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Posted 12-30-02 @ 11:40 am
I have just started reading the LNO paper.  This is my second issue.  I find it informative and very good reading.  I would like to see some comments from the other side of the house (I guess that would be Mrs. Arp and her friends).  Do you just not publish those letters or do they not respond at all?
Reid Shelnutt
Kingswood Estates


Mr. Shelnutt your question is fair and intuitive.  LNO has continued to make our format available to all.  If you check the archived e-mails to the editor you will find a number of viewpoints.  LNO provides the only media forum that will post dissenting views, including columns and e-mails to the editor, without any editing.  We have continued to request that Mayor Arp and all the city council participate in dialogue on issues with the open LNO format.  Our "no-edit" policy is a guarantee that responses are posted without editorial control of LNO.  However, our efforts have been typically rebuffed.  Therefore, we find that Open Records requests provides our best source of information.  LNO is providing a copy of your e-mail and this response to all Colleyville elected officials to once again emphasize LNO's interest in posting all viewpoints.  You can determine whether LNO is providing fair access and whether the politicos really want to engage in an open discussion by their response.
Editor LNO 


Keep up the good work!!!!!

Michael T. Muhm


For the Colleyville City Council not to have appointed John Eubanks to the State Highway 26 advisory committee deprived the citizens of Colleyville of valuable proven leadership that would not put up with any shenanigans.

John Eubanks worked for my father--Thomas L. Anderson Sr. of Dallas--for more than 25 years and was one of his most valued employees.

As executive vice-president and treasurer of Anderson Industries, Inc. of Dallas he was in charge of the bottom line for our family owned company, which included among its subsidiaries Mesco Metal Buildings of Grapevine, and no one, except for my father probably watched the company's finances and outcome more closely, even auditing my expense reports during the 10 years I worked in the corporate office in Dallas from 1987-1997.  When my father retired as company president in 1996, he selected John Eubanks as company president, knowing John would continue to lead our company in the conservative management style dad
preferred.  John continued to lead our company until we sold it two years later and even the company that bought our subsidiary Mesco Metal Buildings recognized John's value and retained him as Mesco's president until his recent retirement.

Even though I live in the part of Colleyville that is in the
Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district I often watch the G-CISD school board meetings with interest as John, who is the vice chairman of the G-CISD board in his first term, takes administrators to task for expenses or policies that he deems questionable or imprudent and properly acting as the public's watchdog.

As a 20 year former newspaper reporter who has covered dozens of school board meetings throughout Texas  I have seen very few elected board members question school administrators as closely as John Eubanks does and call them to task.

Thomas L. (Tom) Anderson, Jr.
Colleyville, Texas

One more time we have to listen to Brad Rice spout off about putting "the cow museum out to pasture".  Well, first of all it's not a cow museum, it's a "Dairy Museum".

I can't begin to convey how sick and tired I am of Councilman Rice bringing up this issue that has been dead for literally years.

Once upon a time a citizen's committee of Colleyville conceived and approved a plan for McPherson Park that included a Dairy Museum exactly where the old
dairy farm used to be.  The museum was to be funded by the Dairy Association - NOT by the city of Colleyville.  The City of Colleyville was never going to contribute a penny to this enterprise.

However, in typical Colleyville fashion, we dragged our heels.  We used the funds that were supposed to be used for McPherson Park for other things that Donna Arp's council considered more important.  We dragged our heels so long
that the economy changed and the Dairy Association was no longer in a position to fund a museum.

Did the city consider funding the Dairy Museum?  No - never - not once --was city funding of this project brought up.  Like so many other potentially viable proposals this one died a natural death because our City leadership was locked in political combat and never pursued the original plan for McPherson Park - a plan that by the way was also determined by a citizen committee.

And yet every single time the political redesign of McPherson Park comes up on the City council agenda, Brad Rice brings up the "cow museum" with some kind of derogatory comment indicating what a stupid idea he thinks it was.

Well Councilman Rice -- let me tell you- some of us used to buy milk at that dairy farm.  Some of us used to take our kids there so that they could see where the milk comes from.  Some of us think that preserving the "country atmosphere" of Colleyville includes preserving a vestige of things past.
Some of us thought that since the Dairy Association was going to foot the bill, that it was a great idea to build a Dairy Museum.

As far as I am concerned, this is just one more opportunity lost to our city because our city leaders are constantly embroiled in political machinations that would do credit to Enron or WorldCom either one.

Luann Edwards

I think the new theater project for Colleyville is so exciting. 
 I do hope that in the future a children's learning & acting program and presentation will become part of it. Once again this is great news! and I for one am here to volunteer where needed.

Diane Pinto


I absolutely love to read the citizen's email column.  All the wonderful emails remind me why I moved out of Colleyville to Euless.  The inbreeding of the city council scared me to death.  Having a Colleyville address is no longer a thing of pride,  Several other residents who have left Colleyville also say "Have you heard the latest in Arptown?"
Judy Deller

Editor: Copy of Letter to   Bill Lindley City Mgr. Colleyville

 On Monday morning 12/09/2002 at 6:45 a.m. I and other neighbors put our trash out to be picked up, It is now 9:55 p.m. and my trash has not been picked up yet. I am current on my water and trash bill (check your records) and would like to know why my trash has not been picked up.
 This is the second time I have called IESI the "new trash company" and left my name and phone number to return my call and they have not.
 The Mayor and the powers to be market Colleyville as an up scaled city. Well tonight the animals and critters will be in Arbor Estates trash and we will have to clean it up, not IESI the "new trash company". How many people will pass my neighbor hood and not only see trash sitting in our front yards all day waiting to be picked up, but tomorrow morning will see it scattered over yards and streets.
 By this email, I am requesting that you or one of your staff to contact IESI the "new trash company" and  ask the following questions since IESI the "new trash company" will not return my calls.
1 Why did IESI the "new trash company"  miss my pick up, the other company never missed a pick up.
2 Why does IESI the "new trash company" not have an after 5 p.m. number to call so that working people that come home after 5 p.m. can call.
3 Why can they not call me and say we will not pick up your trash today, please put it back in your garage so that
 animals and critters will not get in to it.
4 Why can't they call me the customer, back when I leave my name and phone number.
 I would like the city of Colleyville to credit my next water and trash bill for two missed pick ups. Please respond with any answers IESI the "new trash company" or you may have.

Thank you,
Guy Willingham

 I want to thank you for the coverage that you have been giving to the Inaugural Summer Santa "Tour de Peppermint" Bike Rally and Bike Safety Rodeo being held at Southlake Town Square, this Sunday morning. Summer Santa is a non-profit charity that helps thousands of Northeast Tarrant County kids each year.  And these kids thank you too!

Andrew Wayne 

Editor:  REF Southlake Carroll Game on Radio 

It was nearly impossible to hear on 1190 any of the Southlake Dragons game against Arlington Sam Houston.  We tried 4 different radios including the car and almost nothing!! About the only thing audible were some of the
commercials.  What's wrong with that Fox station?  I applaud the local businesses that spent money on advertising to provide this community service but they certainly didn't get their money's worth.  Does it take group action to complain to Fox.  I urge other in the community to do so.  What a big

Carolyn Hobbs
Southlake Resident

Ref:  Rockettes Show

Knowledgeable reviewers have known for years that the content of the Radio City Christmas production included a historically accepted depiction of the birth of Christ (for whom the holiday is named). In fact, the Nativity scene (including live animals) was featured in advance publicity for the show.

It doesn't try to present one religion as superior to another, nor is it evangelistic.

In the future, Lowry might do well to pay attention to the advance publicity before he attends the performance of a well-known production. Then his review might be more professionally objective and less emotionally reactive.

Mary Anne and David Meier, Hurst

Editor - Christmas Musical

I think Lowry's misunderstanding of Christmas is all too common.

The title of this performance informs us that it is a Christmas spectacular -- i.e., that it has a Christian theme. Why would you go with any other expectation?

If the title has the word Christmas in it, it should absolutely be about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Lowry stated that the creators of this show used dated ideas and ambushed the audience with Christian theology. If Lowry was ambushed, then he set himself up for that.

Laurie Sugiyama

Editor - Now I AM going to the Rockettes Show!

Lowry's criticism of the Christmas Spectacular makes me wanna go!

What a dream program -- all the glitz of commercial Christmas as we know it, topped off by a biblical presentation depicting the real meaning of the season. Our granddaughter can hardly wait.

Jody Garretson

Editor: Also attended Rockettes in New York five years ago.

We saw the Rockette Christmas show and its finale recreating the biblical Christmas story five years ago at Radio City in New York, where many nationalities and religious beliefs are represented.

Surely we should not object to the same show being performed here in the Bible Belt.

Margaret Daniels

Editor:  Maybe Osama will Celebrate July 4th because he likes fireworks!

As long as people celebrate Christmas, they need to know what it is all about -- not celebrate in complete darkness. Celebrating in ignorance of the central reason for the holiday season is like Osama bin Laden celebrating the Fourth of July simply because he likes the fireworks.

Just as the deeper meaning of the Fourth of July goes far beyond fireworks, and should always be expressed, so should the deeper meaning of Christmas always be a part of any Christmas celebration.

Lexie R. Glenn

Thank you Nelson, I am glad you are not afraid to stand up for what is right and what you ( and many others) believe in.  Christ is THE reason we celebrate the "Holiday" and I pray for the folks who do not know him personally.  

Jennifer Gray, CCIM
Welcome back Nelson!

Passionate writing again!  I love it!
I'm glad you were exonerated.
I liked the Rockettes article.

Alan Bredon
To Local News Only.com Editor:


I have forwarded this to many of our local NextStage staff and to Radio City.

Mark Lowry's comments were offensive to me when I read them as well and responded to him via email.

Nannette Putnam
Assistant to General Manager
NextStage at Grand Prairie
1001 NextStage Drive
Grand Prairie TX 75050
tel: 972-854-5052
fax: 972-854-5100
Dear Editor:

What a wonderful editorial on the Rockettes Christmas Program-and welcome back to LNO's Publisher, you have not lost your touch.  "Political correctness" is nothing more or less than censorship, and suppression of ideas and beliefs, by those who have access to and control of the media
using "Clintonspeak" as the means of communication.  When we allow a minority, any minority, of citizens to prohibit or inhibit the majority of Americans from  openly and proudly exercising their freedom of expression and religion because of "political correctness" or "being sensitive to everyone's feelings" we have ceased to be a democracy and have become a "minocracy."  There is no constitutional right to be protected from being offended, having your positions or beliefs challenged, or hearing some idea stated with which you disagree-even in Colleyville.

It is amazing that people seek to frequent places or events where they may be offended.  If a Christian were to attend a Hanukkah or Ramadan celebration should he be offended because Jesus Christ was not mentioned, or the prayer was offered in the name of Allah?  Assuming  even modest
intelligence for most people (which if you have ever watched the Jaywalking segment on the Tonight Show you may question) , you should just stay home if you are that easily offended.  If you do not like the sex and violence on
television exercise your personal right of censorship and turn it off and likewise do not attend Christmas programs expecting to prevent your fellow citizens from celebrating their faith. 

Christmas is Christmas, and a Christmas tree is just that, not a "holiday tree" or "seasonal bush."  It is time for the majority to exercise their constitutional rights to advocate their beliefs in public, if they so choose, without regard to whether others may be offended by that exercise.

Wish people a Merry Christmas without any hesitancy or trepidation.  If the wishee is offended because you wished them happiness and joy, do not concern yourself for even one moment-for it says much more about their narrow,
parochial viewpoint and lack of belief in, and understanding of, the fundamentals of our Constitution, than it does about your "sensitivity."

So Merry Christmas to all (including specifically Mark Lowry) and to all a good night.

Frank Carroll
Whoa Nellie... aside from that, how do you feel about things? On behalf of "we the readers" sure glad to have you and the "editor attitude" back,  (which I totally agree with by the way). (Rockettes Commentary) The only thing you failed to do was provide readers with Lowry's email address!

Dennis Johnson
The following response was received by LNO in response to the following questions concerning the WHHASucks web site. Apparently the author of the site obtained email addresses of all HOA associations from a City of Colleyville email broadcast.  The information was passed to LNO after the separate homeowner site, AboutMyHOA.com received a copy of the email

1.) Why do you find it necessary to have a photo of a small child making an obscene gesture?

2.) Why did you post the names, ages and addresses of children of the Board Members? 

You really should have read the information on the web site instead of just looking at the pictures! They stole $500,000.

1.The picture of the child is representative of what you get when children have poor role models!  People who lie, cheat and steal from their neighbors are certainly poor role models for children. 

   Example: Individual buys a $800,000 house backed up to a park!  He signs a contract to pay for the upkeep on the park at the time of his purchase of the house.  He then finds a condom in the park and promptly has the parking lot chained off so no one else can use his park. He then decides that someone else should assume part of his financial obligation.  He rides around the community in his Mercedes until he sees a retired school teacher who lives in a home valued under $200,000 and so far away that they won't use the park or get in his way.  He then creates fraudulent documents and snookers others into signing a petition. He takes the signature page and has it falsely notorized, attaches it to another document and files it at the court house. Now the school teacher is faced with paying the same $486 as the crook with the $800,000 house on the park. Never mind the simple fact that the fatcat had two legal opinions telling him his actions were illegal.... he did it anyway and told the school teacher to move out of the neighborhood if he didn't like it!  Now the school teacher has to spend thousands of dollars to defend his home.

2. The names and ages of the children on the web site came from the WHHA address book that was published and freely distributed by WHHA members.  The names, addresses, phone numbers (including some unlisted numbers), childrens's names and ages of non-members of the WHHA were also included in the address book without the permission of those individuals.  They also used the book to defame non members.

Author WHHAsucks.com

Welcome back.

Looks like the "Revenge of the Killer Pumpkins"  is stalking the streets of Colleyville. Could be the title of a movie if "Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes" wasn't already taken.

The WHHA story was great.  Precisely the reason my wife and I won't live in an area with a homeowner's association.  My dad and brother have homes in areas with HOA's and I've told both of them they're nuts for living in a HOA neighborhood.  My dad's summer home near Ruidoso NM has an HOA and they got upset with him for wanting to put up a flagpole and
fly the American flag 24 hours a day (lighted at night per flag
protocol).  He put it up anyway and challenged them to take it down.

That was four years ago and its still flying.

We looked long an hard for an area in Colleyville that didn't have an HOA or unreasonable restrictive deed restrictions. The HOA that had been in our neighborhood (Woodbriar West) back in the 1980s had died and gone away.

