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December 2001

Time Stamped 12-22-01 12:21 PM

Dear Editor:
Thank you so much.  We were very impressed with your coverage.  I am amazed
at how quick you got it all up.  Look forward to doing business with you in
the future.

Lucrecia Boyd
Marketing Director
United Community Bank

Time Stamped 12-18-01 10:51 AM

Dear Editor:

I was going to let it go this time.  Not being selected on citizen committees looked like
 my political cross to bear for exercising the right of free-speech.  

 Until I read in the Star-Telegram that one of you said I wasn't included in the new
 McPherson Park committee because I had a conflict of interest living on the west side.
 This, in spite of Mayor Arp informing Councilman Hocutt and Councilman Rice in the
 interview in the back room before nominations, this was not a valid reason to disqualify
 a citizen on an Advisory Committee.  Still, I was getting pretty used to the idea that
 anyone who might hold an alternative opinion in Colleyville was going to have to wait
 awhile to be civically included in anything again.

 Then I see where the losing candidate in the November special election has written to
 the Dallas Morning News, a gushing letter of praise to the Council for not accepting the
 nomination of myself due to this conflict of interest.

 Evidently the majority of Council has structured a missing man formation so far as from
 whom you will really be outsourcing counsel, despite claims of wanting to work with
 the elected Councilman.

The alleged "conflict of interest" should have been asked of the City Attorney right away in the executive session, under legal issues, before the nomination process and absolutely before saying so to the press.  If you don't mind, I'd like you to ask Mr. Foster now while the press is still available.

 Since some of you had not spent much time at City Council meetings or attending the
 committees I served on prior to your decision to run for office, I am going to enlighten
 you about McPherson Park and my geographical relationship to it.  Those of you who
 do know, I will address in my final remarks.

 Right next to my three acres, in McPherson Park, Colleyville built a three story brilliant red firehouse that can be lit up to shame a Las Vegas night.  I supported this firehouse  to the extent that I fought to keep it next door rather than have it be placed on the  corner of John McCain and Westcoat instead, in a proposed McPherson land tradeoff.

 And also next to my property, in McPherson Park, the city erected a King Kong size
 water tower-cant say how many stories it is-then painted COLLEYVILLE on the bowl in
 four-story letters, so there would be no confusion where I am when I wake up in the
 morning.  I supported the water tower location completely.

 A couple years ago, Joan Quinn and I packed this chamber with residents protesting
 the sneaky little proposed extension road from West McDonwell drawn to cut across
 to John McCain. This would have enabled the North Tarrant Parkway to have a clear
 freeway to Highway 26, while running completely outside Colleyville's commercial zone.
  This extension road would have bypassed my property entirely, and freed me from
 traffic almost completely.  Was that a conflict of interest?  I did it for the "greater

 Selfish people often attribute their own vices to others, thinking them universal.  I am
 not conflicted about anything a true citizens committee might decide to put in at
 McPherson Park.  You can put Texas Stadium over there, and I will just slap a little
 tinfoil in the east window, buy sunglasses for the horses and tiny little nightshades for the chickens and bees.  Organized athletic fields would only bring parents to my
 house, wanting to buy fresh eggs or honey.  I might lure their children away like the
 Pied Piper into the 4H Club and away from all that regimented organization.

 I have been offered, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars for my land.  And not just to get rid of me, I like to think.  But our home isn't an investment.  As I said in my appointment interview, I will be here until we are too old to work it anymore.  As I have often stated at this podium, the "property values" some folks are so worried about keeping up, result in keeping their taxes up as well.  The ones cashing in, are the ones leaving town anyway.

 So those of you on Council who will one day be moving to your second homes in the
 country or the mountains, or your secluded lake houses, don't leave McPherson Park
 a suburban wasteland before you leave. My family will still be here.  And I expect
 nothing less in the future from each one of you to spiritedly come to my defense to
 whomever may claim I have a conflict of interest.

 You have, by election, the authority to choose who you want on all the boards, but
 stop and think before you exclude people from the citizens committees.  It is an old
 wisdom, but when the neighbors start banging on the door complaining about the noise
 of the party, you are a wise host to invite them inside.

 Linda Baker
 Colleyville, TX 76034

Time Stamped 12-10-01 9:51 PM

Dear Editor:

I got your page up and can't wait to see the photo's for the Christmas tour.  I had not ever seen your paper before and find it very helpful.  I am considering advertising on you page after the new year.  I notice you have events in you paper from last May.  Is the news updated weekly, monthly or quarterly?  Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Connie Stewart
Larry Stewart Custom Homes

Typically LNO has new articles on news, events or sports daily.  Thanks

Time Stamped 12-08-01 12:28 PM

Dear Editor:

Regarding the story on the Ethics Committee appointments, and as one who applied by the deadline and was not, contrary to City Charter procedures, even interviewed, I share Mr. Lemmon's dismay over the sorry way the methodology and recent selections have been conducted.

I frankly did not expect to be selected, given that my criticism of the weak-sister resolution introduced by Councilwoman Feldman and passed last May by the Council, meant a penalty surely would be exacted down the road so far as this citizen's input.  The real stumper was the appointment of Tom Miller, The Villages' business partner-recent recipient of sweetheart deals such as the condemnation and lease for $10 per month of the Couch property, the taxpayer funded median fiasco, and City Park land tradeoff.  Hey, he is the Chairman of the Ethics Committee!

My projection is that ultimately the final Ethics Resolution produced will have a few blank spots.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped 12-05-01 3:12 PM

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank the City of Colleyville staff for such a wonderful event as Celebrate Colleyville.  Everyone from Dixie Cawthorne, Monica Walsh, Officer Bill Hudgins, Renee, our fire department, police department and public works department did an outstanding job organizing this event.
I would also like to thank Scott Murray for giving so generously of his time for the past two years as Master of Ceremonies.  This City is very blessed to have such a talented resident.
And last, but certainly not least, the entire Celebrate Colleyville committee - Bonnie Carroll, Darla Dennison, Tom Westerman, Leah Shaver, and Robert Norris - it has been a  pleasure working with you.
What a joy it has been to be a part of this event for the past three years.
Jamie Thibodeaux 


Time Stamped 11-29 01 6:04 PM

In response to Ms. Zimmerman’s letter of 11/19/01…

The comments I initially made were in reference to the Villas development, that’s all I was really addressing.

I empathize with their efforts to protect their homes from ordinance violations. The ordinances are there to give structure to the developer’s plans and if they are followed by the developer then a permit is issued, regardless of who he is, which conforms to the design parameters that are currently in the process being laid down in our city right now. If the developer does not perform in the end then the city can at times help enforce those obligations if the city manager takes the situation seriously enough and our prior city manager left a lot to be desired in that department.

I did not mean any disrespect to the Remington homeowners when I mentioned that a group of homeowners from Caldwell’s Creek were at P&Z protesting the Nine Acres development, (because of what they are angry about in their own neighborhood and potentially agitating the Remington homeowners into action), but if their protesting didn’t in anyway arouse, instigate or motivate your neighbors then I apologize to all that I made the inference that they did.

With regards to the ‘camp’ I am in… that comment does not accurately apply to me since I have actively supported candidates from both ‘camps’.

In the end, I support those whom I believe can get the best job done.

Regarding Mr. Thibodeaux’s L.T.T.E. of 11/17/01,

It is true; I have no intimate knowledge of the concerns of the Caldwell Creek’s residents. But I do wonder, wasn’t Mr. Thibodeaux a resident of CC before he became a councilman and the problems that exist today were also in existence before he became a councilman and mayor pro tem and continued throughout his tenure and still the problems persist today, curious?

I know one campaign objective of his was to rid the city of the city manager Bob Stripling for a multiple of reasons and I’m guessing one was his lack of policing the CC ordinance violations that were of issue at the time. Obviously Mr. Stripling completely seduced Mr. T since he didn’t follow through with that promise plus the CC problems persist today and I say the seduction was complete because Mr. T wrote a most flattering article about him here in LNO.

With regards to his suggestion that I develop ‘quality’ projects in our town, well Mr. T was no help there either when it was critically needed. Our 33,000sf Plaza Real’ shopping center development is four years behind schedule because the John McCain realignment was never given the focus that was needed to get it done and without the realignment in place our center would have failed because the ingress and egress would have been tragically unsafe for the patrons without a controlled intersection that a new McCain realignment would provide. While he was councilman nothing was done to help the project or the realignment to be realized.

Only now, and under the current Mayor, city council and the new city manager is the realignment moving forward and the development of the Plaza Real’ back on track as well as a number of other ‘quality’ projects.

As to the rest of his statements regarding me personally, I sent him a private note.


Kipp Whitman

Time Stamped 11-19-01 12:48 PM

Dear Editor:
Lets  try  this  one  last  time,  shall  we?   Kipp Whitman's 11/17 statements regarding  Remington  Park  and  the rezoning recently granted to Raman Chandler  indicate that he was not present at the council meetings in which Remington Park
residents  addressed  the  matter  publicly.   If  he  was,  he obviously wasn't listening.   His  statements  reveal  a  gross  lack  of  understanding  of  our neighborhood's  desires  in  this  matter.   He  apparently  cannot believe that
Remington  Park  would  object  to the villa home proposal (although he does not  indicate  that  he  has  actually  spoken  with  a  majority  of  Remington Park homeowners  on  the subject).  Notwithstanding Whitman's beliefs, the plain fact
is  that  Remington  Park  residents  did not, at any time, object to Chandler's  residential proposal on the mere basis of it being a villa home development.  We  did,  however,  object to numerous ordinance violations present in the proposal,
and  believe  that  Chandler  should have been held to stricter compliance.  (Is Whitman  aware,  for  instance,  that  the  setback  of  the villa homes will be non-cohesive  with  that  of  Remington  Park?)   Of  course  we  do not want to listen  to the musical sounds of trash trucks every morning, delivery trucks all  day  long,  or  have the desire to smell stale garbage wafting its way into  yards  and  homes, but this was NOT a matter of having to make a choice between
such undesirables and Chandler's proposed ordinance violations.  To portray this issue as such an either/or proposition is ridiculously inappropriate.

Regarding  the  commercial  portion  of  the  property, Remington Park residents assert  that it should not have been granted CC2 zoning, but should be developed  under  strict  PUD-C  controls.   It  was  insulting for council to grant vague,
open-ended  zoning  to  the developer and then attempt to appease residents with talk  of  a  possible  future  overlay  that may or may not take effect prior to commercial  development.   The  Highway  26  Task  Force Committee may indeed be
striving  to  implement high standards in city development, but to my knowledge, nothing  that  they  have  accomplished  thus  far  would  prevent  construction beginning  next week on something as objectionable as another gas station or dog
kennels just around the corner from our neighborhood.

Whitman asks whom HOA President Putnam spoke for at the P&Z meeting.  Subsequent developments render that question moot (and to continue to ask it demonstrates a lack  of understanding and a myopic fixation on only a portion of events).  Once again,  the fact that the MAJORITY of Remington Park residents signed a petition to  protest the Chandler rezoning request delivers the unmistakable message that the  MAJORITY  of  Remington Park residents did NOT support Chandler's proposal. (1)  We  favored  residential development, but the villa home proposal contained unacceptable  ordinance violations, and (2) CC2 zoning on the commercial portion of the property is overly broad and undesirable for the area.  I cannot state it
any simpler than that.

Whitman's  implication  that  disgruntled  Caldwell's  Creek homeowners agitated Remington Park residents and goaded us to action is absurd, and is indicative of a  lack  of  respect  for,  understanding of, and commiseration with Colleyville
homeowners who seek to preserve and protect their property values.

One  last  time:  The  Chandler  rezoning fiasco was nothing more than council's acquiescence  to  the  desires  of  a  wealthy,  campaign-backing  developer and disregard  for  less politically-influential residents.  Then again, considering
which camp Mr. Whitman resides in, it's not surprising that he doesn't get it.

Jenifer Zimmerman
Remington Park

Time Stamped 11-17-01 6:20 PM

Dear Editor:

“Who’s on first…etc… "Another Kipp Whitman developed high-end retail service station or dog kennel?"

Mr. Whitman has earned a well deserved reputation for his contribution to Colleyville's  commercial retail, especially if your concept is more dry cleaners, service stations or kennels.

However, Whitman is no expert on the concerns of residents in Caldwell's Creek.  Caldwell's Creek residents witnessed the difference when Mayor Arp was absent from council versus when she utilized her unique persuasive powers on council the following meeting to ram through a "carte blanche" commercial zoning for Raman Chandler.  Of course, none of these residents have every made financial profits from business dealings with Chandler as has Mayor Arp.

The only fact is these residents have had to utilize the court system to protect their property rights because the Colleyville City Council has refused to enforce its own ordinances in our subdivision.  

Mr. Whitman , the developer, has been overheard on many occasions pleading for understanding that his political "meddling" is driven because of "threats" from elected officials.  Therefore, one can only conclude his attempt to demean the honest concerns of the good residents of Caldwell's Creek is just one more of his acts designed to capitulate to local power brokers.

If Mr. Whitman is so concerned about our city, why not say in public what you say in private?  Why not spend time developing quality retail, rather than getting zoning to make a quick buck on another service station?

Mr. Whitman, you have ever right to support anyone, even if your motives have been brought in question by your own comments.

However, please do not attempt to meddle in the matters of our subdivision, we are trying to resolve matters in Caldwell's Creek and we most assuredly are not looking for your unique brand of integrity or input.

Nelson Thibodeaux
Caldwell's Creek Homeowners Association

Time Stamped 11-17-01 11:48 am

Dear Editor:

“Who’s on first…etc… Abbot and Costello  

In response to Linda Baker’s letter to the editor of 11/06/01

“……Likewise, the same kind of "don't ask, don't tell" zoning was bestowed on Kipp Whitman's Precinct Line and LaVaca Trail site after neighbors screamed blue murder about his proposed dog kennel plat.  He then refused to name the businesses on the second try”. Linda Baker

Sorry Linda but you are big-time mistaken; our Lavaca Property received the very much controlled zoning of a PUD-C not the requested zoning. Second, the contract with the “no name/ don’t tell” multi-billion dollar international company forbid us from telling who they were and thirdly…. “…neighbors screamed blue murder about his proposed dog kennel plat”.. ONLY ONE neighbor, a cattle farmer to the east and the Mayor of Hurst, the property neighbor to our south “screamed blue murder”…

It was only the TWO of them who opposed (plus council) the 42,000 SF, 2.5 million dollar state of the art dog kennel that was to be built in the flood plane area at the back portion of our Property!

And in response to Ms. Zimmerman’s letter, also of 11/06/01 , I have to take just one more whack to the dead horse…

“The fact is that the majority of the residents of Remington Park opposed the rezoning request submitted by Raman Chandler, not because of who Mr. Chandler is, but due to excessive violations present in his proposal for high-density housing, as well as the inappropriateness of open-ended CC2 development for the area.  If Mr. Whitman has any doubts whatsoever about the validity of my statement, I have a petition of protest and opposition signed by the majority of Remington Park homeowners, and I would be happy to provide him with a copy so that he may understand what Remington Park really wanted.  Our petition was presented to the city council; however, council chose to completely dismiss our desires for development of the property adjoining our neighborhood.  If Mr. Whitman believes that the majority of Remington Park residents view Ms. Gasper's support and endorsement of Chandler 's proposal in a favorable light, then he is sorely mistaken”. Jenifer Zimmerman

I heard Robert Putman, Remington Park Homeowners Association President, when he said at the P & Z meeting that the HOA supported the zero lot line housing that Mr. Chandler proposed. (That was the issue I was addressing in my letter to the editor 11/05/01 )

Who does Mr. Putman speak for?

