, we find it hard to even consider staying in Colleyville as there are no moderately priced "patio type" homes (zero lot type) with approx 2000 square feet or so.  We feel that this parcel of land would be more suitable to this type of development than apartments.  Yes, it is fewer "homes" than apartments, but we feel it would fit in much better and would not generate as much traffic as 142 apartments would generate.  This type of development could be for "ages 55-up" as well.  

We personally do not like the idea of "long-term" apartment living at this stage in our lives.  Please consider this type of development here or somewhere near.

Joe and Barbara Wicker

March 24, 2003 4:42 PM

Ref:  Luxury Residential Community Project - 

Dear Editor-
Have you every been at the light on Center Park at 7:30a.m. waiting to get on to 26.  The commuters are commuting, the Mom's are carpooling, the trucks are delivering and now we can have apartment dwellers dwelling.  I don't think so. The traffic is intense at that time in the morning and the afternoon.  Center Park is not made for the kind of traffic that an apartment complex, no matter how nice, would bring.
I certainly am not against apartments in locations that are zoned for apartments.  Haven't we made enough changes to our zoning structure.  Best use for a piece of land is one thing, but you also have to take into consideration how a zoning change would affect the desirability of neighboring subdivisions, i.e. Lakewood Estates, Saddlebrook and even Lakes of Somerset.
Hopefully, P&Z will see that this is a bad move and one that does not benefit the citizens of Colleyville. 

Andrew Wayne

March 22, 2003 9:21 AM

Editor:  REF - Click Here for Bradley's Article

We appreciate so much you putting Bradley's steak & seafood in your publication.  It means a lot to Brad and he enjoyed meeting you.  Actually, the restaurant is a 50/50 partnership between Brad and his father in law, Ken Bewley.  Brad's side of the family works in the restaurant, but has no part in ownership.  The restaurant is owned by Ken Bewley (my dad) & Brad Allen (my husband).  My side of the family handles all marketing and the business end, and Brad's side works in the restaurant helping out.  Brad just wanted me to contact you; he didn't want to leave my dad out.  Again, thank you.  

Jennifer Allen 

March 19, 2003 3:38  PM


 Your articles on Mr. Rice's three filings were very interesting.
 One wonders what he was thinking about when he swore that he had been a
 resident of Texas for 12, then 14 and finally 23 years, all in the space
 of two years.  This is government math at its very best.

  In another article you reported that  the mayor, in her quest to
 be appointed to anything, failed to disclose in her sworn application form
 that she had been involved in two lawsuits.  I wonder if the people she
 sued forgot it. 

 But perhaps this explains why Colleyville's debt load has been
 increased by some $20 million (if we can even believe that number),
 without a vote of the citizens, while these two have been running the City
 the last 2 years.  Maybe they misread the numbers and thought it was $200.

 If this is representative of  the kind of attention that has been
 paid to such important matters I guess we should be thankful that
 Colleyville is not in worse shape than it is today.  At least ALL of our
 businesses are not closed and they did not cover Hall-Johnson with dirt
 and plant daffodils on it!!!!

 Frank Carroll

March 18, 2003 2:16 PM


Thank you for the publishing the Chicken Little Article.  There does needs to be a serious discussion of transportation in Colleyville without threats of the forced removal of front teeth.  Planning for future roadways and actually building them are two different things.  Citizens who are opposed to wider roads can fight the battles when it comes time to find the money and to actually build a road.  In the mean time, please let the city be responsible as it plans for the future.

I did want to correct two details from the article.  First, Ms. Tigue and her friends on council did vote to cover Hall-Johnson with dirt.  It was the law of the land in Colleyville for two weeks.  After two weeks of ridicule in the press, the decision was overturned at the next council meeting.  Second, the citizens recommended plan for Pleasant Run and John McCain had already been discarded when Mr. Taylor and I took office in May of 1999.  It was a discussion of John McCain in December of 1999 that brought out Joe Hocutt and the rest of the chicken littles.

Jody Short

March 17, 2003 4:43 PM


I want to thank you for the New London story. I have some relatives over around Henderson, so I've heard about New London since I was a kid.

Jerome Davis

March 16, 2003 5:26 am

Re: The 1937 natural gas explosion in New London, Texas article. 

One thing that might have been notable to add:  Natural gas has no odor.  Out of this tragedy in 1937, came the process of adding what we currently recognize as the smell of natural gas.  Had the school officials been able to smell the natural gas thereby recognizing the danger and evacuating the school, this tragedy could have possible been avoided. 

Mike Johnston
Colleyville Fire Chief

March 12, 2003 1:57 pm
Just checked out your article on the Grapevine Opry, and must say you did an EXCELLENT job! (I could not have done better; not that I even want to try!)
     Really  liked all your comments. The entertainers should be well pleased.
     See ya,
Betty Cox

March 12, 2003 10:39 am

I see that you are running another article about the defeat of John Altman's proposed development, Colleyville Tech Center North, at the current Hodges Automotive site in Colleyville Blvd.  Of course may feel obligated to be supportive since he is your landlord.