Tom Anderson
Dear Editor:
RE: Steve Allen Memorial
Thank you on your coverage on this.  You guys are doing a great job with the local news.  Keep up the good work. 

Jennifer Gray, CCIM

Dear Editor:

Last week was one of the best in recent memory.  Not only was President Bush's position vindicated domestically and internationally, but a good man, a hard and tireless worker, a purveyor of the facts and a vocal opponent of the ethically challenged, terminally inane and spendthrift politicians that dot the local landscape, returned undaunted to the fray-Nelson Thibodeaux.  He refused to compromise with wrong, as he always has, simply because it would have been the easy and convenient course.  He fought for what was right against overwhelming odds and he prevailed.

Unlike the hollow incantations by pontificating politicos of the line from the Frost poem, he truly "takes the road less traveled."

I would have enjoyed being in a few of the anti-Walmart shopper houses and other "upscale" venues where the elitists and others who chortled in his misfortune gather, when the unanimous verdict was returned on Friday.

New distance records must have been set for drop-kicking Gucci bags and there is of course no way to determine how many peroxide bottles were hurled against Italian marble walls.

But the rest of us are overjoyed to have Nelson Thibodeaux back in the fold and LNO should always keep in mind E.K. Hornbeck's (the Baltimore Sun reporter in Inherit The Wind) explanation of the duty of a journalist-"to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."  There are many issues deserving the scrutiny of the LNO truth detector.  One can draw inspiration from the response of Harry Truman when he was told "Give'em Hell Harry" and he replied, "I just tell the truth and they think its Hell."

In the words of the Czech patriot Victor Laslow in Casablanca,
"welcome back to the fight."
Frank Carroll


It sounds like Donna and her Lackeys are getting ready to perpetrate another disaster on Colleyville. Almost certainly, they will re-appoint Ms. Gasper to the Planning Commission (by a 3-2 vote no doubt, i.e. three Lackeys to two Councilmen.) Instead, they should beg for the return of some of the component, honest, hardworking people (like the former Chairman.) Donna and the Lackeys kicked them off for political reasons as soon as they got a Lackey majority on the Council. Is it any wonder that our city is the butt of so many jokes?

Ms. Gasper wrote to the Startlegram today (published today) outlining her answer to critics about recent accusations of improprieties in reporting campaign contributions. In my view she condemned herself right there. She indicated that she doesn't know or understand the difference between taking money from a developer and properly declaring it, and taking money from a developer and hiding it. If she can't make the distinction between these two, then I for one don't want her representing the City in any capacity. (A simple, honest way to have handled this would have been to say she -or her PAC- made a mistake, was sorry, and would certainly see that it never happened again, however.)

Clifford Holliday
Dear LNO:

I stand by my argument. No alcohol + no parking (remember the "Seating Available" sign?) = NO BUSINESS.

Martin Solomon

Dear LNO

The approval of the Westgate Villas project from developer Raman Chandler was going to happen sooner or later given the cozy relationship between Chandler and Mayor Donna Arp.  Sadly, I don't find it too surprising that the subdivision plat was approved without any means to properly detain and release drainage from the property given that its for one of the two "do no wrong" developers in town. 

Because the project has so much residential density (basically double that of anything around it) there is no room on the site for drainage so water must flow off-site.  Virtually all the cities in this area (except Colleyville I guess) require the legal means to be in place to drain such a project before
approving a subdivision plat.  But here Chandler's influence with Arp, Tigue, Rice and Hocutt allow him to get away with no easement for drainage, but rather only the hollow assurance that he will get one from the neighboring properties in the future.  Does anyone want to bet that the city will be
called in to condemn an easement for Chandler if he is unable to con-vince the neighbors to allow him to have one? 

Caldwell's Creek HOA has been in litigation with the "Trust Me" developer for three years because the city would not step in and enforce the PUD zoning and plat approved for Caldwell's Creek.  We inherited a development with failing streets and incomplete park areas.  He even tried to take our parkland after it was conveyed to us by plat and give it too his other high-density Villas project.  We asked the Mayor for help; what were we thinking?  She and Chandler are inseparable.

Oh yeah, I'm sorry Donna, I forgot about the beautiful golf facility he is going to build out there at Westgate.  Hey, here's an idea, how about advertising Colleyville as a destination spot.  You can stay at the luxury hotel in the Village and play nine at Chandlers place.  If you have time you can shop right over the border in Southlake, Grapevine or Keller, even
Colleyville if any stores can manage to stay open for over a year.

Give me a break!  How gullible do you think we are Donna?  See you this Spring at the polls.  Until then, keep telling us how great things are in Colleyville.

Steven Magee
Caldwell's Creek
To my readers:

In response to Martin Solomon's email, I would like to remind him that while "Linda" is probably one of the more popular names among women around the age of 45 to 50, it was I, Linda Baker, who attended the Council meeting and wrote the "My Perspective" report.  (He addressed his letter to Linda Newton.) 

In reply to his concerns concerns about the accuracy of the section regarding Miguelitos Restaurant, had Dr. Solomon, or his wife, Dana Feldman, been there, or even watched the replay on cable TV, they would have known that City Manager Bill Lindley said quite specifically in his own remarks that the owner, Michael Navarre, had stated to our City Manager his own opinion about why his restaurant closed.  Of course, Dr. Solomon may order an audio or a video tape of the meeting, as an open record request, to become more informed.

I stand by the accuracy of My Perspective as written, and I encourage Dr. Solomon to attend the next City Council meeting himself to ensure there is no "obfuscation."

Linda Baker
Dear Linda Newton,
There is more than one reason why Miguelito's closed.  The parking area is too small for the restaurant.  Many potential customers had driven by, noticed the lot was full, and went on.  Also, the SUP problem was a result of the restaurant being situated less than 1,000 feet from the entrance to a nearby church.  Miguelito's was aware of this. They petitioned council and an ordinance was passed reducing the requirement to 300 feet, making the separation distance the same as that of other cities. 

To my message from yesterday I would like to add that it is important, both from editorial and news-reporting perspectives (which you have combined in your column seemingly to obfuscate the reader), to state facts as well as conclusions, whether the conclusion is stated or implied.
Martin Solomon
Dear Linda Newton,
There is more than one reason why Miguelito's closed.  The parking area is too small for the restaurant.  Many potential customers had driven by, noticed the lot was full, and went on.  Also, the SUP problem was a result of the restaurant being situated less than 1,000 feet from the entrance to a nearby church.  Miguelito's was aware of this. They petitioned council and an ordinance was passed reducing the requirement to 300 feet, making the separation distance the same as that of other cities. 

To my message from yesterday I would like to add that it is important, both from editorial and news-reporting perspectives (which you have combined in your column seemingly to obfuscate the reader), to state facts as well as conclusions, whether the conclusion is stated or implied.
Martin Solomon

Letter to the Editor:

Give us a break Donna! Please! It's a long time till the next election! You don't have to exercise your nasty muscles yet! We all know that you are going to try to get your two lackeys reelected and probably will try to bring in a third. (Where do you get these people willing and eager to do
anything you say? Are they really all from Colleyville?)

It's way too early to bore us all with your parading of the lackeys around to every groundbreaking, opening, dedication and street fight. (If they went to 'closings' there would be more opportunities.) If somebody (particularly a newspaperperson) with a camera were taking pictures of two dogs in a
heated exchange on Glade road, you'd probably be there, your two or three Lackeys parading behind you.

We all know you are going to do this, but couldn't it wait a few months? Then after May, we'll be rid of all of you. In the meantime, is there any possibility that you and your lackeys could act with just a modicum of decorum? Could you cease asking harassing, personal questions of candidates
for volunteer positions? Could you pretend you were trained in common decency towards your fellow Councilmen? And, most of all, could you at least act like you care anything at all about the future of this city?

Come on Donna; give us a break!

Clifford Holliday

Dear Editor:

When is SPECIAL no longer SPECIAL?

Colleyville’s ordinances have provisions for the city to issue Special Use Permits (SUPs) to businesses that desire to dispense alcoholic beverages. The use of the word SPECIAL in this term would lead a rationale person to believe that the issuance of a SUP for sale of alcoholic beverages is something that is “outside the norm”. In the past such SUPs have been issued to a specific individual business only after these business presented a request that usually showed a reason the such a “special” permit should be issued and evidence that the sale of these beverages would not harm the community at large.

At the August 20, 2002 council meeting the Colleyville City Council took action that issued what was called a Blanket SUP for any future business that might locate in the Villages of Colleyville development. How can a BLANKET permit be considered a SPECIAL permit?

In my opinion this action by our City Council was extremely unwise.  The Villages of Colleyville development is located adjacent to our premier city park. In a bit over a year our library will open in the Village of Colleyville.  Youth of our city will be using both of these extensively. No one can be sure what kind of businesses will locate within the Villages of Colleyville.  In coming years will it resemble Quincy Market or will it resemble Bourbon Street?

I quote from 1998 Colleyville Master Plan (Resolution R-98-1402, Sept. 15, 1998):

“We, the Citizens of Colleyville, are dedicated to preserving and enhancing strong family and community values, gracious suburban living, natural beauty, and historical settings.”

Does the recent council action regarding this BLANKET SUP support the above objective or does it contribute to erosion our stated values in the interest of economic development?

Joe Deupree

Many thanks for your kindness.  We appreciate the positive donor awareness publicity.
The Pearson Family
So what if Me and mini-me don't like it?  I think the real reason is their dislike of the developer and not the development.  It makes perfect sense to have a buffer between commercial and residential areas--Duh!

Martin Solomon

 Just a short note to says thanks for running our church
press release about the playground build on Saturday. Since
your edition came out, I've got calls from FOX 4, who is doing a live TV remote and we got on the front page of the Colleyville Courier! We still don't know if KLTY or KCBI will be able to do a radio remote or not.

 We're planning to feed over 300 people, and that still might not be enough!

 I really think your publication kicked
off all the big media interest!

Thanks again for breaking the story....you must have a very widely read paper because it didn't take long for people to start calling us after it hit the internet on your site. They hadn't given us a second look until then!

Roger Wallace
Crown of Life Lutheran Church

I am a member of the Grapevine/Colleyville chapter of the MOMS Club.  We would like to thank you for the prompt notice of the closing of Miguelitos.  We had just decided to have our new member breakfast for August there.  I got home from our board meeting and your email regarding the closing was waiting for me.  I promptly emailed the other board members about it so we could choose an alternate place.  I know at least one signed on with you to read it herself and decided she likes the site alot.

We would like to request advertising rates, as we are trying to expand our group.  We are a non-profit organization, and do most of our advertising by word of mouth right now and flyers in places where stay-at-home moms tend to go.
Thank you very much.
Julie Touchstone
 Subject: Texas Drivers License...

 If you look on the back of your Texas Drivers License, just above the  barcode, there is a phone number (800/525-5555). That is for roadside
 assistance on the Texas highways. A service truck will be sent to you,  state run and paid for by our taxes; they will change a flat, provide fuel,
help start your car, call a tow truck, etc....it's a public service. Thought  you might want to know about this, if you don't already, and pass it on to
fellow Texas drivers.

Les Carter
APRIL 2002

Time Stamped April 30, 2002..5:15 PM

Dear Editor

A recent political advertisement, printed in another paper,  has made
claims that are inaccurate, misleading and misrepresentations  of my
experience and platform. The facts are:

. The advertisement implies that I attack with "untruths and
distortions." My recent campaign brochure mailed to voters provides the
"Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Gasper" and answers the question "Why would
someone with an MBA and over 30 years of professional experience,
including national policymaking, want to serve on the Colleyville City
Council? Because she cares." I am the only person discussed in the
recently mailed brochure.

. The advertisement says that I have "continuously misrepresented."  My
brochure and  website www.joann.gasperonline.com accurately reflect my
experience, my position on the issues facing Colleyville, my vision for
the future, my proposed solutions for future challenges, and my
background. My campaign has been about my qualifications, my abilities
and the reasons that I am the best person to serve on the Colleyville
City Council.

. The advertisement says that I voted for "high density residential and
inappropriate commercial zoning." I voted to restore the commercial
zoning on property which had been changed to a tax exempt use. I
supported the request made by the citizens  for a higher density
single-family residential development to serve as a "buffer" from the
commercial property.  This vote  supported commercial development and
supported  the citizens' desire  to protect their neighborhood.
Promoting quality economic development and while preserving our
neighborhoods is a major goal of mine.

. The advertisement is a "red herring" questioning my reporting of
campaign contributions.  All required campaign contributions and
financial disclosures  have been filed in a timely manner. State and
city rules for the conduct of a campaign have been followed. Full
disclosure has been given.

. The advertisement implies that I have "no record of service or list of
accomplishments." I have a record of more than 10 years of  public
service including eight years federal government ( Reagan
administration) and almost two years city government experience
(Planning and Zoning Commission). My experience includes running a
federal agency with $154 million budget, managing a $40 million research
demonstration project, and being an advisor to Secretary of Education
William Bennett. My work has been recognized internationally.

Law students are taught that if they do not have the facts on their
side-they should argue the law. If they do  not have the law on their
side-they should argue the facts. If they have neither the facts nor the
law to support their position, then discredit the person. It is clear
that the  advertisement has  neither the facts nor the law on its side.

It is time that we all work together for Colleyville's future.

Jo Ann Gasper

 Time Stamped April 30, 2002..11:16 AM

In the 4/22/02 letter to the editor, there appears to be a mistake in the
interpretation of the Charter of Colleyville. The "direct interest" would
have been the direct investment in the Village project by the Tigues, which
did not happen. Also, the "proposed or actual contract, ..." refers to the
Village project and not the documents between the developer and Tigue/Arp.
There was not a direct interest in the Village project by either Tigue or Arp
so why would there need to be a disclosure? That's my interpretation.

David Peck
Time Stamped April 29, 2002..4:22 PM

Dear LNO:

Thank you for your detailed and well-researched update on the "new
Luxury Hotel" which the mayor and the Village developer announced shortly
before the special election to fill the Place 4 seat on City Council.  But
you really could have saved your time and effort.  It is no surprise that
nothing further has happened on this project since it was obviously released
to fool the public as to the prospects of Highway 26 looking like anything
other than a street in the Bronx with all of its boarded-up storefronts.

For anyone who can spell economics the prospect of someone building
a "Mansion-style hotel" in Colleyville was always laughable.  For what
reason would all of these wealthy, upscale people be coming to Colleyville?
Is there a major tourist attraction like the Alamo or Six Flags?  Do we have
an ocean, river (Bear Creek is not it) or mountain for them to see?  Is
there a Deep Ellum, Greenville Avenue,  Sundance Square or Bass Hall?  Do we have gourmet restaurants, unique pubs or nightly entertainment?

