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December 07, 2004
Ron West BLOG A Column by Ken Sapp

Ken Sapp

Dave Lieber resorted to the use of fables in a recent column to make a political point. The problem with fables, as I stated recently, is that they are untruths told in such a manner as to be believed as truth. 

That distinction seems lost by Ron West who believes that if you tell an untruth often enough, some people might accept these "fables" as fact. Lieber was honest in titling his recent column about NRH politics a fable. West has not yet developed the same degree of honesty in his writing and failed to call his literary creations what they are, a BLOG.

A BLOG typically is an online forum for a writer to express a singular viewpoint. West fits that definition but the tone of his writings suggests an amplification of this definition. May I suggest a better characterization of his BLOG is Bumbling Ludicrous Outrageous Gobbledygook? 

His recent LNO article spews vitriol at me and continues to state untruth as if it were a reality. Perhaps Lieber may find solace in West's defense of his research but that does not make his statements true. My participation in the League of Women Voters Debate has been reviewed by several responsible attorneys, private and public, and nothing more than a clarification of honorable public service has resulted. 

West implies that complaints have been filed with the Ethics Commission. While I am not sure if it is his intent to do so, as of last week, the state indicated that no such complaints were filed. They further stated that if such a complaint were submitted it would most likely be deemed as politically motivated and without substance or gravity. 

He would be more honest by disclosing that actual ethics complaints are pending against him for improper financial disclosures. Even though I did not file these complaints, is his tactic some form of deflective defense for his own guilty conscience?

West bristles when it is inferred that he does not tell the truth but is quick to defame the honesty and intentions of people who disagree with his negative view of everything. On the other hand he colors the truth with such frequency and intensity that you would believe such a skill must not only be learned but is somehow an innate quality. 

His continuing slanderous and incorrect statements demeans not only himself but those whom he allies himself with. I believe at one time he had good intentions toward somehow helping to create better government. Sadly, however, his persistent negative and eccentric behavior has destroyed any credibility he might have in this community and among those who might have sought him as a role model for civic activism. 

West can keep on with his BLOG but in reality his credibility has reduced the volume of his voice to little more than equivalent of a whisper in the Grand Canyon. Perhaps he can get the Holiday spirit and take the opportunity to reflect on his negative outlook. I pray that he might learn to accept that because people disagree with him does not make them wicked, evil or dishonest. I am not suggesting that he see the world through rose colored glasses, but a change in his ocular prescription would be a public service of incalculable magnitude.

Just recently, in a further attempt to scar the truth, he referred to me as a supporter for higher taxes on Seniors. He knows that I supported increased tax exemptions for Seniors versus a tax freeze because it would result in an immediate TAX REDUCTION for seniors. He is quick to celebrate victory for Seniors when I believe time will prove that the Tax Freeze enacted will prove harmful to ALL senior citizens over time. He most likely will not be around to see the calamity of his actions or will find some way to blame a poor outcome on the action of someone else. 

In the interim I suppose we will be exposed to more of his BLOG.

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