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April 17, 2004
Colleyville Police had been at home where body was buried numerous times since 2002.
Colleyville Police records show that the department had been to 700 Colleyville Terrace frequently since 2002. At least eight different Colleyville Police officers filed reports regarding various calls to the home including ordinance violations, complaints about noise, domestic disturbance and finally on March 29, 2004 an investigation for murder. At least three arrests were made at the residence over time, the last one for murder.

Kevin Rotenberry

Kevin Rotenberry remains in Tarrant County Jail charged with Murder and without bail.  Reports surfaced that the Tarrant County Grand Jury is taking testimony from Peggy and Krystal Rotenberry, sister of Kevin and Anita Rotenberry, his mother. 

Information has surfaced that Rotenberry buried the murdered victim in the backyard but a family dog got a little too curious and the body was moved into the abandoned backyard septic tank.  The murder victim is suspected to be Pat Cunningham of Fort Worth.  Murdered in 1996, Cunningham was a Step-Grandfather of Kevin Rotenberry.

Colleyville neighbors had previously told LNO that the house located at 700 Colleyville Terrace was the subject of frequent complaints and frequent visits by the police.  One neighbor said there frequently loud country and western music coming from the backyard.  Apparently, while many family members were aware of the backyard crypt, partying in the area was not curtailed.

Unknown to Colleyville Police that a body was literally buried in the backyard, the department answered numerous calls to the home over the past few years. 

Colleyville Police records show Officer John Arenz was called to the home in a backup capacity on June 9, 2002.  July 13, 2002 Officer Bob Ethridge answered an ordinance violation complaint and the next day Officer John Retzos meet with neighborhood complainants gathering more information.  August 4th and November 11th 2002 officers answered neighborhood complaints about loud music at the residence. The report also indicates on both dates arrests were made at the residence.

On September 3, 2002 Officer Johnathan Davis answered a domestic disturbance call at the residence and the complainant was listed as Peggy Rotenberry.  February 2, 2003 Colleyville Police Officer Arenz answered another domestic disturbance call at the residence.  March 22, 2004 police records show that Anita Rotenberry was the complainant concerning domestic disturbance.  Reports show that Officers Craig Terrell and John Fossett conducted backup and follow up investigations at the residence the same day.  On March 29, 2004 Colleyville Detective Hillary Wreay was shown at the location for the purpose of investigating a murder and she followed up two days later with more investigation and a report.

LNO reported that Krystal Rotenberry was arrested for drug possession on a routine traffic stop March 28, 2004.  Along with Rotenberry was 24 year old Bobby D. Steele of Euless.  Steele was arrested for drug possession and taken into custody with additional outstanding warrants.

The attorney for Richard Rotenberry, the father of Kevin Rotenberry was quoted as saying information was being provided to police by a drug addict who had been arrested.  Coincidently Steele was arrested on March 28, 2004 by the Colleyville Police and placed in jail at the Colleyville Justice Center.  He was transferred to the Tarrant County jail later. 

The next day Colleyville Police records show that Detective Wreay arrested Kevin Rotenberry at the 700 Colleyville Terrace address.  Shortly thereafter bones of a murder victim were removed from the backyard by Texas Rangers and FBI forensic teams.

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