Sent Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Dear Colleyville City Council:

I heard Mr. Chandler finally received his zoning change (Ordinance O-01-1286) last night.  Congratulations to Mr. Chandler and his staff (the City Council) on a job well done.  I have seen the council members in action enough now to know better than to voice my concerns about Mr. Chandler related issues in chamber anymore.

I have to give Mr. Chandler credit; he has apparently managed to develop a lot more than just property in his years here in Colleyville.  If I have any concerns or problems with Mr. Chandler related issues in the future, Iíll just go to him directly and bypass his loyal city council staff altogether.

I am sure he has good plans for the future of Colleyville, or is it (Chandlerville).  Hopefully, those plans will benefit more than just him and his loyal following.  In any event, good luck in your political and professional careers.  With Mr. Chandlerís support, I am sure youíll go far.

Yours truly,
Robert Bernardo
Colleyville Resident

Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001
From: ginny tigue
To: Bob Bernardo
Subject: Re: Last night city council meeting

Dear Mr. Bernardo, I'm sorry you are so bitter and resentful about this drainage situation . The city has scheduled a drainage cleanup. Mr.  Chandler has been directed to fix the off site drainage pipes if he plans to convert this lot to a buildable site. This temp. drainage site was created in 1994. We (Mayor, City Mgr, and myself) looked at the plat yesterday.   We have put pressure on Mr. Chandler to correct this situation.

 By the way, other developers in other areas have drainage issues as well.  This is not an unusual problem as vacant land becomes developed in a city.  We have problems because Keller is developing their land.

Ginny Tigue