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Former Colleyville Pastor
Still in Area
by: Nelson Thibodeaux
 Updated 06/09/13 04:54:44 PM   

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December 30, 2007 Colleyville, Texas
Former Colleyville First Baptist Church Pastor re-emerges with Christmas mail out.
Last heard from by LNO, Pastor Frank Harber was participating in the Walt Disney PGA Pro-Am tournament

The message left on the Local News Only switchboard recorder this past November 11th requested someone return the telephone call, stating the message was concerning Frank Harber. 

The telephone number was a North Carolina exchange, so the first thought was maybe a local media source or church was calling about the oft-traveled pastor.  However, the call was instead from a participant in the 2007 Walt Disney PGA Pro-Am Tournament.
The caller wanted to verify if the Frank Harber he had met and played 18 holes of golf with at the event, was one and the same as the former Colleyville pastor.

After a physical description of the amateur golfer, it was apparent the player in question was indeed Frank Harber.  While still pastor at the Colleyville First Baptist Church, LNO reported, July 2006, an Oklahoma news outlet carried an article on Harber's quest to be a pro-golfer and his participation in the Hooter's Buffalo Run Casino Classic Golf Tournament.

The caller described what he felt was a bizarre conversation with Harber upon finding that the two were to play together in the blind draw Pro-Am 2-man best ball tournament.  "When I met the man I introduced myself and attempted conversation," said the caller, who is a Stock Broker. "At one point I asked him what he did for a living and Harber responded by saying ' I can't tell you,' I thought he was joking."  The caller went on to explain that Harber said no, he was not kidding and that, "I promised by wife I would not tell anyone what I do."

The Broker went on to say the remainder of the tournament Harber said few words and, what words he did say, had to do with his "gifted talent" as a golfer.

"When I got back to my hotel room, I told my buddies about the strange individual I played 18 round of golf and we decided to 'Google' him.  We came up with the articles on Local News Only and I just wanted to confirm this was the same fellow," explained the perplexed caller. 

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The caller told LNO that his wife's dad was in fact a "Baptist Preacher" and he simply had never met anyone that had been "called" with the same characteristics as Harber.
"I can tell you one thing, he did not witness to me in 5 hours on the golf course."

Surprise was also expressed that Harber was in the event considering the entry fee is $9,250.

However, the cost did include tickets to the Disney World Theme Park and, from evidence of the recent Christmas card, Dr. Harber seized the opportunity to have a family photo made and announce his new Champions Gate Church.  Harber announced his new church is located at the Hyatt Regency at DFW Airport.

When leaving the Colleyville church, spokesman announced that Harber had accepted a severance package that included an agreement not to contact members of the church, allegedly to convert them to another location.  However, shortly after leaving, Harber began contacting members and laid the groundwork for the new church.

On the staff page of the church's web site, Frank Harber is the only individual listed and, while providing his impressive resume, the golfing pastor failed to mention his time at the Senior Pastor of the Colleyville First Baptist Church.

A mass mailing to Colleyville residents from former Colleyville First Baptist Pastor Frank Harber is the first many have heard about the controversial figure since
he last participated in a Hooters Golf Tournament, as reported by LNO.

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