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Updated 04/26/05 04:45:44 PM


April 26, 2005
Spit Ball Not Swung At a column by John Lewis
Mr. Parsons threw a “Spit Ball” a few days ago asking my opponent and me to respond “Yes” of “No” to a series of questions he presented requesting that we refrain from using, “None of those politician type answer that really evades the question put, and answers a different one instead. At least, not until you actually answer the question.”

I was unable to make a prompt response as my old computer, which Bielik is anxious to tax me on, went down and was in the shop several days. His email to me was lost along with other recent data. (Yes Herb, this is verifiable so don’t embarrass yourself again challenging me on this) 

1. In his challenge Parsons continually berates a friend of mine by calling him “The Sapp.” I will not favor Parsons with a response while using this language.

2. Mr. Parsons request Yes or No answers. He wishes not for me to have the opportunity to respond with language like, “It depends on the situation.” My opponent makes statements like “I will never…” He may like a councilperson with a closed mind, but I believe a closed mind would not serve our community well.

3. Mr. Parsons is Vice President of a political organization which my opponent fills the office as the President. This is where the “Spit Ball” is thrown. His questions are loaded to benefit my opponent’s points of view.

4. I promised you readers not to make it a habit of responding to all the rhetoric thrown at me. I thought his “Spit Ball” was not worthy of your time or mine. The answers to all his questions have long been available on my web site as well as on my opponent’s web site.

Please visit my web site

Thanks for your time,
John H. Lewis 
Councilman, Place 1, North Richland Hills 

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