Although it may come as a shock to our "upscale, rural atmosphere"
doyens, people may not want to come to Colleyville just so they can bask in
the well-coifed and sartorial splendor of our upscale magnificence. They
might actually want something of substance for their money.

Even Grapevine and Southlake, which actually do have entertainment
venues, a number of  good restaurants, a Town Center with excellent
shopping, Grapevine Mills, a quaint downtown and numerous other facilities
to draw tourists, would have a difficult time sustaining such a property.
But if there was any prospect of such a hotel being built, like with the
Opryland facility in Grapevine, Mayors Stacy and Tate would have already
wrapped that package.  Those two cities and their leaders know economic
development and how to build dynamic communities fueled with large sales tax
dollars to improve the services to their citizens.

Our accomplishment is to brag about building a library- with the
$700,000 per year needed to operate it nowhere in sight.  Of course everyone
knows what a tremendous sales tax generator the Library, along with Lee
Lighting (most sales are to builders who pay no sales tax-and how often do
you buy a chandelier), will be in replacing the tax base loss represented by
Payless, Kmart, Luckman's Silk, Sweet Magnolias, Taco Bell, Diamonds by
Winston and all of the others.

However, there is no need to waste any more time on this endeavor by
sending proposed names for the new hotel to the mayor.  One name and one
name only fits this hotel.  THE MIRAGE in Colleyville.

Frank Carroll
 Time Stamped April 28, 2002..11:48 AM

Dear Editor:

Let me be the first to say that I was never on Council, and have not one political aspiration to be the Mayor.  But I do go to many of Colleyville's different open committee meetings as a citizen, almost every Council meeting, and read every angle of every story put out in regard to Colleyville.  As a citizen, these are my conclusions: 

For Mayor Arp to claim herself as "politically naive" is possibly the largest lie she has ever told, and that number is legion.     

Richard Myers' story gets tweaked every time he tells it about the great proposal to sign up the Mayor as The Villages' brokering agent, and his innocent offer to a sitting Councilwoman and her husband to invest in the project.   

The Villages' Tom Miller can't figure out why the Ethics Committee he chairs has taken criticism despite not yet producing an actual Ethics recommendation.  They did provide a "Disclosure" document-I went to the meeting where the Committee curtly refused any suggestion to include the names of business partners or even to reveal partnerships over in say, Dallas.  Since the entire Committee was selected to exclude citizens who applied before the deadline so they could be hand picked by Councilwoman Feldman after the closing, it is pitiful irony that Miller cries he is the victim of politics.  You have to know what Ethics are before you get selected to write the guidelines.  Last we heard, they were copying some from other cities.

The defense provided by the Villagegate Coalition is that all of the turmoil and revelations about the condemnation and sweetheart deal of the Couch property, the phony hotel with the expected incentives, the surprise median, the illegal parkland trade, the coincidence of City Hall and Library moved to the Villages-the time frame not so distant from the fabulous investment opportunities offered to two of our elected officials-all of this is just politically motivated?

I am a citizen.  I have voted in the past for Arp and Tigue.  But there is something so wrong about this Villagegate business that it transcends cavalier dismissal as political mischief.  Arp, Tigue, Myers, Miller, et al-they are disrespecting the citizens to claim it as such, and in fact, can only respond by getting churlish because their no one caught them before now.

Linda Baker
 Time Stamped April 24, 2002..8:28 PM

Dear Editor, 
As candidates for the GCISD School Board move into the final days before election, I wish to recommend Freda Ward as the most valuable candidate for Place 7.  Freda is uniquely qualified to serve on the Board.  She has years of positive involvement in the Grapevine-Colleyville school district as a dedicated leader, loyal committee member and as a current parent of two school-age children.  Freda's campaign slogan says it all ... "For the Children."
The results of the GCISD Curriculum Audit should be a wake-up call to all voters that we need a change.  We need new leadership in our school district!  The audit reflects that not only are there governance issues between the current School Board and Dr. Singer but, there is no curriculum management.  Every conscientious voter needs to read this audit thoroughly before they vote.  Teacher morale is currently at the lowest it has been in years, and our district has gone from "exemplary" to "recognized" under the current Board "leadership."
I want a change! I am voting for Freda Ward!  Many people have recently talked to Freda to express their concerns over the current school situation.  I have noticed that she listens attentively and then questions.  Freda is an energetic and tireless searcher for solutions to problems.  She cares - about the schools, the teachers and the children.  She pledges to work diligently to make our school district better.
These and other traits that characterize Freda Ward make her a valuable candidate for the GCISD School Board.  Let's elect Freda Ward to Place 7.  We will be proud that we gave her our vote. 
Louise Moore
 Time Stamped April 23, 2002..6:09 PM

Dear Editor,   

Do Ethical Elected Officials Attract Written Offers....I Think Not

Dear Editor:

When I came to Colleyville in 1996, I couldn't have cared less who was on the Council or who served as the City's Mayor.  I was interested in other things and took for granted that everyone got a fair opportunity.  Having tried to do business here and having watched "most" others try to do business here, I found that I was terribly wrong. 

I have been reading recent articles in the Star-Telegram where Mayor Arp and Mayor Pro-Tem Tigue assert they have done no wrong because they said "no" to certain written "business offers."  In my opinion, it is more than naive for anyone to swallow these assertions of innocence.  Business simply doesn't work that way.  Substantial business discussions and general agreement to terms precede the expense of document preparation.  Offers, in writing, don't just appear unexpectedly. 

Despite what they assert, it has been more than obvious to those that attend City meetings that Arp and Tigue continued to push the very "Villages" agenda they purportedly declined.  That of course raises the question of whether in substance the offers were in fact declined or might simply have been replaced by something else.  

Supported by obedient Council candidates that rode the long Arp/Tigue coat tails and a certain "liar flyer" into office, it was really easy to get this "Villages" deal done it seems.  Throughout all the zigzagging and "kicking the ball down a confusing field" the major press sources never questioned any of the bewildering Council moves.  For example, they didn't question the motive to "cover part of the Hall Johnson Rd. with dirt fiasco " that occurred at the first Council meeting that the coalition existed. Nor did they before of after the fact, credibly test the faulty cost analyses that showed a cost benefit now turned high cost to the citizens to relocate the City Hall and Library to the "Villages."   

Arp and Tigue have, expended dog years politically schmoozing Colleyville's elite citizens and the press. After their initial election to office they were ineffective pushing their agenda because they were opposed by other Council members that disagreed with them.  Nevertheless, after being elected unopposed as I recall, these two "society mavens" subsequently bonded together a strange mixture of the elite, the major media and the adjacent to "commercial property" homeowner activist groups to solidify a path to power and build a powerful Council coalition that can literally do anything if it is allowed to continue. Those of us who go to City meetings have literally seen them use the rule book when it benefits them and disregard it when it didn't. 

It was actually stunning to read an objective Sunday Star-Telegram editorial and see Dave Leiber's column today take a hard look at the actions of the current Mayor and Council.  I actually didn't believe in my life time the DFW major media would peer through the false vale of Arp and Tigue, no matter the circumstance.  It is certainly nice to see the disingenuous efforts of Arp/Tigue begin to earn them the stature with the major media their years of schmoozing and self serving efforts should afford them.  

As for Mrs. Tigue and the other Council members up for election, now it is up to the voters to either leave this absurd but powerful coalition in place or balance it so that there is protection for those outside your circles.  For Council seats not up for reelection this term, I say mend your ways, think objectively and do what is right for all of Colleyville!  To the press, I say maintain your skepticism of all.  Nobody presents anything to the Council without financial motive and very few attend Council meetings without motive.  Every vote has a consequence to those at the Council meetings and those at home.  Think about what is going on.  The more it zigs and zags the more skeptical the press and all concerned should be. 

At my core, I could still care less who the elected officials are.  I only want a fair place in which to live and to do business.  It doesn't currently exist.  I hope it changes May 4th. 

If this gets published, I want to thank LNO for not limiting me to 100 words as the "major media" does.  That frustrates me and ultimately leaves my point of view largely unexpressed.     

Jim Ivey
 Time Stamped April 22, 2002..12:15 PM

Dear Editor, 

You guys are doing a great job for Colleyville!  I also like the updates in format (appearance) you continue to make.  Have a nice day!

Anita Vanetti
Arlington, Texas

 Time Stamped April 22, 2002..11:15 AM

Dear Editor, 

In watching the candidates at last night's Colleyville Lion's Club Candidate
Forum, one question kept occurring to me -"What planet is Ginny Tigue from?"
Time after time, she said things that made me wonder why she would brag
about her four years experience on the Council. Examples:
* She said here are no coalitions on the current Council. Ginny, are all
those 4-1 votes (5-0 before Newton replaced Marlin) just accidents?
* Indicated that the Council was meeting with Rte. 26 businesses to allay
all problems about the upcoming rebuild of that road. However, Ginny's
opponent, Charlene Hostin, reports that she has actually visited with many
of these business owners and that they all are concerned about what is going
to happen on Rte. 26. Ginny, I guess they remember being totally surprised
about the 'Yellow Monster' that you and the rest of Donna's Council
inflected on them.

* She indicated that we needed a variety of businesses in Colleyville, but
we need boutiques in our central area. Ginny, are these boutiques supposed
to go with the non-existent Monopoly Hotel you and Donna spoofed us with
last year?

* When answering a question about how to improve the perception of
Colleyville having an unstable political climate, Ginny stopped talking to
hold back tears. Ginny, very touching, great theater, but your opponent's
(Charlene Hostin) answer, "We need new leaders and new leadership," seems a
lot more to the point. Tears won't do it. New leaders will!
* Ginny, in talking about the Library, noted that it had been in progress
since 1985. Well that was when a Gala was held that brought some of the
current people into the Library issue, but in fact, it had been in the
planning stages for years before that. Ginny, not everything starts with a

One other thing of interest about Ginny's talk was that she used the forum
as a stage to deny the current allegations in the various papers about her
being potentially financially involved with the developer of the Village.
She ended one talk with the words, "I didn't do it."

She doesn't seem to get it (again!) The Charter of Colleyville says (Section
14.02, paragraph C) "A person, who is subject to the Section and has a
direct interest in any proposed or existing contract, purchase, work, sale,
or service..." it goes on to require that those persons (elected or
appointed officials) shall not participate in discussion or vote on such
subjects. The next paragraph (Section 14.02, Paragraph D) requires that a
sworn notice of any such conflict be filed with the City Secretary.

Note that the language says, "Proposed." It doesn't say that a contract has
to be final or accepted. It appears to me that this "appearance of
impropriety" (even in the absence of actual, completed contracts) is what
the Charter anticipates. I think Ginny and Donna should have read the
Charter more carefully.

Clif Holliday

 Time Stamped April 19, 2002..4:45 PM

Dear Editor, 

I wish to correct a serious unfounded statement in the advertisement placed in you paper by Citizens for Colleyville, Bryn Jepson Treasure.  

Under the finance report for candidates Newton, Hendler and Hostin there is a reference to “Thibodeaux Media Employee (Violates Media Ethics)”.  This statement is false and a complete distortion of the facts. 

I am the contributor of record to the three campaigns.  If one visits the Local News Only.com web site there is a complete and factual explanation regarding the source of the campaign funds. 

Campaigns require funding and it is our civic duty for all of us to support their candidate of choice.  I notice under Feldman, there are 17 contributors for $1,700 without the detailed source of funding that is contained in the Newton, Hendler and Hostin reports.  Who questions the ethics of that oversight? 

The City of Colleyville should be concerned about its declining commercial tax base, increased reliance on property taxes, the yellow serpentine on route 26, the abuse of the Couch family, ethical standards for elected officials, the recent revelations regarding the developer of the Villages and lack of professional conduct during council meetings. 

In closing, I am the contributor of record to the Newton, Hendler and Hostin campaigns.  If Mr. Jepson, or any other individual, had taken the time to contact me, or my wife, we would have discussed my error and clarified the matter. 

Maurice F. “Mike” Connor
Colleyville, Texas 76034

 Time Stamped April 19, 2002..1:31 PM
Dear Editor

These quotes are attributed to Ginny Tigue in today's Star-Telegram:
"Contributions are an indication of someone's political philosophy...I'm
certainly conscious of the fact that donations would imply that you might vote a
certain way."  Was  Tigue so vociferous on the issue of contributions when Raman Chandler gave $2,000 to the campaign of her fellow candidate and crony Dennis Marlin in 2000?  Somehow I doubt it.  The double standard and symbiotic network running (or should that be ruining?) our city is positively revolting.

Jenifer Zimmerman

 Time Stamped April 16, 2002..11:24 AM
Dear Editor

During the last election, LNO carried links to the candidate's web
sites. Although you have not requested the information, as of this
writing, my web site is www.joann.gasperonline.com.

City elections are almost here. Early voting for Colleyville City
elections will be from April 17 - 30, Monday through Friday,  from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. Voting will be at the Colleyville City Hall. Election day
is May 4 and will be at Bransford Elementary school.

We are fortunate to have the freedom of free and open elections. We have
this freedom because Americans both in military service and as civilians
are willing to lay down their lives to protect our right to vote. Find
out about the candidates and vote. Visit the candidates web sites and
attend the Candidate Forum hosted by the Colleyville Lions Club. The
candidates will be at  the Colleyville Community Center beginning at
6:30 p.m. You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with all the
candidates. The Forum will begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jo Ann Gasper

 Time Stamped April 15, 2002..9:15 AM

Dear Editor:
In  a letter to the Editor dated April 7, 2002  Mr. Larry Huey comments about myths, hearsay and misinformation as well as facts at the Colleyville Parks Advisory Board meeting (4/1/02.) He then shares three paragraphs of accolades about the American Eagles soccer organization.  On this much we agree.  1)There is considerable misinformation, myths and hearsay regarding the utilization of Colleyvilles soccer practice facilities; and 2) the American Eagles soccer organization is a fine organization.

However, he misses the point, and I believe he hopes that you will too.  This issue is about the unequitable  utilization of Colleyville's practice fields by nonresidents or private organizations (American Eagles)at the expense of our recreational soccer league. Simply put, the recreational soccer leagues do not have adequate practice facilities. According to the Colleyville Soccer Association (CSA), there were 1073 participants in the Fall 2001 season comprised of 752 Colleyville residents and 321 non residents..  The American Eagles select soccer team consisted of 495 participants comprised of only 97 Colleyville residents and 398 non residents. Yet, the American Eagles presently enjoy near exclusive use of our only designated practice fields while our recreational teams are resigned to use public parks, private property or whatever practice areas they can find.  

