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September 13, 2005
Grapeguy sets new Guinness World Record
The Guinness Book world record holder for speed grape catching, Steve Spalding from Carrollton, TX broke his record earlier today at the 19th Annual GrapeFest. Spalding caught 60 grapes in his mouth in one minute, beating his previous record of 55 grapes. 

Spalding broke his own world record at the 16th Annual GrapeFest, catching 55 grapes in his mouth in one minute from a distance of 15 feet. He hopes to set a new record at this years festival. A resident of Carrollton, Texas, Spalding says, My ability to catch things in my mouth was discovered in 1981 in a college dorm room stunt. Ive caught everything from cookies, apples, tennis balls, licorice sticks, marshmallows, and even pizza slices. But for GrapeFest, grapes are the projectile of choice, he says. 

GrapeFest was not his first grape exhibition. In Carrollton, he caught a grape thrown by hand from 177 feet; in Coppell, Texas, he caught a grape from a slingshot from 267 feet; in Las Vegas, Nevada, Spalding caught a grape dropped from the 22nd floor of the Sahara Hotel. At GrapeFest, he also caught 1,189 grapes in his mouth in 30 minutes from a distance of 15 feet. This new feat was submitted and is being reviewed by Guinness at this time. To see a video of the Grapeguy in action, click here

GrapeFest is the largest wine festival in the U.S. outside of the Napa and Sonoma region. GrapeFest is named as One of the Top 100 Events in North America by the American Bus Association, and is listed as a Top 20 Wine Event in the Nation, in Wine Tasting and Touring magazines Fall 2005 issue. Festival proceeds support the Grapevine Heritage Foundation.

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