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House Burglars Foiled by
Colleyville Cop
by Linda Baker
 Updated 06/09/13 04:57:29 PM   

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September 14, 2008, Colleyville, Texas
Routine traffic stop appears to have led to ring of serial home burglars in Colleyville, Keller and Southlake
Good police work on the part of Colleyville's finest led to the apprehension of two suspects belonging to a large burglary ring targeting area show homes, solving 9 of the recent cases to date. Colleyville, as well as Keller and Southlake had been plagued with such burglaries for several months.

On August 1, at approximately 2:32 AM, Officer Toby Sims conducted an investigative traffic stop in the 1300 block of John McCain Road on a 2001 Dodge pickup truck for a front headlight out, which led to the arrests of two suspects who had just burglarized a new unoccupied home in the Old Grove area and removed the appliances. Inside the truck was a list containing the addresses to approximately 60 homes in Colleyville, Keller and Southlake.

104 Waterfall Court in Old Grove Neighborhood in Colleyville

Officer Sims had observed the truck traveling eastbound on John McCain Road from Westcoat Drive with two occupants. After the truck pulled over, Officer Sims noticed several items covered in the bed of the pickup. The driver was identified at Kevin Howard, 28, of Richland Hills. Officer Sims asked Howard if he could view the covered contents in the truck bed, and Howard complied. With the two covers removed, Officer Sims viewed a brand new stainless steel eight-burner, commercial gas stove and one brand new stainless steel Kitchen Aid dishwasher. When asked, Kevin Howard stated he was unable to prove ownership "right away" but he could show proof at a later date. Howard stated he purchased the appliances off the internet and had them delivered via UPS to a home in Arlington and then he removed the appliances from that location.
Howard had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from the City of Irving for an unpaid traffic citation, so he was placed into custody and transported to the Colleyville Jail for processing, and his pickup impounded for further investigation regarding the appliances.

Michael Estrello, 30, of Irving

Kevin Howard, 28, of Richland Hills


The passenger was identified as Michael Estrello, 30, of Irving. Estrello had outstanding warrants from the Tarrant County Sheriffs Office, and was also placed into custody and sent to the Colleyville Justice Center.

Upon looking into the paperwork in the impounded pickup, Detective David Martz observed a list on a single spiral notebook page. This list contained residential addresses on every line that showed address, street city abbreviations and zipcode. On the left side of the margin, there was an "R", "CT" or a "?" next to each address to note if it has a Range, CookTop, or the question mark for an unknown next to each address.

Detective Martz went back to the jail and presented Estrello with the facts and offered to let him be honest about where the appliances came from in the truck. According to the arrest warrant, Estrello was not willing to discuss it with the Colleyville Detective at the time, so Martz told him he would come back later and give him time to think about it.

Shortly after talking to Estrello, a report came into Colleyville Dispatch about a burglary at 104 Waterfall Court in Old Grove. This burglary was in the immediate area Officer Sims had first observed the traffic infraction on the Dodge truck.

Detective Martz contacted Officers on the scene of the burglary and it was determined that a window had been broken out and a door removed from the house. The appliances, a Kitchen Aid Range and Dishwasher had been removed without the knowledge or consent of the builder, and the serial numbers on the missing appliances were verified to match the two in the bed of Kevin Howard's truck. Arrest Warrants for Burglary of a Habitation were reviewed for probable cause by Municipal Judge Leach for both Howard and Estrello, with a bond of $7,500 on each.

Officer Toby Sims met with Michael Estrello on the following Sunday, August 3rd, in the Colleyville Justice Center interview room, where Estrello was read his Miranda warnings. Estrello agreed to voluntarily waive his rights and spoke with Officer Sims. Officer Sims learned that Estrello works with four other men; one of whom is the "ring" leader. According to Estrello, two Public Storage units in Richland Hills were the site where the stolen appliances were kept, under lease to Kevin Howard.

On August 4th, Detective Martz again met with Estrello in the interview room. Estrello again was read his Miranda warnings and waived his rights, and provided a voluntary written statement regarding how he and Kevin Howard took the appliances from the Waterfall Court house.

Investigator Martz asked Estrello if he was involved in any other burglaries in Colleyville. He said that this was the first time he was here. He usually hit homes in Keller and Southlake. Martz asked Estrello if any of the appliances that were in the storage units were from Colleyville. He said most likely not, due to how much time had passed; more likely any would be from the more recent Keller and Southlake burglaries. Search warrant was executed on August 5, but no stolen appliances were found in the storage lockers by that date.

Kevin Glenn Howard was rearrested at his home at 6801 Pecan Park in Richland Hills by Colleyville Police Detective David Martz on August 5, charged with the Burglary of a Building. He posted Bond and was released by 1:00 PM that day.

Michael Joseph Estrello was transferred to the Tarrant County Corrections Jail from Colleyville on August 7th and has since been released from their facility on Bond.

The investigation is still on going, but it has been determined the burglary ring extends to 6 suspects, 5 of whom have been identified, with further information being compiled to charge each suspect. Great Police Work by our Colleyville Police!


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