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 Updated 11/09/14 10:32:02 AM

November 09, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Nelson Thibodeaux

Tarrant County Republican Party Passes A Resolution Opposing Tex Rail
Councilman Chris Putnam is no longer the lone official voice opposing Tex Rail.

reported on August 20, 2014
Heated Discussion at Pre-Council Fails to Rescind Resolution Supporting Tex Rail Through City of Colleyville (Click on Headline to see full article)

Excerpts from the Article.
The discussion was spurred on by newly elected Councilman Chris Putnam's request that the City Council of Colleyville rescind the previously passed Resolution that officially supported the Tex Rail Project.  At that time the City of Colleyville NTCOG Representative, Councilman Mike Taylor stated;
..if a resolution was passed, we are only 1 of 16 cities and all the others are in support. I will take the resolution to the group, however I have to get on their agenda.  He continued, "You know however, the further you get away from these tracks, the more people in Colleyville want the rail."  But Taylor continued, "There will be no rail Station in Colleyville."  Then Taylor followed apparently contradicted his statement saying, "I don't know why anyone would want to support this boondoggle (Tex Rail). We are safe  if no one votes tonight, if we passed resolutions every time we didn't support something we could paper city hall." 

Continuing, apparently still confused over the Putnam effort to adopt a resolution clearly stating the city council of Colleyville opposes the rail project, Mayor Kelly stated, "I haven't heard from anyone in town still worried about a rail station. However, if we want to do a political statement to satisfy one council member, well ok," the mayor concluded.

Putnam retorted, "Again the rail station is a secondary consideration. You are dealing with a tempest in a teapot as a political issue. When trains come thru the city, then multiple trains with as many as 60 daily, it'll be too late." 

Taylor said, "I'll support you on this, but I understand the law, while you just want to stir people up. Let them talk to their State and US Reps.  I don't like this "whisper crap" that is going on because I understand the law. You have nothing to put in front of the people. " 

Putnam responded, "I am not a professional politician like you." Taylor shot back, "I go to things that none of the rest of you do. I just don't go on websites and try to get people stirred up" 

Putnam responded, "Unlike you, I am attempting to protect the rights of my neighbors.  I am not the "Regional Representative that you apparently are.  Now with all your grandstanding, it underlines even further, that I don't want you as the Representative to the RTC going to meetings representing that the citizens of  Colleyville want this Tex Rail intrusion. It will change the very fabric and ambience of the City of Colleyville, property values will plummet, citizens will be stuck behind gates trying to get to work, school or the grocery store and be stuck up to 60 times a day with high speed trains not to even mention freight trains that will be dramatically increased." 

Now it seems as Councilman Putnam has a powerful ally in his quest to have the City of Colleyville's representatives take a stand concerning Tex Rail; the Tarrant County Republican Party via a Resolution just passed;


Whereas rail lobbyists are pushing once again for federal funding, tax increases and private investments to pay for an unneeded rail line.

Whereas Tex Rail, even in 20 years, will do almost nothing to relieve traffic congestion in the region according to the T's own numbers and will actually increase traffic congestion in many areas dues to traffic stopped for the more than 42 passenger trains per day and an unknown number of freight trains crossing our roadways.

Whereas there are not enough commuters that travel between Grapevine and downtown Ft Worth for The Tex Rail project to make business sense, we believe this is one of the largest wastes of taxpayer dollars ever seen in Tarrant County.

Be it resolved that The Tarrant County Republican Party is OPPOSED to 
The Tex Rail project.

Be it also resolved that The Tarrant County Republican Party calls upon our elected officials to work to stop funding for the massive Tex Rail boondoggle.

Be it also resolved that The Tarrant County Republican Party calls upon Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, Tarrant County Commissioners Roy Brooks, Andy Nguyen, Gary Fickes, and J. D. Johnson, our state representatives and our elected city officials to publicly speak out against Tex Rail and do everything in their power to stop funding for Tex Rail at the local, county, state and national level.

It is not the first time Councilman Mike Taylor has been at odds with the Republican Party, that he has continually served as a Precinct Chairman.

LNO reported on May 04, 2009  
Mike Taylor is barred from GOP convention because of altered documents
(Click on Headline to see full article)
In this event Mike Taylor was barred from participating in the GOP Senatorial Convention because he had gone into the Tarrant County Republican Headquarters, opened up a sealed envelope containing the names of those properly elected to the convention and inserted his names and others.

Excerpts from the Article.
Witnesses say Taylor's "This is always how we have done business," is an affront to the election process

The names of the list was headed by Michael Taylor, the Place 6 candidate for re-election along with Susan his wife and Caitlin his daughter.  Steven and Vicki Weinberg were also added although there is no evidence that the Weinbergs were aware of the change in advance.

Barber (The Precinct Convention Chairman) took exception to the incredulous notion that someone could simply go into the GOP headquarters, open a sealed envelope, whiteout the documents to alter the number of people attending AND then simply name delegates to the County/Senatorial District Convention, including Mike Taylor the individual that admitted to changing the document.

Barber told LNO that the committee refused to seat any of the people listed headed by Mike Taylor.  Another witness that asked not to be named said one member of the committee said she was  "appalled" at the alteration of documents.

Taylor "admitted" he was the one that altered the document, however Barber paraphrased that Taylor said"...that is how things have been done."  Taylor was also alleged to say that these were new people and really did not understand the process.

However, Taylor's "stuffing the delegate ballot box" was not "just the way things get done."  He was not the only individual barred from being a delegate at the convention.

Barber said his first involvement with the Republican Party at this level was very disheartening and disappointing.  "Although the Credentials Committee refused to seat Mike Taylor how many other places does this go unchallenged.  It makes a mockery of getting involved at the local level.  The established political boys don't want their boat rocked by newcomers so they have built walls and alteration of rules at will to fit their need."

It would appear that Councilman Taylor continues to ascribe to the theory that "new people really do not understand the process."

Except in this case the "new people" seem to be newly elected officials and leaders of the county Republican Party.

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Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor
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