I am one of the homeowners adjacent to this property and am adamantly against this development.  The homeowners were almost deluded into supporting the project because of the improvement it would bring compared to the state of the property in January.  The city of Colleyville stepped in and enforced current standards to get the property cleaned up.

As the approval process proceeded the homeowners began to see the proposed development for what it really is, an industrial development masquerading as an office park.  Mr. Altman was unwilling to spend enough money to develop a more concrete plan and plat for the property.  All of us, Councilman Newton included, were uncomfortable with the lack of definition of the project.

One of the principals involved with the development told me just before the final council meeting for consideration of the development that the development wouldn't be great for the homeowners but would be good for the city.  In actuality the development is not good for the city since it is inconsistent with the recent developments along Colleyville Blvd. in that area (first class office space), does not have proper frontage to Colleyville Blvd., and would relegate that piece of property and the properties immediately in front of it to second-class development.

If Mr. Altman wants to build another development in Colleyville there are several parcels of land near his current development on Industrial that are perfect.  If anyone cares to visit Mr. Altman's current development you would find that the tenants located there are and related enterprises, an attorney, church, baseball academy, construction office and others.  Although there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these tenants, property with frontage to Colleyville Blvd. should be reserved for office or retail uses.  The tenants in Mr. Altman's current development do not attract substantial other business, sales tax revenue or traffic to Colleyville.

I was pleased with the interaction between the homeowners and Mr. Altman during the approval process, but his continued whining about the outcome and the City Council is inappropriate.  If Mr. Altman had presented a more cogent development then the outcome might have been quite different.  Just like his proposal Mr. Altman's remarks at the council meeting were unfocused and poorly presented, no wonder the City Council's mind wandered (not considering the fact that it was 11:00 PM).


Jim Graham

Editor's Note:
LNO ran the Altman story because it was local news.  The opinions expressed were Mr. Altman's and reflected by the number of his noted quotes.  LNO pays the going rate for lease space and is not obligated in any way. For your information, our holding company does pay sales taxes and is based in the center. Regarding the church, they are moving, so if you have a sales tax generating business that can generate traffic in Colleyville, I am sure the landlord would be anxious to talk to them and the city would love to get the sales taxes.

March 12, 2003 7:39 am

You are usually on top of things.   I was surprised you didn't report Karen Lucchasi's news.  Are you guys okay?  I am so use to receiving LNO news quite regularly and haven't heard from you lately.  I appreciate it.  Thanks!
Anne Gifford

Editor's Note:
Yeah we are fine, thanks for asking. We have made sure your name is in the headline alert list. LNO sends out alerts almost everyday, however we try to be sensitive to flooding folks emails.  Concerning the Karen Lucchesse matter, LNO was aware of the charges however was not able to obtain any additional definitive information from local police.  Without having additional facts, LNO made the decision not to go with any story immediately.  There is a short story in today's LNO.  Thank You

March 11, 2003 

Thank you for your letter, Mr. Paul.

Councilman Hocutt was singled out because he lost his temper more than once during the evening, specifically denigrating citizen volunteers, by their names.  Some of those have devoted years and what charitable contributions they could afford to the benefit of all Colleyville.  People who are very decent residents, people like yourself, willing to be part of civic engagement, should NOT be blackballed out of any Advisory Committee or Board, just because they might be perceived as not supporting one candidate or another...that is exactly what has been occurring with this Council Majority.

Linda Baker

March 8, 2003 5:38 PM
Attn: Linda Baker

I read your article about the city council meeting, and surprised you didn't mention more!. I'm sad to see you only mention Hocutt in your article and not how Newton,who took all that time to be babied into picking the right terminology for the ethics committee!! It made me mad this man monopolised that many hours for a few words !!!  Councilman Rice seemed to be the only one speaking sense! I know elections are comming up but it disturbs me everytime I watch a council meeting to see Newton whinning about either being a minority or for one, deciding that evening with his fellow buddy to the right of him that the ethics committe should be appointed and not scrutinised by the entire council if that was a good appointment?? I'm surprised you didn't report any of that?? Is Newton and his buddy to the right favored by you paper??

thank you Mr. Ralph Paul

March 6, 2003 7:26 pm


I have just viewed the Grapevine Opry Review on the internet for March 3.  I am a great fan of the Opry and have come here from California to live.  The Opry was one of my reasons to move here.  With each visit I was "hooked" even more.  However, I am wondering why the MC of the show every Sat. night, Mr. Clint White has not received the recognition in your review that some of the others have.  To me and some of my family from California this young man is the "Heart of the Opry."  He is also a talented singer and a fine person.  I have heard many people comment that Clint "brings out the joy" in the audience.  I witness this each time I am able to attend. 

Thank You for your coverage of this fine wholesome entertainment ! 

Clint White "the Heart of the Opry"

Editor's Note:
Clint White was a delight to work with and we probably missed a real good story by not giving him more coverage.  Neither reporter covering the story spent any quality interview time with Clint, I am now sure to our loss.  Maybe, if they liked our story, they will invite us back and we can do a better job next time!

