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Gang Fight Colleyville Style
 Updated 06/09/13 04:57:27 PM   

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June 08, 2008, Colleyville, Texas
Want to be Gang Types, two with Russian Backgrounds, Start a Ruckus and end up in Colleyville Jail
The group didn't count on local Citizen Police Academy graduates in the area taking action to track them down; of course the CPA members didn't count on the instigators to be so stupid as to return to the scene of the crime.

Sunday evening in Colleyville neighborhoods are typically quiet affairs.  Just the way the citizens like it.  Friendly neighbors meet while taking the garbage to the curb for Monday's pickup, maybe talk to other friends that may be out walking and generally get ready for a evening of a little television then to bed for tomorrow's work day.

The site of 8 to 10  people walking down a small neighborhood street late at night is not typical.  Less typical is a group crouching down behind cars hiding.  The site was enough for some CPA grads to take notice and then swing into action when the action started.

Around 9:00 pm one of the gang rang the doorbell at 1704 Gatehouse and coerced a victim out of the home under false pretenses.  Shortly thereafter the culprit attacked the young victim with a flurry of fists to the face.  Problem was the victim fought back and started pummeling the stupid criminal.  The obvious instigator, a young girl that was not arrested; her parents must be proud, started screaming for the rest of the posse to help her "boyfriend" who was the recipient of a butt whipping after he started the whole thing.

The victim was then pounced on by a group with thug gang like action and after being knocked to the ground was being kicked, including in the head, by the group.

When realizing what was happening; one CPA alumni sprinted to the victim's aid telling the attackers they best leave the building, "so to speak."  When the attackers broke out in different directions running from the scene; another alert CPA alumni took after five of them in his vehicle and managed to get the license plate of the get away car that had been parked about 1/2 mile away.

After seeing that the victim was bloody and in some distress; a call for a paramedic was added to the information being given to police dispatch.

Veteran officer Todd Hildebrandt was first on the scene and began gathering information.  About 9:30 pm a car, fitting the description of the get away vehicle,  pulls in front of the house, but is blocked by police cars and other vehicles from making a quick retreat.  In the meantime, a CPA alumni spots the license plate and quickly informs officers on the scene that the car was the target.

Colleyville Police sprung into action with guns drawn and ordered the occupants out of the vehicle.  Four young adult boys and one female eventually exited the vehicle and were handcuffed pending the on site investigation.

After seeing the group, Officer Hildebrandt stated that it wasn't hard to tie them to the crime since two of the males still had blood on their clothes and body.

All four were placed under arrests and charged with assault causing bodily injury.  There was another group of males that used a jeep type vehicle to make their get away and no further information was available at posting time if they have been identified.

Steven Lee Wheeler, 18, dob 1/13/1990, born in Oklahoma City. Charged with ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY, arrested at 1704 Gatehouse Court at 10:00 PM on June 1, 2008 by Officer Toby Sims.  Wheeler is Unemployed.  His home address is 510 Vine St. in Euless.  He was released "Pending Further Investigation" by Detective Bob Etheridge on 6/02/08.  

John Matthew Dorman, 18, dob 8/24/1989, born in Fort Worth. Charged with ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY, arrested same place, same time, same police officer.  Dorman is a Student at Grapevine High School.  His home address is 4511 Mill Pond Court in Colleyville.  He was released on a Tarrant County Appearance Bond at 11:20 AM on 6/02/08.

Georgly Dimitri Avramenko, 18, dob 1/09/1990, born in Odessa, Ukraine. Charged with ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY, arrested same place, same time, same police officer.  Avramenko is a Student at Grapevine High School.  His home address is 508 Jamboree Way in Euless.  He "posted Bond" and was released on 6/02/08.

Valdislav Alabin, 18, dob 6/30/1989, born in Moscow, Russia. Charged with ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY, arrested same place, same time, same police officer.  Alabin did not list any employment or  unemployment.  His home address is 5959 E. Northwest Highway 229 in Dallas.He was released "per Colleyville PD" at 2:41 PM on 6/02/08.

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