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 April 02, 2004
Kevin Rotenberry Charged with Capital Murder, Sister had been arrested on Friday before by Colleyville Police

3/28/04 Krystal D. Rotenberry, 700 Colleyville Terrace, was ticketed for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, by Officer Jennifer Holderead, just after midnight Sunday, AM, near City Park at 5200 Bransford Road. Ms. Rotenberry, 22, is a sister of just-arraigned murder suspect, Kevin Rotenberry. 

Officer Holderead made a routine traffic stop and noticed the passenger in the vehicle, Bobby D. Steele, 24, of Euless appeared to be on methamphetamines. Holderead then ran a records check on the occupants, and found that Bobby Steel had traffic warrants out in Colleyville and Roanoke. The vehicle was searched and narcotics were found, suspected to be "crystal meth". Both Krystal Rotenberry and Bobby Steel were arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and taken into custody.

Krystal Rotenberry posted bond of $302 and was released. Bobby Steel did not post bond for his arrest or previous warrants and was sent to Tarrant County jail. 

Kevin Rotenberry, was arrested yesterday, 3/31/04, for murder after police received a tip and found human remains at the family's home at 700 Colleyville Terrace. Rotenberry was arraigned today, but has not yet posted bond of $500,000, is expected to be moved to the Tarrant County jail facility in Fort Worth tonight. 

The home where an arrest was made and human remains found is at 700 Colleyville Terrace

The overgrown and isolated backyard is hidden from view on two sides by tall bamboo plants.

The view from the back fence shows a dilapidated fence overgrown with Wisteria

Backyard outbuildings are nestled amongst overgrown plants.

Other Crime
3/27/04 Employee of the Subway sandwich store, 3930 Glade Road, reported a white female customer assaulted her by throwing food at her, causing her to be injured. The victim lists her residence as in Decatur, Texas.

3/17/04 Criminal Mischief in the parking lot at the same Subway sandwich store, 3930 Glade Road. Resident of Riverside Street advised an unknown suspect scratched or keyed the passenger door of her red SLK 320 Mercedes.

3/21/04 Officer responded to a report of 2 suspicious males walking with what appeared to be a pistol, at The Nature Center, 200 Mill Crossing West. Officers were unable to locate the men.

3/19/04 - 3/21/04 Theft from 1900 Hall Johnson Road of sixteen, "For Sale, Open House" real estate signs valued at $200. The signs were removed without permission from various locations. Later the signs were inexplicably returned.

3/21/04 Aggressive loose dog was reported near a construction site at 5508 Normandy Drive.

3/21/04 Horse got out of a pasture and reported at large, on Oak Knoll Drive.

3/19/04 Information from a complainant at 3708 Cliffwood Drive. Possible prowler.

3/18/04 Another Information report, regarding "suspicious activity" at 4814 Colleyville Boulevard, Eckerds Drugstore.

3/18/04 Criminal Trespass Warning issued at 414 McDonwell School Road, site of a recent burglary.

3/18/04 Theft from a complainant at 6501 Diamond Court who reported "property" stolen from his driveway. Mysterious "property" was valued at $200. 

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