March 2, 2003 @ 7:15 am

Smokers Taxed to Death

Some members of the Texas State Legislature feel that raising excise taxes
on tobacco is a good idea to help the budget shortfall we all have now in
Texas.  This is a very bad idea for the working people of Texas, the people
who make the state work.

Anyone who works for their wages by the hour knows how hard you have to
work to earn a few dollars and cents. The State of Texas earns $130,180 an
hour from smokers' excise and sales tax revenues, with the tobacco
settlement money thrown in just for fun. 

Shocked? That's chicken feed compared with the $3,352,320 every hour all
government taxing authorities take from smokers nationwide.
It is now to the point that some of our political leaders are acting no
better than street thugs who sell illegal drugs. "They are hooked so now
let's exploit them," is the prevailing attitude. Between 1999 and 2001,
Congress and the states have collected $88 billion (that's billion with a
"B") from taxes and the Master Settlement Agreement. There is no doubt that
state and federal governments now have a virtual monopoly on tobacco
industry revenue. On average, government makes 15 times what tobacco
companies do on a pack of cigarettes. Even the Mafia never had it this good.
No one should have to endure this kind of tax burden, and many smokers have
said no and gone elsewhere. For instance, the state of Washington in 2001
estimated it lost almost $63 million to smokers who bought cigarettes on
the Internet, from Indian smoke shops or brought them in from other states.
The state still made $244.5 million.

On average, each Texas smoker pays the state $339 a year just to light up!
What other group of consumers would tolerate a loaf of bread, an automobile
or a toy taxed at the rate of tobacco? They wouldn't. There would be a tax

There have been several very good things proposed that tobacco tax
increases would go toward that would make things better for a large number
of people, smokers and non-smokers alike. There are also budget shortfalls
that need to be addressed. The question that should be asked is why smokers
alone should shoulder the burden? Fifty-eight percent of adult smokers are
at low or moderate income, earning $35,000 a year or less. Why are the
least able to pay called on the most to pay the bills of others?

Many states think that raising excise taxes will cut the rate of underage
smokers. The problem is that underage smokers make up only about 2 percent
of the market. When you do this you punish 98 people to influence two. Even
this is questionable when recent studies state that the biggest influence
on children smoking is parents, not government action.
Millions have been spent recently on prevention programs to keep kids from
smoking with virtually no change in smoking rates. When $3,352,320 an hour
off the backs of smokers is still not enough to satisfy the tax man, it is
time to take a hard look at who we are really dealing with here.
Government greed and attempts at population control through taxation is out
of control in a major way. It is just plain financial rape.

Dave Pickrell-President and founder (click to email)
Smokers Fighting Discrimination, Inc.
Katy, Texas

March 1,2003 @ 11:03 am


I read your newspaper about as close as I do the Colorado Springs Gazette.  The article about your big snow storm was interesting.  I lived in northern Iowa for a number of years.  The city in an effort to control costs would not send out the snow plows unless there was at least 8-inches of snowfall.  I could still see the tops of your curbs.  Once upon a time I was with a bunch of people who were all transferred from Louisiana to Illinois.  Most all of these people had never seen snow.  That first winter was hilarious.  They were having fun, so it seemed, as they skidded here and there.  It was a good idea to give cars plenty of room.

Thomas George Van Camp
Colorado Springs, CO

Received 02-25-03 @ 12:59 PM

Subject: Ice Age Photos

How about a timely article on global warming?

Jack Conner

Received 02-21-03 @ 12:18 PM


Did I read this correctly?  Councilman Newton proposed to bring Colleyville's Senior Tax Exemption into line with our neighbors at a cost of $40,000 in tax revenues to the city next year and Councilmen Hocutt, Rice and Tigue don't think the city can afford it. 
Over the past several years the valuation increases we have all seen from the Tarrant Appraisal District have increased tax revenues to the City of Colleyville by about $600,000 each year.  I guess Councilman Hocutt, Rice and Tigue don't think they can exercise enough restraint to only increase spending by $560,000 next year.
Jody Short

Received 02-19-03 @ 1:17 PM


Subject: RE: Colleyville Sales Tax in Death Spiral
Whats wrong with Arp-onomics??????

Steve Helling
Lone Star Parkway
Fort Worth

Received 02-18-03 @ 9:59 AM


Thanks for the great article about the downward spiral of Colleyville's sales tax nightmare.  Your column mentioned the defeat of the Walmart Neighborhood Market project several years ago.  I worked for the developer (Burk Collins) during that period and was the chief presenter of that project to the then city council.  Our project would have immediately become one of the top three tax producers for the city along with K-Mart and Payless Cashways.  Now look at what has happened.

It is interesting to recall that Mayor Arp was against our project though she had no vote on the issue.  Also, please remind everyone that G
inny Tigue cast the final and deciding vote to not allow the Neighborhood Market (and adjoining city park) to happen!