Mr. Huey stated that the recreational soccer teams have not been treated unfairly and that no statistical analysis supported this concern. However, The Parks and Recreation Board felt that it was important to get a statistical analysis when it directed CSA to poll its fall coaches with regards to their practice field utilization.  CSA elected not to follow this directive.   Perhaps it was unfair for Mr. Huey to comment on the lack of statistical data unless one evaluates the handling of this survey process and explores  potential conflicts of interest that may exist on the CSA Board.

The issue that Mr. Huey attempts to cover up is that all Colleyville residents are not being given first preference to Colleyville park facilities.

In conclusion, may I further point out that the comment about a "zero sum" game is part of the misinformation that Mr Huey referred to in his letter. We seek an equitable solution to the problem, that is both fair to Colleyville taxpayers and good for all of our Colleyville soccer playing youth, regardless of their age or ability. Although, I can appreciate the dilema that the American Eagles face by charging their participants several thousand dollars annually to play and yet not having their own private practice and game fields, I do not believe that it is fair for them to make this a problem for the taxpaying citizens of Colleyville.

Michelle Reitz

Time Stamped April 12, 2002 @ 10:40 AM

To the Editor,

Donna has done it again! She ahs recently sent a letter form the City of Colleyville (at the taxpayers' expense) to explain to us that she is not "elitist." If this wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny. Donna starts her letter stating that its purpose is to "...share issues being addressed by an alliance of Hwy. 26 merchants..." (Regarding business problems associated with the pending improvement of that road.)

However, the rest of the letter (three dreadful pages) was primarily devoted to Donna assuring us that she is not "elitist," - no more mention of issues with the road! All pretense as to this being about Colleyville policies (remember Colleyville paid for this, not a campaign fund), when she moves to her personal opinions, "I do not care if inside their walls a business sells shirts three for a $1.00."

Of course, actions speak louder than words, but Donna just doesn't get that.  Donna is the one who publicized the survey talking about Colleyville's great income.

Donna is the one who disparages nearby discount retailers, by saying that Colleyville residents would never shop in such places. (At one of her 'non-political' appearances at homeowners' association meetings.)

Donna is the one who used her position (and her Lackeys on the Council) to destroy a Wal-Mart Grocery and its associated stores, but applauds the new 'high-end' grocery store.

This is just the latest of Donna's election-time tricks. Note how often these tricks are at the expense of Colleyville. Last time it was a 'magic hotel' that appeared out of no place and was going in the Village. It seems to have disappeared back in to no place! Maybe now that Jerry Jones has bought the Payless property, we will hear shortly before this election that the Cowboys are moving Texas Stadium to the Village.

The people of Colleyville are wise to you Donna!

Clif Holliday

Time Stamped April 11, 2002 @ 5:52 PM

The following letter was received via mail.  To see larger copy, click on letter. 

Time Stamped April 7, 2002 @ 7:50 PM

Dear Editor:
As usually happens in large meetings, (Parks Advisory Board, 4/2/02) there is often a tendency to share myths, hearsay, and misinformation as well as facts.  In regards to select soccer in Colleyville, isn’t it wonderful that 97 Colleyville residents have a close and convenient venue for soccer practice with licensed, highly skilled and motivated coaches?  These 97 residents are interspersed on 30 different teams all competing at the highest levels possible in local leagues and tournaments.  The other 400 kids all pay non-resident fees, plus the field use fees that everyone pays.  These fees are determined by city ordinance and were designed to defray operations and maintenance costs for the fields. 

The Texas American Eagles Soccer Club is a duly registered not-for-profit organization that hires the most qualified independent contractors possible to insure player development.  Club soccer is organized this way on a nationwide basis under the United States Soccer Federation.    Already, nearly 200 Colleyville residents travel to other cities and clubs to receive the tutelage of their coach of choice, as well as to compete at the most appropriate levels in leagues in Dallas, Plano and Arlington.  Fortunately all these venues welcome our kids and their parent’s money. 

For the past six years I have invested countless hours as a CSA Board member, referee, instructor and director of field operations for the recreational element of Colleyville Soccer.  Many of our coaches call upon the resources of the American Eagles to provide skills training and clinics.  Approximately ½ of the youth referees working in CSA are American Eagles soccer players who are giving back to the game and the community.  It is the synergy of the two organizations that provides a great opportunity for kids to play soccer at whatever level they choose to pursue.  

Colleyville Soccer and the American Eagles soccer organizations have been the starting point for a number of high school and college scholarship athletes.  Since our local school district does not provide a soccer option in middle school athletics where else can our kids develop their soccer skills?   Unlike football, soccer and baseball have no publicly supported (GCISD) arenas in which to compete, prior to the high school level.  

Yes, there is a problem with available practice space for soccer and other sports.  Many members of the Parks Board and City Council have recognized and spoken out on these needs.  It’s unfortunate that some see this as a “zero-sum” game with winners and losers.  None of the recreational soccer teams have been treated unfairly or restricted from practice areas.  This was clear at the meeting when no one could provide a single example of such treatment, let alone statistical analysis that proved the point. 

The Parks Board is judiciously considering the options for additional space and/or limited use of the game fields for practice.   Let’s reduce the rhetoric and finger-pointing and focus on what’s best for kids who want to play soccer in Colleyville . . . at every level. 

Best Regards,

Larry Huey, Grapevine
Colleyville Soccer Association
VP-Refs and Field Operations
(& an American Eagles Dad)

Time Stamped April 6, 2002 @ 10:43 AM

Dear Editor:

Colleyville's Chamber of Commerce invites Michael Irvin to be the inspirational speaker at their monthly luncheon.  One might assume Robert Downey Jr., or Marion Berry weren't available.

Aside from a recent television interview where Irvin smirks about his own and former teammates proclivity for adultery, and the remarkably thin passage of time since his drug use, it appears that Irvin is also addicted to the spotlight.  Add the perk organized religion offers-pass the hat-and you have signed on the Playmaker.

Every year Colleyville takes our tax money and donates a sizable lump sum amount to the Chamber of Commerce.  Councilman Tigue is on the Board of Directors, and Councilman Rice, City Manager Bill Lindley, and Mayor Donna Arp sit on the Advisory Board.  Cynical opinions about Chamber autonomy cannot be easily dismissed, especially when reading Mayor Arp fawn over Irvin's speech in the Star-Telegram.  An Advisory Board ought to give better advice regarding motivational speakers.

Additionally, if this city, cash strapped as must be according to the "nothing is wrong, everything is fine" mailing I just received from Donna Arp-who always times these little missives just before her own or her anointed ones' elections-at taxpayer expense-keeps giving money to this Chamber of Commerce, then it is way past time to call for some outside investigational auditing.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped April 3, 2002 @ 6:27 PM

To the Editor:

I don't understand how there can be such diametrically opposed views on this
issue. Either the land was donated or it was swapped. You did an incredible
research and reporting job on the history of this issue. It would appear to
me that the transactions were land swaps and not a donation to the city. If
your reporting facts are correct then how does the City Council continue to
call these transactions donations? What do they say?

David Peck

Publisher Note:  LNO stands behind its report on the "donated" versus "swapped" land.  The item was put on the city council agenda Tuesday, April 2, 2002 , requested by Mayor Donna Arp.  LNO will have a follow up report.

Time Stamped April 3, 2002 @ 6:27 PM

To the Editor:

Hello Mayor how many times does the sewer have to overflow before
you fix the problem, my mother lives in the 6200 blk of Colleyville Blvd
twice in the last 3 weeks this has happened and as you can see by photos
this is going right into the ditch on hwy 26, I am not sure where this water goes
called the city they are coming to fix it again, just hope they fix it right this time.
Roy Rice
Click on Photos to Enlarge

Time Stamped April 1, 2002 @ 9:44 PM

To the Editor:

One of the tragedies of the last two-year election cycle in Colleyville has been a loss in diversity of thought in our City Government. Up to a few years ago, serving on a Board or Commission in Colleyville meant interacting with Board Members of different genders, races, ideologies, and political consciousness. Votes on the Boards were seldom unanimous but never contentious. A sense of community spirit and camaraderie prevailed in all proceedings.
The current City Council Majority set a course of purging all non-believers in the Arp, Feldman, Tigue doctrine. Anyone who believed Hall-Johnson road should be widened was replaced on a Board or Commission.  Civility was abandoned on the vote for denying Burk Collin's "Neighborhood Grocery" development. Who could forget the "shouting down" of elderly citizens speaking in favor of trying to sell their property to Mr. Burke Collins, or the comments in the press about how some citizens in Colleyville felt that "we don't need those kind of people (who shop at Wal-Mart) to enter our City".  Our Mayor's refusal to attend a Development Presentation for the" Town Center" was a slap at Patsy Smith and any other developer of like mind.  Those who think it is just a coincidence that our City's Commercial Corridor is all boarded up should take their heads out of the sand. Why do those who insist that Colleyville should be like Highland Park just accept this community for what it is, a City of diversity enriched by people from all over Texas and the country who may, or, may not have, a median income higher than those from neighboring cities. 

Jim Fletcher
Time Stamped April 1, 2002 @ 10:53 AM

To the Editor:

So the Council races have started here in Colleyville. Someone from the outside would think that there was also a mayor’s race, as much as Donna seems to have to say about the election. We are already seeing Donna lay the ground for her usual tactics. She was recently quoted in the paper as saying that she expected her opponents to, “… distort the facts to promote their own agenda.” If this wasn’t so important this would be funny. Talk about the pot calling the kettle a dark color!

What Donna is setting the stage for is to retort to anyone who dares to challenge her handpicked slate, as distorters of the facts. The opposite will be the truth. 

We can expect to see Donna making appearances at home owner association meetings (a misuse of her position, since she is an active campaigner, and a misuse of the trust placed in the homeowner’s association officials) to tell us how great things are going. In addition she will be telling us, at least by implication (but these people are seldom subtle), how we should return her lackeys to the Council and add another one, to replace the only real, independent representative on the Council, Councilman Newton. 

We will hear “her candidates” (if she ever allows them to get a word in) telling us how well we are doing, and that our finances are great. For those of you who are relatively new to Colleyville, this is going to sound good, but I ask you to look past the big grin. I suggest that you let your eyes judge. Go to ‘downtown’ Colleyville and look at how many businesses are closing. Talk to those who have tried to develop here, and hear their despair of ever being able to deal with Colleyville. Drive by the remnants of the “Yellow Monster,” and remember how little this Council of lackeys thought of the citizens by allowing that to be built. Also, remember all of the denials about responsibility for this abomination, until it was proven that our mayor had signed off on it. While you are in that area, take a good look at the place our main municipal buildings (the town hall and library) are being hidden – almost inaccessible, and with totally inadequate parking. Go by the magnificent site that is Town Center, and think how those buildings would look there. The only reason they aren’t already there (and already built), is the result of a vendetta against ‘political enemies’ by Donna and her bunch. 

When you hear Donna’s and her lackeys telling you how good it is, remember all of the things your eyes will tell you. When the bond rating people gave Colleyville a good rating, remember all they were saying is that it will be easy to raise your taxes to pay for any bonded indebtedness. Also remember all of the experience and knowledge this bunch has ‘kicked off’ Colleyville’s boards and commissions, just so they could get more of their political cronies in those positions. 

As you go to the polls remember these things. I will. 

Clif Holliday


MARCH 2002

Time Stamped March 31, 2002 @ 9:43 AM

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the past city councils for the common sense they showed with the completion of Hall Johnson road. This addition has been a tremendous asset for our community. Did these past members have to make a tough decision with regard to the homeowners along its bounds? Was it a controversial decision? Was this improvement beneficial to our community as a whole? I believe that the answer to all these questions is YES. My workday travel takes me daily to the North Dallas area. What a relief it is to take Hall Johnson to and from highway 121. For those individuals who still dislike the new roadway, may I suggest you boycott it for Glade or Cheeks Sparger. Your absence will help keep the traffic count down.
Additionally, I would like to remind the citizens that the same four lane road could be taking me to the already completed library and City Hall project at the corner of Hall Johnson and highway 26. If our present city council, excluding councilman Newton had not scraped the plans of past councils for grandiose plans of their own. We are now building the cornerstones of our community next to a grocery store in the Villages of Colleyville. It has been reported by LNO, that a portion of these new facilities are being built on land that past city councils had purchased and dedicated as park land. This means that the present city council, excluding Richard Newton, gave city owned park land to the developer and then the same piece of property was gifted back by the developer to the citizens of Colleyville as a donation of good faith. Shouldn't our city attorney have spotted this one?
I don't have all the answers to our cities problems, no one does. But I do believe that integrity is the foundation that a community is built on and our foundation has been shaken these past few years.