I really cannot believe that a beautiful subdivision like Remington and the homeowners therein whose lots abut Chandler’s property would want to look across their rear yards at the backside of a shopping center, or listen to the musical sounds of trash trucks every morning, delivery trucks all day long, or the have the desire to smell stale garbage wafting its way into their yards and homes … I find it very hard to believe the owners of those mega-thousand dollar homes would want the aforementioned over the villas.  

Additionally, if council passes the recommendations of the Hwy 26 Task Force Committee the commercial that does comes to Chandler’s area will be the result of our committee of eighteen Colleyville citizens and will be of a quality that is in keeping with the style and direction of development that the city has always desired but never has been able to achieve before now.

What I do know for fact is that a body of disgruntled Caldwell Creek homeowners who spoke against the development, miles from their homes, assisted greatly in agitating the Remington homeowners by ‘using’ the Remington homeowners in an attempt to advance their own disagreements with Chandler.

In regards to your feelings about Ms. Gasper, you should take the time to meet and talk with her about your concerns. If you do and come away without the regard for her that I hold, then beat the dead horse one more time.


Kipp Whitman

Time Stamped 11-16-01 10:58 am

Dear Sirs:

I am sorry to write again, but I just couldn't let the blatant misstatement of facts carried in the Star- Telegram this morning go without comment. The Editorial 'AWOL' sounds like it was written by one of Donna's henchmen. That in itself says something about the quality.

The following is a letter I have sent to Jim Whitt in protest to this kind
of 'Journalism.'

Dear Sir:

I have wondered how Donna has, for so long, been able to get away with manufacturing issues by using a few misinformed zealots to beat the bushes for this or that latest bit of nonsense. I have wondered how she fools so
many of the people into becoming dupes for her, just so she can have an 'issue.' She usually backs away from these issues as soon as the truth makes them too hot, or they lose usefulness (Hall-Johnson Road, the ethics
commission, Wal-Mart Grocery store, the barrier on Route 26, and now a magic hotel that pops up right before the election.) Your editorial (AWOL) on the recent disgraceful attempt at besmirching the name of an elected Councilman, suggests that Donna is fooling you too. Your whole editorial rests on two premises. The first is that Richard Newton should know how things are done at City Hall. He does know. New Councilmen
are always sworn in with a ceremony at the next regular meeting - never at the canvassing meeting. Donna changed this without telling Richard Newton.

Your second main premise rests on Donna saying that the meeting notice was posted and Newton told. Surely after the above list of 'inventive uses of the truth' you should know that Donna saying something doesn't make it so. We deserve better from supposed professionals like you. The total lack of investigation evidenced by this editorial is shameful for a supposedly big time newspaper.

Clifford Holliday

Time Stamped 11-13-01 10:08 AM

Dear Editor:

In response to Jo Ann Gasper's letter regarding the zoning change submitted by Raman Chandler (Case Z-01-014): It's true that the P&Z Commission (led by former Chairman Tom Hart) recommended denial of this request to the council; however,Gasper had absolutely nothing to do with that recommendation. In fact, P&Z meeting minutes reveal that she not only voted to recommend approval of Z-01-014, but she also made the motion to recommend such approval and voted against a subsequent motion to deny the case.

I invested many hours visiting with my fellow Remington Park residents regarding Chandler's proposal, and (once again, for those who were snoozing) as evidenced by our petition presented to the city council, the majority of my neighbors opposed the development of high-density housing with an inappropriate setback and wide-open CC2 zoning on the subject property. In its meetings with Chandler regarding the rezoning proposal, I believe that our homeowners association board of directors acted in good faith and expected Chandler to do the same. In fact, board President Bob Putnam (whom Gasper quotes) is a personal friend, and I know
him to be a conscientious man whose interest is in representing the desires of Remington Park homeowners. However, I believe that our board of directors was misled and under-informed by the developer. Several board members later told me that they had not been apprised of the implications of CC2 zoning, and said that
during those meetings, Chandler stressed only the residential portion of the development as a "buffer" between Remington Park and future commercial development. In fact, many Remington Park residents were under the impression that Chandler's proposal was limited to the "buffer", and were unaware that
vague, overly-broad CC2 zoning was riding in on the coattails of his request. It is true that our HOA board issued a letter of support for the residential "buffer zone" portion of Chandler's proposal. However, the fact that the majority of Remington Park residents subsequently signed a petition in protest of this proposal, and a number of them attended council meetings to speak out against this proposal, sent the unmistakable message that Remington Park did not want what Chandler proposed!

I fully believe (as do many of my neighbors) that the granting of this rezoning
request to Chandler was a political move on behalf of the city council to
satiate a wealthy, campaign-backing developer. Neither I nor many of my
neighbors believe that adequate consideration was given to the best interests or
desires of Remington Park residents. Thanks to the self-serving action of the
city council in approving the rezoning request, highly-visible property adjacent
to Remington Park is now subject to ordinance-violating, aesthetically
non-cohesive housing and whatever Raman Chandler (or, more likely, whoever
purchases parceled-out portions of land from him and builds a jumble of
nondescript strip centers) fancies as commercial development.

Jeff Zimmerman

Time Stamped 11-12-01 1:20 PM

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor,
There have been several letters regarding  a zoning change requested by Raman Chandler, Case Z-01-014 pertaining to property on the south side of McDonwell School Road.

When this case was before the Planning and Zoning Commission  (P&Z) on June 11, 2001, the zoning change was supported by the Remington Park Homeowners Association (HOA). The minutes of the June 11, 2001 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting state:

"Robert Putman, Remington Park Homeowners Association President, said that they met five times with the developer and agreed on the design concept and referenced the letter from the Association that they want
attached to the approving ordinance."

The Remington Park Homeowners Association may have changed its position when the zoning case was heard before the City Council. However, the HOA's position at P&Z was one of support. The Commission recommended to City Council that the request be denied.

Yours truly,
Jo Ann Gasper, Chairman
Planning and Zoning Commission:
TTime Stamped 11-06-01 3:16 PM

Dear Editor:

I hate to beat a dead horse, but after reading the letter from Kipp Whitman, I am compelled to set the record straight with regard to one of his statements.  He said: 

"Additionally, and an issue that has been hammered to death by Mr. Newton, was her [Gasper's] support of the development of the 'buffer housing' that will backup to Remington Park. Her vote for the project was a vote to support the high value of those homes instead of a decrease of those values of which commercial development immediately in their backyards would have inevitably caused. Newton's opposition to this development is solely about who the developer is not about what is best for the residents of Remington." 

The fact is that the majority of the residents of Remington Park opposed the rezoning request submitted by Raman Chandler, not because of who Mr. Chandler is, but due to excessive violations present in his proposal for high-density housing, as well as the inappropriateness of open-ended CC2 development for the area.  If Mr. Whitman has any doubts whatsoever about the validity of my statement, I have a petition of protest and opposition signed by the majority of Remington Park homeowners, and I would be happy to provide him with a copy so that he may understand what Remington Park really wanted.  Our petition was presented to the city council; however, council chose to completely dismiss our desires for development of the property adjoining our neighborhood.  If Mr. Whitman believes that the majority of Remington Park residents view Ms. Gasper's support and endorsement of Chandler's proposal in a favorable light, then he is sorely mistaken.

Jenifer Zimmerman
Remington Park
Time Stamped 11-06-01 2:33 PM

Dear Editor
Please advise how I can obtain a copy of the newspaper article on the above story. I am the program chairman for Shades of Green Garden Club. I am the one who was responsible for arranging  the program at Redenta's Garden.
I want to thank your newspaper for doing the article. I would also like to obtain a copy for our garden club scrapbook.
Thank you again for covering the program and doing the story and pictures.
Donna Goodman
Vice President, Programs
Shades of Green Garden Club
Time Stamped 11-06-01 2:45 PM
Dear Editor,                                                            

The newly formed Ethics Committee canceled their inaugural November 1, 2001, scheduled meeting, and has rescheduled immediately after the polls close tomorrow at the Community Center at 7:30 PM, according to City Secretary Cynthia Singleton.

The controversy surrounding the Committee appointments by the Mayor and City Council of political allies whose application received dates were all stamped after the posted closing date, and the inclusion of Villages partner, Tom Miller, may have prompted the Committee to hold off until after the local election on November 6, 2001.

The Ethics Committee is expected to ratify the weakened surprise resolution railroaded through by Councilwoman Dana Feldman just prior to the elections last May to override the Colleyville City Charter’s much more stringent document.

Currently Texas already has a Code of Fair Campaign Practices (Chapter 258.004) that reads as follows:

There are basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play that every candidate and political committee in this state has a moral obligation to observe and uphold, in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional rights to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues.

(1)  I will conduct the campaign openly and publicly and limit attacks on my opponent to legitimate challenges to my opponent’s record and stated positions on issues.
(2)  I will not use or permit the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on any candidate or the candidate’s personal or family life.
(3)  I will not use or permit any appeal to negative prejudice based on race, sex, religion, or national origin.
(4)  I will not use campaign material of any sort that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts, nor will I use malicious or unfounded accusations that aim at creating or exploiting doubts, without justification, as to the personal integrity of my opponent.
(5)  I will not undertake or condone any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our system of free elections or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters, including any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.
(6)  I will defend and uphold the right of every qualified voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process, and will not engage in any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.
(7)  I will immediately and publicly repudiate methods and tactics that may come from others that I have pledged not to use or condone.  I shall take firm action against any subordinate who violates any provision of this code or the laws governing elections.
Section 258.007:  The subscription to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices by a candidate or a political committee is voluntary.

We are under siege in Northwest Colleyville right now.  The promotion by JoAnn Gasper and passed by City Council of zero-lot line houses and blanket unrestrained commercial zoning for Raman Chandler-characterized by the Fort Worth Star Telegram as “power broker”-was one of the most visible, if not the first indication.  Likewise, the same kind of "don't ask, don't tell" zoning was bestowed on Kipp Whitman's Precinct Line and LaVaca Trail site after neighbors screamed blue murder about his proposed dog kennel plat.  He then refused to name the businesses on the second try.

As early as August of last year, at a Regional Transportation District meeting which included members of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and former Councilmen Dennis Marlin and Michael Taylor, Mayor Donna Arp, under pressure that Colleyville had not been willing in the past to approve thoroughfares through our city, volunteered that the North Tarrant Parkway could possibly be routed down L.D. Lockett Rd. When we all protested at City Hall months earlier, we had this freeway stopped at Precinct Line Rd.  She further sponsored and presented at the September 5, 2000, Council Meeting, Resolution R-00-1710, titled Authorizing the City Manager to work with the North Central Texas Council of Governments staff to explore alternative east-west transportation corridors in Colleyville.  This agenda item, down the menu at number sixteen, passed unanimously, to a largely empty chamber except for three people who remained and spoke in opposition.

Now we have the Mayor and current Council reinventing the McPherson Park advisory committee.  The previous committee had based the Park plan on a citywide survey of elements citizens wanted at McPherson, primarily for it to remain a passive park and retain the farm buildings, and silo.  The plan called for three phases of opening it up, trails and picnic areas to begin with, a small open-air amphitheater cupped just below the hill and ultimately, a privately funded Dairy Museum, to showcase the agricultural history of our town.

The organized youth sports groups, which include the wealthy and powerful Texas Eagles, (whose membership is overwhelmingly non-Colleyville residents), have coveted the McPherson land, and assisted by the current Council, despite the city having virtually no park that will meet as many of the needs of all our citizens, simply decided we would just get a new Committee together to decide what is best. Who do you think will get appointed to the new and approved McPherson Committee, and what do you suppose the first design will reflect?  Could it be soccer fields?

Folks, we have just got to stop letting lawyers and society dilettantes run our part of town. They will not listen up until we show some strength at the polls.  Richard Newton signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.  It is evident from her flyers that his opponent has not.  Anyone who believes that JoAnn Gasper will not vote the straight Donna Arp orchestrated developer giveaways has not attended Planning and Zoning meetings.  Political machine, indeed, Ms. Gasper, only you have been at the throttle.

Richard Newton always stood up for us, his opponent has not. Please vote for Richard Newton tomorrow at City Hall.

Linda Baker
Time Stamped 11-05-01 @ 7:44 PM

"There are some politicians who, if their constituents were cannibals, would promise them missionaries for dinner."  H. L. Mencken

Jo Ann Gasper is running for election to the Colleyville City Council as an independent person. Her opponent Mr. Newton has claimed that Mayor Donna Arp "hand picked" Mrs. Gasper, and all the issues he has raised to date have to do with Donna Arp and not the candidate  Jo Ann Gasper.

To set the record strait, it was I, not Donna Arp, who first suggested to Jo Ann Gasper that she should run for the city council seat.

After personally experiencing her grilling at a P & Z meeting and then watching her as Chairperson of P & Z, where she has proven to be a generous, intelligent and very well prepared questioner of those who appear before the board. Her vote of confidence for our project was not at all in sympathy with the current councils, who later turned down our development, but truly served to show me her

As for Mr. Newton, he continues to harp on about Mayor Arp who is the Mayor and not running for City Council. He should really focus on the opponent and what she stands for and debate
the issues that are relevant to the future of the city and not who her 'friends' are, as he mistakenly assumes.

Ms. Gasper's campaign materials have only stated what Mr. Newton was responsible for during his time in office and do we really want to return to that kind of blah of development or
non-development again? He needs to address the needs of the city and how he would get us there.
Anyone who has taken the time to study the candidates, meet them, speak to
them, must recognize the unqualified level of intelligence and interest that Ms. Gasper has for our city and note her experience which enhances her ability to serve the needs of Colleyville and its
citizens more effectively than her opponent.

Politics are always one side against the other, but in this case, it is for the benefit of our city. Both candidates care about the city, both have similar points of view, but only one will be effective on council and make things happen, and that one is Jo Ann Gasper.

Additionally, and an issue that has been hammered to death by Mr. Newton, was her support of the development of the 'buffer housing' that will backup to Remington Park. Her vote for the project was a vote to support the high value of those homes instead of a decrease of those values of which commercial development immediately in their backyards would have inevitably caused. Newton's opposition to this development is solely about who the developer is not about what is best for the residents of Remington.

I like Richard Newton and I believe he did a decent job on council and as mayor, but in reality, his time has passed. The ability of the city to grow in the direction he envisioned in the past is over, it is a new ballgame now and his vision does not fit the direction of growth that we are headed. I, for one, do not want a city full of four lane roads or gas stations on every corner, (odd thing for me to say since I developed 50% of them in Colleyville). I do not want a lube shop on every block, as we do have in the southern end of our city for which we should thank Mr. Newton, I assume.

Jo Ann Gasper has elected to run on a positive platform of information and facts while stressing her managerial background, her service on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and her positions on
current issues such as widening Colleyville Boulevard in a cost-effective and attractive way while keeping disruption during the project to a minimum level of inconvenience.

She has stated her opposition to tax increases, as does her opponent, plus her support for targeted tax relief, which means lower taxes, which her opponent has not even addressed as yet. Lower taxes... well, I am sure we are ALL for that one!

Electing Newton is no different than putting a gelding out to stud.. nothing is going to happen; it is a wasted vote.

Jo Ann Gasper will get things done and done fairly and for the benefit of our town, not just one 'group'!


Kipp Whitman

Time Stamped 11-02-01 @ 8:39 A.M.

To the Editor,

Since the attack on America it has been hard for all of us to focus on day-to-day responsibilities, and concerns. However, as our President tells us, we need to make the effort, because the World must go on. Just yesterday, I had a series of events that reminded me that our local elections are one of the things that we have a responsibility to bring to focus.

I had to go to the bank and, for us that involves negotiating the horrible, built-up median in route 26. Since I have almost been run over twice trying to get over there, this reminded me clearly that we definitely don't want to elect any more of Donna's lackeys who will only rubber stamp whatever she wants.

Having survived my trip to the bank, I was driving back home when I noticed that Richard Newton's opponent had begun to put up campaign signs. That's fine. Every candidate should try to run his, or her, best race. However, I then came to Jim McDowell Road (at Glade) and I couldn't believe what I saw.