Bill Stimmel

Received 02-17-03 @ 5:52 PM


We were patronizing Goldie's Restaurant, and so were alot of people we know.  Our family would go their because it was close.
I really don't know how they were able to stay open because of their food.  If you liked your elementary school's flat dry hamburgers out of the freezer, then you would have liked Goldie's.  The food wasn't anything special.  It was very plain, simple and cold.  Also, the seating was cramped.
I really don't think they had a lot of repeat business due to this.  Also, why build it behind Applebee's?  (A well recognized name who advertises.)  To think the owner would take that into consideration! 
A Kahle

Received 02-17-03 @ 4:16 PM


Please be accurate in reporting.  If you are indicating the old Sonic is still vacant, you are correct.  They are not out of business as you well know.  They are in a better location with a larger facility and a very good business.  Keep the information coming.

  Frank Whitmire

Editor's Note:  The Sonic did reopen on the west side of the street blocks away from the median in question and it has been noted.  LNO was reporting on the closed businesses across from the ill fated median and these buildings remain vacant.  

Received 02-13-03 @ 8:14 am


It looks like the Sr. Citizens have truly been "Arped" again.
I cannot believe she changed her position regarding the small tax break for our seniors. 

Do we see a trend here?  I have been reading how Arp failed to disclose
on her application to Gov. Perry.
Morris Usry

Received 02-12-03 @ 12:30 PM


This is what I mentioned at a Parks and Rec meeting about a year ago.  I was more concerned about having a Fitness Center for our residents, just as other cities (Grapevine, Lewisville).
    Please lead me in the direction of who to assist or talk to regarding this.  My big concern is that membership dues for Colleyville residents be 1/2 of the standard dues.  I cannot stress this enough.  I don't care how high the average income is in Colleyville, we don't need to pay that high due to enjoy this facility.  It is the job of our city officials to reinforce this to LifeTime Fitness.
Thanks Again and God Bless, 
John Donnell

Received 02-12-03 @ 12:30 PM

Do you think the decline in Tax % could be because it is too expensive to
shop in Colleyville???

Laura Vukovich

Received 02-11-03 @ 12:30 PM


Ref:  Donna Arp's failure to make full disclosure on the Governor's application forms.

We have citizens intimidated into not filing for office because of the financial disclosure requirements of Colleyville, and the driving force behind these
requirements fails to disclose. How ironic.

Linda Newton

Received 02-09-03 @ 12:15 PM


Today's Northeast Tarrant section of the Star Telegram (02/09/03), presented a story written by Mike Lee regarding TIF bills coming due for 2 cites in northeast Tarrant County. This article covered the difficulties that Southlake and Keller are facing with the construction of their downtown developments and financing these projects with dollars generated from their TIF agreements. The article went on to state that these projects are nearing financial red ink because of the slowed construction of private buildings within the TIF district and the accelerated building of TIF sponsored public facilities. Additionally, today's article indicated that Southlake taxpayers saw their first jump in property taxes in eleven years.

According to recently published sales tax comparisons issued by the States Comptrollers office, the annual increase of comparable sales tax revenue for Keller indicates an increase of 15.61% compared to Southlake's increase of  9.51%. Even with these increases in sales tax revenue and the additional revenue raised by elevated property values, these communities find themselves approaching financial hard times.

As Gomer Pyle might say in a situation like this.. Goooollly Sergeant Carter, I sure am happy that the Fort Worth Star Telegram didn't find anything wrong with Colleyville's TIF projects. Obviously there are no over budget scenarios of Public works in our TIF area. Private commercial construction within the TIF area must be flourishing. I have seen loads of construction; the jury is still out on the numbers of successful business's that have been produced. No budget constraints or taxing of the SENIOR CITIZENS here. We can also boast that we have not raised our taxes in forever and that we have one of the lowest rates in the surrounding area. Maybe we should consider those hefty increases we have seen on the valuation of our homes. I would not want to call that a tax increase, well ok, it was a tax increase. Additionally, the same tax comparisons issued by the State Comptrollers office, indicated that Colleyville's sales tax revenue decreased by a margin of 12.87%. This should not be a major concern since we are all part of such wealthy community.

I am happy that the Star Telegram overlooked Colleyville's exposure to the terrible TIF woes that face the communities around us. I may have a couple of suggestion that could offset their budget shortfalls. How about placing a special tax on plywood for the shuttering of commercial property?  Or then there is always the popular taxation of SENIOR CITIZENS that works so well in Colleyville.

Tom Hart

Received 02-08-03 @ 3:23 PM


The TIF (Tax Increment Financing) district in Colleyville, as I understand it,  was established as a partnership between the City of Colleyville, Tarrant County, The Hospital District and GCISD.  The taxing jurisdictions that joined together to create the TIF district agreed to forego incremental tax revenues the revitalization of the area would produce for a period of years or until the funds expended had been repaid. 

I am not sure the exact number of acres the district included but its purpose wasn't to build City facilities, which produce no incremental tax revenue at all, nor was it intended to be dedicated solely to benefit the Villages of Colleyville, its developer and the developer's partners, whomever they might be.

I am greatly disappointed to see that this vehicle has been made into the private cookie jar of the Mayor and her devotees.  Despite the rhetoric, they have not used the TIF for its intended purpose. 

Rather than spread the funds throughout the district to build a better tax base, they have concentrated its use on City facilities and one commercial/residential project.  That is bad for the City, its taxpayers and its businessmen.   Furthermore, it is hardly fair to the other taxing partners. 