Tom Hart
Time Stamped March 29, 2002 @ 11:55 PM

To the Editor:  

This is in response to Jody shorts recent letter to the editor.  He has such
a miserable history with that project, I'm surprised he is opening his mouth
on the subject. Mr. Short met with members of our homeowners committee
BEFORE his election and promised us he would not support widening of Hall
Johnson Rd. He even signed a  piece of paper to that effect. AFTER he was
elected (at the very first council meeting, as I recall) he said that he had
changed his mind about Hall Johnson because he had not taken into account
the effect of moving from four lanes on the Grapevine portion of HJ to the
Colleyville portion. A pretty lame excuse made even lamer by the fact that
he is a civil engineer and roads are his specialty. I don't know how he
expected us to take that-he either misrepresented himself to us before the
election or he doesn't know basic fundamental aspects of road widening.
    I am still upset that the current administration went back on it's
promises and striped Hall Johnson for four lanes when it was at least 1,000
cars away from the minimum traffic count that would have required the
council to consider widening and 4.000 away from mandatory widening.
   The talks for sharing a library with Grapevine and Southlake was not
turned down by us, but by them. If you are refering to the library sharing
idea with North Richland Hills, That was a not beneficial to Colleyville
residents at all. We would help them build their library IN North Richland
Hills and then we could travel 30 minutes to use it.
   Mr. Short was one of the council members that were ousted. It would have
been helpful to readers if he has mentioned that fact. I think that both
councils, both old and new were not ideal. The old council was 4 to one on
most votes with Tigue always on the one lone vote. I guess Richard Newton
knows how she felt now that he is the lone dissenting voice. I don't think
its healthy for either faction to have a 5-0 or 4-1 voting pattern. I think
the council gets less attentive to the public when they have such a
comfortable majority. I saw many citizens disregarded or ignored during both
councils' reigns.
   For me the best outcome of the upcoming election would be a 3-2 split.
Actually the best outcome would be for people not affiliated with either of
these two factions to get elected, but it's too late for that. Maybe

Jim Van Over
Received 4-02-02 @ 10:00 am
This is to correct the e-mail or March 29th. It was sent by Jill Van Over,
not Jim Van Over . The views expressed are mine.
Thank you,
Jill Van Over

Time Stamped March 29, 2002 @10:30 PM

To the Editor:  

I do agree with Jody Short that it is time to get involved and go out and vote for city council.   I remember Jody Short speaking to us at a Hall-Johnson meeting when he was runing for city council.  He told us he saw no reason to widen Hall-Johnson.  We voted for him and he was elected.  Then what did he do?  He voted to widen Hall-Johnson.  And what about Nelson Thibodeaux?  He got so mad at the citizens (especially the ones from Highland Meadows) at the city council meeting for the vote on Hall-Johnson Road that he added an amendment at the last minute to add a median on Hall-Johnson from one end of Highland Meadows to the other end.  Yes, I really want people on our city council who work against the citizens of Colleyville.
Joyce Morgan
Time Stamped March 29, 2002 @ 1:10 PM

To the Editor:  

Election season is here and it is time for Colleyville voters to ask their city council incumbents where they were when:  The plan to cover Hall-Johnson with dirt was conceived.  A major retailer, who met all of the city’s design guidelines and doubled the landscaping requirements, was rejected because they were “not our kind of business”.  The City’s ethics ordinance - that requires disclosure of business interests in Northeast Tarrant County , but ignores investments outside of the area - was drafted.   Negotiations to build an outstanding, full-service, cost-effective regional library facility with our neighbors failed.  The City Council chose to cut off citizens’ free access to the libraries in our neighboring cities.  All of the City’s incumbent board members were ousted over the past two years.  Let’s get out to vote and get Colleyville back on track.  

Jody Short

Time Stamped March 26, 2002 @ 8:56 PM

Dear Editor,

The Colleyville Library:
I'm amazed that we are pursuing what I believe will become a white elephant, the Colleyville Library.  We have one of the highest rates of computers to residences in the US. So why spend millions on a library that will only serve to gather dust rather than readership.  In this age of high speed Internet access one needs to consider changing their paradigm.  I think the money would have been better spent on asking Barnes & Noble to come in and build a book store, at least we would have a Starbucks to show for our investment.

Don Pryor
Time Stamped March 21, 2002 @ 11:35 AM

Dear Editor,

This may be a question to be forwarded to your webmaster, but here's my problem:

When I go to localnewsonly.com & sign in I am sent directly to Colleyville
news. While I'm most interested in Colleyville news, I would like to be able to access the other communities that you serve.
How can I search for other cities?

Thank you,

Jeanne St. John
San Diego, CA 92131-1642

Publisher Note:  As a user, I know how frustrating looking for information can be on news sites. At this time all datelines appear on the Front Page, since we are based in Colleyville our coverage, at this time, is more weighted to that city. To find articles from other cities one must scroll down the pages and check out the "dateline".  A project to provide a sub-category is underway that will list articles by their dateline.  For example Dateline..Southlake articles will be available for  search on a separate Southlake  page, as will the other cities or the articles listed on the general NE Tarrant page.  I hope this will be of help.
Time Stamped March 15, 2002 @ 7:18 PM

To the Editor:

I attended the senior luncheon at the Community Senior Center.  A big concern of a number of us "old folks" is the projected losing of K-mart.  Can we start a program to save a place for us to shop close to home?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ed Havran

Time Stamped March 11, 2002 @ 7:15 PM

To the Editor:

Did you notice?
Why does the receipt say single family dwelling and aren't fees based upon
the value of the renovation and if so does anyone in the city have
responsibility to check out what is being done?

Luann Edwards

Publisher Note:  In reference to the improvements to the city owned property formerly known as the Couch Property. To view referenced article - Click Here
Time Stamped March 09, 2002 @ 4:39 PM

To the Editor:

Recent letters to the editor have called for civility in the up-coming local
Council elections. I find it amazing that anyone would think that most of
the current incumbents are likely to behave civilly. Certainly, one wouldn't
thing that if he had attended a recent Council meeting. Donna and her four
lackeys are constantly demeaning Councilman Newton. Certainly it is OK to
disagree, but come on guys, you already have a four to one advantage plus
the mayor (I'm not sure if she is an advantage or not.). You can at least
act civil or just keep quite. (What an improvement that would be!) It has
gotten to such a point that a teacher would be embarrassed to bring a civics
(there's that word again) class to see how the Colleyville Council works.

Recently the local newspapers have carried the various announcements of
candidates filing for local elections- councilmen and mayors. In each city's
announcement it is common for the office seeker to have a few short quotes
as to his or her qualifications and platform.

We have a different situation here in Colleyville. (Surprise! Surprise!) In
the recent announcement of two incumbents and a challenger running for our
city council, there was not a word from any them; rather, Donna (who is not
running) spoke for them all! She didn't even use the opportunity to extol
the virtues of 'her candidates,' but rather she took the opportunity to
berate any one who would likely dare challenge her bunch.

It seems that Donna would have allowed her candidates at least a few words,
but no, Donna spoke for them! This is the way it goes in the City Council
meetings now. How often is the vote 4-1? (It was 5-0 before Councilman
Newton came on the scene and started asking questions, rather than doing
just what Donna says.) I certainly hope that there will be a good choice of
independent candidates running against this bunch of lackeys.

Colleyville deserves representation that thinks; not representation that
just blindly follows the mayor's dubious agendas. As we vote this time,
let's keep in mind the total lack of decorum that is normally shown by Donna
and her lackeys, as they are supposed to be representing us, rather than
just beating up on their single, available opponent.

Clifford Holliday
Time Stamped March 08, 2002 @ 5:52 PM

I wanted to read the article posted on March 3rd, about the D.I. teams advancing.  Instead, every time I click on the headline, I get "Investigation Continues at Carroll High School".  Please fix this.  Love to read your up-to-the-minute articles on local going-ons.

P.K. Riis

Publisher Note:  Oops..got us, the link was wrong and has been fixed.  Thanks for pointing out the broken link.
Time Stamped March 06, 2002 @ 9:58 AM
Publisher Note:  The following is in response to an Email to the Editor by a candidate. If LNO publishes a candidate's email, we make best efforts to alert all other candidates in the race to provide them an opportunity to respond. While LNO encourages open dialogue, emails by candidates may be limited.  Upon request by candidates in any local political race, LNO will provide a platform page to allow ongoing and open dialogue.

Dear Editor:
I would like to say that the vague; letter  that you refer to was not typed or dated by me. It is a matter of public record and can be obtained from the City
Secretary's office. Rex's opinion was verbalized to me and as such I had recently asked that this information be put in writing. You could also contact
Mr. Staples, our present Attorney, for his opinion and will receive the same answer that Rex gave a few years ago.

You are correct that utilities have to be moved and if you would check, there is some utility work that is part of the contract on Rufe Snow. The work in question is all part of the engineered drawings and is inspected, measured
and paid by TxDOT, not any of the city forces. These issues are not done as suggestions but are engineered. Any consultation with the city administration or engineering groups is performed by TxDOT and not the contractor. It has been my experience that  when you work for TxDOT they are the ones that do the directing. They are the intermediary and they require that the job is performed to
the plans and specifications set forth by TxDOT. You may want to call Mark Schlutter at TxDOT to get more information. You may also not be aware of the fact that the lion's share of the money for this project came from the FHWA and TxDOT must follow their rules in administering the work so as to obtain these funds.

As for your question on the city being financially burdened to fund an additional election. It would seem that you already know the answer to that with one of your other questions concerning an election in November. As you
obviously know, the council seat will not be filled until an election in November and since this is an election year there already will be an election then so additional expense should not be incurred. I guess the true question
comes back to your logic of why should we spend money to give the citizens a choice? Should we even have elections since the whole system just costs money. Or should we limit the number of candidates to two so that we are
assured that there is not a runoff so that we do not have to spend any more money than we already do ; have I made my point?

Appoint a puppet of your ilk?; now do you think that was a fair statement? I take offense to that, but as you probably already have gathered I will respond to your ill stated question due to the people that you copied this e-mail to. I again would ask you to do your own homework. These questions would be good if they
were directed to people that did not know better and have not already asked these questions in a more appropriate manner. The place 7 Council seat can not be filled by appointment since there is more than 180 days left in the
term. It can only be filled by having an election. You may not be aware that the office of Mayor will also not be vacated by the present Mayor if a runoff for Mayor is the outcome of the May election. The Mayor will continue to serve until which time he is replaced or re-elected by the citizens.

Should I win the election the City will have to run with a 6 member Council until which time a Council member is elected to fill the term of Place 7. Should I have chosen to resign, a six member Council would have been operating at this time. According to the charter and the rules we follow, there is not a requirement to have me resign my seat. I was elected to serve for the past two terms by a
majority of the voters and according to the feedback I have received the majority of citizens are in agreement with what I have done in the past. After the election we will see if they remain satisfied with the job I am doing and the choices I have made.

My vacating the seat that I hold to run for Mayor has nothing to do with ethics but with choices and apparently my choice does not reflect the choice you would have made which does not make me any less ethical it only shows that
we have a difference of opinion.

I thank you for visiting my web site, www.trevino4mayor.org, and hope that it will give you some food for thought in the upcoming election. I know that you
will now struggle with your vote and will probably have to vote for me as the next Mayor of North Richland Hills.

Oscar Trevino
North Richland Hills

Time Stamped March 05, 2002 @ 11:15 PM

Dear Editor:
Mr.Trevino, I am sure it has come up for question previously, how do you
ethically conduct business with the City of North Richland Hills and
explain away the conflict of interest with a vague letter from the ex
city attorney(Rex McIntire) that is altered and dated 1998?
Within the realm of your Contracts, Utilities have to be moved to City
Properties at the suggestion of the Public Works Director to allow your
Construction work. Who approves this?
If you aren't defeated in your bid for Mayor:
Will the City of North Richland Hills have to spend taxpayer dollars to
hold an election to fill your vacant Council Seat?
Will you have the authority to appoint a puppet of your ilk?
Will the City have to operate with an unfilled Council Seat until the
November Elections?
If you were truly an ethical individual, you would have vacated your
Council Seat when you decided to seek another office within our city.

Robert W. McKibben, Candidate for Mayor of North Richland Hills,Tx.

Time Stamped March 04, 2002 @ 9:42 PM

Dear Editor:

Just a short response to Ms. Barzelay's comments about my letter of March 1, 2002:

1.    I am going to be Rich Hendler's treasurer in the upcoming election.  I support him because he has substantial experience on the City's Park and Recreation Board and the integrity to make independent decisions.  His opponent, Dana Feldman, was elected with little or no experience on city boards or committees.

2.    While you might like to chalk my comments up to politics, the fact is that it is just plain inappropriate for Ms. Feldman, or any other council member for that matter, to be writing city ordinances and regulations.  We employ a city attorney for that purpose.

3.    As for your assertion that you would like to see an election that is based on issues, I cannot agree more!  To start with, I would like to see just how we as a City of declining sales taxes, recently closed businesses, and the largest percentage decrease in sale of homes in Tarrant County, will be able to pay for the more than $20 million dollars worth of spending this city council, including Ms. Feldman, has approved without a public vote or CIP process.  

Susan, I think you know me well enough to know that I call issues as I see them.  I don't question Ms. Feldman's legal credentials, she just should not try to act as the city attorney.

You and I would both like to see an election that focuses on citizen's issues and concerns.  My hope is that in the process we elect a city council that does!

Steven Magee             

Time Stamped March 04, 2002 @ 10:59 AM

To the Editor;
Too often letters to the editor -- especially during campaign seasons --
include disparaging remarks and personal attacks. This week was no

Mr. Magee, treasurer of a candidate running for city council, stated in
his letter to the editor that he has doubts regarding Dana Feldman's
legal credentials.  FYI: the candidate he works for is Dana's opponent. 

I know Dana Feldman to be a person of integrity, intelligence and has an
impressive graduate level education including law.   In light of current
events/Enron, we've had interesting discussions referencing her
experience as a corporate attorney for a large multinational energy
firm.  Most recently, Dana works part time as an attorney, dedicating
many hours to city council and, most significantly, her children and family.

Speaking for myself, I'd appreciate a city council election that
promotes civility and focuses on the issues and citizen concerns.  It's
not too early to see this process start!

Susan Barzelay

Time Stamped March 01, 2002 @ 9:43 PM

To the Editor;
Your coverage of the continuing Couch property highjacking by the Mayor and her majority Council was very timely.  It started out as a sweetheart deal, and remained so, shrouded in secrecy in Executive Session until Mayor Arp, in a familiarly notorious M.O., once again broke that code of ethical conduct, revealing to the Star-Telegram that it already was a done deal, even before Council voted.  

And "What's done is done," Councilwoman Tigue pointed out, before gifting The Villages with yet another cozy undermarket lease extension.  Councilman Rice tells us to expect more eminent domain condemnations on the fabulous strip that will be the golden vision version of Colleyville Boulevard.  More widow women to grift out of their income property?  Long time businesses rewarded with punishing setbacks and "attractive" medians to detail traffic into The Villages?

I can't wait.

As for my brief piece of the audio-aside from being a candidate for an emergency Intervention by Toastmasters-I truly wish just one person on the Council dais had asked me, when I said I had called the City Manager and expressed an interest in leasing the building myself, "Just what, Ms. Baker, would you intend to do with the property?"

Because I might have answered that I would use it for a One Room Luxury Hotel, at $250. per night.  Costs of remodeling would have been no problem because I would be sure
to be eligible for all those TIF funds-in advance-tax incentives, rebates, grants, AND get awarded the janitorial/catering contract for the rest of the City facilities.

Linda Baker


Time Stamped March 01, 2002 @ 7:26 PM

To the Editor;
Thanks to the City of Colleyville for hosting a networking meeting with representatives of many of the homeowners associations of Colleyville.  