Newton has had a sign in the big lot there for the last several days. Now his opponent had placed two of her signs on either side of Newton's, about a foot away, so as to completely block out the center of Newton's sign. Trying your best is ok, but do we have to, again, put up with the bad taste and unsportsmanlike conduct that have characterized recent campaigns from her supporters? Are you all again going to tear the signs out of my and my neighbor's yards?

Upon arriving home, I picked up the paper and read a letter-to-the-editor from one of our current Councilmen. He suggested that since Donna had apologized for the median, we should just forget about it. Let me see, first she denied all knowledge and blamed the state and/or the developer. Then, when it was made clear that she knew all about it and had in face authorized the median, she tried to blame Newton, who hadn't been in office for two years. This is deception, failure to take responsibility and lack of integrity, but no part of it is an apology, Mr. Councilman. She and others of 'her' Council are also showing recklessness with Colleyville's reputation by falsely accusing such a powerful and important agency as the Texas Department of Transportation.

To make my day perfect, the mail contained a scurrilous, attack piece from Mr. Newton's opponent. She seems to be saying that we should vote for her because she has no record of public service. That's a strange platform by any measure. However, her slogan of "Put Colleyville First" did strike me as inappropriate for her, because her limited record clearly indicates that she intends to put Donna's favorite developer first, not Colleyville.

Today I got a letter from an 'ordinary citizen,' (I certainly hope that doesn't mean an average citizen of Colleyville), supporting Newton's opponent, but claiming not to know her - even though he used her postage permit! Not knowing her seems to be the basis of his recommendation - another strange position - maybe it because it's Halloween. We'll see more attack pieces, like these mailings, from Donna's bunch as we get closer to the election. We're seen this before though; we know how to ignore trash.

After all of this in a couple of days, I am definitely going to make it a point to get to the polls, which I believe is the most basic responsibility of citizenship. When I get there, if I make it through the median, I am going to be one of many voting for Richard Newton.

Clifford Holliday

Time Stamped 11-01-01 @ 2:04 AM

LNO Editor

I read with interest the letter written by Bobbee Gerson and I was quite taken with the following paragraph by its author.

"Is there a word that describes a Christian who criticizes another for not participating in a prayer led by a minister when the aforementioned Christian, instead of bowing his head reverently and attending to the minister's message, is instead monitoring the behavior of others in the room?"

I am still waiting for that single WORD that would describe the aforementioned scenario. What is trying to be communicated here? The real issue is not about one's religious beliefs. It is about common courtesy, something I have never felt while dealing with councilperson Feldman. If I wore a hat, I would take it off in honor of her service to our community. But I, wholeheartedly believe our community would be better represented by someone who knows how to handle a simple situation demanding COMMON COURTESY (two words).

Tom Hart



Time Stamped 10-30-01 @ 8:26 AM

LNO Editor 

I would like to ask one question about Roger Wallace's recent (10-17) criticism of Councilwoman Dana Feldman's lack of participation in a prayer led by Pastor David Jung:  Is there a word that describes a Christian who criticizes another for not participating in a prayer led by a minister when the aforementioned Christian, instead of bowing his head reverently and attending to the minister's message, is instead monitoring the behavior of others in the room? 
Bobbee Gerson
Time Stamped 10-27-01 @ 5:15 PM

LNO Editor 
When I opened the mailbox today and found Bill Dennis/David Huff's mass mailing it brought back bad memories of past elections.  Seems like Deja Vu all over again. Where do these guys come off writing to me like they know me?  I guess I am "preaching to the choir" in an editorial to LNO. 
What really concerns me is how this lowball tactic has apparently been successful in the past. 
Please encourage every resident you know to find the time to vote.  If the turnout % is only single digits then why bother to have democracy at all. 
Jean Steele 
Time Stamped 10-25-01 @ 8:57 AM

Now a "Luxury Hotel" in Colleyville, just what's needed...right next to a Jiffy Lube. Brilliant. Glad I moved out of town.

George Csahanin

Time Stamped 10-23-01 8:24 AM


I am still scratching my head about City Council member Dana Feldman's behavior during a recent council invocation. She said her bored look and heavy sighs was because she is Jewish and her religion did not allow her to show response to what was being said by the minister delivering the invocation.
As far as I know Ms. Feldman, Christians and Jews disagree primarily over the man Jesus. Christians believe Jesus and God are one and the same. We also believe that the God of the Jews is also the same God that we reverence.
I have to believe that when your rabbi comes to deliver the invocation, other council members will give him and what he has to say the respect it deserves.

Jerome Davis

Time Stamped 10-22-01 @ 8:12 PM

Dear Editor:

spent almost fifteen years working as a city planner and city manager with more than thirty different elected city council members.  Working on the front line gives you a real perspective and sense of the highly variable effectiveness of elected officials.  It always seemed difficult for the citizens to find knowledgeable and conscientious leaders with the integrity and drive to devote the time necessary to make informed and well-reasoned decisions.  

Colleyville's present state of affairs, from the unnecessary big bird medians on Highway 26 to the issuance of Colleyville's largest bonds without a public vote (a full year in advance of any need for the proceeds), dictates that we sorely need some new leadership on city council.  We need council members who will re-establish credibility at city hall, not those that seesaw with the political winds. 

We need council members who will maintain citizen driven master plans, not those who sell out to developers by voting for their high density and vague commercial projects as payback for political support.   We need council members who will keep their eye on the ball and guard against slip-ups like the aforementioned medians, not those who run and hide and try to shift the blame to somebody else as cover for their own failure to address or even understand the issues.    

Colleyville has the opportunity to elect a proven, worthy and talented councilman and former mayor, Richard Newton.  Mr. Newton has a firm grasp on the issues facing the city and has the experience and intelligence to reach appropriate decisions.  He is not encumbered by debilitating conflicts of interest like those that caused the current city council to abandon logic and vote for a rare reversal the Planning and Zoning Commission on a zoning case for council’s favorite developer, and political supporter, Raman Chandler.  No, Mr. Newton brings some of the rarest qualities to local elected office in Colleyville: honesty, integrity and experience.

Mr. Newton’s opponent, on the other hand, sends us propaganda that we are more familiar with here in Colleyville.  A flyer that directly attacks Newton with lies and half truths, rather than honestly addressing issues.  A flyer that attempts to hit “touch buttons” of residents, even if the factual information is woefully incorrect.  Haven’t we seen enough of this stuff in Colleyville!  I for one am tired of city council candidates with little or no city advisory board experience.  Mr. Newton’s opponent bills herself as the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, a position that she has held for all of a month or so.  I am not certain, but I think she has been on the Board for less than a year.  What leads to bad decisions in local government is ill-prepared and inexperienced public officials.

Please vote for Richard Newton for Colleyville City Council.  Early voting has started with the general election on Tuesday, November 6th.

Steven H. Magee
Former Chairman, Colleyville Library Advisory Committee
Former Member, Colleyville Parks and Recreation Board
Former Member, Colleyville Board of Adjustment
Former City Manager, City of Coconut Creek, Florida

Time Stamped 10-19-01 @ 7:41 AM

To the Editor:

Here in Colleyville we are being treated to a re-run of too recent political foolishness. I thought we were finished with the politics of blame and misdirection when we got rid of Clinton. But not so, Mayor Donna and her chums are giving it another try. .

An absolutely ridiculous median was built on our main thoroughfare. Anybody could have seen from the drawings that it was going to make it extremely difficult to get to the north side of the road and the businesses there. The median also 'just happened' to favor the new Villages of Colleyville, that have long been the pet of our Mayor and her handpicked Council. (When will we learn?) Of course, after the median was built, the businesses and their customers complained, bitterly.

What reaction do we get from Mayor Donna and her lackeys? Denial and misdirection! (Does this sound familiar? "I did not have sex with that woman.") First they claim they have no responsibility for, or knowledge of the design of, the median. This misdirection attempt was to shift the blame to the developer of the Villages.  However, they had to turn to plan 'B', when the records showed that Mayor Donna and the Council signed off on the median design in July of this year! Now, as preposterous as it sounds, they are trying to blame former Mayor Richard Newton, who hasn't been in a public office for two years. Of course, the reason for this turn is obvious - Newton is running against Donna's latest selection for Council, so he is a natural target.

We are tired of this nonsense in Colleyville. We want leaders that will exhibit leadership, responsibility, and integrity, instead of what we have now with Donna and her buddies. We will have a start on this by overwhelmingly electing Richard Newton in November.

Clifford Holliday

Time Stamped 10-18-01 @ 5:22 PM

Dear Editor,

I moved to Colleyville 16 years ago. At that time, this was a quiet desirable place to live. That was before the developers, realtors and builders replaced the citizens as the voice of government here with the possible collusion of certain members of the city council.
We're being overdeveloped and traffic on Hwy.26 is going from bad to worse and will continue to worsen. Therefore, I'd like to suggest a new name for the city - " Clutterville TX 76034 " with the slogan, " Just another roadside attraction "

I for one am disgusted with our present city council, beginning with the shaby treatment given the Couches to what appears to be no longer a government of the people, to the short-sighted, lacking in common sense planning.It's high time to vote the scoundrels OUT!

Joseph E.C.Martin
Colleyville, Texas

Time Stamped 10-18-01 @ 3:57 PM

Dear Editor,

In regards to Jewish council woman Dana Feldman not bowing her head, etc during a pastor's prayer, I would like to make two points.  One, most prayers are usually to a singular "God" and last time I checked, Jews and Christians had the same one.  That doesn't speak to the head bowing
bit but it certainly brings into question her apparent lack of courtesy while others of different faiths are showing reverence to her same God.

Two, tolerance shouldn't be extended to the disrespectful.  If Mr. Wallace is insistent she practice a faith with the group, which doesn't appear to be wholly the case here, that is obviously wrong.  

However, if the focus of Mr. Wallace's complaint was true and Dana created a distraction, could it possibly be the pastor was using his prayer as a bully pulpit to support an agenda?  That happens regularly at Farmers Branch City Council meetings.  If that's the case, I support the active dissention, if not, show some respect, Dana.

Tell us LNO!  What is actually going on here?

Dennis Redwine
Farmers Branch

Time Stamped 10-18-01 @ 2:40 PM
Dear Editor,

Donna Arp's  vociferous vindictiveness toward Colleyville-owned and operated LNO is wearing thin.  She and certain other council members seem unable to accept and explain even well-warranted criticism without lashing out defensively.  Such behavior only serves to color those council members as petty and self-serving, and is more than a little perturbing since they deliberately chose to place
themselves in the public's' eye.  It's a rather trite saying, but it still holds true:  If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.

Jenifer Zimmerman

Time Stamped 10-18-01 @ 11:21 AM

As a Christian and resident of Northeast Tarrant County, I am embarrassed by what has gone on in the paper and the Internet. The whole incident reminds us of the divisive nature of some people, even in these times when so many people are trying to come together as a community and a country. 

Mr. Wallace, Mr. Thibodeaux and LNO could use some prayer. Let’s keep them both in mind when we read the words of our Lord and pray that they can find more constructive ways to serve the community and worship. 

Matthew 6:5-6 – “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth; they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” 

Matthew 7:1-6: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in you brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.?…You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye” 

Matthew 18: 15: “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens, you have won your brother over” 

Luke 6:31 - “Do to others as you would have them do to you”
In Him:

Richard Craft

Grapevine, Tx

Time Stamped 10-17-01 @ 6:01 AM

Subject: Disrespectful Council

Dear LNO Editor,

I am moved to comment on the disrespectful actions shown by Councilwoman Dana Feldman during the October 16, 2001 city council meeting. I suppose that Ms. Feldman was making a statement by looking around, sighing and making a spectacle of herself during the opening prayer by Pastor David Jung.

I understand that she does not share my Christian faith, but I would at least expect some modicum of respect towards the speaker that the Council invited. If the opening prayer had been delivered by a Rabbi, I would have at least honored the speaker by reverently bowing my head and paying attention.

Her actions were disrespectful, antagonistic and not becoming of a public official who represents the citizens of Colleyville.

Roger Wallace
Colleyville Resident and Voter

Time Stamped 10-15-01 @ 9:50 AM

To Ms. Baker:

The facts are indisputable. LNO did not report the Southlake versus Hansen Concrete story until I inquired about it.  I see now they have added a story about the plight of this poor company. Good for them.  But let's stop and ask this question.  Why is it that LNO has not chosen to launch an attack on Mayor Stacy and the Southlake Council?  Surely, LNO recognizes an anti-business regime when they see one.  The courts ruled against Southlake in this matter and Southlake is still continuing their assault against a legal business.  Why is it that LNO has not taken a more pro-business position in this matter?  If Hansen Concrete were located in Colleyville, do you think LNO would take the same approach?  I don't think so.

Bob Culley

Publisher Note:   While we appreciate input on the site, LNO posted a story on the Hansen/Concrete matter on August 09, 2001 at 10:02 AM.  Mr. Culley's e-mail on this subject was received (posted below) on October 5, 2001. To verify this "indisputable fact" simply Click on Archives and the Month of August 2001, then scroll down to August 09.  If you have questions about previous articles on LNO, please check the Archives section first.  If the article is about a particular interest, such as  something school related, etc., please check the appropriate section.

  Time Stamped 10-08-01 @ 2:27 AM

Subject: Bob Culley letter to the editor

I would like to respond to Mr. Culley's assertion that Colleyville has not forced a business to move as he states Southlake is doing regarding the cement plant.  As reported in LocalNewsOnly.com-there was the Couch property, leased by the Karate studio that was forced out, about a year ago.

The elderly Couch couple were strong-armed to sell to the city months and months in advance to make way for The Villages, as a matter of record.  Mayor Arp signed the lease to Richard Myers and Tom Miller, partners in The Villages, for ten dollars per month rent.

This is old news by now, but since it has been brought up that the reporting is biased and the implication is that any kind of investigative reporting in this town is "negative," let me ask this...Where is Mr. Culley's call for fairness of the recent appointment of Tom Miller, The Villages partner, to the Ethics Committee of Colleyville?  Received after the City Web Page posted closing of September 21, 2001, as were ALL the accepted appointments?  Were the Chosen Ones recruited after the closing date?  These are all available under open records request, as to date received.  The people who did apply on time, Sore Loser Club President myself, included, were not even interviewed.  Some ethical way to start the proceedings, wouldn't Mr. Culley agree?

I attended the Council meeting last Tuesday.  Not for the first time, the cable company did not air the video tape.  Technical difficulties, once again.  Much like the missing eighteen minutes of the infamous Nixon tapes, this gets a bit tiresome.  This meeting included some pretty grand whoppers being spun and memory loss items, in addition to alleged lost paperwork attributed to everyone BUT the people sitting behind the dais in the big comfy chairs.  I expect a free cable airing would bring out too many people who do remember how the chain of events occurred regarding the complete, stunning surprise of The Median, and the vitriolic verbatim of striping Hall Johnson Road.  Except for Ginny Tigue, who seemed to accept responsibility for things that occurred on her personal watch, the new Council Members (who one never saw much of, if ever, at Council meetings prior to their decisions to run) pretty much helped the Mayor lay the blame on everybody from Bob Stripling, former City Manager, and Jim Foster, former missionary and City Engineer, to the "former" Council members.  Say, didn't Arp serve on that Council also?

So if the Fifth Estate is to be relegated to reporting on Girl Scout cookie sales, and we have no other newspaper other than the one published by the new boss of the Chamber of Commerce, who has already proved by endorsement where they stand, what mischief would the merry men and women in this town be up to?  Collect our taxes and give it to developers for their new residential quasi business startups?  Chase off the existing non-upscale, hometown business people by way of crippling barrier medians or perhaps charge the current business people a new PID tax-just for being there all along?