Citizens get the quality of government that equates to the amount of time they spend studying the actions of our elected officials.  I suggest Colleyville voters spend some time looking at how the TIF has been used and ask themselves why on earth it has been used as it has.  Simply voting for a friend or familiar name isn't working!

Jim Ivey
Colleyville, Texas

Received 02-03-03 @ 3:26 PM


My name is Sally Pearson I am the president and contact for the organization Heart to Heart.  I would like to update our information on LNO as we now have a web site to share.

Also as the parent of a sixteen-year boy born with multiple heart defects (11 years post heart transplant) I know first hand of trials of Congenital Heart Disease.  As a Colleyville resident and President of, Heart to Heart, a twenty-year old nonprofit organization serving families of children with heart disease, I am aware that last year the City of Colleyville joined the coalition of families, individuals, non-profit organizations, support groups, and health professionals in a campaign to increase public awareness of Congenital Heart Defects and Childhood Heart Disease.  We hope that this year Colleyville will continue this effort and once again see fit to proclaim February 14, 2003 as “Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Day.”  We have sent a request to Mayor Arp and though this is late notice we still feel this is a very important request.  Please note Governor Rick Perry has signed proclamation as well as Mayor Laura Miller, and hopefully the City of Colleyville soon.

Many Thanks for the terrific LNO site.

Heart to Heart
Sally Pearson

Received 02-03-03 @ 2:54 PM


Ref: Library Article referring to Star Telegram Editorial

I was also one of the members that felt that too little consideration was
given to the feasibility of a one-story library that would have saved
construction costs by about 20% (according to the architects) had we been
able to build it on one floor (on the site at Town Center next too the
Colleyville Center).  I am also the same chairman that wrote Mayor Arp a
stinging message in February 2001 saying that it was premature to borrow
money for the library at that point because the interest rates would almost
surely drop in 2002 (according to reliable economic forecasts).  We borrowed anyway for no other reason than to give them an election issue that the "funds have been encumbered," thus costing us thousands more in debt service.  A one-floor library would have given us much more flexibility on the finish out, thus allowing us to reasonably budget for its operations.

Steve Magee
Former Colleyville Library Board Chairman

Received 01-29-03 @ 6:06 PM


Ref: Your article on the airplane crash.

I had not seen the column concerning the plane crash until after I read the email from the person who criticized it.  The tone of the critical email reminds me of one of my favorite quotations from Joseph Addison.  "It's ridiculous for any man to criticize the works of another if he has not distinguished himself by his own performance." 

I thought the column was excellent despite the errors referred to by the author of the email.  Since I spent a number of my college years preparing to be a high school English teacher before I switched to business, I'll be happy to give you an A+.  And thanks for covering for me by pointing out that I'm no longer your editor. 

Linda Newton

Editor's Note:  Well it will be my first A+, but I will sure as heck take it!

Received 01-29-03 @ 5:34 PM

Thank you for posting the information on our upcoming Fashion Show. The link to the Ticket Reservation Form is GREAT!

I'm truly grateful.


Cecilia Monacelli
President, Colleyville Woman's Club

Received 01-29-03 @ 9:53 am


I just wanted to thank you sooo much for the awesome coverage you did in honoring Ann Beisel's Retirement.   I know the article means a lot to her and also a lot to us!!! (Colleyville Police Dept.)
 Thanks Again,
The Colleyville Police Co-Worker of Ann's

Received 01-29-03 @ 8:43 am

To the Editor:

Construction began this week on John McCain Road , but not the construction I have been waiting for.  The City of Colleyville and Tarrant County are sharing the cost of resurfacing John McCain Road near Highway 26, a project that is definitely needed now, but never should have happened.  The project to realign John McCain and add turn lanes at SH 26 appears to be on indefinite hold.  A TxDOT grant was awarded and a consultant was hired to prepare the plans for the project more than four years ago.  The City of Colleyville acquired the needed right of way in August of 1999, the bonds have been sold, and still no work has been done. The delay of this project has necessitated the waste of tax payer’s money on the resurfacing project that is currently underway.  Somebody should be held accountable. 

Jody Short

Received 01-29-03 @ 8:06 am

Ref: Plane Crash Story

Would it be too much to expect just a little proof reading before publication? This would receive an F in high school writing class. 

Editor's Note:
Obviously that is what we do, "just a little proof reading"!  Typically LNO does not post citizen's emails to the editor without a name, but, after the heart felt plane crash story, the focus by one of our readers was just too tender to pass up!  Great thing about the Internet, we can fix it on the fly. Our goal is to have a site with robust changing content and get news out quickly and accurately.  We are sure our writing skills could improve. Just tell us where we erred.  We never claimed to have a staff of proof readers, be accomplished writers or English Majors. As stated before, Ms. Newton is no longer the Editor, obviously we miss her grammatical guidance. LNO is simply an Internet News effort put out by local citizens with more than 50,000 views monthly. However, if you will edit the article, we will be happy to post your version along side ours.  Heck, we will even point out the corrections for those who read the article for the purpose of grammatical correctness versus the content. By the way, the Editor's position is open, it doesn't pay anything but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are loved in the community.