Unfortunately, Mayor Arp continues to give interested citizens incorrect information about the City of Colleyville.  For many years, I have asked the city staff and council why the City fails to maintain a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that is updated on a yearly basis and is an intregal part of the budget process.  Mr. Stripling, former city manager, directly responded that "the politics of this city won't allow it."  When I asked the new city manager Bill Lindley about his opinion of a CIP at last week's HOA meeting, Mayor Arp cut him off midsentance and told the group that I was wrong and that the City has a CIP.  Well folks, we don't have anything even approaching a CIP or the process to develop one!  

A CIP is important to a growing city because it helps focus the staff, the citizens and the city council on the projects that will need to be developed and funded in the short and long term.  It memorializes them in a formal budget.  It is a way of prioritizing as part of the budget process with full public participation and discussion.  

We don't do that in Colleyville!  Instead, the whim of the council prevails and we read pronouncements in the newspapers like "the Library is the will of the people" and similar statements from our Mayor and the less experienced City Council members.  This is what happens when we elect a council with virtually no advisory board experience and apparent little preparation for their duties.  Donna leads and the others follow (except Richard Newton).  Mr. Hocutt said it best "we are of like mind."  Is it of "like mind" or of "no mind."  Just consider the following:

Why did Dana Feldman draft an ethics ordinance for the council?  Don't we have a city attorney?  I would think Dana (who to my knowledge has never actively practiced law) may have been a we bit embarrassed when her ordinance conflicted with the city charter!

Why did the council approve nearly $20 million dollars worth of construction and funding for the new City Hall, Library, Villages Developer, etc., without a public vote and no CIP?  Why is it that we can't get a straight answer on how much operating budget increases will be necessary to fund this spending spree?      

Why does the Mayor insist on telling unknowing groups what she thinks we all want to hear (even though not the truth)?  How come our Mayor doesn't know what a real CIP is?  

The better question is how much longer are we going to put up with elected officials that are just plain not prepared for their position?  

There is an election in May.  Get involved.  Consider the candidates carefully, their experience and preparation, and vote accordingly.  

Steven Magee
President, Caldwell's Creek HOA
(former city manager, Coconut Creek, Florida)

Time Stamped March 01, 2002 @ 8:02 AM

To the Editor;

Wouldn't it be nice if LNO provided some detailed election information to the
community? We are facing national, state and local elections of importance
and I don't believe the major media provide the information that we need. It
would also be helpful if you provided information on election dates and
voting places.

We moved here from a small town in New Jersey where the local, weekly paper
provided extensive election coverage. Our local election committee also sent
a complete sample ballot in the mail to every registered voter weeks ahead of
the election.

I think LNO is doing a very good job of providing a public forum for debate
as well as a medium for the distribution of local news. LNO is similar to Fox
News and could adopt their logo: " We report , you decide."

David Peck
Publisher Note:  We thank Mr. Peck for a great potential "tag line" for LNO, LNO will continue to work to improve coverage.  We appreciate the suggestions and will strive to rise to the challenge.



Time Stamped February 25, 2002 @ 5:15 PM

To the Editor;

I read Linda Newton's article on the Leadership Colleyville Alumni Reception with great interest.  I am a graduate of Leadership Colleyville, Class VII.  I did not receive any notification of this wonderful networking opportunity.  I called the Chamber this morning and was told that ALL alumni had received a letter, followed by a telephone call alerting them to this reception.  In fact, there is no record of my name in the Chamber computer.

I volunteered for the Chamber for many years since moving to Colleyville in 1991.  I was employed by the Chamber for several years, and resigned, twice.  I commented to the person who fielded my call that the President had probably deleted me.

The Chamber President returned my call several hours later.  She told me that she doesn't "Play those kind of games". In addition, she laughed and said that she wouldn't know how to delete anyone anyway. I responded that someone in the organization had to do the deleting, otherwise my name would still be active.
I think it sad that a former employee of the Chamber of Commerce should be expunged because her  beliefs did not follow those of the President. And I do think that she plays those kind of games.

Thank You, 
Linda Eilenfeldt

Time Stamped February 24, 2002 @ 7:08 PM

To the Editor;

It seems that we have a new "Donnagate" here in Colleyville. We have so many
it would be useless to try to name them all. Maybe we just start numbering

The latest involves Councilman Newton in the Council pre-meeting two weeks
ago when he asked for a report that had been addressed to the Mayor and
Council about the Ethics ordnance. (As unusual as it may seem, this
Councilman likes to know what he is voting on, rather than just doing as
Donna says.)

This request either surprised Donna (not being used to Council persons that
had to be told more than merely how high to jump), and she responded that no
one had the report.

Ginny promptly answered that she had a copy. (Ginny must not have gotten the
script for the night.)

 Donna told her she didn't. To which Ginny replied, "Oh."

Since he had asked for the report from the staff before the meeting,
Councilman Newton was still insisting that he should have the report, before
he voted.

Donna, now insulted, suggested that Newton should apologize. Later this was
made to seem to be a request for an apology for an alleged slight of the
staff (which it wasn't), but it seems more that Donna wanted Councilman
Newton to apologize for asking for the information. (Such a hateful thing to
do - it spoils ones plans when people demand to know the facts.)

When someone is embarrassed to share information, with those duly entitled
to receive it, especially someone in elected office, there is only one

Donna what are you hiding this time?

It is ironic to note, that shortly after this, Donna was quoted in the paper
concerning the upcoming elections - she's not running but she has already
published her list of lackeys that she has to take care of - about her
supposed opponents, "They distort the facts to promote their own agenda."
Seems Donna has, again, taken the lead on the rest of us in distorting the

Clifford Holliday

Time Stamped February 16, 2002 @ 10:30 AM

Dear Publisher,

Please post the attached response to Ms. Kahle's e-mail

Dear Ms. Kahle:

Thank you for taking the time to send me your questions. 

Patsy Smith had prepared three documents for the city to consider: 1) a Special Warranty Deed to convey 4.111 acres for the city hall and .912 acres for parking, 2) a Special Warranty Deed to convey the road leading up to the city hall site, and 3) a Reciprocal Easement and Parking Agreement between Town Center and the city. 

The conditions in the deed for the city hall site and the parking site were: 1) the city had 15 days to sign a reciprocal easement for parking, 2) the city had three years to complete construction of city hall, 3) the city had to continuously use the property for a city hall, library, or general administrative offices of the city (there could be breaks, but not greater than 90 days), and 4) the city could not use the property for any purposes other than a city hall, library or general administrative offices for a period exceeding 30 days. The last two conditions ended after October 1, 2029, which would have been approximately the 30-year useful life of the city hall structure.

There was one other condition in the deed for the city hall site and the parking area. Ms. Smith reserved the right to reacquire the .912 acre of parking area as long as she provided a similar area adjacent to the 4.111 acre tract where city hall would be built.

The Special Warranty Deed for the road leading to the city hall from state highway 26 had two conditions: 1) the city had 15 days to sign a reciprocal easement for parking, and 2) the city had to construct the road within a time period to be stipulated at a cost of not less than $625,000. 

None of these conditions allowed Patsy Smith to retain control over the 4.111 acres on which the city hall would be built. Since Ms. Smith reserved the right to reacquire the parking area in exchange for a similar area, it might be seen by some that she retained some control over that .912 acre. However, the city would have had full control over the city hall site. Ms. Smith had no control over the land the road would be built on as long as the city built the road. This was not too consequential anyway since the developer would have built the road if the city didn’t build it, and the right of way would have to be dedicated to the city based on Colleyville’s Land Development Code.

During the past year my wife and I have both put much time and energy into researching the decisions made by our city during the last few years and the actual documents associated with those decisions.  Much changed between the time I left office in May 1999 and my election in November 2001.  It had not been my intention to return to a position in city government, but my concern over the misinformation that I had personally heard greatly concerned me. We found that many things citizens had been told by the elected officials (via newspaper articles, the Communicator, public comments, etc.) cannot be substantiated when you actually research the documents. 

In the LNO column I said Donna Arp arbitrarily found fault with the donation because she was telling people (including me) that if the building burned down and had to be rebuilt that the ownership of the property would revert. She also enlisted the assistance of Dana Feldman in claiming this issue. However, it is my opinion that this idea was far-fetched and simply used as a reason for killing the deal. It does not stand up to reason. 

I talked to Patsy Smith about this and she told me she was only interested in insuring that the city used the land for the purpose that it was donated. She was concerned that she would donate the land and the city would put the city hall somewhere else. I can’t say that I blame her in that the elected officials were not negotiating in good faith with her during this time. Ms. Smith confirmed that the mayor or other city officials did not discuss any concerns they claimed to have had with Ms. Smith, nor did they try to negotiate any changes in the Special Warranty Deed that Ms. Smith’s attorney prepared. 

The property that Herman Smith dedicated for the Community Center had nearly identical stipulations placed on it and we managed to get a first class Community Center built without any concern from anyone. 

The information I have shared with you is summarized from the actual documents that Patsy Smith’s attorney sent to the city. I will be happy to share any information or copies with you.  As a resident of Kingswood I can understand your concern about the Town Center development. I reside in Highland Meadows not far away and have the same concerns.

Thank you for your questions. 
Richard Newton

Publisher note: Mr. Newton currently serves on the Colleyville City Council Place 4 and is a former mayor of the city, his response was to the email to the editor listed immediately below.

Time Stamped February 15, 2002 @ 10:57 PM

Dear Editor:
Dear Mr. Newton,

I live in Kingswood Estates, off of Bluebonnet. I have been interested
and concerned about what will be built on and around the "Town Center"
property.  I was the only citizen that made it to the meeting at Mr.
Howe's office in August of 2000 to see the plans of Mrs. Smith's land.

There is something that I don't understand.  In your article, you
mentioned that the Donna Arp or city council "found fault with the
conditions of the donation".  I would like to ask you, what are the
conditions of the donation?  When I talked to Mrs. Arp, I understood it
to mean that Mrs. Smith would not fully give the land to the city.  Once
Mrs. Smith gave the land to the city, she could somehow still have
control over it.  Could you please explain this to me in more detail?

Thank you for your time,

Angela Kahle

Time Stamped February 13, 2002 @ 6:15 PM

Dear Editor:
Enjoyed your coverage of the "Ethics" ordinance although I can't imagine what it's going to change. As one of my good friends says, "You either have ethics or you don't."

I'm just curious. Does moral turpitude include telling a developer that the City is about to sue him?

Luann Edwards

Time Stamped February 13, 2002 @ 2:02 PM

Dear Editor,

Your article was great.  Everyone got a big kick out of it.  Thanks for making it so funny.  Since everyone laughed I guess we won't be riding tonight over to your house to dirt track in your front yard.
Ken Green
Publisher Note:  We really appreciate the comments, the story ran on November 5, 2001.  Of course, a really great feature about LNO is that you can read the articles anytime you get ready!  This one is in the archives.  If you didn't see the Colleyville's motorcycle gang article, click on the photo. 
Time Stamped February 12, 2002 @ 9:12 PM

Dear Editor,

When I came home from work today, I noticed the flag at half-staff at the McPherson Fire Station.  It was on the news about the Firefighter in Dallas who just this day, lost his life in the brave commission of his duty.  I had already decided to  write, but this event seemed to catalyze the thoughts.  

Before the Fire Station at McPherson Dairy was completed, during the blistering August of that year, we had a runaway prairie fire lay siege out here.  Our Colleyville firefighters, with the assistance of units from neighboring cities and military helicopters, all under the superb direction of Chief Johnston, finally fought the flames back, and put out the exploding towers the trees had become, just short of our house and barn.  This particular fire had raced across forest and meadow so fast that all homes west of Monticello were in eminent danger-it wasn't just our lone family who stood to lose everything.

So it was deeply disturbing to see the photos of the living conditions in our east side Fire Station on Hall-Johnson.  OUR Fire Station.  Not as Mr. Lindley would dismiss it, as the Chief's problem.  I'm pretty darn sure that Mr. Lindley did not have Cynthia, Jan, Dorothy, or Dianne strap on the tool belts and slither under the portable buildings out back to fix the plumbing, or shore up the flooring.  These are Our Problems.

As my son and I were finishing our barn chores this evening, we watched the big red ladder truck roll out of the station, lights flashing and horn blowing, answering a call.  I always get a lump in my throat witnessing this, but I was surprised to see our boy stand at attention and salute as the unit passed.  He gave me an embarrassed look afterwards, but said to me, "Everyone should do that, Mom.  They deserve it."

We all likewise should be saddened by the cavalier manner in which the Mayor and some Council members reacted when concerns were aired that the east side Fire Station should command some priority over a grandiose city hall and frill amenities for an already funded library.  By dusting their hands off and the comment, "No lives will be in peril," by Mayor Arp, we are able to see these shallow, self-important pufferies in their true nature.  Our lives and those who are sworn to guard them, are not so important to them as the myopic "vision" for the golden city.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped February 09, 2002 @ 7:32 PM

Dear Editor:
I would like you to remove me from you email list. I have never seen such absurd journalism. You have taken the media and made it a mockery by constantly knocking our community and its leadership. There is a reason many of the people who write for this terrible email newsletter have not been elected into office..people did not want to vote for you.  I have never seen such a poor publication.. Take me off!
Missy Gale

Publisher Note:  Concerning the people who write for LNO, if you are including our guest columns and our Board of Directors, they have been elected to office in Colleyville a total of ten terms or more than 20 years of combined public service  for the City of Colleyville alone.  And Rep. Truitt has been elected by her district twice after defeating an incumbent.  Concerning LNO's coverage,  readers should ask, " If something is the truth, but negative, should it not be told?  And conversely, if something is a lie, but positive, should it be believed?"  LNO posting is approximately  75% community oriented events and photos.  However, LNO is also committed to providing an outlet for all local political views and the invitation stands to anyone to offer comments or a column. LNO will continue to post articles on local government and accompany the articles with actual scanned documents where appropriate.

Time Stamped February 09, 2002 @ 7:32 PM

Dear Editor:
As a former resident of Colleyville, and an active and interested resident when we lived there, I want to take this opportunity to question the motivations of some of the players in the current library and city hall controversy.  I was involved with the Chamber of Commerce when I lived there and we offered a yearlong class called Leadership Colleyville.  That course has always been intended to inform and educate interested citizens in the workings of the government of the city, as well as other areas of interest to the individuals enrolled.  Unfortunately, it now seems that some of the graduates of that program (the current mayor, one councilwoman and a developer) have taken what they learned in that class and used it for their own personal satisfaction and, quite possibly, gain. That should NEVER be the reason one runs for political office – Washington, D. C. doesn’t have one thing on Colleyville, Texas.