Hey, they are doing it now, even with LNO reporting the facts.  The difference is that citizens who care about having leadership, not just having our own town Hostess, can work to make others see what is going on behind the closed doors of City Hall.  I am biased, Mr. Culley.  I read.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped 10-05-01 @ 7:05 AM

Dear LNO Editor; 

I was very surprised to read in the newspaper today that the Mayor of Colleyville has decided that the striping of Hall-Johnson Road as a four-lane road” is the smart thing to do.” I am glad to see that she finally came to her senses and made this rational decision. My final term of office we worked very hard to get the funding for this road, with Ms. Arp fighting us every step of the way. Then as the process went on, we heard ideas such as building a three-lane road and even building a four-lane road, with two lanes covered in dirt. The last idea we heard from the mayor was that we need to build the road as a four-lane road, and then stripe it as a two-lane road. Other council members supported the last idea as the unused portion of the road could be used for joggers and bikers. There were two major problems with that. One being that the unused portion of the road would become littered with trash, gravel and unsafe for bikers or joggers. This would also be a problem, as the City of Colleyville did not have a street sweeper. Second, the sidewalk next to the road would seem to me to be a much safer place for bikers or joggers. How many responsible parents are going to allow their children to play along Hall-Johnson Road. I am just glad we did not have to wait until someone was injured in an auto-pedestrian accident to realize that was another case of poor judgment.

  I pray the citizens realize that sometimes Councilman have to make statements that the citizens don’t necessarily want to hear but they are the truthful facts. I knew that my comment “Hall-Johnson is a Colleyville Road and not a Highland Meadows Road” was not a popular statement in that neighborhood, but I always attempted to be honest with them. I also stated that the traffic counts on Hall-Johnson warranted a four-lane road and that it would be an injustice to future generations to just rebuild the road as a two-lane road. That would have been a waste of the taxpayers money. Now, they can see that the Mayor knew what the traffic counts were all along, but instead of being honest with her constituents, she decided to tell them what they wanted to hear, in order to hopefully get there votes. To my good friends in Highland Meadows, the truth has finally surfaced. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Steven D. Helling
Colleyville City Council 95-99

Time Stamped 10-05-01 @ 6:07 AM

Howe come we never hear anything about the concrete company fiasco from Local News Only?  Could it be that the editor does not have an agenda with Mayor Stacy?  Southlake is forcing one of its businesses to close and move despite the fact that they have been operating legally in the city for 20 years.  God Forbid that should take place in Colleyville.  Your biased reporting on Colleyville is tiresome.

How come we don't read anything about the mayor of North Richland Hills (Scoma) not having a college degree when he stated he had one on his job application to the city?  I would bet a million dollars that would be covered by you if it were in Colleyville and the mayor's last name was Arp. Once again, this proves that LNO is a biased news reporting organization. 

Bob Culley

Publisher Note: All news organizations, many leads come from citizens.  LNO will investigate the Southlake incident, however is of the belief there may be environmental issues involved, which do not appear relevant to a median in Colleyville. If the writer has any additional information concerning facts pertinent to the median article, LNO would request it be forwarded for posting.

With offices in the city, Colleyville coverage is the most expansive. LNO has never represented it covers North Richland Hills and is not clear why the writer is concerned about Mayor Scoma's educational status versus the median issue.  If LNO had factual evidence of a misrepresentation, in the cities covered, the writer would win the bet.


Time Stamped 10-04-01 @ 10:50 PM


After reading the October 5, 2001 article "MEDIAN DESIGN SHOULD HAVE BEEN NO MYSTERY TO PUBLIC OFFICIALS….by Linda Newton"  I am of the sudden realization that we have been had....There is no way that the "inadvertent omission" of the revised agreement, attachment B, median design from both of the public readings (June 19, 2001 and July 17, 2001) was a coincidence (I might believe once, but twice). 

I haven't seen anything in LNO about the stupid warning signs that were imbedded in the medians.  What a joke...  One day I saw a crew drilling holes to put in signs.  The next day, as I drove by, I saw bent over sign posts at every location where the signs had been and were struck by cars (I never saw the signs for the brief period they were intact).  Now there are just cut off pipes imbedded with concrete into the median and roadway.   What were they thinking? 
As for myself, I only find the medians to be a minor inconvenience.  They sometimes cause me to spill my coffee as I drive over them at 20 mph in my 4 wheel drive SUV with super high clearance suspension and 15 inch wheels, but I can see how the medians might be a problem for someone in a sedan (there aren't many of those out there anymore) and I sympathize with those unfortunate souls (I have to, one of them is my wife).
Jean Steele
Time Stamped 10-04-01 @ 12:39 PM

Subject: The Village Road Construction

To the Editors:

I wrote a letter to Donna Arp earlier this year discussing many concerns related to fiscal issues regarding The Villages project in Colleyville.  As an eight year resident of Colleyville, I have seen our city evolve from a mostly rural, sparsely populated town to a suburban community of largely upscale housing. I have also witnessed the demise of businesses along HWY 26 and the lack of a coherent plan to attract new ones. This while Southlake businesses have exploded along 1709, Keller and North Richland Hills have added substantial business on contiguous roads around Colleyville and transportation infrastructure, and Grapevine continued its dramatic commercial expansion in every corner where it could do so while it added the roads to support it.

As we've seen, the results are in. Grapevine has not raised its taxes and in fact may lower its tax rates due to all the commercial development it's been able to attract. Keller and North Richland Hills are beginning to build expensive housing developments now that their infrastructures have been built out to support larger diverse residential and commercial areas.

Southlake's actions also bear close scrutiny. In the last 8 years, instead of fighting development along 1709, they embraced it AND attracted it. This has resulted in commuters from the surrounding cities stopping and buying everything from groceries to furniture to whatever. They didn't fight the residents of Keller, North Richland Hills, Watagua, or whoever from using their main drag (1709) as a commuter access road. Sure they have heavy traffic concerns, but they now have substantial tax revenues so they can apply resources to manage it. They are also beginning to attract housing developments which, if they continue, will eclipse Colleyville's.

The controversy over Colleyville Towne Square versus The Villages has been extremely disturbing to me. The argument between them was one of fiscal responsibility. Even if there were short term savings from locating City Hall and the new Library in The Villages, the long term does not look as good. Ongoing operating expenses of having City Hall in one place and police and fire departments in another will mean our city will have logistical expenses long after the initial savings are realized. In other words, the "investment" of putting City Hall and the Library in Colleyville Towne Center would outweigh locating them in The Villages. And as far as the medians which are ugly, no town that wants to support businesses on BOTH sides of a road puts up medians. Instead, they WIDEN the road and put in a wide turning lane to support traffic attempting to turn into parking lots for those businesses.

There should be a coherent plan centered around Colleyville Towne Center, the widening of SH 26 and other arterial roads and the sustained, coordinated attraction of business to Colleyville.

Victor Dupuy
Colleyville Resident

Time Stamped 10-03-01 @ 11:34 PM
We appreciate all your help in reporting our GHS Cheer events  to the public. With the events we held this month, we made about $11,000. This amount will go a long way to helping us pay our expenses this year. 

Thanks again, 
Terie Wied

Time Stamped 10-03-01 @ 6:34 PM

Letter to LNO:

I found it interesting that the City of Colleyville in conjunction with the Villages of Colleyville decided to have a ribbon cutting to open the city's new "Main Street."  This may be the first "Main Street" in the United States with no buildings along its frontage.  Well I guess we may eventually have two, city hall and the city library.  I believe the Mayor and current Council will live to regret their decision to move these facilities to the Village property.  While I certainly hope the Village will be successful, the Council's decision relocate our primary public facilities to this location before the project demonstrated any success whatsoever was a foolhardy risk of public money.  

By the way, many of us have not forgotten that we are paying a high amount of interest to finance these facilities long before the proceeds are needed.  I guess we can chalk that up to the financial genius of Dennis Marlin.  We could have saved thousands more as interest rates have plummeted since the Council's latest bond issue without a public vote.  Is it to late for a city referendum concerning the city hall and library locations and funding levels?

When GM left Flint, Michigan it created a ghost town on Main Street, but at least Flint had some buildings.  Our vacancy in Colleyville is in the leadership department.   

Steve Magee

Time Stamped 10-03-01 @ 12:27 AM

Dear Editor LNO:
I am not particularly a "political person" but I do appreciate having a variety of information sources.  I do not necessarily believe everything that I read in every source, but I try to take it all in and form my own opinions. 
I subscribe to the Ft. Worth Star Telegram and find that there are only a few bits and pieces of news about our city of Colleyville.  LNO does give me a very interesting source of news and information and it seems that LNO does try very hard to appear accurate with the offerings of scanned documents and actual audio.
I have found that over the past several years that I get most of my information and news from internet media sources, so I find LNO to be very convenient in that respect.
It appears that LNO is having some difficulty in becoming credible within the inner circle of elected Colleyville officials.  I do not know why this is so, and I really do not care to know the background.  I wish that these officials would realize that LNO seems to be here to stay and they should treat LNO as they would the Star Telegram or the Dallas newspapers.  It would benefit our little community to have a local news source that exists in harmony with the political scene as well as with the real every day people that may not care so much about politics.
I would say that I will continue to read the articles that you provide for FREE and use them as part of the mix in the formation of my opinions.
Keep up the good work.
Norris Ward
Colleyville Citizen

Time Stamped 10-01-01 @ 4:29 PM

From: Richard Schneck 

I have had my eyes opened by your latest report in which you provided transcripts and audio featuring Donna Arp. To say the least I am shocked, I guess, however, to say the most I am not surprised. In light of the recent "median" issue, it would appear our Mayor presents a "slanted view" to the citizens of Colleyville.

I appreciate the LNO - keep us informed!

Colleyville Citizen


Time Stamped 9-27-01 @ 8:23 PM

Subject: The Villages of Colleyville

Thank you for another nice article on the Villages.  I mean that.  

The way I see it, we need more developers like Richard Myers. Developers who will build first class shopping plazas (like the Villages) in Colleyville. I shudder to think what might happen if developers like Mr. Myers start to listen to the "doom and gloom" talk that is out there from supposedly well-intentioned citizens. Colleyville's time is NOW! Shop Colleyville is not a slogan, it is a priority.

Don't listen to the "soothsayers" who predict failure for the Villages of Colleyville. Tell them you intend to spend your money in the Villages.  Why? Because we need developments like the Villages and Town Center in order to keep our revenues strong in a very tough economy. Nothing should deter us from investing in our own city.

We have a number of businesses in Colleyville who will not be here next year and it won't have a thing to do with our city council. But they will be blamed by someone. It won't have a thing to do with an ugly yellow median on Hwy 26. But someone will say it did.

What is it going to take to get this community solidified and moving forward again? I don't have the answer to that, but I know for sure criticism and name-calling isn't going to get us there. No one is winning that war.  

Shop Colleyville Now! And be proud you did.

Bob Culley

Time Stamped 9-27-01 @ 5:49 PM

Subject: Villages

I've moved away, but happened to go through C'ville last weekend. Glad I got out. And after reading the account in localnews, there is a money trail.  This project was not done to be in any way a good thing for the residents, though most being yuppie mindless SUV robots would probably disagree.  Colleyville is turning into another Southlake, and that isn't good. When I first came to Colleyville in 1991 it was still a very rural feeling place.  Now it isn't suburban, it isn't rural, it's a joke played on the residents by the Chamber, Realtors, and Council. If the Council/Realtors had not built any additional subdivisions no increases would have been needed in the budget, and none of this commercial development would have been needed. So the week need the tax revenue to feed the infrastructure argument doesn't work.

So it seems to be Myers at the center of this all. My advice to him is to not put it in stock, find a "willing" municipality who will go along with your developments.

My timing was good on selling the house, none of this nonsense was very visible yet to lower property value...

George Csahanin
Cedar Park, TX

Time Stamped 9-26-01 @ 06:24 PM

I'm so disappointed in these medians and our city representation.  It is so inconsiderate and unfair to our longstanding businesses.  I did not appreciate the comments of not having any control with the construction company - as construction companies slide in and slide out.  Then, to hear it is Myers construction project, his subcontract with the construction company, and is obviously in control of our town!  Give me a break!  No biases here!?   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. I think someone is trying to play dumb - like a blond.  This sort of representation makes us sound like a bunch of Colleyville dummies.  What is going on with our civic leader?  When did she quit standing up for the people of Colleyville?

Anne Osborne-Gifford
Colleyville, TX

Time Stamped 9-25-01 @ 09:05 PM

I saw the medians for the first time this morning. Those are the ugliest things I have ever seen. Reminds me of Belnap Street in Haltom City. How embarrasing for a city that wants an upscale image. I was pleased to see that Hall-Johnson is four lane. I think that is what we told the citizens it would be a couple of years ago. At least we were honest and truthful. Back to the medians on Hwy 26, it is obvious that Colleyville has some major leadership problems.

Steven Helling
 City Council 95-99

Time Stamped 9-25-01 @ 10:08 PM

Let Ms Arp and the Council know that we expect the medians removed, and just as fast as they were constructed.  I want to know if Richad Myers runs the City of Colleyville.

James Burleson
Colleyville, Tx

Time Stamped 9-23-01 @ 10:57 PM

Dear Editor,

I believe the medians are unsafe, unnecessary and extremely ugly.  I have on many occasions decided to go to another business rather than try to get on the east side.  I love the Sonic.  I was one of the few things in Colleyville that was here before I was.  I was leaving Appleby's ( on the west side) the other night and wittnessed a poor soul try to take a left, the stop on 26, reverse, and take a right.  The openings in the medians are not even wide enough to safley,at least for me, turn into.  Let's get some common sense.

A citizen,
Steve Kralicke

Time Stamped 9-23-01 @ 8:11 PM

Subject: article on minutes of median meeting

Just read your article summarizing the 9-19 meeting, and just wanted to say "Thanks!" for helping to improve the communication in Colleyville.

This improved communication should help the quality of future Council elections, as more citizens will have a better idea of the past performance of the incumbents.

Thanks! Keep writing.....
David Brockman

Time Stamped 9-21-01 @ 1:58 PM

“If you want to make enemies, try changing something” Woodrow Wilson.

In response to the former Mayor Richard Newton’s article of September 14, and being a member of the Hwy 26 Committee, I find myself with a need to make comment on his “personal observations”.  

The Hwy 26 Committee was formed by a city call for 12 ‘interested’ citizens to come together and put together a book of guidelines for the future development of Colleyville Boulevard. Eighteen volunteers stepped forward and the city gracefully expanded the committee to accept all of us who wanted to work on this project.  

Some members of the committee are property owners on 26, some are developers, some are business owners and some are just plain ole interested and concerned residents of our city who have a common wish to see Colleyville Blvd come alive with controlled and appealing developments. The kind of developments that will last, by us setting standards today, that will assist in maintaining this city’s reputation as a great and attractive place to live as well as acting as a magnet towards attracting more of those kinds of businesses that one doesn’t see everywhere.

For the past year, this committee has faced the daunting task of disassembling a monumental amount of information into many separate categories of consideration; roadway access, lighting, sidewalks, landscape, set-backs, underground utilities, crossovers, signs, colors, materials used in construction, zoning, just to name a ‘few’ of the most obvious items.

Another consideration and of one great difficulty were the potential problems that will be encountered by the guidelines being developed; the potential ramifications to existing businesses, PID’s and TIF’s, the potential costs to businesses while 26 is under construction and where to request the median cuts on 26. Moreover, what to do with the buildings that are currently too close to the road and what about those parcels too small for the set-backs, and how to implement those new guidelines without causing significant pain. Should there be a design committee formed to handle variances to the ordinances on a case by case basis? In other words, we worked on potentially everything that we could think of that might affect every landowner in the short term and long term. And you know what, we still missed things, water for one. What can we do for all the new landscaping if we have another water shortage?