Received 01-28-03 @ 5:28 PM

Ref: Airplane Crash Story
Tragic story and I can't even imagine how you must have felt. I think the man above decided your life should be filled with unique events so He made your shoulders (and mind) broad enough to handle them. 

Dennis Johnson
Received 01-21-03 @ 7:09 am
You may want to check with the person in Southlake that was quoted in the Star-Telegram as referring to "Colleyville" as an example as to why to vote against the Southlake Town Square townhomes.  I believe that person was referring to the Spring Garden townhomes on Cheeksparger, not The Village at Colleyville. 

Richard Myers

Editor's Note:  LNO was not specifically making reference to the article noted by Mr. Myers.  However, Mr. Myers makes a good point.  The Ft. Worth newspaper did print a comment that was apparently referencing the Spring Garden town homes and NOT any activity or lack of activity in the Village. LNO apologizes for any confusion.  
Mr. Richard Myers is the developer of The Village of Colleyville. 
Received 01-19-03 @ 5:54 pm

Dear Editor:

What is going on in our city??????  I moved here 3 years ago and I certainly question that decision.  It reminds me of high school clicks, and we are dealing and discussing the leaders of what could be the greatest city in Texas???


Received 01-16-03 @ 3:56 pm

Dear Editor:

It is curious to me that some of your readers seem to take such exception to the SuperFly's humor (presented as humor -not news) about why Donna isn't running, but ignore the very serious attack by ex-council person Dana Feldman (presented as a letter-to-the editor). I think this is just more politics as usual by Donna and her Lackeys (even ex-lackeys seem to continue their meanness and nastiness.)

The attack on Ms. Smith and her husband is just inexcusable. The Smiths have been (and I hope Ms. Smith can find it in her heart to continue to be, even in spite of this misguided minority) the greatest of benefactors to Colleyville. To degrade their contributions by one such as Ms. Feldman is beyond belief.

I hope that the next election will eliminate all but the most insignificant last vestige of this bunch from the Council.

Clif Holliday

Received 01-16-03 @ 12:27 pm

Dear Editor:

 In her letter "Holding Colleyville Hostage" (
published in the Jan. 16, 2003 edition of the Star-Telegram)  former council member  Dana Feldman defeated resoundingly in the last election, encourages long  time Colleyville resident Ms. Patsy Smith, donor of the land for the  Colleyville "Community" Center to give up, without compensation, her right  to reclaim the land if the City violates the condition of  her gift  because it is the "right thing."  What utter nonsense.

 Ms. Smith donated the land for a Community Center and that is what
 she and her late husband wanted it to be used for, in perpetuity.  They
 manifestly did not, and were not required, to allow the land to be used
 for any other purpose to be determined at the whim of whatever cabal might
 take control of the city council in future years .  The various  shenanigans engaged in by the current council majority demonstrate the  wisdom of the Smiths' decision.

The fact that the City did not seek legal advice before accepting
the gift is hardly Ms. Smith's problem to rectify.  However, recalling the
"legal" approach taken by  the Arp faction of the council to wrest the
Couch property from an aged couple in order to lease it to the Village
developer for $1 per year, hardly bodes well for the success of that
approach with Ms. Smith.  Ms. Smith is a savvy business woman, represented by competent counsel, and she is more than a match for the letter writer or the current council majority led by Arp, with the rubber stamp being provided by Tigue, Hocutt and Rice.

 Stick to your rights Ms. Smith.  Colleyville has no divine right to
 your property and the citizens certainly do not want to see it leased for
 $1 per year or swapped for the vacant Goldie's restaurant in the Village.

Frank Carroll

Received 01-15-03 @ 10:03 pm
You have the gall to call this news! I think you should change your name to something more appropriate like, "Cheap One Sided Opinions Only, Com". At least people would be forewarned before wasting their time with your self appointed soap box. I don't support Donna Arps policies, but your propaganda really makes me wonder how much worse it could get. Remove me immediately from your e-mail list.

J. Donn Hethcock

Editor's Note: LNO did not call the TOP TEN news, it was posted in the Superfly section, you would be familiar with this "humor by committee approach" if you ever read "Charlotte's Web" in the Courier. We appreciate your suggestion for a new URL, but it is already taken by a local newspaper.  Your opinions and comments are always welcomed on LNO, that is the other reason we could not use your suggested name.
Received 01-15-03 @ 9:11 pm
I think it is so funny that you as a newspaper owner and writer, cannot find anything else better to do with your time.  All you can do is twist the truth for your own amusement.  The way you handle things, looks like you lost an  election and it is a smear campaign for those who won.   You appear to be bitter and are not helping the advancement of Colleyville.  If these things you say are truth, it seems like you would go about it  in a different manner.  The "Top 10 Reasons for Arp Leaving" article, looked like it was done by a 14 yr. old, trying to imitate David Letterman who was mad at his 1st grade teacher.
I don't trust everyone all the time. I have read a few of your articles, and there may be small part of truth, but knowing the whole truth, you mislead citizens to guide them down  your path.  Where is your path going? 
A. Kahle

Publisher's Note: The Superfly section is compiled by a number of   critters, all considerably more than 14, no one at LNO can take full credit. Most importantly is your comment that you "think it is so funny", I think humor was their intent. By the way, the Publisher of LNO lost an election to Dennis Marlin.  You remember, he resigned because he didn't pay his city taxes. By the way, I loved my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Calendar!