One of the things that was of great interest to me was a public library for Colleyville.  I was involved from the beginning with the library committee appointed by the City Council as well as  the Friends of the Library group.  The city did an extensive study to see how much an adequate library would cost, both to build and RUN ON A DAILY BASIS.  The city honestly could not afford to both build and run a library, so it was moved back, but not taken off the priority list.  It is my understanding that come the end of March of this year there will be a ground breaking for the new Colleyville Library to be built in The Village.  The Village is not where the library was intended to be.  It was to be NEXT DOOR to the Community Center on Bluebonnet on land donated by Patsy and Herman Smith.  Where did that plan go???  

It is also my understanding that you, the citizens of Colleyville are going to build a new City Hall at The Village.  That was not the original plan either.  Guess where that facility was supposed to be?  You got it – by the Community Center.  Interesting, don’t you think, that after several years of hard work by the previous City Councils, various citizen committees, a bond election, and studies, architectural planning and cost estimating, that all of that was pitched and now the plan is to the benefit of a very few citizens.   Who will now benefit from the development of The Village?  Where is the MONEY coming from to pay for all of these new plans and consultants and the moving and rearranging of what was a sound, well thought out plan for the City?  I would suggest that you take out your wallets and see if you can afford to continue to pay for the personal choices of a few.  I believe that you, the citizens of Colleyville, need to take the time and pay attention to what is going on in your own backyard. 

Oh, a couple of last thoughts - if you go to the new library do you know where you are going to park?  (Just a note to you, the people who have been, are now, and forever will be paying for all of this, you might want to venture over to The Village and stake out your parking place – I couldn’t find any parking when I was there.)  Where are your kids going to park their bikes?  And, just how many times do you think you should pay for a cup of coffee at the coffee bar in the library? 

I can see how this is going to end up from the Rockies if you don’t ask your elected officials just how much of a tax increase they are going to send you.

Jane McKain

Time Stamped February 08, 2002 @ 11:47 PM

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Richard Newton's article regarding moving City Hall
and the Library to the Villages.  I really don't care where they are built,
but I feel some facts need to be pointed out. I remember that plans for the
City Hall were going along very slowly and there were several snags with
Patsy Smith retaining a lot of control over the facade of the building. I
think the joint  meeting was to give Patsy a little push and to say "hey,
you're not the only game in town."  Mrs. Smith did not respond to this
coercion well. She just said, "OK, I'm withdrawing my proposal." SHE was the
one ultimately responsible for the move because now we had no choice, we
only had one offer left!
Maybe this was a valid response to the slight the council delivered, but it
seemed rather drastic and left no negotiating room whatsoever. The council
did not choose another site until Ms. Smith withdrew.

Mr. Newton also pins a lot of blame on Mayor Arp. This may be true, but he
doesn't point out that HE was the mayor before Donna and chose not to run
again. He might have prevented this whole fiasco if he was as concerned
about our town then as he appears to be now. Can the City Hall and Library
site be changed at this late date? I doubt it, so what purpose does it serve
to go over it once again? I believe he has the best interests of Colleyville
at heart - I voted for him in November, but I feel he needs to stop
criticizing and work together to make Colleyville the best it can be.

Jill Van Over

Time Stamped February 06, 2002 @ 1:04 AM

Dear Editors,


I read with great interest LNO’s article on the conditions of the old temporary fire station on Hall Johnson Road.  As a community that was once touted as being the Highland Park in the mid-cities area, we should all be proud of our fire fighters and for that matter, our law enforcement men and women too.  We should stand up and make sure they have what they need to do their jobs.  We should be concerned for their health and safety.  Think about it, these are the people that make sure the rest of us are safe and secure.  We owe them decent pay, decent working conditions and decent facilities.  

I believe there is really something wrong with Colleyville city government when the council and mayor can readily support a $600,000 pile of books, reallocate $600,000 that should go toward possibly building a new fire station and ignore the brave fire fighters that will no doubt be called upon to make sure the edifice that will house those books is safe and secure.  I am not against libraries, in fact for many years I paid the extra $1.00 a month that was included with my water bill.  I made frequent use of the library in Grapevine when we were still allowed to use it.  Our children deserve (and have for a long time) a library.  But, I question whether our Colleyville library needs to be a monument to ego and elitism, hoping to be the eighth wonder of the world.  By the way, has that sum of money collected with water bills ever been accounted for??? Just a question.

But I digress.  The important question for Colleyville residents to consider is: are we willing to support our fire fighters or not?  With all due respect to the mayor and councilmen Rice, I do think we need to at least consider the situation at the present fire station on Hall Johnson.  If mold and rats and drafts and other unnecessary and unhealthy conditions are not a concern for our current city administration then why do we pay city inspectors, why do we attempt to have code enforcement and why doesn’t common sense and decency enter into the equation?   

Finally, in case my message got lost, I don’t know whether we need a brand new fire station or not.  I know I want to ensure that both the citizens and their property in Colleyville are somehow protected.  I don’t know whether any life in Colleyville is in peril or not but I know if I had to make a public comment on that question, I would tend to error on the side of caution.  One thing I do know is that the fire fighters working out of the Hall Johnson Station deserve considerably better treatment from the city they protect than what they are getting.  No one, not even the “evil doers” at Camp X-ray in Cuba have to live in such horrid conditions. 

I can remember the events of about 5 months ago.  The whole civilized world looked with horror at the destruction resulting from the attack on the Trade Centers in New York.  We watched as the fire fighters and police were “doing their jobs” and were finally being recognized by the world as the heroes they are.  We don’t have huge World Trade Centers in Colleyville (yet) but our fire fighters are no less heroic than every other fire fighter in the world.  We owe them.


Tom Dolan
Time Stamped February 05, 2002 @ 11:49 PM

Dear Editor:
Like the previous concerned Colleyville citizen, I could not believe the pictures of the fire station, and feel something needs to be done to improve the conditions there. Maybe instead of building a new station, it could be remodeled.
I am also disappointed that the library isn't started yet, but I don't think we ought to be trying to keep the necessary funds from going there. I have driven to the Bedford and Grapevine libraries so many times, I'd be rich if I had a dollar for every visit.

So let's get on with it as it will be great for all the families, and will be a selling point for the city when people relocate here. We are all tired of seeing Southlake getting everything, and businesses here closing.
After September 11, we all realize what our firemen have to do, so let's get the Hall-Johnson station fixed up so they can have a first-class place and stay healthy.

Mel Manuel

Timme Stamped February 05, 2002 @ 6:43 PM

Dear Editors,

WOW!!  Thanks for the pictures and story on 
Fire station #1.  Once again I am appalled at the apparent misdirection of funds that this city council is intent on committing.  Taking money away from the building fund for a new fire station is not the answer.  I ask again~ isn't this part of our money that they are playing with? 
Yes, I would love to see John McCain reconfigured at Hwy. 26.  As it is, it is a traffic nightmare and dangerous to say the least.  No one would disagree with this fact.  But there has to be another way than to take the money away from the very people that are always ready to answer our calls! 
No apparent lives would be in peril according to Mayor Arp?
Maybe not the majority of citizens, but what about the health of our firefighters?  Has she offered to sleep in those quarters for 48 hours?  Has Mr. Rice eaten off of the plates in the open pantry that have most likely been traveled on by the rats?  How many times have our firefighters had to visit the doctor for respiratory problems because of mold or horrible air filters, not smoke inhalation?
I'm sure it was this firehouse team that helped fight the two house fires in Colleyville that caused over $1 million several months ago, but this is how our city council proposes to repay these firefighters for their dedication?  For a mayor that publicly brags about the disposable income level of this city, she should be embarrassed and disgraced by the condition of this fire station in a city such as Colleyville.
I am sick of seeing this council throw money after a bad idea and not take care of the important items.  The library budget is already out of hand, over the estimate $2.5 million and the ground has not even been broken yet!  The taxpayers should demand that this council and mayor require that the remainder of the library funds come from private donations and fund raising as first planned or put on hold until the funds are privately raised.  The funds should not come at the expense of our firefighters.  What are Colleyville citizens willing to accept?
In regards to the fire station--will this council be there for the firefighters when there own station house catches fire because of the wiring conditions there?  It is time for this city's residents and business owners to stand up to this council and say enough is enough.  It is time to do the right thing.
I would like to send my apologies for such living quarters to our firefighters at station #1--I had no idea it was so bad!
I urge the citizens to attend the Feb. 5 and 19 council meetings and make your thoughts known on this issue.  If you can't be there, do as I will do and e-mail every council member and the mayor of your opinions.  The voice of the people must be heard on this health hazard to our firefighters!
Thank you LNO for your time and allowing the citizens to see things that others find easy to shove aside.  Council can ignore your online paper, but the readers cannot ignore the facts~~pictures are worth a thousand words. 
Polls open in May 2002 and 2003.
Lisa Bernardo
Concerned Colleyville resident
Time Stamped February 04, 2002 @ 8:35 AM
Dear Editor,
Just a follow-up note from our restaurant visit from Friday night. We received a phone call from one of the owners. They were very concerned over the events of my family's visit to his restaurant. Apologies were given again and we were offered gift certificates to help mend the performance of the employee. While we appreciate the offer from the owner for a "free" visit, we declined. Hopefully everyone has learned a valuable lesson.
              Take care of your most valuable asset, the customer!
Shawn R. Roach
 Time Stamped February 01, 2002 @ 3:36 PM

Dear Editor:

In recent news stories about Wal-Mart closing in Southlake and moving to Grapevine, there were lots of quotes from officials in both cities. Isn't it interesting that there has been no reaction from Colleyville city officials over the possible closing of the city's largest generators of sales tax? I doubt there has been any contact between Colleyville City Hall and K-Mart. Sad.

Jerome Davis


Time Stamped 01-31-02 12:39 PM

Dear Editor: (Copy of letter to AT&T)

AT&T Broadband
1565 Chenault Street
Dallas, Texas 75228

Dear Sirs:

What kind of shyster telephone solicitors do you employ?

For the past several days I have received daily telephone calls from
someone representing AT&T Broadband attempting to get me to subscribe to
your digital "Gold Plan" whatever that is. Each day, until Wednesday
they just hung hung up after I told them no, but on Wednesday I guess
the sales pitch for those who declined had to get a bit tougher.

Now your telephone solicitors are telling me my cable rates "will
double" at the end of the month if I don't agree to upgrade to to
digital from analog. First, I see no advantage to your digital package
since my son lives in another city and has your digital package and
haven't been impressed with it, 2. your converters are are too expensive
to rent to receive a more expensive signal; 3. My analog cable signal is
bad enough so if I can't receive a decent analog signal then digital
won't be any better and 4.There has been no public announcement of any
cable rate increase as required by law. Your telephone solicitor that
called Wednesday "has just been informed of it that morning" and was
"alerting "her customers" to the increase as a "caring customer service
representative" even though I've never had any contact with this
particular woman before. I've dealt with your customer service personnel
before and haven't found any of them to be "caring" or very competent.

I know the Federal Communications Commission has mistakenly freed
television cable companies from any local regulation and AT&T charges
different rates in different cities (I was told that years a  Storer
Cable representative before you bought them out) to "whatever the traffic will

Just because you are the only wire line cable company in Colleyville doesn't mean people won't switch to a dish because of lousy service that never gets
corrected (If I hear the phrase from your telephone service people and
service technicians that I receive a lousy signal because "you're on the  end of
the line" I think I'll scream) and uncaring customer service personnel
that tell you they'll get a service technician out to my house "when
they get more calls of a cable problem in the area and more working
people get home to report problems at their homes."

Colleyville has discussed in the past about granting a second cable
company a franchise and the next time this is discussed I plan to add my
name to its list of supporters.

I look forward to a reply, but I certainly don't expect. one since
you've ignored my letters in the past.

Also it seems strange that Colleyville  receives news channels such as
CNN, Fox and others as part of expanded basic cable, but your telephone
people tell my elderly parents who live in an affluent part of North
Dallas and subscribed to basic and expanded basic plans they they "have
to" subscribe to digital and the premium movie channels to get the news
channels.  Do you have a double standard "for what the traffic will

Tom Anderson

Time Stamped 01-31-02 11:42 AM.

Dear Editor:

I would like to first say that I really like the format of this electronic
newspaper. This is a great media for our community.

But I have to say that I am disappointed that it seems that a lot of time is
spent attacking our current city government. I feel that we need to work
together to make our city a better place for all of our citizens.

Hopefully there will be a more positive spirit in the future.


Joe Tanner

Time Stamped 01-30-02 11:18 AM.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing our article concerning Libertarian candidates
in the upcoming state races.  I'm glad to have gained exposure in what
appears to be an objective voice that informs people of issues that may
otherwise go unheard.  As a candidate for my party's nomination for
State Senate District 12, I only wish the new district boundaries could
have been drawn to include Colleyville in District 12 instead of
District 10.  Having been a Grapevine resident for the past 17 years,
it seems that Colleyville and Grapevine have a more common tie than
Colleyville does with Arlington and southern Tarrant County. 

Nevertheless, your readership encompasses much of Northeast Tarrant and
does a good job at it.  I appreciated reading yours and Councilman
Newton's articles concerning the apparent cronyism that has taken hold
in the Colleyville City Hall.  Hopefully with efforts such as these you
will be able to bring back the open forums necessary for fair and just

The Republican candidate for District 12, Jane Nelson, has strong ties
to the state law that provides an avenue for developers to circumvent
the idea of open forums in establishing property tax abatements for
developer projects.  In many ways, she seems to be more liberal than
the Republican platform.  I'd like to be able to provide some
alternative ideas in Austin that would limit the intrusion of and
capricious granting of government power.  This issue and our
unconstitutional state property tax that we in GCISD all suffer from
need immediate attention.  The Libertarian ideal would limit government
authority and return it back where the rubber meets the road in the
capable hands of individuals who act with openness, accountability,
responsibility, and tolerance.

Please let me know if I could write something for your publication.


Steve Rushton, SPHR
Candidate for LP nomination for State Senate District 12

Time Stamped 01-30-02 9:52 AM.

Dear Editor:

Thank you very much for publishing the information on the various
Libertarian candidates for office.  Unfortunately, for me, my issue is
changing as I better identify my targets.  After some (continuing)
research on the subject, I am no longer for abolishing the Tax Appraisal
Districts because they do not appear to be the real problem.  My goal is
the same, to try to rein in the continual increase in property taxes
without voter approval.  Unfortunately, the "system" is really the
problem.  Forms from the State Comptrollers Office apparently help local
taxing bodies raise revenues without having to call it a tax increase.
Games are also played by the school districts on their "projected rate
of collection" which allows them to raise rates without calling it a tax
increase.  Even if school districts knowingly falsify this information,
there is no penalty to them and the rates stand.

