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March 17, 2005
  The Truth Hurts a column by Ken Sapp

Ken Sapp

My recent article, Libertarian views surfacing in NRH Politics , must have hit a nerve. I guess the old phrase, "the truth hurts" applies here and in the case of West, it must have hurt a great deal to have motivated such a vitriolic and verbose response. 

There is a definition intentionally omitted from West’s article, it is the definition of Truth. Webster defines Truth as a "fact", or a "reality." His omission of a positive statement and choosing to dwell instead on the negative, characterizes his approach to virtually everything. West sees the glass as half empty and one must wonder how he would manage a city when he sees those who disagree with him as "evil", believes that our city officials are all thieves and that conspiracies abound in every aspect of our city government. 

West admits he was a past candidate on the Libertarian ticket? He now wants us to believe he did so only as a convenience. Does he believe that it is appropriate to use relationships, circumstances or issues as they serve his convenience? What does that say about his involvement in NRH politics? Does he really support the interests of NRH residents or are they only a means to get even for past political confrontations? 

West’s Libertarian connections are well documented and since his "slate" of City Council candidates is promoted by his Political Action Committee, I would assume they also accept his views. 

This is a free country and holding such positions is free speech. West and his “slate” should at least be honest in the source of their views. Why do they run from them? If West and his “slate” disclaim Libertarian leanings in the face of such evidence, are we to believe their statements on other issues? 

West suggests that's residents contact candidates to clarify their positions. Now that he knows the definition of Truth, I look forward to his answers.

That is just my opinion!

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