Finally if YOU KNOW THE WHOLE truth, PLEASE share it with the many readers of LNO, you are always welcomed.  The LNO path was to provide a alternative forum not filtered by local newspapers.  We challenge you to become engaged and use facts to point out ANY specific news article on LNO where citizens have been "mislead". 
Received 01-15-03 8:19 pm
REF: You folks and serious news coverage

I have to say - that since the Christmas holidays, LNO seems bound and determined to stuff my email inbox with contact after contact.  Occasionally you actually report real news - but for the most part, you are obviously back on your soapbox regarding Mayor Arp.  Please don't crow about your wonderful number of "hits" on your site - you have no idea how many people are reading, and then groaning about "what is he up to now!".  I would have much more respect for you if you dealt with real news, and with thoughtful, researched opinions, instead of potshots and smarm.  What a pity that you are so caught up in your "emotional issues" that you can't be bothered to present reasoned, intelligent contrast opinions.  I wonder how many potential businesses and  citizens have been driven from the idea of locating to Colleyville by your childish and vicious attacks.  You and your "groupies" have done so much harm to Colleyville.  Too bad you can't see beyond your own nose.
Kathy Hoshi
Received 01-15-03 @ 7:01 pm


Thanks so much for your help. Also, for the people who might not be able to attend the tournament, it might be nice to mention the place where one could send a donation. Since they are Colleyville residents, perhaps it would be nice to also mention it in the Colleyville edition, as well. We appreciate everything. They would mail it to:

Washington Mutual
Attn: Olmedo Aguilar
4904 Colleyville Road
Colleyville, TX 76034
Please make checks payable to the Doug Johnson Memorial Fund, please reference account #9312294541.
Received 01-15-03 @ 7:40 am

Some things we keep... 

I grew up in the fifties with practical parents. A Mother, God love her, who washed aluminum foil after she cooked in it, then reused it. 
   She was the original recycle queen, before they had a name for it.    A Father who was happier getting old shoes fixed than buying new ones.

Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. Their best friends lived barely a wave away. I can see them now, Dad in trousers, tee shirt and a hat with the lawnmower. Mom in a house dress, dishtowel in her hand.

It was the time for fixing things -- a curtain rod, the kitchen radio, screen door, the oven door, the hem in a dress, a hole in socks.  Things we keep. It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy. All that re-fixing, reheating, renewing, I wanted just once to be wasteful. Waste meant affluence. Throwing things away meant there'd always be more.

But then my Mother died, and on that clear summer's night, in the warmth of the hospital room, I was struck with the pain of learning  that sometimes there isn't any 'more.' Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away.So, while we have's best we love it.....and care for it.....and fix it when it's broken.....and heal it when it's sick. This is true for marriage, old cars, children with bad report cards, dogs with bad hips, aging parents, and grandparents.

We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep. Like a best friend that moved away, or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make life important, like people we know who are special.....and so, we keep them close! 

Guy Willingham

Received 01-14-03 @ 18:43 pm

I am a resident of Southlake and am on a recently organized committee to look at Block scheduling as you have at GISD.  After reading in the paper that this was researched by a committee due to Robin Hood in Grapevine, I am wondering if I could be put in contact with someone that served on this committee who would be willing to share some of his (or her) research on this subject.  It seems to me that this sharing of information could only be a good thing between neighbors as well as eliminating alot of "re-inventing the wheel".

I look forward to hearing from anyone who served on this committee.

Thank you,
Susan Ansley

Received 01-15-03 @ 7:40 am

You publish such a mocking list and expect to be taken as a serious media outlet? You clearly have emotional baggage with respect to Donna Arp.
 I'm embarrassed for you.
Tim Anderson
P.S.  I have no direct personal affiliation or preference for any council members, other than those who I believe have the best interest of Colleyville in mind.  but given this uncalled for catty personal attack, you have clearly set an impression that will now cast doubt on your own motives (and maturity/integrity) with respect to any candidate you may endorse in the future.  Whatever happened, grow up and get over it!!      

Editor's Note: Unlike the local "newspapers" LNO does not endorse candidates.  The policy has always been that any candidate or citizen can send their comments to LNO and have it posted unedited, within the guidelines of a Family Friendly site.

However, Superfly reports no emotional baggage with respect to Donna Arp, it was "Charlotte's Web" in the Courier that got the critters  originally stirred up. Charlotte's Web, is (was) an anonymous column that was first prominently featured in the local Colleyville newspaper that, while very critical of certain council members, heaped unabashed praise on the soon to be former mayor! The critters were just leveling the playing field with the spider as explained here.  Besides flies don't live long enough to mature, but Superfly tells LNO that your comments are appreciated anyway!