Everything being assembled was and is today just a guideline to go by, not the end result. The end result will be dictated by all those who become involved, all those with good ideas and those with constructive suggestions. Barry Le Baron has gone beyond the call of duty in assembling all the committee has chosen to be the important elements of this guideline booklet.  The elected city council together with an experienced and knowledgeable city staff behind them will set the final guidelines and establish the ordinances to go with them.

However, before that happens, we need more input from the Hwy 26 landowners and business owners and that can only be accomplished by their attending and contributing at the open committee meetings.  Hwy 26 will be improved, that’s just the way it is and those who are directly effected should stand up and help us help them before its all said and done.

The meeting Mr. Newton attended was the FIRST presentation to the property/ business owners, not the first and last. Notices were sent out, some got them, some not, (whats new?) but over the next few months, every owner and business on 26 should know about the ‘open’ Hwy 26 Committee meetings and attend them.

Mr. Newton is the former Mayor and I respect that, but as a past elected city official and someone that purports a pro- growth, pro-city attitude, I am dismayed that he chose to overlook the importance of what the Hwy 26 Committee is working to accomplish by focusing the whole article on a more personal issue. I know he loves this city and I hope that in his next ‘personal observation’ writings he tends to the matter at hand and encourages the efforts of the committee, maybe lending to it of his experience as a former mayor, and supporting its desire to contribute intelligent and thoughtful suggestions to the making and re-making of Colleyville Blvd.

Kipp Whitman

Time Stamped 9-20-01 @ 8:35AM

The following is an e-mail to the Mayor of Colleyville and her response. It is the opinion of those associated with LNO that the city government should support ALL businesses located or headquartered in Colleyville.  

Mayor Donna Arp:
I read Mr. Guthrie's e-mail and your response today. 
I am particularly interested in your observation about comments made in haste and anger.  This brings me to the subject of Local News Only.com.
LNO editors are Ms. Newton and Ms. Connor.  They have worked tremendously hard to provide a fair handed reporting of local events.  In fact, there is as much reported on social and general events as there is on political related subject matter.
I have taken a very hands off approach to the news site concerning selection of content.  From time to time, I will continue to provide my comments and columns on subject matters, just as I do with the other major newspapers.
When the Chandlers, owned the Colleyville News and Times, I do not recall any objections by you..
As was the News and Times, LNO is based in Colleyville.  However in a very different manner LNO is working to pioneer and deliver a unique, informative and complete form of local news.
Considering your statements of support for businesses located in Colleyville, I would hope that you would extend that support to our organization. However, it appears you may have isolated this Colleyville based business and made comments concerning the character of those directly involved in a disparaging manner.
Should this be the case, one could conclude, considering your position representing our city, that any detrimental statements or references could and are harmful to the ability of LNO to conduct business in this market.
We take our business effort and service to the public very seriously.  Therefore, rather than jump to conclusions that you have actually made statements designed to harm the business of LNO, I am asking you for clarification of same.
In other words, I am asking the Mayor, of the city our business(es) have chosen to locate, if she has in any way made public statements or utilized taxpayer's funds in a manner that could be interpreted as deliberately designed to harm LNO.  In addition, has the Mayor of Colleyville abused her position ,in any fashion, in an attempt to harm businesses of those who may or may not agree with her politically?
The employees, volunteers and supporters of LNO are hereby awaiting your quick response to this personal inquiry.
Frankly, the failure to respond can only be seen as a confirmation of the question above.
Nelson Thibodeaux
Local News Only.com

Response from Mayor
Dear Mr. Thibodeaux,

In answer to your questions, the city and I personally respond to your
newspaper's requests in the most timely manner available to us.  There are
times with your news agency I, as other elected officials, have the right to
do is to say ,"No comment., if I have no comment on the subject.
In these times of much hatred in the world and sadness in our country, I
would ask you to please help all of us lead and not destroy each other's
spirits and efforts.  We all do so much better when we work together.
I want all Colleyville businesses to do well.  I am glad to have heard from
you directly, as much of the time all each of us get are third-hand comments
taken out of context.  You will continue to see the city respond to your
paper in the most timely manner possible.

Thank you,
Donna Arp
Mayor of Colleyville

p.s.  I am copying Bill Lindley, our new city manager so he will know of your
concerns with me and/or possibly the city's responses to your agency

Time Stamped 9-14-01 @ 8:58 PM

We are encouraged to display or flags, which I do proudly all the time, but I have been disappointed these past few days to see a lack of patriotism displayed by our city.  In the past I have seen our main thoroughfare adorned with flags, but not now in this time when our show of unity is so vital.  I work in Grapevine.  The main street there is awesome with the display of flags and the red, white and blue. Please relay this message to whoever---get our flags out!!!

Thanks for your help
Betty Bickett

Time Stamped 9-14-01 @ 2:34 PM

Dear Editor:

These are indeed sobering pictures !  It is obvious that most of the pictures were taken after 8:00 AM on September 11, 2001.  However; I can not be sure that the following picture was taken then. It could have been taken in 1991.

I encourage us all to remember that  there are many descendants of Abraham.  Some worship on Sunday, some worship on Saturday and some worship on Friday.  Most of all three groups are good and decent people who abhor violence. Please let us not allow such a picture (which may not be completely authentic) to influence our emotions.

Joe Deupree

Editors Note:  The pictures were forwarded to us and we posted them as we received them.  However, we have removed the photo due to the above email. 

Time Stamped 9-12-01 @ 10:47 PM

Our Mayor has added still another "'yes man" to her entourage, a Colleyville Chamber of Commerce director whose business is in Grapevine. Any hope of frank, open discussion at council meetings has been dashed. No one wants to buck the mayor and you can bet Mr. Orrell will not be the exception. You can almost bet he will be a candidate in the special election in November, despite the Mayor's protestations that they didn't want to give anyone an advantage in the election.
First it was the council majority, then it was the library board, then came planning and zoning. Now, the Mayor's got it all. Now she can move forward with her plan to make The Villages (whose project is it anyway?) a "special" place in her "special" city. 
We have a city economic development department and a chamber of commerce that should be promoting new businesses for Colleyville. However, both are dominated by a mayor who has run roughshod over existing business in the city, falling all over herself to give the Villages and developer Raman Chandler every advantage. She cares little about those businesses who have been good corporate citizens and have had a significant impact on the city's finances.
We will be able to blame only ourselves a year or two down the road when much of Colleyville's business and sales tax revenues have dried up, property values have leveled out, and we have to actually "raise" the city's tax rate. Without those businesses, our taxes can only go up, what with the Mayor's new library and city hall to support.
Congratulations, Ms. Mayor. You're a great politician and manipulator, which, unfortunately, doesn't equate to being a good public servant.

Jerome Davis

Time Stamped 9-10-01 @ 9:45 PM

I would like to thank the citizens of Colleyville for allowing me to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission. It has been a wonderful five years to serve my community. My five years as a member of this commission has given me a look at the inner workings of the building of a community. My wife would ask me how things went at the meeting and my stock answer was "we made some people happy and others not so happy." Some of the decisions we made had an immediate impact on peoples lives. Other resolutions that were decided upon were slow to impact Colleyville, but they did so just the same. We were placed in these trusted positions to serve all citizens of Colleyville, not just the mayor and the city council. In the most recent selection of Commissioners, I was not surprised that the current city council and mayor would deny my application. I probably know too much and they feel threatened by my presence. As my final meeting approached this evening I thought of many things that I could say to the commissioners who were staying and to those who would be joining the board. I kept most of my thoughts to myself but I did remind them that they were here to serve Colleyville and not its council or mayor. The outgoing commissioners were honored by our peers with words that really meant something. We were then thanked by the mayor for our service to our community. I could see her talking and I could make out the words but they really did not seem heart felt. I believe that it was just another opportunity for her to get her face out in the crowd and try to impress those seated in the audience. I for one was not impressed. In closing I would like to say that I did my best to have a balanced and ethical approach to the decisions that I made. I pray that the city council and mayor will grasp these virtues as well.

Tom Hart
Colleyville, TX 76034

Time Stamped 9-9-01 @ 8:31 PM

Please tell me it's just a dream.....Is that yellow and black monstrosity part of the Hwy 26 beautification program or was it just a temporary brain-freeze our council had.  What were the leaders of Colleyville thinking?  Did they go on a summer drinking binge and this is the result?  Our (we have more money than you do) mayor wants the citizens of Colleyville to spend their money within the community but navigating the medians on Highway 26 is like being in a Pac Man game. (And it's REALLY UGLY!!!!)  Colleyville once had high standards and they were so particular about attracting high-quality development.  What went wrong? It is painful to watch this long, slow downward spiral that was once called Colleyville. Hall-Johnson looks beautiful with no businesses to showcase.  Central Colleyville has the business but navigating the maze of Hwy 26 gives me a headache.  I think I'll have a relaxing cup of cappuccino at Southlake Town Square and enjoy the ambiance.  (Rick Stacy you can stop laughing now).

Bobbie Schillo


Time Stamped 8-31-01 @ 9:22 AM

Dear Editor:

Hubris and leadership are not an exact match but in Colleyville, Texas, hubris is clearly displayed by our elected leadership.  Leaders can be visionaries, hard chargers, managers or civic minded.  The clear mandate for any leader is to represent the entire group he or she represents.  

When I moved to Colleyville last year, I was impressed with the quality of life within the community.  Past leaders of Colleyville met their mandate and created a unique community.  Parks abounded, values on homes were increasing, crime was very low, roads were adequate and this was all a result of previous leaders developing a precise master plan for Colleyville.

In the last year, my impression of the leadership in Colleyville has changed from one of amusement to grave concern.  There is a clear record of the leadership’s desire to accommodate developers, abuse the privilege of elected office and unbalance the master plan of Colleyville.  Two developers have set upon a course of action that meets their special interest at the expense of the community and its citizens.  For some unstated reason, our elected officials approve projects that violate the master plan and past practice.  Recently, the Colleyville City Council approved development of a site that is in gross conflict with the master plan and ignored several recommendations by the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission and concerned citizens.  Not one member of City Council took the time to explain their actions and why they felt this was in the best interest of the Colleyville community.  In fact, their actions have opened an opportunity for other developers.  That creates the potential for grievous harm. 

Highway 26 dissects the heart of Colleyville and it represents our showcase for those who pass through our city.  Recent actions have created a yellow serpentine that affords a developer special privileges at the expense of surrounding businesses, customers and citizens.  Leadership failed to consult with the members of the business community or their customers.  Now, one has to navigate a maze that appears to require customers to transit an emerging business site.  Due to this mess, Colleyville looks inept when it comes to planning and evaluating the impact of leadership actions.  However, listening to our elected officials reveals a distinct display of arrogance. 

Our elected officials communicate in a condescending manner and do not take responsibility for their actions.  They seem to ignore that their power to lead comes from the very individuals they choose to ignore and berate.  This is hubris at its pure form.  There is no public forum for discussion.  Council meetings are unprofessional and represent an ad hoc use of Roberts Rules.  A junior high school civics class would have a clearer vision of rules for the conduct of professional meetings. 

If one wants to use the ethics word, council would fail that test.  Recently council met with a developer, in private, just before a controversial vote.  So much for meeting ethical standards and communicating in a public and open manner as required by law.

In the case of the councilman who recently resigned, open communication was lacking regarding his absences prior to the resignation.  No explanation was given as to why his telephone number was listed in the Colleyville Communicator with a 719 area code.  No communication, no leadership and poor ethics.  Council was slow in acknowledging and enforcing the rules that govern his replacement.  It seems that current policy is to ignore questions and stonewall the process until forced by the citizens to respond.

In past situations, I had the privilege to assist the United States Congress regarding emerging legislation and public policy.  In every situation, Congress assigned due regard to past laws, public policy, testimony, and future impact of the pending law.  Their actions were public and met the highest ethical standards.  If similar ethical standards were applied to Colleyville, some of our elected officials would not meet the test.  This standard includes avoiding situations that create the perception of a conflict.

Colleyville has several options.  The status quo can be maintained, newly elected council members can create change from within or the entire city council can provide leadership and change the negative image of the city.  This requires a dramatic change in ethics, communications, leadership and fairness.  These objectives can be attained to balance the needs of Colleyville without extending special privileges to those who are in council’s favor.  Hubris is evident in the present council.  It must be eliminated from the daily process.

Maurice Connor
Colleyville, TX 76034

Time Stamped 8-30-01 @ 1:29 PM

To the Editor;

I have a great respect for anyone who will take the time, make the personal commitment, and accept the financial impacts of being a City Councilperson or Mayor. I feel this way for candidates I support, and for those that I don’t. These people make a great sacrifice with (usually) no personal reward other than the satisfaction of helping others. I even feel that way about our current officials in Colleyville, although I certainly haven’t backed them as candidates because of their stands on issues, and/or because of their supporters.

However, the current situation of Councilman Marlin being asked to resign because he is no longer able to attend meetings, and then blaming others for his self created problems, stretches my ability to respect. As a matter of fact, it stretches my understanding – even for this bunch. He is obviously in violation of our Charter. He was (at least credibly accused of being so) in violation before, regarding owing the City money, but our Mayor (‘We have more money than you’ Donna) said that was "…only a bump in the road."

His own actions are bad enough, but maybe they could be somewhat overlooked due to the emotions of the moment. However, how do we excuse Councilperson ‘Let’s build a Monumental Library’ Feldman? She is riding to Marlin’s defense saying that, "…most people would let it slide…" and telling us what a great job he did with selling our bonds. How many Charter violations does it take before it becomes serious in her eyes? If we are able to open the new library (there are no operating funds for it) perhaps Ms. Feldman should spend some time in the financial section, reviewing the concepts of not borrowing until you need to, rather than selling bonds a year early (and in a down market).

If we are going to get out of this mess, we need to begin with the Council replacement appointment. I recommend Vince Wells, who has been willing to stand for Council election and who can be counted on to serve us with integrity and dignity.

Clif Holliday

Time Stamped 8-29-01 @ 12:21 PM

Dear Editor,

Shame on Colleyville City Councilman Dennis Marlin for attempting to blame others for his inability and/or unwillingness to do his job!  Jeers to
Councilwoman Dana Feldman for her inane statement that "most people would allow it [Marlin's numerous charter violations] to slide a little bit longer."  In fact, I believe that most people expect their elected officials to pay their city property taxes on time and demonstrate leadership by attending council meetings.  It is preposterous that council members would take offense that the citizens who elected them demand compliance with the city's rules.  Mr. Marlin is not a victim of "Napoleonic factions", as much as he is an example of ineffective representation.  He has nobody to blame but himself for failing to fulfill his obligations to the people of Colleyville.

Jenifer Zimmerman
Colleyville, TX

Time Stamped 8-28-01 @ 7:20 PM

As of 4:00pm this date, LNO has been informed that Dennis Marlin has resigned from City Council.

The following exchange of emails between Mayor Donna Arp and Steve Magee, a Colleyville citizen, was forwarded to LNO and are being reprinted with Mr. Magee's permission.  In the case of Mayor Arp, the Open Records Act includes any correspondence that pertains to city business.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for clarifying a mandamous action.  I am very concerned that you
would bring an action against the city and I know the city staff and the
remainder of the city council will also be very concerned.  Anytime a threat
of a lawsuit, no matter how it appears, is taken very seriously by the city
and our standard operating procedure is to contact our city's attorney of
record.  I will immediately let Ross Foster know that I have written
documentation of your concerns.  Our standard procedure is to also alert
Colleyville's city manager as soon as possible.

 If the city is not following the ordinances concerning Caldwell's Creek or
any other ordinance in the city, we all need to be aware and rectify it
immediately.  I will ask the staff to review for the council and citizens
which ordinance (s) you are referring to.  Please let me know so we can
research and remedy as quickly as possible.

