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LNO reported that the City of Colleyville refused to release information on the status of CMPA, Inc., the Justice Center contractor.  LNO received a copy of a memo, apparently from the City Attorney, that refused to release information under the Open Records request because of "the contemplation of litigation"  with CMPA, Inc..  Since the Justice Center completion is significantly behind schedule, there is speculation that the $1,000 per day tardiness penalty may be the subject matter of potential litigation.  During the construction period, other records indicated that Mayor Donna Arp had requested and received more than $20,000 from the contractor for a statue in front of the facility.

Additional Open Records request indicates that Mayor Arp has been instrumental in raising more than $141,000 for the "library fountain sculpture".  Many of the companies listed are either currently doing business with the city or has done significant business in the past.  A memo to the Mayor and City Council from Deputy City Manager Dianne McWethy, dated November 15, 2002 appears below:

In reviewing the donor's memo, it is noted that "a contributor's plaque for those donating $3,000 or more will be purchased from these monies."  Among those contributing the "minimum $3,000" to be listed on the plaque are Mayor Donna Arp and Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Tigue. It is assumed that the plaque and the library sculpture will be paid for upon delivery, however the donations from Arp and Tigue are to be paid "over a three year period" according to a letter dated September 11, 2002 to Ms. Donna Arp, 4607 Cresthaven, Colleyville, Texas, signed by Terry Leake, Finance Director (Click Here to See Letter)The same letter was sent to Tigue signed by Arp (Click Here to See Letter)

The list of donors include IESI for $30,000.  IESI is the new garbage company that replaced the long-time contractor Trinity.  In addition, a letter from Mayor Arp to Mickey Flood of IESI, dated September 11, 2002, provides that IESI can make its donations over a five-year period.  The controversial contract with IESI was awarded on a split vote of the council with the Mayor supporting IESI.  IESI is currently featured on the City of Colleyville's Government Access Cable Channel with a "welcome" to the City of Colleyville message. (Click Here to See Letter)

The Colleyville City Council has not taken any official action concerning this "Library Tree' sculpture, nor is there any record of the City Council agreeing to buy the sculpture and, for all practical purposes, "finance" the contributions of donors.  In other words, the $140,000 sculpture would typically be paid for upon installation, while the donors monies stretch out over as long as five years.

The following is a list of donors solicited by Mayor Arp, the amount of the "donation",  the period of time to pay the city and the relationship to the city or Mayor Arp

Donor Relationship with City of Colleyville Total Donation Payment Schedule according to city letter
IESI Received lucrative garbage contract on split vote by council this year $30,000 9/11/02 Arp letter states $6,000 per year for 5 years
Baylor Medical none $20,000 Arp Letter on 10/22/02 letter states "an annual payment of $5,000 paid over 5 years?
Harris Methodist HEB Donation announced at ground breaking to be $15,000 $15,000 9/11/02 Arp letter $3,000 per year for 5 years
Brinkley Sargent Recipients of the architectural contract for city hall $5,000 9/11/02 Arp letter thanks company for $5,000
Helmut Landehr Identified as an investor of Richard Myers from Germany in the Villages $5,000 9/30/02 Arp letter thanks donor for full amount
Realty Capital Recipient of Millions of dollars in TIF funds $5,000 9/11/02 Arp letter states $1,000 per year for 5 years
Ratcliff Constructors Contractors doing work on city projects $5,000 9/30/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $5,000
Rafel Palmeiro resident $5,000 11/11/02 Arp letter states $1,000 to be paid over 5 years
Coca Cola Frequent supporter of events, for example $1,000 to Celebrate Colleyville each previous year, reduced to $500 for this year $5,000 11/15/02 Arp letter to Ronnie Morris Central Area VP acknowledges receipt of $5,000 with $3,000 for fountain
Texas State Bank Grapevine Bank $4,500 11/30/02 Arp letter to Stan O'Neil states $1,500 over 3 years
Carter & Burgess Frequent consultants to city paid thousands of dollars $4,000 10/18/02 Arp letter to Jerry Allen, President acknowledges receipt of $4,000
Freese & Nichols Engineering firm receiving thousands of dollars from city each year $3,000 9/30/02 Arp letter to Bob Herchert states $1,000 year/paid over 3 years
John & Betty Jean Willbanks residents $3,000 10/07/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $3,000
Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Tigue elected council member official $3,000 9/11/02 Arp letter states $1,000/year for 3 years
Mayor Donna Arp elected council member official $3,000 9/11/02 letter to Arp from Terry Leake, Finance Dir for city to Arp's home address states $1,000/year for 3 years
United Community Bank Colleyville Bank $3,000 9/11/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $3,000
People's Realty To Attention of Brenda Ritz, well known to support local charities $3,000 9/11/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $3,000
James Crawford sent to 2501 Hurstview, Hurst, Texas $3,000 9/13/02 Arp letter states $1,000/year for 3 years
Tom Slone resident $3,000 9/30/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $3,000
Luxor Jewelers New business located in Village of Colleyville $3,000 10/16/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $3,000
Krispy Kreme Grapevine Business, Colleyville resident $3,000 10/31/02 Arp letter to John Orell states $1,000/year for 3 years
JP Morgan Chase Bank Fort Worth $3,000 11/07/02 Arp letter states $1,000/year for 3 years
Teague Nall & Perkins Hwy 26 paid consultants $2,000 09/30/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $2,000 copy of check dated 9/26/02, in legend reads "Public Art Fund Donation"
Tom Miller Partner with Richard Myers in Villages $1,200 11/15/02 Arp letter acknowledges receipt of $1,200
Joe Hocutt elected council member official $600 9/30/02 Arp letter to Councilman Hocutt acknowledges reciept of $600
Kendall Landscaping Apparently  designed the fountain $500 9/11/02 Arp letter thanks Mike Kendall for reducting design cost and acknowledges contribution of $500
William H. Lindley Colleyville City Manager $300 9/30/02 Arp letter addressed to Bill Lindley at home address thanking him for contribution of $300
Bob & Diane Koshman none $100 9/17/02 Arp letter thanking them for $100 contribution and copies of 2 $50 bills in package. Apparently related to "lunch" money given to Arp previously.

Click Here for Commentary - Including Mayor Arp's Position in November 1999 
Concerning Donations to City from local business.

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