January 14, 2003

Hello. I hope your holidays were filled with lots of love, peace, happiness and good health and that this continues for you and your family into year 2003. Last year you printed a story about Hoop Night and I wanted to give you the exciting details for this year, so you may print another story this year to get the word out on this exciting charitable event.

The purpose of this communication is to make you aware of a most worthy and heartfelt event I created to benefit charity in honor of my late husband. On December 19, 2000, I lost my husband after an eleven month battle with cancer to anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, a rare cancer which is extremely aggressive, he was a mere age 36. My husband was a natural athlete whose passion in life was basketball, behind of course, his family and friends. He was the type of person who only saw good in the world, was extremely positive and would give a stranger the shirt off his back. Some give a little extra. Some never stop trying to reach and surpass their goals. Some never give up. This is how Doug lived his life and inspired every single person he came in contact with. I will never forget the courage Doug showed while battling cancer. Although he lost his fight, he continues to have a positive impact on so many people's lives. Doug was a very special person who was loved by all and will never be forgotten. He served his God, his country and his family. He was the greatest friend, son, brother, husband and Dad a person could ever hope for. Doug left behind a wife, age 32 and three little boys, ages 2, 4 and 5, who reside in Colleyville. I felt so alone and cheated and almost gave up, yet something kept me strong and I decided to do something positive in his memory, thus creating this Hoop Night to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Doug Johnson Education Fund. My goal here is to continue on with Doug's legacy through the Doug Johnson Annual Hoop Night Memorial. My little guys, Scott, Trent and Chad look forward to it all year long and have all expressed a huge interest in basketball as a result. You should have seen their faces light up when Santa brought them a real basketball hoop this year!

This cause has been a success for the past two years, but this year we were hoping to get the word out and make it an even bigger success than the past two years.  We are going to be written up in the Southlake Journal, Dallas Examiner, Grapevine Sun, Colleyville Courier, etc. Below are some of the specifics…

So here we are now and how fast time flies, it's that time again... time to get the guys together for a night of basketball madness to honor the memory of our friend, Doug Johnson, and to help out the American Cancer Society and the Doug Johnson Education Fund. This year's event is set for Saturday, January 25th, at 6:30 p.m. at Carroll High School in Southlake (same location as last year). Several of you have mentioned recently that your companies are willing to contribute and/or match your own contributions. Thanks for taking the initiative with this. Our tournament expenses will be a bit higher this year than in the past, so every additional donation really helps. Each player receives a shirt and the winning team a trophy, plus we are again supplying the drinks, pizzas, donuts, etc. thanks to Krispy Kreme, CiCi's and other local retailers and their generous donations to this cause. I sure hope we'll once again have a strong showing. I've heard from many guys who are planning to fly back into town just for this event and we would love for you to tell your friends, neighbors, employers, etc. It was a blast for the guys that played last year and most of them even brought their kids, so the kids have a blast as well running around. The guys come in all ages and in all shapes and sizes, it is just a really good time for everyone. Lets try and made Hoop Night 2003 the best yet.

Thanks so much for taking the time to hear about this charitable event and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Attached you will find our flyer and I also have some photos of Doug and his family, in addition to photos of last years Hoop Night winners, if necessary. Have a super day!


Lori Johnson

Editor's Note:  LNO has posted the event, for more details click here

Posted 01-10-03

Thanks for publicizing the problem of the junk behind our homes in Ross Downs.  I would like to add some additional information.

Barry LeBaron stated at the December 2 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting that the businesses that operated on the property were "grandfathered in".  Mr. LeBaron made that statement after the public hearing was closed so that I could not rebut his statement.

I sent Mr. LeBaron an email on December 9th refuting the statement about the business being "grandfathered in".  Mr.  LeBaron never bothered to acknowledge receipt of my email.

When I purchased my lot and built my home in 1993 - 1994 horses roamed the property immediately behind my home.  The nearest business on the property was Hodges Automotive in the center of the property.  In the late 1990's the junk, debris, outbuildings and junk vehicles began to appear and seemingly multiply.

Mr. LeBaron's position has been that aerial photos from the late 1980's show businesses operating at the Hodges Automotive site.  I cannot address that but have aerial photos from the USGS dated January 1995 that do not show any other businesses on the site.  Regardless of when the businesses began to operate the property is zoned AG (Agricultural) and those businesses should not be permitted to operate there.  No special use permits have been issued that I am aware.

It seems that Mr. LeBaron had never personally visited the Hodges Automotive location and viewed the area adjacent to the homes in Ross Downs where the offending businesses are located.  He quickly stated at the City Council meeting on January 7th that the pictures I showed him of the property showed junk and debris that should not be there and was not "grandfathered in".  When I questioned Mr. LeBaron about why he stated at the December 2nd P&Z meeting that those businesses were "grandfathered in" he quickly stated that he didn't want to talk about it and walked away.  I am very disappointed in Mr. LeBaron's conduct and speaking before he knew what the facts.

To see Aerial photo provided by Mr. Graham Overview  Zoom on property.

Jim Graham

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