Regarding Councilman Marlin, as I mentioned to you before,  I have asked our
city attorney to review the Charter as it relates to attendance.  There are
references in our city's charter which appear to some to need legal
clarification.  No action by the council  nor I is taken capriously without
research when there is doubt for interpretations.  We must all be cognizant
and respect the fact that the citizens who voted for Councilman Marlin and
all of our citizens(which are represented by Councilman Marlin), as well as
Councilman Marlin are protected through  research and clear interpretations

that are reliant on our attorney of record and advice from the experts, the
Secretary of State's office.  This is the course we are taking.

I have also asked for a record of all attendance by all the councilmen and me
over the course of the last two years.
As quickly as possible, all the information concerning this will be
disseminated to the council by Bill Lindley, our new city manager through Ross Foster, our city attorneys advice.

I hope this clarifies some of the processes by the city and the council. 
Again, please E mail me or the city manager, Bill Lindley at, and I feel assured that the city will proceed to rectify any ordinance not being correctly followed.  Just let us know which ones you are concerned with. 

The city or I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna Arp

Follow up letter forwarded by Mr. Magee


Thanks for your reply.  

I have not made a decision on the mandamus action as it will require more
legal research.  The homeowners on Shepherd's Glen, however, are determined
to find a solution to these problems particularly since we feel that the City
Council will be of no help.  The basis for such an action would be the City
knowingly allowing building permits to be issued with access to a street that
failed the City's own inspection and testing and does not meet City required
specifications.  Along the same lines, the City permitted construction of
homes on the same street, despite not following through with a developer
requirement that drainage improvements be provided along McCain Road which,
as a result, has caused significant flooding problems for the subdivision.  
Donna, I successfully litigated a Caldwell Creek boundary issue with the
developers of Shalimar over my lot that was caused by the City's refusal to
record documentation in public records of right-of-way releases, resulting in
a plat, approved by the City with an incorrect boundary.  Frankly, Raman
Chandler should have resolved that situation as the developer of Caldwell's
Creek, but instead he gave me his now familiar response "its not my

As to your comments on the Marlin situation, his attendance and tax payment
record shows quite clearly the level of responsibility he brought to the job.
 My guess is that many who voted for him have already rethought their choice.

As you have said, "always interesting to hear from you."

Steve Magee

Time Stamped 8-24-01 @ 11:17 AM
Re:  Reply to Councilwoman Ginny Tigue

Dear Ginny:

In response to your e-mail yesterday, I would have to say I am more frustrated than bitter over the way the city council has sided with Raman Chandler.  In Anytown USA, a select few have power and influence over the many and they control the direction of the town.  It happens all over and Colleyville is no exception.

It seemed to me that there was never a serious debate over whether Chandler would get his zoning change.  That was already decided behind closed doors.  Raman just had to have all of his facts straight and make a good public showing.  The people in opposition to this zoning change where many, but still only proved to be a temporary nuisance and may have delayed the inevitable by a couple of weeks at best.

In my years in road construction I have learned the value of making as many friends as possible with city officials in the towns that we work in.  As with most construction projects, corners will be cut and changes will be made along the way that will effect the bottom line of the project.  Usually, the more influential friends you have in place, the more profit you stand to make.  I think Raman is looking real good here in Colleyville.

It will be interesting to see how Chandler chooses to develop this new project.  I seriously doubt he’ll ever build a golf course there. That was just some sizzle he thought he would need to help make the sale.  I wonder how many Colleyville citizens will bombard the city council, probably to little or no avail, over problems that will arise from his development of this project.  Only time will tell.

You and your mates are apparently in full control of the Good Ship Colleyville and the doors to the control room are closed to all passengers.  We can only hope that your direction doesn’t lead to the sinking of this good ship, leaving us passengers to drown in the water.  Here again, only time will tell…

Yours truly,
Robert Bernardo

Click here for copy of Mr. Bernardo's original email to Councilwoman Tigue and her response.

Time Stamped 08-23-01 @  3:45 PM
Rezoning Approval by Council (Raman Chandler Proposal) 

My husband and I recently made our first foray into the realm of municipal politics when we brought our opposition to developer Raman Chandler's rezoning request on the old Nine Acres (and adjoining) property to the Colleyville citycouncil. We are shocked by what we have gleaned from this experience. We had heard the rumors about Mr. Chandler being closely allied with this council, and now we firmly believe that they are not simply rumors -- they are accurate observations.

Not only are we tremendously disappointed in the council's unanimous approval of
Chandler's proposal, we are also disheartened at what can only be described as
their blatant favoritism for the developer. Despite opposition from nearly 100
petitioners, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the former mayor, and numerous
other residents, the council elected to grant zoning containing a vast amount of
leeway to Chandler, who is an inexperienced commercial developer. Just prior to
voting, Mayor Arp attempted to appease protesters by stating that the city was
"looking at" a "possible" overlay on the property that "could" provide tighter
development controls. In other words, the concerns of the protesters were not
compelling enough for the city to deny the rezoning request, but Mayor Arp wants
us to believe that the city "might" do something in the future to provide us
with the controls that the council chose to dismiss. What an insult to our
intelligence! Further, the mayor made several statements that conveyed the
unmistakable message that she felt protesters were ignorant of zoning
ordinances. Based upon some of the questions posed by council members, I
believe that some of us "ignorant folks" are more informed than they are.

It is incomprehensible that the city is demanding extremely high-quality
development along Highway 26, as evidenced by their fixation on every nuance of
The Village, but is willing to hand over the critical controls on prime
commercial property along Precinct Line Road (the "Western Gateway" of
Colleyville) to Chandler.

During the course of the meeting, council members stressed the zoning of the
property as it appeared several years ago, which has absolutely nothing to do
with current conditions. Councilman Hocutt, who previously denied this same
rezoning request while on the P&Z Commission, made no attempt whatsoever to
explain his puzzling reversal. Councilman Feldman leaned heavily on her "slick
lawyer" experience, posing one leading question after another to city staff,
each crafted to procure only partial bits of information that would favor the
developer's proposal. In fact, via their questions and comments, council
members and officials appeared to be lobbying the crowd to support the proposal!
The council briefly mentioned a letter from the developer, alluding to the fact
that he was willing to drop the rezoning request on the commercial portion of
the property and proceed only with the residential rezoning; however, after very
little discussion, a motion was made to approve the original proposal. Other
annoyances included Mayor Arp and the city attorney chatting and chuckling
amongst themselves during a good portion of the proceedings, and Councilman
Marlin's notable absence (again). And finally, in what I believe to be a
display of very poor judgment, some council members mingled openly with Chandler during a break in the proceedings.

Until recently, we fully trusted that our city council had only the best
interests of ALL citizens at heart. What an eye-opening experience it has been
to witness first-hand how this machine really works. We are now of the opinion
that if you're a developer with deep pockets, you're in good hands with this
council. If, however, you're just an ordinary citizen, striving to encourage
the city to uphold the highest possible standards in developing its limited
commercial property, you're likely to be left with no support from the council
-- only a jaded disposition and a firm resolve to effect change in the next

Jenifer L. Zimmerman
Remington Park Resident
Colleyville, TX

Time Stamped 08-22-01 @  2:39 PM
Re:  Response to Council Vote Last Night 

Did the voters achieve their desired results with a Colleyville City council that has proven it is of one mind, no disagreements here?

Ramon Chandler, the Colleyville Power Broker, is back on top.  The Colleyville City Council voted 4-0 overturning the Planning and Zoning decision to reject his newest “0” lot line project.  In addition, council threw in a “carte blanche” approval on his commercial zoning.

The council ignored the pleas from Caldwell’s Creek residents, requesting help in its dispute with this developer.  Even the fact that the closest neighborhood, Remington Park, reversed its support of the project, didn’t phase this hard charging group to quickly approve more “leap of faith’ zoning for selective developers.

I know the power of Chandler in Colleyville, he supported me when I won a city council seat.  However, I had the audacity to support the citizens of Caldwell’s Creek against this developer’s antics and was ousted by the Chandler financed Dennis Marlin last year.  Speaking of Marlin, he has attended maybe one council meeting since the last election, but no one on city council seems to notice.

I guess when you have a rubber stamp council, 4 members is all you need to give your favorite developer a knowing wink then pass anything that makes him happy.  While winking at their favorite developers, they are turning a “blind eye” to the inequities of their decisions.

To compare visions of the 1999 council versus the current group, take a drive down the new tree-lined beautiful Hall Johnson road in contrast to Hwy 26 at the Villages.  In their rush to take care of their other favorite developer, we have been subject to a hideous yellow median that dramatically announces you have now arrived in the middle of Colleyville. 

The current council passes the Chandler zoning, ignoring the Planning and Zoning, as well as citizen pleas.  The mayor and current council believe that they are so entrenched, they don’t need to be subtle, just ram it down their throats. However, no amount of political spin or double talk will replace the loss of objective integrity in city government.

The question is, do the voters of Colleyville care how their city is being portrayed in the press and represented by their new “one mind for all” city council? 

Nelson Thibodeaux
Caldwell Creek Resident
Colleyville, TX

Time Stamped 08-16-01 @  1:34 AM
Re: Ethel McCain Celebrates 99th Birthday

Thank you for publishing on the web the article honoring my great-grandmother Ethel McCain. It is an honor to be able to call her Great-Grandmother and be able to be influenced by her in the chain of generations through her faith in God and the person she has chosen to be.

Your publishing the article on the web made it possible to enjoy her birthday celebration miles away here in California.

Thank again,

Frank Candlish and Family

Time Stamped 08-15-01 @ 7:59 PM
Re:  Colleyville’s Mayor Announces Economic Plan
This letter was sent to FWST and LNO.

Our Mayor now occupies the front page of the taxpayer funded city newsletter, The Communicator. However, we did get a glimpse of her economic plan for our city this month. With all the expendable income in Colleyville, if we each just spent $300 per month in Colleyville, PRESTO at the end of the year we would have an extra $500,000 in sales taxes.

This innovative approach got me to thinking, why stop at $300, her recently commissioned study said folks in Colleyville have plenty of extra cash laying around, say $1,500 per month. 

Lets see, $1,500 per month spent in Colleyville,  that would be about 61 Lube & Oil Changes, or maybe 352 hamburger meals at Sonic, or maybe 15 Futons.  OK so it will be a challenge, but where is your love of your city and confidence in our Mayor?

And by the way, we all know those responsible for that outrageous idea of building a beautiful boulevard out of a two lane black top Hall Johnson leading to what was supposed to be our center of town.  But who lead the 5th grade shop class to stick that hideous median on Hwy 26 and then paint it a subtle YELLOW?  I guess we had to take care of the heavy traffic into the booming Villages of Colleyville.

Some of us must be just too slow to keep up with the Mayor’s vision. Compare Hall Johnson versus a GLOB of Yellow at Glade Road, this Hwy 26-beautification plan of the Mayor is off to a rip roaring start.  

Kinda looks like Colleyville folks might want to turn out at the next election, that is unless they really are as shallow, self-indulgent, self-centered, self-impressed and apathetic as we have been portrayed by recent comments of our Mayor. Mayor Stacey, keep praying for us ….please.

Nelson Thibodeaux
Colleyville, Texas

Time Stamped 08-10-01 @ 7:14PM
Re: Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Home Builder Runs Into Opposition”.  
This letter was sent to LNO for posting.

Dear Ms. Tigue:

In the above referenced article it states that you said, “It’s such a long, involved situation, (Caldwell’s Creek) that I really don’t think it has anything to do with the new proposal”. Well, I think it has everything to do with the new proposal…

The same developer, Raman Chandler, who has failed to adequately address issues and problems on one of his Colleyville developments should not be allowed to have his way and proceed on developing another. 

Colleyville is an attractive place for Raman Chandler and others to develop in because it is one of the premier communities in North Texas.  It is important that we hold ALL developers to the highest standards in order to maintain the integrity of the city and enhance the long-term value of our community. 

When we came to the city council meeting on Wednesday, (August 8, 2001) it was not because we had nothing better to do with our time or that we had a personal vendetta against Raman Chandler.  It was because we count on you as elected city officials to protect our rights and interests as citizens of Colleyville. 

We repeatedly mentioned to you our concerns that night over drainage problems that have gone on for quite some time.  We talked about the detention pond on the corner of Shepherds Glen and John McCain, which has been allowed to sit with little or no maintenance for all to see.  We mentioned the ongoing legal issues we have with Mr. Chandler, which involves yet another of his developments, The Villas of Caldwell’s Creek. 

Mr. Chandler acts as if he is an innocent party, caught in the middle of all of this.  He blames the Caldwell’s Creek HOA and the city for the various problems and claims he wants to resolve these matters in the best interests of all concerned. 

He wants to fill in the above mentioned detention pond and sell the lot to a builder to help us out.  According to the drainage plat we obtained from the city, the lot is designed to remain a detention basin or lake.  In fact, our adjacent lot is graded to flow directly into the basin rather than the street.  If a house is built there, the water from our lot will flow in the direction of that house.  He has indicated that the city is responsible for many of the drainage problems on John McCain.  As for the legal matters, he blames the HOA for not wanting to sit down and resolve these issues while he continues to stall our efforts to either come to terms or proceed with the legal process.   

One important issue that was not mentioned at the city council meeting was the construction of Shepherds Glen.  Mr. Chandler negotiated a deal with the city to add additional concrete and steel and eliminate stabilizing the road.  This is a good deal for Mr. Chandler as he saved the substantial cost of stabilization, which is a vital step in building a road that provides long-term structural integrity.  As it turned out, test results showed that the concrete was of deficient depth, further compounding the problem.  Rather than having Mr. Chandler remove and replace the road, the city settled on accepting a 2-year maintenance bond.  Aside from the rough finish, the road has and will continue to show signs of failure that will extend beyond the 2-year maintenance period which expires in 2002.  What will end up happening is hundreds of thousands of tax dollars will be spent removing and replacing this road, well short of its intended life span. 

In conclusion, the issues of Caldwell’s Creek have everything to do with proposed future developments such as Mr. Chandlers Westgate project.  Developers, including Mr. Chandler, must be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.  Applicable codes must be enforced without exception or compromise to insure that Colleyville maintains its current and future status as an outstanding community to live and work in.


Robert Bernardo
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Time Stamped 08-09-01 @ 7:14PM
Subject: Article in Fort Worth Star Telegram-Northeast Section

Our friends (those out of Colleyville) are calling to ask if we are still speaking to poor folks from other areas. They've seen our mayor smirking from the front page of the Star-Telegram, telling all who will listen that we make more money than anyone else.

Of course, our neighbors aren't surprised at this rudeness and/or ineptness:

* We are the same ones who spent good money to build roads and then bury them (at least we were seriously going to, until almost laughed out of the county.)

* We are building a library, just to show everyone we can, even though we  have no way in the world to fund its operation.

* We lost one of our best tax revenue sources, and now bray about how well we are doing.

* We destroyed a long thought out plan for an economic center to the city, and replaced it with a pet project, which is drawing very little real economic interest.

* We ignore obvious election law violations in the name of informing our constituents.

* We ignore violations of our City Charter (these are 'just bumps in the road') by our Council people. 

* We have allowed a mob to determine city policy, to insult citizens while making their legal pleadings before council, and generally to run our city meetings.

No, our neighbors aren't surprised at much of anything from Colleyville anymore. I hope they realize this arrogance doesn't represent everyone in this city. The only question is how much longer are the voters here going to put up with this?

Clif Holliday

Time Stamped 08-09-01 @ 7:12PM
Article in Fort Worth Star Telegram-Northeast Section
This is the letter I have sent to Donna Arp and I plan on sending a letter to the Star Telegram.

I have just read the article in the Star Telegram Northeast Section and needless to say I am embarrassed for the people of Colleyville.  How could you let yourself be dragged into a situation like this?  This article once again makes the citizens of Colleyville look like a bunch of rich snobs who are living beyond their means.  We are still reeling from the embarrassment of councilman Marlin not paying taxes and all of you defending him.   Rick Stacy has gotten the best of this article.

