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 Updated 09/18/14 03:52:26 PM

Colleyville, Texas September 18, 2014
New Colleyville Councilman Chris Putnam Questions About TexRail Has a Lot of Folks Upset
It has been quite a few years since the City of Colleyville has had an issue that has captured the interest of citizens and media alike.  But after less than 5 months on the Colleyville City Council, Place 5 City Councilman Chris Putnam has been the focus of Star-Telegram Editorials, WFAA Channel 8 Television Interviews and apparently even a request for financial information on Councilman Putnam by the Star-Telegram's liberal columnist Bud Kennedy.

All of this attention because Putnam has dare challenge the future activities of TexRail through Colleyville.  Putnam has cautioned citizens that 40 to 60 high speed rail trains through the middle of neighborhoods in Colleyville will disrupt the sanctity of homeowners and increase traffic jams in the city.

Councilman Putnam has pinned an Opt Ed article concerning his position...CLICK HERE

Councilman Putnam originally raised the question of the City's official stand that was made in a 2009 Resolution at a Pre-Council Meeting in August.  A report on that meeting can be found in the article Heated Discussion at Pre-Council Fails to Rescind Resolution Supporting Tex Rail Through City of Colleyville-Click Here

    Mayor David Kelley

 Mayor_Pro Tem
Mike Taylor

Kelley...,"Yes, we will take a look for ways to protect our citizens if Tex Rail becomes more of a "probability." A piece of paper now won't make a difference."

Taylor..., "However, I have a big concerned about how many people are retired. Everyone does not drive an expensive car to get to work.  In Colleyville, we want waiters to serve our tables but they don't have a way to get here."  Taylor said to Putnam, "In reality you are trying to get people mad about something we can do nothing about." 

Recent Letters to the LNO Editor Concerning TexRail Colleyville Issue Can be Seen Here.

The Star-Telegram Editorial Offered Its Opinion on the TexRail Controversy..Concluding
Other council members are right in saying there are things Colleyville can make happen, like sound barriers along the route and proper crossing equipment so trains donít have to sound their horns.

What Putnam canít do is make the Cotton Belt line through their community go away. Itís a dedicated right of way that has run through Colleyville since the 1800s, long before those beautiful homes and neighborhoods were built next to it.

People who build next to a railroad and expect no trains ó or expect to eliminate trains ó are ignoring reality.

Putnamís protests are real. Unhappiness is real, and it can be politically effective.

But TEX Rail represents transportation progress for North Texas, and it must not stop.

Then followed up yesterday with comments from the public to the question about those in Colleyville that might "not like" the concept of Tex Rail offering their response to the question,

"Do they have the right to be concerned about noise and property values or are they trying to impede needed progress?

Click Here for the responses published on Star-Telegram's web site to this loaded question, Click Here.

Apparently the majority of City Leaders think the Colleyville Citizens are Pawns of Fate ClickHere
a Column by LNO Editor Nelson Thibodeaux

The recent actions of new Councilman Chris Putnam to ask Colleyville City Council to "rescind the 2009 Resolution supporting the TexRail project," has stirred up the Big Government supporters, especially the Star-Telegram.  Seems to me if there was a remote chance of the desire to initiate a fair debate, the paper took care of that by posing the question..."Do they have the right to be concerned about noise and property values or are they trying to impede needed progress?

Of course this follows the Editorial that proclaimed ,
"But TEX Rail represents transportation progress for North Texas, and it must not stop."

Perhaps there would have been different responses if the question had been, Do they have the right to be concerned about noise and property values while the Federal Government along with the "Regional Cities" have decided to implement up to 60 high speed trains per day in their back yard which will cause their largest investment, their home, to plummet in value while destroying the sanctity of their home for the rest of time.

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Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor
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