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Crime in Colleyville
by Linda Baker
 Updated 06/09/13 04:57:28 PM   

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August 10, 2008, Colleyville, Texas
You read it first in Local News Only:
Serial Vandalism Continues As Brick Mailboxes Become This Weeks Overnight "Theme"...
On July 26, Local News Only reported vandals targeted five Bridlewood Estates homes by spreading specific food groups and toiletries over parked vehicles or porches.  Evidently the ante was just upped by the bored criminal element when eleven reports came into police on Monday morning from residents who found their brick mailboxes knocked over or similar damages in their front yard.   
Tara Plantation Reports: 4 
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 1421 Plantation Drive North in the Tara Plantation.  Homeowner Michael Choate, 48, told Officer Brian Wilson that sometime between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM, unknown person(s) pushed or pulled over his brick mailbox located in front of his residence.  The mailbox damage is estimated at $600.
8/3/08 -  8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 1208 Plantation Drive South in the Tara Plantation.  Homeowner John Tauscher advised Officer Brian Wilson that unknown person(s) knocked over his brick mailbox sometime between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM.  Damage estimate was $600.
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 1304 Plantation Drive South in the Tara Plantation.  Homeowner Vicki Lee, 57, advised Officer Brian Wilson that sometime between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM unknown suspect(s) pushed or pulled over her brick mailbox.  Damage estimate was $600.
7/29/08 - 8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 1300 Cheek Sparger Road.  Representative of Save The Trail Fund of the Tara Neighborhood Association reported to Officer John Arenz that unknown suspects damaged two leaflet/paper holders, valued at $50 each.  Save The Trail has been enlisting support to repair and prevent further erosion on the trail along Little Bear Creek.
Quail Crest Estates reports 2:
8/03/08 - 8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 3501 Blue Quail Lane in Quail Crest Estates.  Victim told Officer John Arenz that her brick mailbox was pushed over into the front yard, breaking it apart, sometime after 11:01 PM and midnight.  Damage was estimated at $490. 
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief and Burglary of a Habitation at 508 Quail Crest Drive in Quail Crest Estates.  Homeowner David Anderson advised Officer John Retzos that sometime between 7:01 AM and 4:55 PM, unknown suspect(s) damaged the decorative top of his brick mailbox, causing $40 in damage.  Mr. Anderson also advised Officer Retzos that suspect(s) entered his garage and stole 6 rods & reels worth $500.
Saddlebrook reports 3:
8/03/08 - 8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 4201 Briar Ridge Drive in Saddlebrook.  Homeowner Natalia Meneese, 30, advised Officer John Arenz that her red brick mailbox had also been damaged to the tune of $1,000.
8/03/08 - 8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 801 Saddlebrook Drive in Saddlebrook.  Homeowner Amy Arnold, 44, reported to Officer Brian Wilson that sometime between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM, suspect(s) unknown pushed or pulled over the brick mailbox located in front of the residence, causing $600 in damage. 
8/03/08 - 8/04/08  Theft from 1006 Saddlebrook Drive in Saddlebrook.  Homeowner Amanda Lewis, 33, told Officer John Arenz that unknown suspect(s) stole the cement pineapple on top of a fountain in her front yard, sometime between 9:30 PM and 8:00 AM.  Replacing the pineapple will cost $1,500.
Arbor Estates reports 1:
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 5709 Sycamore Dr in Arbor Estates.  Homeowner Pamela Asghar, 49, told Officer John Arenz that sometime between 3:45 AM and 7:59 AM, the brick mailbox in front of her residence had been pulled off of its base and was in the roadway.  The mailbox damage is estimated at $499.
Glenhope subdivision reports 1:
8/03/08 - 8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 6605 Glenhope Circle North in the Glenhope subdivision.  Homeowner Deborah Brozovich, 26, advised Officer John Arenz that the red brick mailbox in front of her residence had been damaged sometime between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM.  Damage estimate was $400.
8/07/08  Theft at 1221 Church Street at the Lifetime Fitness Center.  Juvenile male victim told Officer Tanner Mahan at 11:09 PM that his black Apple IPOD  MP3 player ($400) had been stolen at the gym.  Detective Bob Etheridge is following up the theft. 
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief at 3617 San Bar Lane in Woodbriar Estates.  Reporting person advised Officer John Fossett at 4:30 AM that unknown person(s) threw a potted plant at his son's green 1997 Lexus LX450.  The top front edge of the hood was damaged; preliminary repair estimate is $450. 
8/04/08  Criminal Mischief in the Bandit Trail neighborhood in northwestern Colleyville.  Five signs owned by the City of Colleyville were stolen; 3 Stop signs, 1 Yield sign, 1 Dead End sign.  Replacing the signs will cost taxpayers $400. 
8/02/08  Burglary of a Building, not by forced entry, at 6101 Emmas Court in Lavaca Trail Estates.  Chris Parshall of Mercury Homes advised Officer Tanner Mahan that two breaker boxes ($1,000) and 400' of copper wiring (n/a) had been stolen from the home under construction.   Detective Kevin Walling is investigating the Burglary.
8/02/08  Theft from 3700 Rosebriar Lane in Woodbriar Estates.  Michele Lee, 39, reported to Officer Craig Terrell that a yellow gold and diamond engagement ring worth $6,000 has come up missing during a move with a hired moving company.  Detective Kevin Walling is following up the incident.
8/01/08 - 8/02/08  Criminal Mischief between $50 to $500 reported at 1905 Hall Johnson Road.  Homeowner Richard Munson, 61, told Officer Shannon Bell his roof had been damaged.  The vandalism estimate was $200; School Resource Office Gary Moore is investigating the incident.
7/31/08  Criminal Mischief at 3503 Pembrooke Parkway South in Woodland Hills.  Jason Cohen, 22, advised Officer Tanner Mahan that unknown suspect(s) slashed the front passenger side tire on his white 1997 Chevrolet Lumina.  The tire will cost $130 to replace.  


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