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September 20, 2005
Housewives and Keppies...The accoutrements of the Civil War to be the topic of discussion at the Grapevine Historical Society Meeting 
"Housewives and keppies" -- two words that are part of the Civil War soldier or re-enactor's vocabulary will be explained and shown at the Grapevine Historical Society meeting on Monday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m. in the Grapevine Public Library, 1201 Municipal Way. Presenting the program will be David Swartz of Keller who is a Civil War re-enactor.

"This program will complete a two-month study of the Civil War and its relationship to Grapevine," says Ed Havran, 2nd Vice President - Programs, for the Grapevine Historical Society. "We look forward to learning about the way a soldier took care of his necessities - including utilizing a sewing kit to keep his clothing intact (which was called in those days a 'housewife')," Havran explains. A keppie is another word for cap or hat. Often it had a cloth that protected the soldier's neck from the sun. Other accoutrements (or accessories) as well as uniforms and weapons will be discussed.

The Grapevine Historical Society meetings are open to the public, and refreshments will be served. For more information visit the web site, Grapevine Historical Society, or call Ed Havran at 817-498-1420 or visit . 

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