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Southlake Richest..but we knew that!
by Nelson Thibodeaux

 Updated 06/09/13 04:57:33 PM   

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December 14, 2008 Southlake, Texas
#1 Richest town in populations of 20,000+  Colleyville Ranks 8, Keller comes in 59th

If the next presidential administration plans really include "Share the Wealth", then Southlake, Colleyville and Keller residents will be expected at the front of the sharing line.

Since the latest data is from the US Census Bureau it'll be hard to hide from the facts that Southlake's median household income is approximately $173,000 and Colleyville is a paltry $149,000.

Kinda of interesting though that the richest cities didn't make the "wealth" category of making $250,000/year plus in the household.  Maybe our locals aren't as rich as they thought, which may be a good thing the next few years!

Nation's 10 richest cities (pop. 20,000+)
1. Southlake $172,945
2. Darien, Conn. $160,274
3. Los Altos, Calif. $158,745
4. McLean, Va. $156,292
5. Potomac, Md. $154,370
6. University Park $151,418
7. Lake Forest, Ill. $150,670
8. Colleyville $148,789
9. Westport, Conn. $147,391
10. Garden City, N.Y. $142,788


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