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 Local Bulletin:
Colleyville Theater
Locked Up

January 18, 2008 Colleyville, Texas
Movie Patrons with Tickets find doors locked.

Colleyville's Metro Cinema touted as the only 3D Imax in Tarrant County is on lock down

Brandon Bunn of Grapevine shown above, said he purchased online tickets a couple of days ago. "We came over a few days back and the movie we wanted to see was virtually sold out, the staff told us we could go online and purchase tickets.  They told us the tickets could be used anytime."

Apparently Friday night the tickets were now a souvenir of Colleyville's great theater experiment.

In addition to the financial problems, LNO reported the owner of Metro Cinema has had a number of brushed with local law enforcement. LNO reported on December 23, 2007 the following: 
WILLIAM EDWARD BALDRIDGE, 42, of 5606 Stanford in Dallas.  Colleyville PD - DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED With Open Alcohol Container.  Arrested at 5655 Colleyville Boulevard at 1:02 AM on 12/15/07 by Officer Brian Thorne.  Baldridge lists his occupation as Owner of Metro Cinema.  His vehicle was not towed.  Cash Bond; released at 1:05 PM on 12/15/07.
Baldridge was arrested on December 15, 2007
outside his theater.

 Local News, "LNO" learned Friday morning that Metro Cinema's software system had literally been repossed on Thursday afternoon around 3:50 pm.  LNO attempted to reach the owner of the theater William Baldridge at his Trimark Realty office and his personal cell phone. 

Trimark's office said Baldridge would be in later however he did not return LNO's call.  Baldridge's cell phone did not answer and announced the mailbox was full.

Another confused patron is confounded about not being able to use her pre-purchased tickets at the darken theater.

LNO reported on potential financial troubles of the theater in the following article:
September 15, 2007 Colleyville
Chilling out at the Metro Cinema with fine films, dining, and cocktails may turn out to be as much of an illusion as what appeared on the screen...

The article reported on Baldrige's arrest for assault and the fact a number of the employees paychecks had been reported as returned for not sufficient funds.  At that time, William Baldridge, the entrepreneur behind the theater spoke to LNO's Editor saying; "The financial principals behind the theater are solid and continue to be committed."

The theater has been plagued with financial problems and employees reported they were still experiencing "bounced checks."  A number of the employees complained to the Colleyville Police Department and were informed they would have to take up their concerns with the Tarrant County District Attorney.

The theater has also left some local businesses without payment for advertising, including LNO.

The closing of the theater is a blow to  hopes the operation  could draw patrons to Colleyville's Hwy 26 corridor already plagued by multiple empty commercial buildings.

The web site linked above is still online, however, when clicking on tickets and show times, the site no longer is functioning properly.


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