This is more than just increases in appraisals, it is an ingrained
system to defraud the public of money by thwarting the intent of the
Texas Constitution, Article 8, Section 21.  As soon as I can compose a
comprehensive and understandable account of how the tax rates are
figured (and falsified) I will do a write up and send it out for

Thank you again for your efforts.


Ron C. West
Candidate for State Representative - District 91
P.S.:  I was a Petty Officer in the Naval Air Reserve - not an Officer.

Time Stamped 01-27-02 7:17 P.M.

To the Editor

Thank you for your excellent coverage and all the photographs from Colleyville Elementary's presentation of The Fisherman and His Wife.  I can't tell you how much the kids enjoy seeing the pictures from their performance.  No other news organization covers school and other local youth activities the way you do and you are very much appreciated.  The Colleyville Elementary kids put on a great show and very much deserved the standing ovation they received. Many thanks to the P.T.A., the Missoula Theatre and all of the volunteers that made this presentation possible.  Keep up the great work!
Keith Staudt

Time Stamped 01-24-02 8:34 P.M.

To the Editor

I hope everyone reads the latest chapter in the horror story of what the City of Colleyville has done to the Couch family, one of the oldest families in Colleyville.  After reading this story, we should all tell our city officials why this was wrong and an effort should be made to make recompense to Mrs. Couch while she is still with us.  There is “Right” and there is “Wrong.”  If anybody thinks what has happened to the Couch’s property is “Right” then they should really expect the worst from our City officials when the time comes for the “Wrong” to raise its ugly face.  I couldn’t be more ashamed for us all.

Ted Moore

Time Stamped 01-23-02 7:54 P.M.

To the Editor

Thank you for publishing Former Mayor and now City Councilman Richard Newton's column in the guest editorial section.  Fellow citizens please take the time to read this excellent column.  

Mr. Newton's analytical, measured and balanced approach to the issues facing Colleyville gives us hope that our local leadership may at some point quit telling us only what they think we want to hear.  We need to face the fact that the City has done a poor job at attracting commercial development.  Our main arterial Texas 26 or Colleyville Boulevard is doted with strip retail development in an odd mixture of auto service related uses and dry cleaners.  While the idea of the Village of Colleyville to create a town center was novel, it just has not been successful.  While I along with everyone I know in town hopes the Village will make it, the signs are not there.  

The "of like mind" City Council, led by Mayor Arp, except for former Mayor Newton, have decided to put all our economic development eggs in one basket.  In the past couple of years we have moved the site for the new city hall from where it was well planned and accessible, near the new public safety complex, the post office and the City's community center, to the Village.  We went from a prominent site to a cramped one behind Krogers.  There the new city hall and library will be built on a whopping 1-acre site without adequate parking.  We have increased spending on the new library to almost double the initial plans at the expense of other sorely needed capital improvement projects.  We have spent thousands on redesigning the finished plans for city hall.  Now we are about to build these two very prominent city facilities, the library and the city hall, to stand virtually by themselves in the Village (behind our Krogers, at least until Krogers closes its doors in favor of the new Krogers down the road in Hurst).  What is the justification for all this?  

I vividly remember visiting with then Florida Governor and now U.S. Senator Bob Graham at the opening of the new city government complex we had just built in Coconut Creek, Florida in 1990.  After touring the facility, Bob turned to myself and Mayor Bob Shelley and without explanation said "at least you guys realized you only build these once."  He went on to explain, "if you build a house in the wrong place, you can usually sell it and try again, but when you use the people's money to build major public facilities you have to get it right the first time because you live with the results."  

Unfortunately fellow citizens I am of the opinion that we "didn't get it right" when Donna and crew decided to build our major public facilities behind the Krogers store.    The next time you see Donna's smiling face in the Colleyville communicator telling you how great things are, just think about the businesses closing their doors, the "big bird" medians, and the new Krogers town hall.  Who knows, maybe it will work out for the best and we can change the name of the city to "Krogerville."

Steve Magee
Colleyville, TX
(former City Manager, Coconut Creek, Florida)

Time Stamped 01-23-02 10:42 A..M.

To the Editor,
Thank you for letting me know that the Editorial Task Force has had a
name change and is now the Editorial Advisory Board.

Your response to my earlier request, who was on the Editorial Task Force
(renamed Editorial Advisory Board), was not answered.

Please let me know who is on the Editorial Advisory Board. Either
provide the information or let me know where on LNO the information is

Jo Ann Gasper

Publisher Note: There is no Editorial Advisory Board please re-read the previous Publisher Note and e-mail response, there has been no reference to same.

The members on the original Editorial Task Force are not consulted now, nor ever have been consulted as an Editorial Board.  Primarily because LNO has never posted an LNO EDITORIAL and has no plans to do so in the future.
To repeat for emphasis, LNO does not now nor ever has had a traditional Editorial Board.  The initial approach was that Task Force Members would write individual editorials about a subject matter selected by the Editors.  LNO would not have one singular Editorial, but a number of different editorials from individual contributors on a singular subject. An open invitation was made on the site to all interested parties and all that indicated an interest were listed.
Beginning 2002, in order to ensure the broadest and most diverse input possible, a decision was made that the Editors would no longer provide subject matter but allow and encourage columns on any subject matter as long as it has a local impact.
While all columns are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for our family site and that the column is issue oriented, the contributors are individuals that may or may not be on the Advisory Board and that may or may not be associated as a staff member.
LNO appreciates your interest in these matters and continues to invite and encourage you to submit comments or even columns.  We feel the site should be a free exchange of ideas, thought provoking and contemporary.

Finally concerning the Advisory Board, the previous Task Force are actually  prospective members of the new Advisory Board.  

While we welcome all columnists contributions, I am sure you understand from a strictly business point of view of a closely held corporation, our actual Advisory Board requires mutual interest and consent of the parties.  LNO will publish additional information about Advisory Board members when appropriate.
Time Stamped 01-23-02 9:53 A..M.

To the Editor,
Thank you for sending out e-mails (Headline Alerts) concerning the pro-tem mayor's comment. I saw it on T.V. and was upset this woman was so sure of her self, people need to know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for letting the public know who missed Ms. Tigues performance and comment concerning picking straws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this woman has an attitude!!!!
Carole Paul

Time Stamped 01-21-02 8:56 P.M.

Dear Editor,

Does anyone at LNO have any information about the future of Colleyville's Kroger at 26 and Glade?  I recently noticed that a Kroger "Signature" store will soon be opening where Minyards used to be on 26, near Kohl's -- I believe that's in Hurst.  I'm assuming this means that Kroger is going to be pulling out of its
Colleyville location and that we will have lost yet another business.  Any word?

Jenifer Zimmerman

Publisher Note: At the time of posting LNO has not been able to verify the future status of Kroger.  However, there seems to be a growing consensus amongst viewers that the Hurst opening does not play out well for the Colleyville store.  LNO will continue our efforts to obtain a definitive statement.

Time Stamped 01-21-02 8:49 P.M.

Dear Editor,

Since we don't get Colleyville News & TImes anymore, I rely on your Website for openings and closings of local businesses. I have not seen anything mentioned about the Taco Bell closing, or Ruby's changing to Finz.
I called Taco Bell and the owner called me back and told me that we will have to drive south on 26  to Harwood Rd.  "I don't think so." Were there any reasons given for this sudden closure, other than the median? It was
always busy, and was very convenient.

Who owns Finz, and is it their first store?
I have also heard that Cafe Panache on Harwood is considering moving to the vacant Taco Bell building, which would be good as it serves excellent

I hope the replacement for Skillman Wok is better than the first two occupants.  Who is the replacement, and what is their previous experience? I am hoping someone from the Chamber of Commerce will contact a chain called Westlake Hardware out of Lenexa,KS about taking over the old Payless Cashways store. They are a very well managed chain of hardware stores and compete very well when near Lowes and Home Depot.
They acquired the Arlington Hardware store several years ago, and have a few other stores in the DFW area.

Melvin Manuel

Publisher Note: LNO is preparing an article on the many recent closings.

Time Stamped 01-18-02 6:10 P.M.

I am not able to locate your Editorial Task Force. Have you done away
with the Task Force? If so, who is functioning as your Editorial Board.

If I am wrong. Please direct me to the correct link.
Jo Ann Gasper

Publisher Note:  The previously named Editorial Task Force has been renamed  the LNO Advisory Board.  The primary function of the Task Force was to gather individually written columns for posting.  As previously indicated,  LNO is happy to accept columns for posting, as long as they adhere to our family oriented site policy and are issue oriented.

Time Stamped 01-18-02 4:18 P.M.

Dear Editor,

Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s observed birthday. Observed by Colleyville?  No.  All employees are scheduled to report for duty.

Recognized in any fashion by Colleyville?  No.  The Ethics Committee, blissfully unaware of their own public perception, will be meeting that night.

Diversity in recruiting or naming minority members to Boards and Committees?  No.  What representation there used to be on those citizen advisory groups was kicked to the curb and replaced by political sycophants in favor with the Mayor and Council majority.

So far as Colleyville is concerned, Dr. King was only dreaming.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped 01-08-02 8:57 P.M.

Re: Where are they now article and response


Just a quick note to thank you and LNO for the article about Steve and I and our new career in Pagosa Springs, CO. Your article prompted practically immediate response to our website and requests for additional information about our log homes. We appreciate your time and effort with LNO and also we appreciate your continued interest in the well being of Colleyville and the surrounding communities.

I have contacted the publisher of LNO about ad rates for our business and intend to pursue using your newspaper as a means of letting people know about our business here in Colorado.
Thanks again, 
Jane McKain
Time Stamped 01-06-02 12:23 P.M.

Re: Scott Simmons

Thank you for the information. I appreciate your quick and thorough response.  I really enjoy reading LNO.

Dave Peck

Time Stamped 01-05-02 11:37 A.M.

Re: Scott Simmons

In your December 5 article on the home tour you list Scott Simmons Web address. There is nothing there! Do you have a correct address or is he still building his Web site?

David Peck

Editor's Note:

Mr. Simmons website should be active in approximately a week.  The website address is www.simmonsestatehomes.com.  Until then, you can reach him at 817-329-0207.

Time Stamped 01-05-02 6:47 A.M.

Dear Editor:

As an eleven year resident of Colleyville, my frustrations are finally
forcing me to put pen to paper with the wish there will be more hope for
Colleyville in 2002.

I have heard the city government say we urgently need to attract
commercial business for ten of those eleven years . . . but all to no
avail.  Hundreds of Colleyville residents can turn out to protest new
subdivisions and get overruled by the City Council and Planning and
Zoning or exceptions are passed without the voter's knowledge . . . it
seems the builders and developers run this town.

When we had a great piece of commercially zoned property on the far
western outskirts of Colleyville that would have been ideal for a large
sales tax generating business, our town leaders decided to rezone it for
a private school.  The reasoning was all the parents would shop in
Colleyville to and from transporting their children to school.  Where
might I ask are these stores and would it make up for all the lost
revenue?  Note - about 200 yards from this intersection of McDowell
School Road and Precinct Line a Super Wal Mart is under construction . .
. just over the border from Colleyville.

By the way, the school leaders could not get financing.  Did we rezone
that property back to commercial?  NO!!  It was changed to high density
residential and will become Westgate Villas with the exception that a 9
hole golf course would occupy the open land but probably won't be built
for several years.  If you are still living here then, see if that golf
course is ever built.  My guess is the 9 hole par 3 course will give way
to more high density housing.

If the current direction continues, why does Colleyville need a head of
economic development?  Save the dollars.  Open up 3 more oil change
places, 4 dry cleaners and 6 more banks along Highway 26, and be sure
not to tell these businesses how their structures should look.  Instead,
build much larger arches at the two entrances to Colleyville along 26;
then rezone all other land to residential.

When we moved to Colleyville, it had immense charm and a rural feel.
Six years ago, Colleyville was called Highland Park West.  While all the
political bickering and hidden agendas were taking place, our neighbors
to the north in Southlake were reaching the economic development goals
Colleyville has been talking about all these years.  The prestige stores
and restaurants are locating to our north, bringing increased tax
dollars and higher land/home values to that area.  By the time the
Village of Colleyville is built, there will be no business wanting to
occupy any of the space.

I do hope Colleyville's leaders can do something before it is too late.
Only if they demonstrate a united front and stop trying to fool a well
educated community will they achieve their personal, community, and
business goals.  In the end, our vote is what counts.

Jim Nadeau

Time Stamped 01-05-02 6:47 A.M.

Dear Editor:

RE: the "Monopoly Hotel Group"

 1.  John Mavrak, the Monopoly President, lists his residence as the Hotel's business address in Jupiter, Florida.  There are no other hotels built by Mr. Mavrak.
 2.  Everywhere in the proposal and letter from the Mayor, the word "kickback" can be substituted for "incentive", "rebate", "forgive", "grant", "reimbursement" and "waiver".
 3. The proposal includes awarding the janitorial services to the Monopoly Hotel, without bid, for the new City Hall and Library.  Beverage and catering services awarded, without bid, for all other city functions, which may include the Community Center.
 4.  Colleyville taxpayers shared in the cost of an earlier hotel study to benefit Capital Realty and the Sinclair Hotel; the latter finding the income projections laughable.
 5.  The latest secret officially unapproved plan for the Villages bumps the residential apartments count up to 160.  Most of us in Colleyville expected the TIF funds to be used for commercial development.

Thank you, LNO.  None of us would be aware of these backdoor agreements without the documentation you provided.  
Can we, the citizens, financially last until next May to light the torches, march to City Hall and vote out the Mayor's perpetrators?  

Frank Baker

Time Stamped 01-04-02 12:04 PM

Dear Editor:

I'm confused........isn't this site already under construction?  Isn't the
big hole in the ground in the Village for the hotel?

From your article, it sounds like the deal could fall apart.

David Brockman

Publisher Note:

Actually the "big hole" area is lot # 27.  The Village reports this is a
group of retail stores.  LNO first covered this area in June 2001, a link to
that article is shown below.

The hotel property includes the McNosky property. The latest information
available to LNO is that the McNosky property has not closed, although the
developer informed LNO in December that he anticipated the property to close

The other information, as reported, is the latest news LNO has on the


Time Stamped 01-04-02 10:32 AM

Dear Editor:

NO! We do not need to pay ANY hotel $2M to come to Colleyville. I question whether we want a hotel here at all.
Mike Dale---Pleasant Run Road


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