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February 22,  2005
Councilman Mark Skinner response tactics do not set well with some even on his "private" email list .

Councilman Mark Skinner

Colleyville Councilman Mark Skinner has once again used his now famous private email list to lash out at a resident with a complaint.  Apparently Skinner sent a copy of the email to his "private" email list.  LNO requested a copy of the list under Open Records, however Skinner refused to surrender the list.  The question is now at the Attorney General's office for further review.  LNO received a copy of the email, not from the original recipient, but one of his email list members.

Skinner's email references LNO, however it was sent to LNO by a third party that
stated, "This seems to be a direct attack on a constituent with a complaint. Evidently, Mr. Skinner broadcast this to his 'private' email list, which I am on."
The following is the email sent to a Colleyville citizen concerning sports associations.


Your comparisons of the Jim Crow era and Colleyville sports associations are simply ludicrous. In addition, your manner of presentation and your continual self-serving attitude are indicative of desperation. 

Please keep your “race card” politics out of our sports associations. I can assure you that as representative of the Colleyville Girls Softball Association you are not speaking for the constituents of the CGSA. They simply wouldn’t tolerate such a display of poor taste. 

The CGSA needs better leadership. I highly encourage the GCSA to take a hard look at your replacement and soon. 

By the way please feel free to forward this on to your “Voice of Colleyville” LNO.

Mark Skinner 

LNO has not received the original correspondence between "Keith" and Councilman Skinner, nor was aware of any discussions, comparisons or references to "Jim Crow."

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