Donna, while you are not my choice for mayor you are all the citizens' mayor and we accept that. However, you need to start thinking about the future of the city and not just about how often you can get on the front page of the newspaper.

The council's policy in keeping out commercial growth is starting to have its effect on the city.  It doesn’t take a smart person to see where Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart and Kohl's are all placing their stores, which is dragging this disposable income out of Colleyville into the surrounding cities.  Colleyville is left with empty buildings because of all of the big boxes locating on our border in every direction.

Payless Cash way is the first casualty and K-Mart and the Villages will be next.

What does it take for these supposedly rich people to understand that all cities need a mixture of commercial with other growth to make a city successful?  If we do not correct this trend Colleyville will look like Kennedale, Grand Prairie and Haltom City in a few years.  We do not have the commercial base as Hurst, North Richland Hills and Southlake but you know we have the same traffic.  We have the traffic but we cannot rebuild our streets.  All we can do is patchwork.

I will never attempt to build in Colleyville again and I am over my disappointment in my last attempt.  I am voicing my opinion because I do not want to see this city degraded any further and our taxes start to climb.

I personally feel you and the council is letting your personal agenda override business decisions.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Burk Collins 

Time Stamped 08-07-01 @ 10:46PM
Subject: Re: Paying for Privacy

Like many Colleyville homeowners, I recently received information with my electric bill explaining new legislation involving the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC). The pamphlet described how I may "Opt Out" of the list that will be given to Certified Retail Electric Providers authorized to offer me additional electric service options. The information was concise and clear; I could choose the website link to add my name to the “Opt Out” list or call a special phone number.

 I was very pleased to learn another list will be available to further protect me from telemarketing calls. However, I was INFURIATED to learn that I must PAY for this privilege!! My home is already deluged with solicitor calls, something I expect you experience as well. My husband and I struggle to maintain our important family values, yet our family's privacy erodes daily.

 The "free" “Opt Out” service only protects me from solicitation by mail. Should I assume the Texas legislature puts a higher value on my mailbox than on my telephone? Since legislation requires that electric companies establish this "Opt Out" list, a simple check box to also eliminate telemarketing calls seems reasonable. Why not require the PUC to charge people who WANT to receive telemarketing calls, rather than make those of us who want to retain our privacy pay for the privilege? It appears I only have the right to protect my customer privacy if I pay for it. This scheme is unfair to the consumer and must be corrected immediately. Detailed information on this “nominal fee” will be available later this year. I urge my fellow Colleyville residents to contact their Texas legislative representatives. We shouldn’t have to pay to retain our privacy!

Suzanne Harrington


JULY 2001

Time Stamped 07-16-01 @2:34PM

Subject: Re: Another angry taxpayer, regarding the lack of care of the City of Colleyville

I think that when a main thoroughfare like John McCain is scheduled for reconstruction the manager in charge of the street department should make sure the taxpayers are informed in a timely manner.  Today there was no access from Hwy 26  to Caldwell Creek Drive. The road was CLOSED.  I spoke with the manager of the street department and he told me that trailer signs were put up on Friday afternoon informing us that the road would closed Monday.  I feel that that is an insufficient amount of time.  The street department failed to notify the citizen in a timely fashion and left us no other route to take.  Not only was the notice not timely, it was also not given to each individual homeowner.  

Does the City of Colleyville assume that every one of it's residents owns a computer? Does the City of Colleyville assume that every household is hooked up to the Internet?  Why doesn't the City of Colleyville have an avenue to communicate to it's citizens, in a traditional way?  Not every one is a Cyber junkie!

I was told that the Contractor "Branch & Sons" gave the homeowners association the notice.  I don't think it's the president of our homeowner association job to run to every door and put up a notice.  That's not his job!  That's passing the buck.  The Contractor is the one getting paid to do the work, and it was his responsibility, per his contract to notify the residents of the proposed work.

I telephoned the city last week with a complaint regarding the City not
notifying us that the road was scheduled for repaving.  I had to drive my car thru ruts of dirt 6-8 inches deep.  I don't appreciate the fact that I had to drive my $80,000 car through dirt that contained harmful chemicals.  When I called in the complaint the only person available to take my complaint was the manager of the water department.  I was told that the street manager was in a seminar and would not be in the office.

It's unthinkable that the City of Colleyville would treat it's citizens with
so much disrespect.

Angry taxpayer.

Lori Renda

Time Stamped 07-02-01 @4:59PM

To: Linda Newton (Editor, Local News Only) July 2, 2001

The headlines sent to us on your E-mail list concerning the story, "Ranking of Local Cities," says sales tax, not sales revenue. The city collects only 2% of every dollar of sales revenue from our retailers. This story's headlines could have us believe Colleyville is down over a million dollars in sales tax revenue, which is far from true. We, like several of our neighboring cities, have a shortfall year to date in sales taxes. After researching Colleyville's financial status, Colleyville's shortfall is $24,000 for the year over our previous year, not $1 million dollars.

The statement in that story says, "The only city to experience substantial loss in SALES TAXES was Colleyville with over $1 million shortfall." Again, sales taxes are very different numbers than sales revenue for our retailers. Colleyville gets about $20,000 from each $1 million in sales from our businesses. I would guess that LNO meant sales revenue, not sales taxes.

Payless Cashways closing will impact Colleyville's sales taxes collected, however in order to affect the city by million or more dollars in sales taxes, Payless would have to have generated over $50 million in sales. If it had generated that much in sales, my guess is it would have remained open. To give you a perspective, my research finds our grocery stores probably each generated about $15 million in sales revenue (not taxes) this year.

Most citizens have expected the closure for many months because of the impact Lowe's had, and the impending U.S. bankruptcy of the Payless Corporation that was reported in the Star Telegram several weeks ago.

A more telling story for Colleyville is our financial condition as of May 31, 2001, eight months into our fiscal year. Colleyville residents should know that the city's revenues are $8,842,138. Our expenditures are $7,132,787 year to date. Upon review of our city finances, I find our bonding ratings are up, and our working capital is at an all time high. Colleyville's debt per capita has been lowered over the last few years.

These are facts that are available to me or any citizen anytime at our City Hall (817) 577-7576.

Although the Colleyville residents are very astute with budgets, this story's headline and in story statement could be very confusing to any citizen, including even those who would keep up with sales tax versus sales revenue.

But, what it does do is emphasize the fact that all of us who live in Colleyville should buy as many products in Colleyville as we possibly can. Yes, we may have to go out of town for some purchases, but we also have great retailers. Our grocery stores, Albertson's and Kroger, as well as our smaller shops need to be heavily supported by our residents. We are just repaying ourselves when we shop in Colleyville. That is how we get money for parks, police, and fire.

Thank you,

Bill Dennis
Colleyville, Texas



Time Stamped 05-30-01 @ 11:18PM

You guys are the biggest sore losers I've ever seen.  Your devious and underhanded tactics and inuendos typify the scumbags you are.

Jim Staab

Time Stamped 05-30-01 @ 10:07PM

Great Work......Keep it up. Hope to see more of this.

Shawn Roach
Colleyville Resident

Time Stamped 05-24-01 @ 10:11AM
(Received in response to Joe Duepree's Editorial, see Editorial Task Force)


For those of us new to this community (6 years now), your perspective is very valuable.  I have been researching tax expenditure and revenue, location analysis principles, etc. for my response to this same issue.  I think you beat me to the punch with great examples of what it takes to drive retail business!  Thanks for your insights.

Best Regards,

Lee Skaalrud

Time Stamped 05-16-01 @ 9:34 PM

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on joining the LocalNewsOnly staff!  It will be very gratifying to read news and opinions from a former Councilwoman whose level head and ethical standards have always been held in high esteem by residents of Colleyville.

A newspaper must inform, occasionally entertain, but it is very imperative
that it get people to thinking for themselves based on first hand accounts and actual documentation.  This forum provides unlimited opportunity for citizens to provide their own reasoning to other residents across the political Great Divide of our city right now.  

William Cowper Brann was editor of a newspaper in Waco around the end of the 19th century called The Iconoclast.  Brann is revered to this day as a writer without peer, and his crusades against small-mindedness, bigotry, and hypocrisy have never been equaled.  Freedom of speech is something that has not been encouraged by the Council majority this past election-residents have reported to me that they were instructed not to log onto the LNO site.  I urge you to invoke the spirit of The Iconoclast and continue to freely offer the facts and opinions of everyone and absolutely draw the sword against those who would deny First Amendment rights to anyone in Our Town.

Linda Baker

Time Stamped 05-15-01 @ 10:18 AM


The debate over the mayor and the city council photographs points out one of the real problems with Colleyville.  People are more concerned about the facade presented by the subjects than they are about their substance.

Although I applaud your open door policy and commitment to freedom of speech, toleration of such silliness is sometimes the cost exacted for such noble principles.

Frank Carroll

As an additional thought to the comments of the Editor below, LNO found the following photo of Mayor Arp's  recent opponent, Mike Taylor, as it appeared in the Saturday, March 31, 2001 edition of the Dallas Morning News. If one accepts the premise of "malice by photo" is this unflattering photo of Taylor (versus the one on the city web site for example), an example by the DMN?  


The left is from the S-T and the right from the city web site.


The left is as posted on the LNO's Council member site and the right from the city's web site (photo over 2 years old). We rest our case in the malice by photo caper.


Time Stamped 05-12-01 @ 11:53 AM


This is in rebuttal to your andswer to my previous letter concerning the city council's picture on your website. I did not say the Mayor's picture was taken without her knowledge, just without warning. She obviously spotted someone aiming a camera in her direction in time to smile nicely, but in any photo that I've seen of her in the newspapers has her sans glasses.

I stand by my criticism of the remaining pictures of Tigue, Feldman and Marlin. They are not looking at the camera and you have chosen most unflattering pictures-- eyes closed, unsmiling, looking away.

I struggled to come up with the right word for the management of this site. Members is not the right word, I guess staff is what I mean. The editor is someone who was defeated by a wide margin in last year's electionand obviously has an axe to grind. If you want to have a website where only one veiwpoint rants obout perceived injustices, so be it. If you truly want to be a place where citizens can get unbiased local news, then you have to be careful about the slant you put on things.

Jill Van Over

Please review your facts, the Editor of the Colleyville Edition (see About Us)  was not defeated in last year's election,  has never run for office, nor intends to.  You must be referring to the Publisher, and I assure you he is too busy, with working plans to bring on other city editions,  to grind an axe in the smallest city covered by our agency.

I am not sure what about the fact these members could send in their own updated photo that you don't understand. Just as this site posted your letter unedited above, the photos would be included on the member page unedited.

It is not this site's ability or obligation to change the appearance of council members.  If these photos had been "doctored" in any manner,  you might have a legitimate complaint.  However, if in our efforts to report in-depth local news fairly, the biggest complaint we have is that we don't make council members better looking than their own real life photos, then we have achieved a lofty goal not obtained by virtually any other news media in America.

Finally, while we have been very liberal in posting e-mails to the Editor, this particular silly argument has grown stale and is not serving our viewers.  Please re-read carefully the obvious options to resolve your concerns.


Letters Posted On May 12 2001

Time Stamped 05-12-01 @ 11:58 AM


I take exception to your page featuring council members. There seems to be a discrepancy in the photos' quality. Only former councilmens Taylor and Short appear to be posed. Mayor Arp's is acceptable, but it is clear it was taken at a city council meeting with no warning, as Mayor Arp always removes her glasses for pictures. Councilperson Feldman, Tigue and Marlin's pictures were clearly taken with no warning. They are shown in the most unflattering way.

I am aware that members of your website are not politically simpatico with the current council, but you must strive to have a completely neutral coverage of local news, if you expect this website to prosper or even survive.

These differences in depictions of councilpeople smacks of malice and I urge you to correct it when you take picture of the new members recently elected.

Jill Van Over 

As always you are entitled to your interpretation of this site.  However there were no photos taken without warning, all members were clearly aware photos were being taken.  I believe anyone looking objectively at the Mayor's photo will agree she knows her picture is being taken.  There were a number of photos taken, for example the one below of Councilman Tigue.  

 In addition, Councilpersons Marlin and Feldman DID NOT have their photos on the City site, after a full year in office, therefore the ONLY source was LNO photos. 

By the way, we do not have "members" of our site, but free subscribers representing all types of views and positions. Further, although we are striving to be fair in our coverage, media sources have obviously flourished for years without being "completely neutral"; ask anyone if they feel the national media or Star-Telegram (for example) is "completely neutral".

All members of council have the option to e-mail this site a digital photograph to be used on the council members page.  However, this site can not reflect the views or comments of those that do not respond, neither can it post photos that never arrive.

Otherwise, the site utilizes photos in its own archives. As with all the council members Councilman Tigue was obviously aware her photo was being taken, however LNO elected not to use this shot on the members page.  However opted for a more current shot than the approximately four year old photo from the outdated City Web Site.


Which photo is better of Councilman Tigue?

Letters Posted On May 11 2001

Time Stamped 05-11-01 @ 8:44 AM


Congratulations on the development of a most useful web site. I pledge to regular use and to pass the address to my neighbors and friends. Thanks for giving our community a place to obtain news not otherwise found from any other source.

Dennis Johnson

Time Stamped 05-10-01 @ 4:54 PM


You should send your editor out more often!  Really enjoyed:  Dateline: May 10, 2001  11:33 The Perils of Colleyville Small Town Politics or "Maybe Dave Lieber Got it Right This Time!.a column by Nelson Thibodeaux, Publisher.  Nicely done and good luck with Local News Only.

Best Regards,

Lee Skaalrud

Time Stamped 05-05-01 @ 9:30 PM

To: Nelson Thibodeaux, publisher
      Local News Only.com

Dear Mr. Thibodeaux,

Regarding your email about our story on the city of Colleyville investigating modular buildings for possible mold, I disagree with your assertions that a copyright infringement occurred.

As for professional courtesy, while we did read your site, we took many other actions including filing for city documents as per the Freedom of Information Act and conducting numerous interviews. Therefore, we feel that the story is our own.


Liz Zavala
Assistant Metro Editor, Bureau Chief
Northeast Tarrant County
The Dallas Morning News

Hey, we didn't say an infringement occurred, we said it might have occurred.  We do appreciate the Dallas Morning News checking with LNO for the latest in-depth news for the area. I think you will find we already had the documents on our site, could have saved yourself some time!


Time Stamped 05-04-01 @ 3:46 PM


I received in the mail yesterday from the Committee to Re-elect Arp (CRARP) two "letters" to Councilman Mike Taylor from Councilmen Marlin and Tigue.  In addition to attacking Councilman Taylor, the CRARP mailing also attacked me.  The letters were of course reminiscent of the notorious "liar flyer" that supported both authors in their election campaign last year. 

Evidencing their usual astuteness both seem to have forgotten that I am not a candidate this year, or even last year when they also attacked me.

However, as to me, I think the best response is either that of the charm-school trained Southern lady - "isn't that nice" or my sainted mother's admonition "just consider the source."

As to the rest, one might first ask why such "private"
correspondence would be distributed by CRARP.  Could these "letters" have been written, not as an honest expression of disagreement with a fellow councilman, but as a political attack piece by the CRARP followers?  Does it also strike anyone as odd that the "letters" are on continuous pages and unsigned?

But surely they would not mislead us.

One might also ask why the unseemly and vicious attack by Marlin and Tigue against Councilman Taylor as well as former council members and why they denigrate the fact that 70% of the people who have served with the Mayor and many other public servants, do not support her election?  They fail to disclose that Mayors Whitmire, Newton and Baker, Mayors Pro-Tem Linda Newton, Vanover and Grace, as well as Councilmen Styles, McKain, Butler and Helling have endorsed Mike Taylor.

But surely they would not mislead us.

