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December 19, 2003

New retail store planned for Colleyville in same general area where Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery was denied.
Heaping deserved praised on Colleyville's fabulous new Market Street at Town Center, Colleyville's Mayor Pro Tem has often contrasted this upscale store featuring literally thousands of unique items to the Arp/Tigue led defeat of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery in the Cheek Sparger and Hwy 26 area.  Tigue inferred that the denial of the Neighborhood grocer somehow contributed to the Market Street arrival, "see what happened when we turned down the Wal-Mart store and waited? Tigue said in at a recent council meeting.  Tigue has failed to reconcile her vehement opposition of Hall Johnson road improvements with the fact Market Street would not located in Colleyville without the improvements.

Amongst cries of "boutique stores", "upscale shopping experience" and the "transition of Colleyville's Highway 26", one store planned for Colleyville doesn't seem to fit the mix.  However, there has been nary a peep out of Colleyville's self-appointed Southside Mayor Steve Knight about the proposed retailer in his protected territory.

Imagine dozens of people at 3 am in sleeping bags congregating around the front this local store.  Scores show up around 6 pm the night before.  All hoping to be the first nine in line to purchase a new 19" color television for 99 cents!  That's what is expected to happened in Concord, California on Saturday, December 20, 2003.  Not something witnessed at a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, but likely to happen at the new 99 Cents Only Store opening in Concord this Saturday.

Anti-Wal-Mart proponents suggested that the Jerry Jones purchase of the old Payless store was just another sign of  future upscale retail for Colleyville.
The old Payless store is contemplated to be turned in to a 99 Cents Only Store.  Based on a meeting on March 23, 2003 (click here) ,it appears likely senior citizens will welcome the bargain store. But will it meet the fate of its Wal-Mart predecessor and be axed by the promise of more boutique shops with only upscale retail?

At a meeting to hear senior citizens concerns on March 22nd (Click here for article) , a number of citizens expressed concern about the denial of the lower priced options with the Wal-Mart Neighborhood option.

While the Wal-Mart "threat" was utilized as a rallying cry to hijack all open council seats in the 2000 city council election, there has been no "99 cent" outcry. 

99 Cents Only Stores
(R) is reported to be the nation's oldest existing one-price retailer with 188 "clean, attractively merchandised stores" located in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. There is no word on the anticipated opening date of the Colleyville 99 Cents Only Store.  The south end of Colleyville is currently doted with a closed Payless store and closed gas station.  While the new retailer is not likely to attract those that demand "upscale" only in their lives, it is likely to be more than welcomed by others that seek an economical outlet option.  The question will remain, if the opposition will gather again to quash a retailer based on its primarily based on its price points.

The 99 Only Stores described themselves as a unique deep-discount retailer of primarily name-brand consumable general merchandise at an affordable, single-price point. The company describes its stores as "attractively merchandised, clean, full service "destination" locations that offer customers significant value on their everyday household needs in an exciting shopping environment."  Concerning the merchandise offered, 99 Only Stores states that the merchandise encompasses a wide array of name-brand closeout and regularly available consumable products including food and beverages, health and beauty aids, and household supplies.

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