These kind of attacks by the authors on behalf of CRARP are similar to the tactics employed by Clinton and Gore in their election campaigns.

While they stood above the fray and tried to look "presidential" Ted Kennedy, Dick Gephardt, Jesse Jackson and others of their ilk repeatedly attacked George Bush and Bob Dole.  Colleyville citizens are regrettably  being Clinton/Gored again.

Of course anyone who has followed or watched the Colleyville City Council for the last year will not be surprised by these "letters."  The authors have long played Mortimer Snerd and Charles McCarthy to the Mayor's Edgar Bergen.

They also blame Mike Taylor for the treatment of the elderly pioneer Couch family and the leasing of their duress - acquired property for $10 to the Village Developer in a lease signed by the Mayor.  Fortunately, the  truth of the Couch matter has already been told by Local News Only.Com.

But again, surely they would not mislead us.

And of course there is always Hall-Johnson.  We should never forget that Tigue was the author of the resolution to go ahead with the improvements to Hall-Johnson but cover most of the road with dirt and plant flowers on it.  That resolution was supported by the Mayor and Marlin.  Our city is still the butt of jokes all over the state for that little stunt.  Of course Mike Taylor voted against it.

But again, surely they would not mislead us.

And finally who was it that rejected the development at
Cheek-Sprager and Highway 26, again financially injuring long-time and  elderly homeowners after it had been unanimously approved 7-0 by the  Planning and Zoning Commission, with the sounds of "we don't  want people like that" coming to our town?  Was this embarrassment Mike Taylor's fault?

But yet again, surely they would not mislead us.

These shenanigans and numerous others (moving City Hall at a cost of  $200,000, selling bonds a year before the funds are needed in a falling interest market and at a cost of an extra $1 million, etc.) would be hilarious if the consequences to our City were not so financially dire.  But the public has the choice - they can turn out and vote for a man who has the best interest of his city at heart or they can listen and buy into CRARP.

I do think, however, that the City Manager might want to revise our 3-legged horse logo if CRARP's slate wins to reflect the new Colleyville. In the background, perhaps we could have a Taj Mahal - $7.5 million public funds Village complex with the Couch's sitting on the steps holding a bed roll.  In the foreground we could have Clarabell wearing a St. John suit, driving a Porsche and holding a sign that says "only PLU's allowed" (people like us) and "just go around Colleyville."

It's your town and your choice.

Frank Carroll


Time Stamped 05-03-01 @ 10:40 PM

Dear Editor:

This message is in response to Mr. Sweatt's letter concerning Colleyville Soccer and the Master Plan for the Pleasant Run Practice Complex.  As a member of the Parks Board who voted in favor of the current Master Plan allowing primarily soccer use with a game day football field, I was shocked by the letter sent by the Soccer Association to the residents of the City, particularly when the Master Plan had been reviewed at numerous public meetings.  I don't recall Mr. Sweatt being in attendance the night the plan was unanimously approved by the Parks Board.  If he was in attendance, he witnessed several board members, including Mr. Hendler and myself, grilling the staff with some very tough questions concerning any football use at all and making the point that soccer desperately needed improved practice space and lots of it.  We also specifically directed that the football field area be designed for full soccer use on non-football game days. 

The Parks Board approved a Master Plan that had been through numerous public reviews and was recommended for approval by the city staff.  Never was there any intention by the Board members to shortchange soccer out of practice space.  With two daughters in the program, I know that improved practice fields are a high priority.  The Master Plan approval including game day use for football was, and still is, a logical compromise.  Unfortunately, the Colleyville Soccer Association has allowed itself to be used by Donna Arp as a political tool in her quest for re-election.  It's that simple.

Steven Magee
Member, Colleyville Parks and Recreation Board


Time Stamped 05-03-01 @ 4:59 PM


Despite all of the election rhetoric, and the inaccuracies and factually-incorrect statements in Mr. Leininger's letter and Mr. Hendler's hand-out in response to the letter from the CSA Board, the bottom line is this:

The Master Plan currently in place for the soccer practice facility on Pleasant Run Road does not make the best use of the land.  The piece of property is very deep and narrow.  There is currently enough room for 6 soccer fields of varying sizes laid out north to south.  In order to make room for a football field and all of the parking necessary to host games, the fields will have to be laid out east to west.  The resulting design has only 3 fields-one football field and two for soccer-and 172 parking spaces. Obviously, you cannot practice on a parking lot.  Soccer will end up with 50% less practice space than it has now.  This is why the CSA Board is against the Master Plan. 

If the piece of property was larger, there would be no problem sharing part of it with football.  But it is not, and soccer, with 130 teams in Colleyville, needs all of the space at this location.

The purpose of the letter from the CSA Board was to educate the parents in CSA, and to inform them of the results of the survey that went to all of the
candidates for office in this election.  CSA did not make an endorsement, it only printed the results from the surveys that were returned.

By the way, those non-residents whose boys and girls play soccer in  Colleyville also shop at our stores and eat at our restaurants.  This benefits us all.  They also pay a $10 non-resident fee per season to the

Tom Sweatt


Time Stamped 05-03-01 @ 1:52 PM

Just registered. What are your credentials?

Inger Miller

Please Click on About UsThis is a pioneer effort in local news, credibility with documented facts by our reporters are the ultimate credentials.



Time Stamped 05-03-01 @ 11:32 AM


The Couch and Chamber articles are very timely.  It is very
fortunate that we now have Local News Only to provide an alternative forum for views that are contrary to those of our local newspapers or unaddressed by the Dallas Morning News four times a week, and very brief treatment, of all of Northeast Tarrant County.

On line news is a wave of the future.  It can respond more quickly and at a lower cost to breaking developments and update its readers on a hourly basis.

Also, it is a great boon to those individuals who do not have the
power, influence, money or special relationships to have their views presented in our ever shrinking and concentrating traditional media.

Congratulations on your significant contribution to providing a
forum for fostering the real meaning of the First Amendment.

Frank Carroll


Time Stamped 05-03-01 @ 8:57 AM


I like LNO very much, it is giving  breaking news to the citizens of Colleyville.  However I find that the font size is rather small and sometimes difficult to read.  If the size could be increased that would be great.
Vince Wells
Colleyville, Texas

This type of feed back is very much appreciated.  Sometimes different browsers will take the same fonts and make them smaller or bigger.  We will continue to monitor the site for the situation you have pointed out.  Sometimes people don't realize their computers have a font size option as well.  Typically, the change can be made by going to "My Computer".


APRIL 2001

Time Stamped 4-29-01 @ 6:52 PM

E-Mail to the Editor

I am a citizen of Colleyville for the past fifteen years and have never been involved in politics. I have attended several council meeting in our City and I must say I am alarmed at what I see. Our mayor, Donna Arp, made a long speech about the fact that we have not raised taxes in five years. I would ask each citizen of Colleyville to please look at your taxes for each of the last five years and tell me if you paid more or less tax, I will let you decide if this is a true statement. When you pay more in taxes, that's a tax Increase - and - we paid a 14% increase in in 1999 alone, Colleyville will received approximately $800,000 more in taxes in 2000 from the citizens than they did In 1999. Four of the surrounding cities have reduced their tax rates.

The Council moves the City Hall to The Village of Colleyville, The Mayor states we will save $700,000 because we do not have to build a road. If my facts are correct, the City is giving Patsy Smith nothing in tax dollars but they have already given The Village $5,500,000 of your tax money, plus a bonus of another $2.5 million. If the Council will give me $7,500,000 1 will donate the land, build the street, and put the City Hall in my front yard. The statement that the City is saving money by moving the City Hall to The Village is simply false and suspicious.

The emergency ordinance on box retailers is another false alarm. The Mayor and Council have said repeatedly Colleyville does not want to be like Southlake, Grapevine, Hurst, or Bedford and yet the Mayor says she wants to adapt their ordinances. There Is no rush from developers to get permits - the only rush Is retailers running away from Colleyville. I challenge the Mayor and Council to publish a list of box tenants of 66,000 that are rushing to build In Colleyville.

The only building close to this size will be the  two story parking lot, in the Villages, necessary to park cars at the new City Hall. I suppose this will be put on hold as well.

The citizens of Colleyville better wake up and take action because this Council is leading us down a path of destruction. These Council People will all move back up North in a few years and us long-term citizens will be left to pay for their mistakes.
Burk Collins
Colleyville citizen


Time Stamped 4-28-01 @ 4:54 PM

To the Editor:

It is most interesting that Colleyville Councilman Marlin has recently felt it necessary to defend the sale of bonds by the city in February. These
bonds were sold a year before the need for the funds; nine months, or so, before knowing how much was going to be needed: and worst of all, they were sold in a down market that continues that way, and likely will for many months.

But, aside from the sordid details, the deal is done, so why does Councilman Marlin bother to defend it now? The reason is that he wanted a public
platform from which to attack a candidate for mayor, running against his  boss - Mayor Arp. Most of Mr. Marlin's letter, in fact, is just that, a
political attack on his fellow Councilman, Mr. Taylor, who is running for mayor against Ms. Arp.

Before Mayor Arp, and her hand picked 'majority,' there was an unwritten  agreement that Colleyville office holders would not be actively involved in
the council or mayoral elections of other candidates. One of the very good  reasons for this widely respected agreement was that it tended to reduce  animosities on the council after the election.

If, however, we look at the current election, we find one of Mayor Arp's  'majority' acting as her campaign treasurer, and the other two doing
everything they can to publicly derail Ms. Arp's opponent. This is what  comes from allowing a politician to pick a majority on the Council. She
tried the same thing two years ago, but the people turned her candidates  down then by two to one. Unfortunately, we were asleep a year ago, and we
got what we deserved.

I hope we have the sense this election to limit Ms. Arp to one term, and to  eventually throw out this 'majority,' and return to sound, balanced

Clif Holliday
Colleyville, Texas

Time Stamped 4-30-01 @ 9:12 AM

Dear Editor,

I am puzzled. I submitted a letter early Sunday, April 29th. My letter was critical of Mike Taylor, however, instead of Donna Arp, as all of the other letters on this site.

I quote"your views are posted every time on this site."

There was a letter that was submitted after mine that was published on this site. Is it just a coincidence that it is another letter critical of Mayor Arp?

It is your right to have whatever website you wish, but it is unethical and misleading to proclaim all letters will be aired and then only publish the ones that coincide with  your viewpoint.

I have little hope of this letter being posted, but I expect to receive a call explaining why my letter is absent or I will seek other ways to inform people of your apparent bias.

Jill Van Over

E-mails to the Editor are screened for appropriate language by a programmer prior to being forwarded to the editorial department.  These responses are typically bundled together every few hours.  This site  also receives e-mails sent directly to the editor.  In the case of the latter, this may have resulted in a letter being time stamped earlier than the e-mail below, therefore getting an earlier posting.  It is the commitment of this site to provide the most responsive coverage possible. Your e-mail to the Editor will be posted on this site, sometimes within hours, versus days or NEVER with the typical newspaper.


Time Stamped 4-30-01 @ 9:12 AM

Dear Editor,

I have just received Mike Taylor's latest campaign "literature." I believe he is wasting his time running for mayor of Colleyville. He needs to relocate to Washington D.C. and become a political spin doctor! His facts are massaged so much they bear little resemblence to the truth. If he had worked for Clinton, he wouldn't have any impeachment worries, there would have been talk of adding him to Mt. Rushmore.

 He states he is for the library, but has voted against it every time except the one instance he brings up, and that was not a vote to have a library or not.

He has admitted several times that his votes in favor of widening Hall Johnson was to facilitate Patsy Smith's development. After having spent over $5 million of our money, she has yet to turn a shovelful of dirt. I don't believe we will every recoup our investment in this unneeded road.

He states that Ms. Arp refused citizens request to veto the Hall Johnson road contract, but fails to mention that there were clearly enough votes to override her veto, including those of Mr Taylor and Mr Short.

If he is so certain that he refects the will of the people, he should not be so misleading in his campaign literature. Tell it like it is, Mr. Taylor and let the citizens decide.
Jill Van Over
Colleyville, Texas

Time Stamped 4-26-01 @ 3:49 PM

Dear Editor,

 As a former elected councilman in the great City of Colleyville, I am rather upset with the present council using the Colleyville Communicator as a political tool. This newsletter is paid for with our taxpayer dollars and the council votes of what articles they want in the newsletter each time it is published. The April 2000 issue which just happened to come out prior to the election features a front page picture and statement about our city from none other than "Mayor/Candidate Donna Arp".

 Why does this not surprise me. Donna speaks about how she wants fairness and equality, but her actions show her true colors. Ms. Arp needs to learn how to practice what you preach. Her actions throughout this campaign have set a new low in the tone of political elections in Colleyville. Ms. Arp ends her letter by stating that Colleyville is maturing. I think that she might need to consider maturing herself and lead by example. 

Now I understand the reason for the recent
discussion about ethics. Mayor Arp, your actions speak for themselves.

 Steven D. Helling
 Colleyville, Texas

Time Stamped 4-25-01 @ 8:11 PM

Dear Editor:

"Proven Leader" is touted as the defining quality of Mayor Arp on her plenitude of election signs stabbed into the sweet elitist earth of Colleyville.  Buttressed against her own, are more ipse dixit banners for Brad Rice and smaller skewered ones with the same claim by Joe Hocutt.  It is evident that the intent is to run another slate candidacy in the war to create a complete oligarchy in our city.

Is leadership proven by a splenetic drive to rid Colleyville of any independent thinking citizens on committees and boards, installing the only those who share the same fixations as the Mayor and Council majority?  Is
leadership proven by dividing the city into Friends of the Mayor and whoever is left standing?  Is leadership proven by anointment of only the library-at-whatever-cost jihad?  Is disenfranchising the findings of advisory citizen committees and recommending new committees be assembled who are more in favor with the high commander and her vicegerents a natural remedy to prove leadership?  Is stirring casus belli between children's' sports associations a high water mark for this slate?

It is now time to balance the power in Colleyville.  Don't listen to the rhetoric.  It is our town, let's take it back.  Vote for Jody Short, Rich Hendler and Mike Taylor.

Linda Baker

Member, Master Plan Committee
Member, McPherson Park Citizen Advisory Committee
Colleyville, TX  

Time Stamped 4-24-01 @ 9:19 PM

Dear Sirs:

The city council and mayoral campaign in Colleyville this year has reached a new ethical low in city politics.  First we have the current mayor, Donna Arp, sending out campaign propaganda with the inclusion of the interim city manager's name and number to try to lend credibility to election rhetoric. Next we are confronted with a poorly written and ill-timed proposal by Councilperson Feldman requiring financial disclosure of candidates under a cloak of ethical reform.  The hastily conceived proposal is approved, but much of it is rejected as it conflicts with the city charter.  Now, to top it off, the citizens of Colleyville received in the mail on April 25, 2001, a
letter from the Colleyville Soccer Association that mischaracterizes the City Park's Board approval of the master plan for the Pleasant Run Practice Complex and of course lauds Mayor Arp for her positions related to practice fields and criticizes Mike Taylor, Jody Short, and Rich Hendler, all candidates in the current race.  

I have had the pleasure of serving with Rich Hendler on the Colleyville Parks Board during the past year.  He is a huge advocate of parks and worthy of your vote.  His opponent has no experience on any city boards or committees.  As for Mayor Arp, her ethical indiscretions of the past and during this campaign concern me, Mike Taylor is an honest, honorable, and hardworking councilman who will make an excellent Mayor.  Jody Short should be re-elected for his expertise in engineering and his even handed approach to issues.  His opponent also has little experience on city boards and committees.

Citizens of Colleyville, please don't be fooled by last minute shenanigans and liar flyers, vote for independent candidates, Mike Taylor for Mayor, Rich Hendler for Place 2, and Jody Short for Place 4.

Steven Magee
Member, Colleyville Parks Board
Chairman, Colleyville Library Advisory Committee


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